A swirl of colors, signifying a portkey travel appeared beside him, which cleared to reveal a new arrival in the middle of the ruined atrium.

It was an old man with brilliant white, spiked hair who stood in front of them, wearing a full aristocratic, formal attire, with a white undershirt, tie, vest, a matching pant piece and an outer cloak included. A thin white mustache framed his wrinkled face.

Harry could feel the power in the atrium rise with his arrival. The man was no ordinary wizard.

His wand was held nonchalantly in his hand while the other hand was in his pocket. Around his neck hung a silver chain with the symbol of the Deathly Hallows attached to it.

The man smiled as he opened his eyes, revealing his mismatched, cat-like, heterochromatic eyes, one blue, one brown, both glowing with power. He glanced around the atrium, his eyes lingering on Harry before it dropped down to his chest where the symbol of the Dragon legion was stitched. His gaze lingered there before the wizard turned to Dumbledore.

Harry glanced at Dumbledore, only to see that he was staring at the new arrival, his face pale as he clutched the Elder wand tightly in his hand, his knuckles turning white. Yet his eyes were glowing with fury trying to squash the new arrival to pulp with his stare.

"Albus," The man greeted, spreading his arms.

"Oh, how rude of me! Let me introduce you both to my new friend and ally, Gellert Grindelwald."

Ch.63 The Titans of Magic

Harry's breath hitched in his throat as he witnessed the man who had brought most of Europe to its knees standing shoulder to shoulder with the most dangerous wizard in centuries.

The worst Dark Lords in modern history, Gellert Grindelwald and Lord Voldemort had banded together.

Dumbledore's words echoed in his mind. 'Gellert Grindelwald is an exceptional wizard who wielded great power and skills. Tom possesses the same. But, the difference between them is that Gellert Grindelwald was more dangerous as a Dark Lord while Tom is more dangerous on the battlefield.'

Only God knew what destruction they would wreak on the world together.

"Gellert," Dumbledore said, his blue eyes hardening as sparks flew from his wand, drawing Grindelwald's attention to it.

"Albus, my old friend. You never write. You never visit. I was so hurt. So, I decided to visit you myself." The man said cheerily, even though his voice echoed through the silence of the atrium with an almost sinister edge to it.

'Perhaps all dark lords have a few screws loose.'

"And here I am, standing in front of you to reclaim what was rightfully mine."

'Or not. He is here for the Elder Wand.'

"I won't let you," Dumbledore whispered. "I defeated you once, I will do it again. Whatever it takes."

"We'll see, old friend. We'll see." Grindelwald said before his eyes zeroed on Harry. "The grandson of the fabled Charlus Potter… and arguably even more famous than the man himself. I have waited to meet you for a long time, Harry Potter. Especially since you wore that symbol."

"The symbol of the Dragon Legion?" Harry asked rhetorically. "That is a legacy, Grindelwald. The symbol of the power of Potters. The reason that our enemies tremble on their knees when facing us. And I intend to continue that. My Grandfather was the butcher of Walpurgis. I shall be the butcher of Grindelwald."

The man let out a booming laugh. "You respect your heritage and live up to it. Very good, Potter. If I wasn't impressed with you when you killed the assassins my men sent after you in this very place, I certainly am now. A man of power who lives by his heritage. But let me tell you something. Despite everything you know... everything you have painstakingly accomplished, you are but a child playing the game of adults. I respect your power and dedication. But, against me, you stand no chance."

Harry filed away the fact that the assassination on him was done by Grindelwald's cronies. It meant he had resources and networks in prison as well… which was staggering. If he could arrange an assassination attack in the middle of the ministry while locked up in the most secure prison in the world, Harry shuddered to think what he would do now that he was free.

And not to mention, had teamed up with Voldemort.

"That is quite a threat... coming from the mouth of an old, defeated Dark Lord." Harry drawled.

A faint ripple of irritation made its way on Grindelwald's face. "Is that what I am called these days? No, Harry Potter. I was not a Dark Lord. Neither I am one now. I was and am a revolutionary whose ideas were not appreciated by weak-minded wizards and witches. I wished for us magical beings to be free. Free of hiding. Free of oppression. Free to roam around as we like and not hide in the shadows, being careful of our every move so that the muggles don't get a wind of us. I didn't wish for power. I yearned for the freedom of magical beings. I just wished for magic… to reign supreme."

