"Thank you, Mister Murjibi," He said. "I, Albus Dumbledore, solemnly swear to exercise in all loyalty, discretion, and conscience, the functions entrusted to me as Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards. To discharge these functions and regulate my conduct with the interests of the International Confederation of Wizards only in view and not to seek or accept instructions regarding the performance of my duties from any government or other authority external to the organization."

At the last word, all the witches and wizards rose to their feet, their wands held high, lit with white light.

Everyone stood still for a moment before applauding and taking back their seats.

Some traditions of the ICW, Harry decided, were weird to say the very least. The oath was standard but standing up with wands lit to acknowledge it, was not.

"Thank you, Ladies and Gentlemen. I must say, it is good to be back here amongst the members of this council and standing back at the dais of the Supreme Mugwump, especially after the circumstances I was voted out in."

Some shuffled in their seats at the statement while others continued to look stonily at the Headmaster.

"Nevertheless, we are here and the circumstances we find ourselves in are quite dire. And we, ladies and gentlemen, are at war."

Ch.67 End of Christmas Holidays

1st January 1996

Number 12, Grimmauld Place, London

Dark, rosy-orange light streamed through the glass of the window as the sun set over the horizon, behind the buildings of Muggle London.

Harry Potter sat on his desk, twirling a quill in his hand thoughtfully. On the desk in front of him, a piece of parchment lay in the center, filled with what most muggles would think to be gibberish. To the right of the parchment, his Arithmancy textbook laid open, serving as a paperweight for the stack of parchments kept at the corner of the desk.

Apparently, saving the world didn't save you from horrendous homework.

Or so McGonagall had firmly told him.

A scowl formed on his lips as he crossed out the line he had just written, remembering Vector's penchant for detailed steps for the smallest of questions.

A knock sounded on the door, breaking him out of his thoughts.

"Come in," Harry said and Bill Weasley poked his head in.

"Harry, they are waiting for you downstairs. The meeting is about to begin."

Harry cursed under his breath as he looked at the time before scrambling out of his chair and moving straight to the door.

He followed Bill down the stairs to the kitchen where the Order meeting was to be held.

Pushing the door to the kitchen open, Harry stopped short as he saw the number of occupants in the room.

Every single person of the Order of the Phoenix, alongside their kids were assembled in the kitchen which had been expanded to the size of the Gryffindor common room.

Before today, Harry was the only person below the age of seventeen allowed in the Order meetings. But today, everyone was there, including Astoria, who was standing next to Ginny.

"'Arry!" A gruff, cheerful voice boomed across the room.

Harry turned and his eyes widened.

"What happened to you?" Harry demanded.

Hagrid's left eye had been reduced to a puffy slit amid a mass of purple-and-black bruises. There were many cuts on his face and hands, some being freshly closed, courtesy of Madame Pomfrey standing next to him. In his hands was a large, raw, bloody, green-tinged steak slightly larger than the average car tire.

Dragon steak. Welsh Green's to be specific.

"Nuthin'!" Hagrid replied defensively, making many in the room glare at him.

"That is not nothing," Hermione huffed. "Did you get into a fight with giants, Hagrid?"

"Not exactly," Hagrid replied, wincing slightly as a spiraling beam of orange light wrapped around his ribs. "It is a long story,"

"While I appreciate your concern for Hagrid, I think we should start the meeting which I have called you all here for," Dumbledore said from the head of the table, casting a worried glance at Hagrid. "He is in capable hands."

Harry gave him a nod just before Mrs. Weasley spoke up.

"Headmaster, do you think it is wise for the children to be—"

"Molly, they need to know what's going on. I think they've earned that much privilege. Each of them is a senior member of Harry's Dragon Legion and quite capable with a wand. While I do not fancy sending children to fight a war, and actively despise it, the day when they will be in the fight of their lives is inevitable. While they won't be sent to the front lines ever, there is a huge chance that they will have to fight to defend themselves. And thus, they need to know what is going on."

"You took Harry to fight—"

"I think you are taking an exception amongst the exceptional cases here, Molly," Dumbledore replied calmly. "Harry here is simply put, one of the few equals to the likes of Grindelwald and Voldemort. And, Voldemort was going to come after him, regardless of whatever we did. Harry stands for the greatest failure in his existence, and now, his greatest enemy. It is frankly, quite foolish to think that Harry would've been left alone, adult or not."

