Authors Note: This takes place Season 2 Episode 8 and beyond in the Series Winx Club. I should also say that I haven't written anything in forever, so please let me know of any grammar errors!

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If you asked Flora if she would ever date someone, the answer you would get was a soft "No."

But not for the reasons many others would believe.

Flora is a hopeless romantic, in her first year she had to refrain herself from laughing anytime Stella teased Bloom about her relationship with Sky, or Musa denying her attraction towards Riven. To her, they were both in love.

Unfortunately for Flora, however, she never felt that attraction towards anyone, nor had it occurred to her that she would ever want to be in a relationship. But suddenly, she felt a desire spark inside her, a desire to be with someone, to have movie dates, or walking through a garden with someone who loved flowers just as much as she did.

It all started when she spotted Riven "comforting" Musa when Bloom, Stella, and Layla left for the mission to save the Pixies. She had been watching from afar, and to the normal eye of someone who didn't know the pair, you'd think that he just didn't care and was putting up with it. But to Flora, she knew Riven, if anyone else was crying to him, he would shove them away and angrily walk off with smoke coming out of his ears. He wasn't annoyed with Musa, he just didn't know the exact ways to comfort a girl he had just begun to develop feelings for. That's when she felt it, she wanted to be held and loved by someone who cared about her and wanted to protect her with his dying breath.

Deep down though, Flora believed that was impossible. She wasn't interesting, if there wasn't any homework or special occasion you would catch her either studying or isolating herself with her flowers. She knew she was relatively attractive, but when they begun to know her, it was obvious they were losing interest wiliest she talked about flowers and her friends. But though she was attractive, she was plain, she thought, Bloom had strikingly red hair and bursting blue eyes, Stella had shiny blonde hair and always dressed to impress, Tecna with her extraordinary intelligence and purple hair, Musa with her amazing singing voice, and finally Layla with her spunky and sassy attitude.

Flora just had brown hair and tan skin, with a soft demeanor that just radiated maturity and sweetness, not the fun girl most boys were interested in.

But that was all about to change the day of the Red Fountain's Reopening.

Flora, the Winx (excluding Bloom, who went to find Professor Avalon), and the Specialists walked into Red Fountains main arena, where many of the male students were either practicing or racing on their vehicles.

"Well, here we are!" Sky said with pride in his voice as everyone slowly filed in. Flora noticed a small group of white doves circle ahead and land in peculiar spot, but choose to ignore it, for now at least.

"The geometric structure of this place is awesome!" Tecna exclaimed, excitement radiating off of her.

Layla, taking notice of the doves as Flora had, said, "Wow! Look over there." Causing Flora to glance over, on the one of the seats sat a man (or was he a boy?) with blue hair tied in a long ponytail tied with a white sash. He wore a brown tunic shirt which showed some muscle with white pants. He was sketching on a notepad, to Flora it looked like he was sketching the doves she saw when they entered.

Stella turned to Brandon, "Who's that, he's kinda cute."

"Uh, nobody."

"Actually," begun Timmy, "that's Saladins nephew."

"Saladins nephew?"Flora thought. "Well then he must be a talented Specialist!"

Brandon glanced at Timmy. "Him? No way, he's a total pacifist, doesn't even like to get his hands dirty."

"As a matter of fact I heard he dropped out of Red Fountain."

At this point, the man glanced over and gave Brandon an annoyed look, which implied he overheard what was being said. Brandon sighed and walked over to the blue haired man.

"Hey Helia, let me introduce you, meet the stars of Alfea." Brandon gestured to the girls. "This is Stella, Tecna and-"

Just when Brandon got to Flora, Stella jumped in front of her. "Hi I'm Stella! Are you an artist? Can you show me your sketches?" Flora glanced at Stella and huffed ever so slightly.

Helia got up from his seat and bowed slightly with a smile. "Pleased to meet you."

"Hmm... handsome and a gentlemen..." thought Flora.

"Why do you draw on paper? Graphic palettes are so handy." Tecna noted.

"You got up to 50 undoes in the memory, digital chroma control, plus all that layers you could possibly want!" Tecna's pixie, Digit pointed out. Helia seemed to take in their advice, but he was probably just trying to be polite.

While Digit was still talking, Stella took Helia's sketchbook. "Wow! These are great," Stella gave the notebook to Flora. "say would you draw a portrait of me?"

Helia was about to respond when Flora, who was looking in the notebook, said, "Your lines are full of life! One could really sense the energy, and I love the way your brush strokes match the fern leaf in the paper."

