"One, stayed behind to buy us time. No injured. Androids weren't fighting to kill, they certainly came for the same reason as us. Asset retrieval."


A Beeping sound grew louder and louder as Winston stirred awake. Opening his eyes and regaining his hearing, he raised his left hand to see his watch beeping.

His training and survival instincts taking over, he took a deep breath, Unscrewed his current mask filter and screwed in a new one that he retrieved from his pouch.

Resetting his Watch timer, he breathed out and focused on his surroundings now that the adrenaline was slowly subsiding.

He was being watched by 4, white haired woman-, Androids, he was watched by 4 white haired androids.

All wearing black dresses and black visors. 2 with swords floating behind them, 2 with spears. He reached for his pistol only to find his side holster empty.

"We took away all of your weapons from you before you woke up" A voice behind him said.

Turning around he saw a Android with creamy white hair in a white dress and a whip at her side. Standing next to a table where he could see his weapons, in particularly his dismantled rifle.

"Its safe to take off your mask. There are no viruses or bacteria in this air" Said white as she looked at the man, trying to scan for any sign of emotions. Which proved hard since he was still wearing that stupid gasmask.

"There is no Maso here either" she added and that got a reaction from the man as he quickly raised his watch again and looked at it.

He lowered his arm but still didn't take his mask off.

"Do you not trust me to be telling the truth?" she asked, slightly offended.

For a while he stood silently, looking back at the 4 executor models standing guard near the door then looking back at her. "How am I supposed to know there isn't some toxin in the air? You androids don't need air after all"

White was hurt by that statement, the first Human she ever saw accused her of trying to poison him. The programming deep inside of her made her feel hurt, however she didn't let it show. "I assure you, there is no toxin or poison in the air. It was made specifically to resemble the air down on earth for Human comfort"

"And why should I trust you?" the man shot back.

"All androids were created to serve Humanity, it is in our programming to help you and to the best of our abilities, not let any harm come to you" replied White.

"Then why the knock out?" asked the man.

"You were left behind, alone on earth you would not survive for long and you wouldn't come of your own free will if we asked you to" Answered White as she slowly got closer to the man who instantly raised his arms and lowered his knees, getting into a combat stance.

"Well, there is a reason as to why I was left behind" said the man with a slight bite to his voice.

"The situation called for drastic measures, You attempted no contact with YoRHa or the resistance so we had to improvise" she finally stood before the man, slowly raising her hand up to his mask and asked "May I?"

The man looked at her face, contemplating his options before saying "I don't need your help" as he quickly took off his mask. Revealing his face.

Covered in a Balaclava, to the dismay of White the refused to remove it too.

She watched him breath in and out carefully a few times before it returned to normal. His blue eyes looking at her "So what now? What do you want to do with me"

She stared into his eyes for a moment longer and then answered his question "I want to ask you some questions first, and then you can go to a room that has been allocated to you"

"Getting right to it I see. Go on" he said, rolling his eyes.

"Lets start off easy, shall we? Who are you" asked White.

"Friends call me Winston" he replied quickly

"Is that your real name?"


White frowned and asked her next question "Alright then, who do you work for?"


White raised her hand showing the man the patch that was on his vest "You work for this elusive 'Foundation' I assume?" she asked waiting for a response only to be met with silence "Looks like I have guessed right then. What is this Gamma-13? A Division of the foundation?"

Silence followed her question for a while and just as she was about to ask another question the Man answered "Lady, I'm a soldier. Whatever information you want to get from this conversation is way above my paygrade"

"Why the secrecy, why hide and why fight us, Androids. If your leaders told us to do something we would do it so why hide?" asked White

The man looked down at the floor and said in a slightly quieter voice "There are things on this planet that were never meant to be found. Horrors beyond comprehension. Creatures that defy every law known to man. We deal with those Horrors. We used to die in the shadows, so that humanity may live in the light. If the things we held and dealt with were ever to be known, even you would go crazy. So I implore you Android, stop looking and stop asking. It will end better for everyone that way."

White turned around and walked back to the table with the mans gear raising her hand and signalling to the Executor models to take him to his room.

The man complied following them out of the room, Leaving White all alone.

Grabbing one of the many bullets standing upright on the table she raised it up to eye level and inspected it, thinking about what the human said.

Something deep inside her was compelling her to look further, investigate further and to find the other humans, even against the warnings of the Soldier.

Crushing the bullet in her hand, she dropped it and moved to leave the room herself. Deciding to follow the feeling inside her to find answers.

Whats the worst that could happen?