Mrs. Weasley harrumphed before sitting back in her seat.

"So, I would like to start this meeting by wishing everyone here a very happy New year."

There were a few, mainly the Hogwarts students who responded to the sentiment but the rest remained quiet, just replying with nods.

"As you might be aware, Lord Voldemort has joined hands with Gellert Grindelwald. We now face the greatest threat we could imagine. Two of the worst, and most powerful dark lords, united under a single banner working to disrupt everything we stand for."

"But how strong will their forces be, professor? The order pretty much destroyed most of the death eaters in the battle of the Department of Mysteries." Charlie asked, making several, including Harry and Dumbledore, shake their heads.

"What we faced was an assault force, likely sent to weaken Harry and me. There were a few high-ranking death eaters in them and the rest were likely mercenaries or such. Maybe a few of Grindelwald. But, it would be quite foolish to say that we decimated a huge part of their forces."

"Sir, how many do you think they have?" Hermione asked. "Harry finished off fourteen of Voldemort's inner circle in the graveyard. A few days ago, nearly forty death eaters in total were either captured or dead. How many more death eaters would Voldemort have?"

"Numbers? I am not certain. He has very few high-ranking Death Eaters left. Rookwood, Bellatrix, Dolohov, and Rabastan being the most senior of them."

"Wait, Rookwood and Lestrange escaped?"

"Indeed. Augustus Rookwood had some sort of portkey that pierced through the wards of the Department of Mysteries. And Dumbledore had tied and petrified Lestrange, Dolohov, and Rookwood together, so they both escaped, right under Moody's nose." Sirius replied with a grimace, making mad-eye growl.

Harry grimaced. Rookwood had been turning out to be a bigger threat than he anticipated.

"Next time I am just beheading the bastards," Moody growled.

"Anyhow, that is not the point. Voldemort still has numbers. Henchmen, we could say. But, numbers are powerful. And that is not to mention, whatever Grindelwald has, alongside the creatures they will recruit."

"He certainly has a thumpin' number of Giants," Hagrid said sadly. "Dozens of clans. Maxime, bless her soul, could only convince three groups to remain neutral and a small clan to join us. Six giants. One is mah half brother. The rest… we had to flee. The Death Eaters had 'lready been there."

"At least you convinced one group," Remus said with distaste. "The werewolves are firmly on the other side. Alongside dementors."

"What of other magical creatures? Vampires, Veela, Banshees, and all of those?" Astoria asked.

"This has been discussed before but for you children, envoys have been sent to talk to them. The problem with most of these clans is that they are not united and are scattered across the world. Not to mention, there are several clans, or specifically, courts of vampires, whose sole purpose is to wipe wizardkind out. All those… are going to be impossible to convince. One small promise of blood and they'll be after us."

"Vampires though, shouldn't be much of a problem," Charlie said. "They can't stand sunlight. So, they need to attack at night. And if they do, a Lumos solem—"

"Would be an irritant," Hagrid said. "Lumos Solem ain't real sunlight. Only real sun harms those ruddy things."

"Hagrid's right," Harry said. "Lumos Solem is a mere replica of sunlight, which is to say, a bright, yellowish light. It will irritate a vampire but not actively harm it as sunlight does. But, there are spells to handle them. Obscure and difficult to do, but available."

"Like the Arrows of Apollo," Bill said all of a sudden. "A Greek spell we found in one of the tombs."

"Indeed. Or the Sunbeam arrow, as it is referred to. Same spell, different name." Dumbledore said slowly.

"But it is damn tough to cast. And not to mention, draining and dangerous. The goblin and the witch who were supervising the trial of the spell had to undergo serious medical treatment for burns and their eyes despite standing several feet away from where the aim of the spell was."

"Obviously," Harry replied dryly. "That spell has enough power to bathe the whole of Hogwarts and a good part of Hogsmeade in light for some moments. And enough heat to melt metal. Vampires will fall like a house of cards if cast on them. But there are less dangerous options."

"A wooden stake through their heart can also kill a vampire," Charlie said.

"I didn't know this was a vampire hunting class," Snape drawled from the corner he was sitting in. His black eyes glittered in the light of the torches as he leaned forward. "The dark lords are making plans already. And, as the Headmaster said, they have no shortage of manpower, despite so many of them falling to our wands."

