Hello welcome to my first and hopefully not last story/chapter of my NieR Fic. Now this is technically a crossover so be warned. Its Between NieR and SCP mythos its just that I couldn't find the SCP mythos anywhere in the list so I didn't pick it. If that puts you off I understand, if not then I hope you will like this. This thing began its life on the 1st of July 2020 but hasn't been touched until 15th of July 2021 when it was completely rewritten


Everyone has them, even androids and even YoRHa. The master of secrecy is by far humanity, holding some that should never be uncovered. Yet their creations the androids kept trying to find them. In the case of YoRHa it came in the creation of the 9S model, cunning, naturally curious and the best information gatherer around.

His current objective? Find our what the twin androids are doing. Popola and Devola, or by some called just the twins, were a mystery in and of itself. They were the oldest known pair of androids created when Humanity still lived on Earth. For what purpose is unknown, what is known however is that they failed Humanity and their numbers dwindled to the point that when the Aliens came, Humanity was forced to escape to the moon.

As such almost all Androids treated the Twins badly and some even wished for their Death but most just left them to their own devices. That all changed recently however.

The Resistance members said that the twins were acting up again. When 9S asked about what they mean he learned that every few decades the Twins start acting weird for a year or two. Going missing for weeks or months at a time and appearing with gaps in their memories, claiming they didn't go anywhere. Sometimes they came back with damage that you didn't usually get from fighting machines.

Commander White herself also said the same thing once he reported this. She afterall was once part of the Resistance before the Human council promoted her to YoRHa commander.

As such she ordered 9S to solve the old mystery and told him to follow them and in the process find out where they go missing all this time.

To make sure he survives the commander assigned another Android to him, 2B. It would be the first time he was paired with another android that wasn't a scanner and it would be 2B herself, he heard much about her and her work for Humanity and he was certain she was one of the Top Battler androids currently used by YoRHa.

His operator 21O told him to keep following the twins and 2B would catch up to him on her own, so he did as he was told and observed the Twins slowly making their way through the city ruins heading in the direction of the Factory. 9S followed them and was surprised once instead of entering the factory itself they used the bridge to move east, to the Snow tundra and the wasteland of the 9th Machine War.

A place that scanners were forbidden from going to, only on very rare occasions were they allowed to go there. Only the most unfortunate Battlers and Gunners were assigned to there. With 2B to soon join him he was confident that they would survive there, after all the commander herself ordered him to follow the twins.

Once they left the bridge, they walked north east for 2 days straight with almost no stop. 2B at this point joined him and he was happy because of it, even if she shot down all of his attempts and banter. The twins in their 2-day walk stopped twice. Both times they dug in the snow and retrieved large backpacks and move north East again. This continued for 2 more days before they suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere and sat down around a small shelter and campfire they set up. 9S was talking to 21O while 2B was talking to 6O and both of them were reporting the current progress until all of a sudden, the transmission was cut.

This alerted both of them and they retrieved their weapons from their holsters. 2B spoke to her pod "Pod what happened?"

The pod responded "Unknown, transmission with YoRHa command was lost unexpectedly, unable to reconnect. Conclusion 9S and 2B are likely being blocked from contacting anyone. Advise, undergoing destruction at this point in time will result in the inability to transfer current data stored as such unit 2B and 9S should attempt to avoid combat"

9S had to agree with 2Bs pod, to begin with he didn't want to even experience death, temporary as it may be.

Soon after their communication was cut a silent sound entered their sound receptors. Like if something was cutting the air far off in the distance. The sound grew louder and louder, Popola and Devola stood up from their small camp picking up the backpacks in hands and waited.

Soon the thing that was creating the sound entered 9Ss and 2Bs vision. Androids in their rare free time, especially Scanners, studied Human history and the thing that created the sound was a Helicopter, Vehicles used by humans to move through the Air. The Jet-black helicopter landed near where the small camp was at and Popola together with Devola wanted to open the Door and get in but didn't get to as the Door was opened from the inside and 4 figures jumped out all wearing Black equipment.

The Twins were surprised by this but talked to one of the figures and then turned to 9S and 2B. If 9S had blood it would run cold right about now. The 4 Figures and the Twins moved to the 2 of them, the 4 unknown figures were all dressed the same. Wearing Black Boots, Uniform, Vest, Helmet and strangely enough a Gasmask with Tinted Glass blocking anyone from seeing the eyes of the individual.

2B got into a fighting stance raising her sword and her pod getting ready to fire off any combat powers. 9S was getting into combat stance aswell but not before the figures and the Twins got withing yelling distance of them.

"Drop the Swords and deactivate the Pods!" ordered the first Figure, though it was slightly muffeled due to the Gasmask.