Harry felt a chill go through his bones as he heard Grindelwald speak passionately of his goals. The power which had enthralled masses and led them to flock to Grindelwald like sheep.

"Had you wished for magic to prosper, you wouldn't have killed the legions of witches and wizards that you did. And, had you actually researched muggles, rather than starting a war against them like an imbecile." Harry spat. "They have bombs with the power to wipe out the existence of whole magical cities in seconds. What do you think would've happened if we attacked them? One bomb and a whole colony of witches and wizards would be wiped out just because an idiot thought that he was too good to not showcase his powers openly as the law said."

"Mind your tongue, boy. When I had started my mission, the best muggles used were bullets that could be stopped by a simple shield and their guns summoned before they could process what was happening. Had I been successful they wouldn't have advanced to the level they have today. And, it is still not too late. I still say that we should stop them before they advance further. Let us join—"

"And you lost me at that," Harry interrupted, glancing at his watch. He had no inclination to hear Grindelwald's drivel that would've followed. "I am not going to join you or your buddy Voldemort. Seriously, murdering my family and then offering me to join your side is really an off-putting pitch."

"Trying to make Potter join is futile. I have tried before. He fails to see where true power lies." Voldemort drawled from the side.

"Remind me, what happened the last time we fought?"

"You fled in terror after creating a distraction," Voldemort sneered.

"Did I? Did I flee after killing fourteen of your lackeys and injuring you?" Harry whispered, his vibrant green eyes staring into Voldemort's blood-red ones.

"Then it seems we have nothing left to say to each other, Potter," Voldemort growled.

"Yes, let us get on with it," Grindelwald said, impatience brimming through his voice as he eyed the wand in Dumbledore's hand again. The Elder Wand, the stick of destiny… Grindelwald's former companion. "Come, Albus, are you ready for a rematch?"

"I do not wish but you are forcing my hand. Last time, I was merciful, letting you live your life. This time, I won't make that mistake again seeing it has come to stab me in the back. Fifty years later."

"I told you that day to kill me. You didn't listen. What do you say, Albus? You and your protégé against me and my new friend here. Let us have a rematch. Let us see… who is superior!"

In sync, all four of them shot a spell at the one in front of them.

Harry's and Grindelwald's spells clashed in the mid-air, exploding in a light show of flames.

Voldemort and Dumbledore deflected each other's spells before Voldemort shot a Killing Curse at Dumbledore.

The Headmaster gave the tiniest flick of his wand and the head of the witch flew in the path of the curse, exploding into fragments on impact.

Grindelwald too leaped into the fray by shooting what Harry recognized as a lung-shredding curse at Dumbledore as he dodged Harry's skull-crusher curse.

Harry deflected the lung-shredding curse away from Dumbledore before slashing his wand in an upward arc as he felt his magic respond to his will. Every piece of rubble in the atrium levitated and turned into a spike before shooting at high speeds at the two Dark Lords from all directions.

Grindelwald roared as a wave of magic shot forth from his wand and disintegrated the incoming spikes into dust which was swept away by a breeze to a side.

"You want to play with power, boy? Let's see." Grindelwald growled before a spiraling pink beam of energy shot at Harry who just ducked under it, shooting a gouging curse at Grindelwald.

With a twirl of Grindelwald's wand, the curse was batted straight onto a wall, leaving a small crater in it just as Grindelwald shielded against a blasting curse.

"You are good. Better than your grandfather was," Grindelwald commented with a maniacal grin as he chopped Harry's lightning whip in half, dissipating it as he moved out of the way of a killing curse that would've caught him in the hip.

The killing curse hit the water in the fountain behind Grindelwald, causing a huge wave of water to rise from it.

Besides Harry, Dumbledore who had been trading spells with Voldemort, used the opportunity to manipulate the wave to encompass Voldemort in a gigantic sphere of water, trapping him in it as the water swirled around.

Without waiting a second, Harry wandlessly erected a shimmering round bronze-colored shield, intercepting the blasting curse Grindelwald shot at him.

The curse clashed into the shield with a reverberating gong just as a cackling bolt of lightning shot from Harry's wand at the water sphere Dumbledore had trapped Voldemort in.

Just before the bolt hit the water and electrocuted Voldemort, a shimmering blue shield stopped the bolt and Dumbledore stumbled back a step as the water sphere broke with a jab of Grindelwald's wand, dropping a sloping wet Voldemort to the floor.

