He felt the bird lay its beautiful head on the spot where the serpent's fang had pierced him. He could hear echoing footsteps. Then a dark shadow moved in front of him.

"You're dead, Harry Potter," said Riddle's voice above him. "Dead. Even Dumbledore's bird knows it. Do you see what he's doing, Potter? He's crying."

Harry blinked. Fawkes's head slid in and out of focus. Thick, pearly tears were trickling down the glossy feathers.

"I'm going to sit here and watch you die, Harry Potter. Take your time. I'm in no hurry."

Harry felt drowsy. Everything around him seemed to be spinning. "So ends the famous Harry Potter," said Riddle's distant voice. "Alone in the Chamber of Secrets, forsaken by his friends, defeated at last by the Dark Lord he so unwisely challenged. You'll be back with your dear Mudblood mother soon, Harry…. She bought you twelve years of borrowed time….but Lord Voldemort got you in the end, as you knew he must…."

Everything went black.

Ch.2 Meeting Mum

Harry opened his eyes. He was lying on a stone-hard floor. Everything was white. One more thing he noticed was that he was buck naked. He felt embarrassed and wished for clothes. As he wished for clothes, they appeared on his body. He got up and looked around. He saw a horrid-looking baby-like bloodied creature whimpering in pain.

"Harry! My brave brave baby!" He turned towards the sound of the melodious female voice. He felt his breath hitch. Standing there was Lily Potter, her emerald eyes filled with unshed tears and a proud smile on her face.

"Mum." he croaked out. His throat was dry. The moment he had dreamed of since he was little was happening. His mother was standing right in front of him. He ran into her open arms and cried. Tears flowed down his cheek without shame. His mother just held him close in her arms. He basked in her warmth.

After what felt like an eternity, he questioned, "Mum, am I... am I dead?"

Lily potter looked into his eyes and said, "Yes and no, Harry. Currently, you are in a limbo of sorts, between life and death. Here you face crossroads, sweetheart. You choose if you pass on or return to the realm of the living. You see, you had an abomination in your scar. When the fang penetrated it and it came into contact with the Basilisk venom, the abomination was removed from your body."

"That ugly baby thing?" he inquired. Lily nodded. "What is that thing? And why was it in me?"

"What it is, is something I can't tell you. Lady Death has only allowed some information to be given to you. I can't tell you several things. A lot of information is forbidden to be told to you just now. I had to agree to several conditions to come and see you here. As for your latter question, it latched to you on Halloween of 81."

"Uh... Thank you."

"You should know that if you go back, your magic will feel much more powerful. More than 60% of your magic was being leeched by the... that abomination in your body."

Harry's eyes widened at the revelation." So, I will be more than twice powerful than I was before." His mother nodded. Harry was already one of the more powerful students in his year. His spells were almost more potent than even Hermione's like his Lumos charm was the brightest in the class. His transfigurations lasted longer than other students among other things. To think that this was with more than 60% of his magic blocked was a shocking revelation.

"Oh! Don't be so shocked by this. You were doing accidental magic when you were barely 3 months old. Most children don't show magic till they are six or seven years old. You were three months old when you summoned your toy from across the room. If I hadn't seen it myself I would not have even believed it. James was jumping up and down in happiness. You are what people call a centennial wizard, a wizard who defines the century, a Titan among men. You, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Grindelwald are exponentially more powerful than normal witches and wizards. You were destined for greatness Harry."

Harry stood there flabbergasted at the revelation. Him being equal to Dumbledore! Surely a joke!

But, he knew his mother was not joking.

"Currently, you may not feel that you are as great as the other wizards. But if you train and apply yourself, I am sure you will surpass them all. Even now, you have accomplished feats no other witch or wizard has done. You took down a mountain troll at the age of eleven to save a person with whom you were barely acquainted, stopped Voldemort once again from acquiring the stone, and today you slew a basilisk with nothing but a sword."

"I had help." He mumbled but was ignored.

"Such things make me and your father proud beyond words, Harry." He straightened at hearing this. His parents were proud of him! The compliment made him fill up with a sense of elation he had never felt before.

"Where is dad?" he questioned, finally changing the topic of discussion.

"Only one of us could come here to meet you. So I came instead of him. He sends his love."

They fell into silence. Neither knowing what to say further. Both were overwhelmed by the emotions they were feeling.

"You will soon have to decide to either go back or move on," said Lily, finally breaking the silence.

"What happens if I go back?" He asked.

"You pave your path ahead. You have a great destiny ahead of you if you go back. You will face hardships but you will become stronger. You have the potential to surpass them all if you go back." She replied.

"And if I move on?"

"You get to spend your time with us. No burdens, nothing. Or as Dumbledore says, you go to the next great adventure" She lightly shrugged.

"What will happen to the real world?"

On this, Lily closed her eyes as if conversing with someone. Then she nodded and said three words sending chills down his spine "Voldemort will win."

Harry gulped. "If I go back, will I ever see you again? Will I ever meet dad?"

"Of course, you will see us again someday, Harry." She gave a watery chuckle. "Everyone gets united in death after all."

Decision made, he smiled and nodded. "I will go back and make you proud, Mum." At this, Lily gave him a proud smile.

"Always remember, James and I will always watch over you and love you whatever happens." She took in a deep breath. "Apply yourself more in studies, stop holding back and hiding your damn potential for god's sake, find love, embrace all qualities of Hogwarts- The bravery of a Gryffindor, cunning of a Slytherin, hardworking nature of a puff and knowledge of a claw. Most importantly, enjoy and live your life to the fullest, Harry. Your dad adds for you to play pranks, set records for quidditch, and to have a harem." Harry laughed at the last one. "And that is our advice for you. Live up to your name Harry. Go make us proud."

"I will," Harry vowed. On cue, a bell-like chime sounded throughout the area.

"There is the warning bell. Once you go back, you must destroy Riddle's diary. Stab it with the fang or the sword, Harry. As soon as possible. Lastly, you must not mention this conversation to anyone. This is our secret."

She placed a kiss on Harry's forehead.

"One last question, Is this all real, or is it happening in my head?"

Lily grinned at him " Of course it is all happening inside your head Harry but why on earth should that mean it's not real?"

And everything dissolved in a flash of light.

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