At this point, Flora knew she most likely messed up, this was usually the time guys would look at her like she were an alien some sorts. But to her surprise Helia looked shocked, "No ones ever noticed the fern in the paper before..."

Flora blushed at this. Was Helia giving her a compliment or was it just an observation? But either way, she knew one thing, he was most likely interested in her. Helia, Saladins nephew, handsome, an artist, and a gentlemen, was interested in her?

Flora didn't know how to respond, so she giggled softly.

Brandon smiled, "And this is Flora."

"Hmm Flora."

Not long after the group said their goodbyes to Helia, the guys needing to prepare for the games and the girls to find their seats. However, unbeknownst to them, his gaze never seemed to leave Flora's.

It wasn't long after that Helia soon joined Sky's squad, which meant that he was now reenrolled as a student

It boggled Floras mind that he would save her from that monster during the matches, as they had just met that very day. But she had convinced herself that all of that was just coincidence. Maybe he had reenrolled because he realized just how much he missed the thrill of a fight. It did not go much deeper then that.

The next time she met Helia was when she, Bloom, and Tecna decided to visit Red Fountain to give Sky and Bloom some time to talk as they were on the rocks. However, the Trix invaded Red Fountain and the girls and Specialists had to stop them. During the battle, Sky, Bloom, Tecna, and Flora went after Stormy.

Already transformed, Flora shot a spell at Stormy, "Flora Whirlpool!" The bright green was sure to hit Stormy and knock her out.

Stormy didn't seem all that concerned. "I hate flowers! ARGH!" Stormy released dark purple lightening at her spell, but instead of the lightening stopping it hit Flora directing at the stomach, hurling her towards the wall behind her.

"Flora!" Tecna flew towards her.

"Don't worry about me." Flora said weakly. "Just go after them." She knew she probably couldn't move a lot. They would be wasting their time looking after her.

"Hang in there, we'll be back in no time." replied Bloom, determined to find the Trix. The group then flew after Stormy.

Flora tried to get up but realized her probably strained something, but she wasn't sure. She's probably have to wait for a healer to come around, or maybe-

"Sky! Winx! Are you in there?" A voice came in through the door, it was a man with a ponytail in a Red Fountain uniform.

"Helia?" Flora could hardly talk, but she felt a little better then when she was blasted.

"Flora? Are you alright?" Helia rushed to her side, panic written all over his face. It was surprising, he wasn't that way when he saved her, at least she didn't think so.

Flora nodded. "But I'm a little weak from Stormy's blast that's all."

Helia let out a sigh of relief. "That's good. Here, I have some healing potions on me."

Flora thanked him shyly. She had realized that this was the first time that they'd been alone since they had first met. While Helia was rummaging through his bag, she took the time to admire him. Although he was just a year older then her he was very calm and calculated. He handled things maturely and smoothly. It also took great courage to come help them all by himself.

"I never thanked you for before, though." Flora said, timidness taking over all of a sudden.

Helia looked at her, his face now undescriable. "What do you mean, Flora?"

"For saving me from the monster the last time we met. I can't thank you enough."

He smiled at her, handing her the potion. "Well I couldn't have a lovely lady like yourself be hurt now could I? I was going to stay out of it and just observe but I when he blasted you with that... I just wanted to save you."

Flora knew she was flushed in the face, but covered it up with a giggle. "Like you are now, huh? My knight in shining armor hmm?" She knew she messed up now with that comment, and downed the potion as if she were drinking away her embarrassments.

Instead of giving her an ultimatum, he laughed. "I suppose so, I wouldn't mind saving you a thousand times to hear you laugh again."

It was in that moment that she looked at him again and saw her entire future lined up. They lived near a beach. Had a small garden. Two kids, a boy and a girl. A cat and small puppy. An art studio and the roaring waves. And every moment had her and Helia. But as soon as it started it was over. As though it never happened.

Helia flashed a confused look which changed in a second. "Unfortunately I can't stay, my uncle needs me back immediately." He was back in Specialists mode, bag in hand. "Let me know if you have any more injury's, I'm always available."

Flora blinked. "Oh- Yes! Of course!"

He gave a nod and was out the door, as quick as he came.

Flora blushed. What was that vision? Did he see that vision as well?

She got up and brushed herself off, and flew off towards where the others went. Her mind racing with the possibilities and pleasures of having a future with him. But of course they had just met, it was simply impossible to dream so early.