But before the water could clash on the floor, Grindelwald waved his wand in an S shape, and the water shot at Harry and Dumbledore, the wave freezing into ice spikes in mid-air.

Burning red flames poured out of Harry's wand in response, building into a wall in front of Harry and the Headmaster, devouring the incoming spikes. With a flick of his wand, the flames rose, twisting into the form of a snake before lunging at Voldemort, while Dumbledore shot a spear of compressed air at Grindelwald.

Grindelwald shielded while Voldemort shot a spell at the fiery-red serpent. The spell hit the serpent in the neck, snuffing out a healthy amount of its flames.

With a thought, Harry turned the remaining flames into a whip that shot at Voldemort. Just as the whip wrapped around him, Voldemort's body glowed with a light purple hue. A moment later, the whip wrapping around him was cut and the parts turned into a serpent which shot at Harry as his robes fluttered with the wind.

Harry deflected the incoming serpents on the volley of spells Grindelwald had chosen to shoot at Dumbledore, blocking the spells and killing the serpents, allowing Dumbledore a chance to get an upper hand as the headmaster shot a cyan-colored curse at Grindelwald followed by a blasting curse and a severing curse.

It proved to be futile as Grindelwald just apparated a couple of feet right to where he originally was, allowing the spells to fly harmlessly past him before shooting a spell at Dumbledore who had just sent Voldemort skidding back a couple of feet with a powerful shockwave which Voldemort had shielded against.

Voldemort turned his attention to Harry and shot a Gouging curse at him.

Harry smoothly side-stepped the curse and shot a Bludgeoner at Voldemort followed by a cutting curse and a bone-crushing curse, aimed at his neck.

In a single motion of Voldemort's wand, all the curses were deflected away from him as he returned fire with a bone-melting curse followed by a killing curse.

Harry deflected the first and intercepted the second with a butterfly as he always did, allowing the conjured construct to take the curse for him. Ducking under a severing curse, Harry gathered the magic in the air before slashing his wand through the air, shooting a powerful lightning bolt at his adversary.

A crackling bolt of lightning raced toward Voldemort once again, who erected a silver shield that covered his whole body from the front. The bolt impacted it with an eerie gong and Voldemort skidded several feet back. But, the shield held.

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry could see bright flashes of light as Dumbledore battled his old foe, matching him spell to spell. The air hummed with the deadly magic flashing around as curses met each other in mid-air, exploding in a spectacle of light and power.

But none of the four waited, not wishing to give their opponents a single moment of reprieve. The four Titans of magic battled furiously, each spell aimed to horrifically injure, incapacitate, or kill. Even Dumbledore, a man known for mercy showed exactly why he was feared on the battlefield as he threw around spells that would make an average wizard fall on his knees with the sheer power behind it.

Their spells were inflicting enough damage to blast through enchanted rocks and leave deep gauges on shielded walls. Had this building been muggle, it would've collapsed by now with the amount of damage that would've been inflicted on it.

Harry ducked underneath a seizure-inducing curse and deflected a paralysis curse before shooting a silent killing curse followed by a series of rapidly shot-cutting curses at Voldemort.

Voldemort was forced to drop the shield he was hiding behind and conjure a marble block to stop the killing curse. As the block exploded, Voldemort conjured another shield to protect himself from the barrage of cutting curses.

Harry shot a powerful blasting curse at the shield, before transfiguring the rubble of the exploded marble block into daggers, flinging them at Voldemort. The shield cracked predictably under the blasting curse leaving Voldemort unprotected against the daggers.

At the last moment possible, Voldemort turned into black smoke, allowing the daggers to pass through harmlessly before solidifying again into a proper human form.

He moved his wand in a circular motion and a spear of dark purple light shot from his wand at Harry who deflected it onto the stone wall. The part where the spell hit, sizzled, melting the stone as it overpowered the protective runes on it.

With a jab of his wand, a pulverization beam shot from Harry's wand and Voldemort responded with a Confringo Maxima. The two beams met in mid-air, sending crackling beams of energy all around as it pushed both Harry and Voldemort back.

Albus Dumbledore, on the other hand, unwove the daggers of compressed air shot at him by Grindelwald causing gales of wind to buffet through the Atrium. He brandished his wand like a whip and dozens of flaming steel spikes appeared out of thin air and shot at Grindelwald in blurs of orange-gray light.

