Swear Words




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Summary: Everyone is beginning to think that Haru hangs around with Hayato too much these days.


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Everyone is beginning to think that Haru hangs around with Hayato too much these days. Everyone knows that at age 14, she was very adamant about people not using swear words and would berate anyone who would do so in front of her (and especially in front of the kids). Thus, why she and Hayato would always argue.

However, time passes and even people begin to change.

Now, at the the ripe age of 20, Haru is a fully grown woman dealing with the most aggravating waitress of her life. Another woman just a couple of years older than her who took one look at the men with Haru and began snubbing her at every chance she got.

She "forgot" to take Haru's order, made some rude comments about her to other waitresses, messed up her food order twice, never bothered to refill her drink, the list goes on. But Haru was patient, even though Tsuna and the others could see a vein popping out from her neck. It was only covered by the rather friendly, yet deadly cold, laugh she would let out.

Hayato, who was seated next to her the whole time, smirked and patted his hand on top of hers. Apparently, he shouldn't have done that. The petty waitress saw it and "tripped" on her own two feet, spilling a creamy pasta dish all over Haru.

Tsuna, Takeshi, and Ryohei winced.

"Oh my goodness!" The waitress cries out. "I am so sorry! I'm usually not this clumsy!" She explains, batting her long lashes at Hayato, completely disregarding the raven haired female. Haru realizes this and tilts her head slightly to the left.

The Vongola mafioso could have sworn they heard something snap.

"I'll be extra careful. Please, use this to clean yourself up." She presents to Haru a dirty rag. Haru just smiles at the waitress politely.

"No need. I don't need your fucking help." Are the first words out her mouth. Takeshi spits out his soda while Ryohei and Tsuna gasp. Hayato tries to hide a smile behind his hand. The waitress looks at Haru, stunned. "Aren't you just a little, pretty bitch?" She says, slowly standing up and making her way towards the worker.

Haru's tone is as cold as ice and as hard as stone. Though she is smiling, there is no warmth to be found on her face. The waitress steps back a little, Haru's dark aura swirling around her.

She gulps.

"Don't think I haven't noticed your little game here. You jealous, petty, brazen vixen. I don't need your help, but perhaps it's you who needs mine, hm?" With that said, Haru grabs the dirty rag from the waitress and begins whacking her in the face with it.

Slap! Whack!

"Ahhh!" The waitress raises two hands to defend herself. Tsuna looks on with disbelief while the others begin laughing. Haru grabs the remaining pasta on her and throws it at the waitress before she continues to hit her with the dirty rag again. "Stop it!" She cried.

"Shut the fuck up!" Haru screams before throwing her body on top of the waitress and begins to rub at her face. "I'll clean that shitty attitude of yours so no one else will have suffer through this again!" She yells. It takes both Hayato and Ryohei to grab Haru off the now embarrassed and crying waitress. She looks at Tsuna and Takeshi with pitiful eyes.

Takeshi just shrugs his shoulders while Tsuna goes to talk to the manager. Safe to say, they're not allowed back into the restaurant any time soon.

Driving back, Ryohei peeks at the three in the back. Tsuna is sighing, Takeshi is laughing, and Hayato is looking at Haru, who is in the passenger seat, with soft eyes. He makes a face at that, unsure of what to make of the Octopus Head having eyes for his sister (in his heart, Haru is his sister now).

"That was amazing!" Laughs Takeshi, reliving the night in his head.

"It was a nightmare." Tsuna sighs for the umpteenth time.

Haru nods her head in agreement. "You got that fucking right." Seething, Haru grinds her teeth together. Hayato just sighs.

"It's kind of hot when you swear." He tells her. "Do it often."

"That's fucking gross." Ryohei states.

"Yeah Haru-chan, that's pretty new." Takeshi adds, ignoring the boxer.

"You've been hanging around Gokudera-kun too much." Tsuna frowns a little. "That was a little overboard back there, don't you think?"

"FUCK NO." Haru and Hayato reply at the same time. She looks at him through the rear view mirror before smiling. "In fact, I don't think it's enough." Turning in her seat to look at the three of them, Haru grins. "I'm feeling pretty petty myself. After all, she started the whole thing. Then they kicked us out. I think we should take the whole restaurant down. You guys in?"

Tsuna answers first. "N—"

"Yes." Answer Hayato, Takeshi, and Ryohei faster. Haru's grin turns into something brighter and admittedly, for someone who smells like pasta and still has some cream left in her hair and clothes, she looks very pretty.

And dangerous.

"Great, so this is what I was thinking to get back at that bitch." Haru begins her master plan. At the end of it, even Tsuna has to admit that it's rather good. Perfect, even.

And that's pretty fucking scary to him.

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