2B didn't do as told so the 4 figures spread out while the twins took their swords out and also got into a combat stance. This surprised 9S and so he spoke up "Popola, Devola why are you doing this? Why are you opposing us, you are betraying Humanity if you fight us"

The Twins stared at him for a moment before Popola said "We would never betray humanity"

"Last warning, Drop the swords and Deactivate the pods!" yelled the black figure again this time all 4 of them took aim and were ready to fire their weapons at a moment's notice.

2B didn't do any of those, instead she said to 9S "9S, I will buy you a few seconds and you will run, the commander needs to find out about this"

9S tried to protest but didn't get a chance as 2B started closing the distance between the Twins and for figures. 9S wanted to stay but forced himself to run as fast as he could the way they came from. He heard shots being fired and some yelling as he got further and further away.

2B rushed at the closest figure and tried to gut off its arm as to disarm it(get it, cut of its arm? Ah forget about it) both Popola and Devola intercepted her strike with their Swords giving the figure enough time to move back a few steps before he raised his rifle again and fired at her.

2B grabbed Popola by her collar and threw her in the direction of one of the figures while she kicked Devola a few meters back before running to the figure and attempting to cut his arm off again. The figure raised its rifle to block it and as such 2B used the side of her katana to hit the figure, throwing it to the side 5 meters.

While it was flying through the Air its helmet and mask fell off from the force of the hit. As the figure landed and rolled on its back 2B saw something she never even dreamed of. The figure she just hit with her sword coughed up blood. The moment she saw the red liquid her programming overtook her and she froze in place as realization dawned on her.

She just attacked a human. Androids and machines couldn't not replicate Human blood even in its color alone and still function. So the blood had to be genuine if that wasn't enough now that the mask was gone she could clearly see vapor exiting the Humans mouth and nose as it breathed out. All this happened in the fraction of a second before the next thing happened. Popola and Devola both dived at her, tackling her down to the ground, which was only possible since 2B was currently unable to put up any kind of resistance.

The other Figures ran to the Human she hit that she now realized were also human. Although one of the still masked Humans said something to her "Activate directive C3-Alpha 99" and 2B lost her visual feed and started losing her audio feed but not before hearing "3 Broken ribs, left lung punctured and probably ruptured liver. Prep the ER!"

"Come on Hank, don't die on us just yet!" said a member of his squad.

Between the coughs Hank replied "Don't worry Hans, im far from kicking the bucket"

Hans turned to Popola "Stabilize him, he is losing too much blood!"

Popola nodded and went to work while another man approached the 3 of them "Would be a shame dying now after waking up from cryo after close to 9000 years don't you think hank?"

Coughing up slightly less blood due to Popolas magic he replied "Fuck you Alexei"

Finally, the fourth figure arrived dropping to one knee and prepping the stretcher it had on its back for transport. "Yeh, well he probably will get to fuck something unlike you if you keep losing more blood by talking you moron" after setting up the stretcher he grabbed Hanks legs.

Hans grabbed Hank by his arms, earning a painful grunt from Hank as his broken ribs moved around. "Give him a break Yamato" the 2 of them then grabbed the stretcher and moved it to the helicopter and put it in the troop compartment. The 4 of them got on and stared at the Twins who were standing before the Helicopter "What are you waiting for, get in!"

The Twins did as they were told getting on and the helicopter took off Devola asked Hans "Arent you going to hunt down the Scanner android?"

Alexei replied instead "We cant afford to hunt him now, not with Hank in his current state"

The Twins and Yamato continued taking care of Hank while the Helicopter flew to wherever it was flying

Bunker, Orbit around Earth

9S was being debriefed by Commander White Herself in his Room. "Describe their patch to me again" the Commander told him and so he did. This time she took a piece off paper, which was almost impossible to find in their year, and drew the patch as 9S described it. What she ended up with still scared her at the same time as filled with joy.

She excused herself as she left 9S's room and took a look at the piece of paper in her hand. A circle with 3 arrows pointing to its center. The Organization she knew existed but nothing else besides the fact that it was the most well guarded secret on earth. Not even the name of this organization was known to her, besides the fact that it was Humanities most secret organization. If there were Human vehicles and individuals that look like Human Soldiers of old out there then it probably ment that Humanity wasn't extinct as she YoRHa database told her. As such it filled her Android self with immeasurable joy aswell as fear. YoRHa had access to the sum total knowledge of Humanity.

Even Things like Project Gestalt were known to her and as such a thing that she didn't know about besides that it existed and that it was human made her fears grow astronomically. Because there is one thing that Androids could never mimic from their creators, unless they were infected with a logic virus, unpredictability.