Grindelwald vanished and once again appeared a few feet away, allowing the spikes to soar harmlessly through the air. He wasted no time and shot a killing curse at Dumbledore, who took a leaf from Grindelwald's book and apparated out of the way as well, allowing the killing curse to hit the golden grills of an empty lift behind.

Voldemort conjured a meter-long whip of lightning which arced with cackling blue electricity and sent it at Harry, batting a blasting curse away in the mid-air with it.

Harry caught the lightning whip with the tip of his wand before swishing his wand through the air and arcs of blue lightning raced towards Voldemort.

Voldemort apparated and reappeared, standing on the plinth in the middle of the pool where so recently the Statue of magical Brethren had stood. The arcs of electricity hit the floor where Voldemort had just stood, cracking the tiles and melting them.

Voldemort swished his wand and the water in the pool rose high before taking the shape of a serpent and lunging at Harry.

Harry concentrated his magic at the tip of his wand before jabbing in with a slight grunt as he felt the veins in his hand burn slightly due to the concentration of magic

A beam of orange energy shot from his wand and hit the water construct, tearing it apart as most of the water vaporized while the remaining bit exploded in a fine mist.

Harry sidestepped a severing curse and deflected an organ-melting curse away.

"Ternus Fulgur Percutiens!" Harry intoned, tilting his head as a bone-breaker whizzed past his left ear, clipping his left shoulder, and cracking his bone.

A moment later, a huge dark cloud formed over Voldemort's head, making him look up. His eyes widened and he apparated away once more, just as three bolts of cursed purple lightning rained down, hitting the huge, articulately designed pool instead with a deafening bang.

Voldemort reappeared in front of the cracked tiles again, firing yet another killing curse at Harry who conjured a marble block in the path of the curse. As the block exploded with a bang, Harry flicked his wand, transfiguring the rubble into knives even before they hit the floor and banishing them at Voldemort.

The Dark Lord just erected a shield in response, allowing the daggers to bounce off harmlessly. But, Harry was relentless. With another flick of his wrist, the knives levitated again and began attacking Voldemort from all directions, forcing him to erect a dome shield. Yet, instead of bouncing off, this time the knives kept relentlessly stabbing the shield.

Besides them, the duel between Dumbledore and Grindelwald had devolved into a battle of pure power and will as Dumbledore's Blue beam clashed against Grindelwald's orange one in a spell lock. The point of the spell lock emitted tendrils of different colored energy, crashing onto the floor or the walls. Between the two men, innumerable corpses of animals laid amidst the ruined tiles and the craters on the floor.

With a wave of his wand, the shield dropped as an inferno of flames surrounded him, devouring the knives before taking the form of a Seven-headed Hydra and lunging at Harry.

"Hedwig!" Harry yelled, and she appeared in a blaze of purple flames over his head.

She gave a screech, and dove into the incoming flames, making Harry smirk. A moment later, the heads of the fiery Hydra trashed as they began to recede back into its body until it was just the figure of a glowing Phoenix.

Harry glanced at Voldemort who was looking at the scene with wide, fear-filled eyes. Beside him, even Grindelwald forcibly dropped the spell lock with Dumbledore and apparated next to Voldemort before casting a mage shield, instructing Voldemort to do the same, just as Hedwig screeched and flapped her wings.

What followed was an avalanche of power and pure destruction. Balls of untamable fire, arcs of pure lightning, and tempests of wind raced at Grindelwald and Voldemort who cowered under their shields, pouring power into them. Had it not been for that double-layered mage shield, they would've been eradicated under the power of the attack. It was one of the reasons phoenixes were so revered in the magical world and the reason that even the most vicious Dragons never attacked Phoenixes. It was also sometimes termed as a Phoenix's last weapon, its fiery wrath.

The lightning addition was just Hedwig being Hedwig... Harry's most special girl and his familiar.

In all this commotion, Harry took the opportunity to erect an anti-disapparition and anti-portkey ward all over the atrium. It wouldn't last much, but would certainly be a nasty surprise for Voldemort and Grindelwald if they tried to apparate away from a spell.

There was a shockwave as the mage shield was blasted apart under the assault and the two dark lords were sent flying back just as Hedwig burned up and fell to the ground small, wrinkled, and flightless.

Unfortunately, it also meant the assault had ended.

Harry summoned Hedwig to him and put her carefully in his pocket as Dumbledore brandished his wand, sending a glowing red spell at where Voldemort and Grindelwald had fallen.

Before the spell could hit them, Voldemort erected a shield and the spell clashed against it with an eerie gong.

Dumbledore shot yet another spell at the shield but it held as Voldemort got to his feet before helping Grindelwald up.

He glanced at the floor between them where the floor had been annihilated, giving a clear view of the floor below. The tiles were melted or cracked in many places.

The pool where the statue of Magical Brethren once stood had been reduced to a melted glob of metal, all the magical enchantments protecting it, destroyed.

The smell of ozone and chartered corpses burned their nostrils.

Another spell hit Voldemort's shield, making it flicker.

Voldemort looked at Harry and Dumbledore, his red eyes burning with hatred.

With a roar, Voldemort dropped the shield and a wave of arrows, glowing eerily with purplish black energy shot toward Harry and Dumbledore.

The flesh destroying arrows. It was excruciatingly painful to be hit with at best, fatal at worst. It was not something you would want to touch.

A score of birds flew from Dumbledore's wand, putting themselves in the path of the incoming arrows. The birds perfectly intercepted the arrows and fell to the floor, dead. Their feathers fell off and their flesh began to rot in a gruesome sight. In seconds, all that was left of them were their skeletons.

Harry batted away a brain-exploding curse from Grindelwald before yanking his wand upward.

In sync, all the cracked tiles in the atrium were ripped apart and hurled towards the dark lords, turning into spears and blades in mid-flight.

Harry felt a strain against the wards he had just erected and smirked, knowing that one of them had tried to apparate out of the way. A moment later, a huge wall of blue flames rose, devouring the weapons before they could reach Voldemort or Grindelwald.

Protego Diabolica. Grindelwald's signature spell which devoured anything physical, living or nonliving, which intended to harm its wielder.

Suddenly, Harry felt a pain in his gut.

The wards he had just erected had been shattered with brutality.

He concentrated on the magic brimming in the air. The magical energy the fight had just radiated was enormous and brimming in the air. The echoes of spells cast were still lingering in the air. With a snap of his wand, the magic responded to his pull, crashing into the wall of eldritch blue flames, smothering them.

The fire fought back, trying to regain its dominance. But, all was futile under the might of the sheer magic Harry had gathered.

The flames subsided to reveal Voldemort and Grindelwald standing there.

Before either Harry or Dumbledore could do anything more, the ground underneath him rumbled and the tiles under their feet began to crack. A moment later, they were pushed aside as thick green vines erupted from beneath them.

Before the vines could grab him, Harry flew a few feet upward, as he erected a huge shield protecting both himself and Dumbledore from spells that Voldemort and Grindelwald had chosen to barrage them with.

Vines had started to wrap around Dumbledore's ankles as he kept the rest at bay with cutting curses followed by gusts of flames.

It was the Hydra-vine spell. Cut off one vine without burning it and two more shall take its place.

"Protego Diabolica!" Eldritch blue flames spewed from Harry's wand, enveloping both the vines and Dumbledore.

A second later, he swirled the flames around him, lifting them up, revealing an ashen ground with Dumbledore standing in between it.

Harry felt a tug in his gut as his shield reached its breaking point. Just as it shattered, Harry turned the flames on the dark lords.

Grindelwald's eyes widened and he banished Voldemort behind, stepping forth to face the flames himself. With a roar to the heavens, Grindelwald jabbed his wand at the flames.

Harry's wand vibrated in his hand as Grindelwald forced the power of his spell. A bid to suppress them.

Harry knew he was too late to do anything now and let the spell go, shooting a blasting curse at Grindelwald. Grindelwald compressed the flames into a ball and extinguished them, before letting out a shockwave of magic all around the atrium.

As Harry and Dumbledore were thrown on their backs, the blasting curse hit Grindelwald, sending him flying back just as the glasses around the atrium exploded into fragments.

Harry got to his feet and was shocked to see Grindelwald still intact, albeit wincing in pain on the ground.

Suddenly, the shards of glasses all around him rose and moved towards Voldemort. For a second, he thought it was Dumbledore, but the notion was discarded as he saw Dumbledore look at the floating shards as well.

Their eyes met and they immediately turned to look at Voldemort, who was standing on his knees, his arms held above his bald head as the glass shards swirled around him, grouping like a swarm of bees. With a jab, the shards shot forth forcing Dumbledore and Harry to shield themselves.

Harry opened his eyes and saw that the glass shards had impacted their shields and turned to fine glass dust due to the force behind them. The fine glass dust, he and Dumbledore were currently knee-deep in.

"You dare use my own spells against me, Potter?" A booming voice roared.

Harry saw Gellert Grindelwald had gotten to his feet, his eyes burning with hatred. His inner vest, shirt, and tie had been burnt to shreds, revealing the armor glowing with runes underneath them.

'That's how he is in one piece.' Harry thought morbidly.

"Why? Can't I?" Harry asked, stepping forward as the glass dust vanished.

In response, Grindelwald snapped his wand, firing a lavender-colored curse at him. Harry gathered some magic at the tip of his wand and moved his wand like he was wielding a ping pong paddle and the curse was redirected straight at Voldemort, who erected a hasty shield but still got blasted back, his robes smoldering.

Grindelwald's wand-tip glowed again but before he could fire a spell, the fireplaces all around the atrium lit up with green flames, and scores of ministry wizards flooded into the atrium from the floo network.

The ministry members were here.

Harry saw many people shriek and take cover behind Aurors as they saw Voldemort rise to his feet and glare at them.

Voldemort turned his eyes on Harry and Dumbledore.

"Till we meet again." He said, before disappearing in a plume of black smoke.

"Farewell," Grindelwald replied as well, before apparating away, leaving Harry and Dumbledore in the middle of the ruined atrium, now filled with scores of wizards and witches, all reeling from what they had just witnessed.

"He was there!" shouted a scarlet-robed man with a ponytail yelled. "I saw him, Mr. Fudge, I swear, it was You-Know-Who with another man!"

"I know, Williamson, I know, I saw them too!" gibbered Fudge, who was wearing pajamas under his pinstriped cloak and was gasping as though he had just run miles. "Merlin's beard — here — here! — in the Ministry of Magic! Great heavens above — it doesn't seem possible — my word — how can this be?"

"You should know Fudge, shouldn't you?" Harry snarled, stepping forward.

Fudge took a step back, bumping into the man behind him.


"Yes, it's Harry Potter, Cornelius," Dumbledore replied, making Fudge's head snapped toward him along with many other newcomers. "But you didn't answer his question. You already knew Voldemort was going to be here tonight. Or did your master not include you in his meeting?"

"W-what are you on about?" Fudge sputtered before he crumpled to the floor, making people jump.

"Madame Bones, arrest this traitor. The one who sold this country out to Voldemort."

"What do you think you are doing, Potter?" Someone shouted before Amelia could step in.

"Cornelius Fudge betrayed the country to Voldemort, you blithering idiot!" Harry growled, not caring who it was. "He purposefully denied his return and stopped all attempts to prepare the country against the threat. He was with Voldemort all along. He wanted to give his master the world on a silver platter! So, that is why, I, Lord Harry James Potter, charge Cornelius Fudge with high treason against the state, along with all his immediate undersecretaries who aided him to do so!"

Pandemonium broke but quietened down in an instant with a bang of Dumbledore's wand.

"Quiet! Do you all realize what has happened? The man you all just saw with Lord Voldemort was Gellert Grindelwald. Two of the most dangerous dark lords the world has ever seen are now fighting together against us, aiming to disrupt the peace we've had for the past decade!" Dumbledore's voice boomed through the atrium.

"Not even a few minutes ago you all saw the proof, with your own eyes, that Harry and I have been telling you the truth for the past six months. We had warned the world of Voldemort's return but this man, Cornelius Fudge, stopped it all by discrediting us, and proclaiming that Harry and I were liars, attention seekers, and delusional individuals. He purposefully stopped investigations and did all he could to ensure that people remained unprepared for what was to come! He and his whole team assured the world that what we were telling was a lie! And, he was successful."

Dumbledore took a deep breath. "We have no more time to waste. Cornelius Fudge has successfully stalled the world enough for his masters! It is time to take action and prepare ourselves! We are facing a threat like we have never before. Two of the most dangerous dark lords are, here again, threatening the world. We all saw the horrors that Lord Voldemort spread. Some, even what Grindelwald did. This is not the time to dally! We must prepare and take quick actions!"

Whispers broke out in the atrium as Amelia stepped forward and cuffed Fudge before stunning Percy, who had moved to stop her.

"Aurors, go arrest Undersecretary Umbridge," Amelia ordered quietly.

"If you proceed downstairs into the Department of Mysteries, Amelia, you would find several Death Eaters in chains along with some of my Order members standing guard over them," Dumbledore added. "And, call the Wizengamot. This war just got a lot more complicated."

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