Snape, Harry mused, always had the uncanny ability to quieten any room, drawing attention to himself as he spoke. A quality in which he superseded every professor at Hogwarts, including McGonagall.

"Grindelwald has amassed an army. Most are the descendants of his old followers who still believe in his doctrine. Fenrir Greyback has returned to the Dark Lord's ranks alongside his army of werewolves. And the Dark Lord has more plans. Many, which he won't share with any, bar his closest, which, admittedly, is only Rookwood and Bellatrix."

Snape's eyes roved around the room, taking in every person.

"What I know is that they plan to conquer the world together. No place is off their list. And, I also have a hunch that the Russian ministry might already have fallen, or will soon fall officially."

"Russia was always full of people who believed in the Grindelwald ideology," Newt Scamander muttered. "A huge credit for it, of course, goes to Durmstrang and its pureblood beliefs. Of course, Russia is rather infamous for giving only the purebloods jobs at their ministry. The muggleborns are usually left to their own devices."

"Also, it won't come as a surprise to me if Grindelwald has been operating in secret all these years. He planned an assassination attempt on Harry while sitting in the most secure prison in the world." Sirius said grimly. "And not to mention the number of ICW personnel who have been missing since the day Grindelwald revealed himself… alongside dozens of inmates. That is not counting the ones who were found dead, both inmates and ICW war wizards."

Now, that had been a BIG piece of news in the past few days. ICW's most trusted wizards, who guarded the Nurmengard prison, were working for Grindelwald and helped him and the prisoners escape the prison by killing their colleagues.

So, the worst prisoners were now free, and actively working against the world governments under the Dark Lord Grindelwald and Voldemort.

"But why wait fifty years?" Ron asked. "Don't get me wrong, but if I was Grindelwald, I wouldn't be sitting in prison for half a century, biding my time. A few years, maybe. Maybe even a decade or so. Not fifty years."

"I find myself agreeing with him," Hestia Jones said, as she sat stiffly in her chair, her neck wrapped in a neck brace while her new cane lay next to her.

"I think that question doesn't matter now. What does matter is that we are horribly outnumbered." Flitwick said. "Unless, of course, we take into consideration the fighting forces that ministries around the world have…. Some of which might be compromised."

"A most worrying prospect."

"How many do you think are compromised within our ministry?" Amelia asked.

"A good number, undoubtedly."

"How do we weed them out?"

"By this point, it is near impossible to do what you speak of, Amelia," Harry said. "The best you can do is set up a security surveillance ward at the entrances to the ministry which will detect disguises, mind control, and people under invisibility cloaks, alongside an Auror detail who will check the entrants for the dark mark."

"So… that should be quite a cleanout," Amelia said.

"It will weed those out with the dark mark until the word of the purge gets out and many will simply not return or return after taking measures against the detection."

"Indeed," Dumbledore said. "But it will be an excellent step to take."

"I believe even the members of the Auror, and the Hit wizard departments should be checked. No one should escape the scanning." Scrimgeour said. "Heck, they should be checked first alongside department heads."

"I agree, lad. We had a few death-eater bastards in the force last war. It cost us a lot." Moody growled, his magical eye spinning wildly.

"When are the executions going to take place?" Nymphadora's voice rang out from the door, making everyone look at her.

Gone was the cheerful, bubbly Auror that everyone was used to. Her hair was stark white, contrasting sharply against her dark black eyes, which were so familiar to the ones that Bellatrix possessed. Her posture was stiff, and her muscles tense, while her jaw was set sharply. And she looked taller.

'A slight change of facial and hair features and she will look just like Bellatrix. The family resemblance is there, as clear as day.'

"I asked, when are the executions taking place?" She repeated, breaking the pregnant silence that had settled across the room.

"In two days," Amelia replied after a moment. "It is being kept under wraps at the—"

"Excellent. I wish to personally be there on that day to escort the Death Eaters to their deaths. Kingsley, I am returning to work."

"Auror Tonks, are you sure that it is—"

"Yes, I am sure," She replied stiffly. "My mother needs to be avenged and escorting a dozen bastards to the gates of death seems a good way to start."

"Auror Tonks, I am afraid I am not deeming you fit to return until you pass your mental evaluation and fitness test. That is a mandatory procedure after such a traumatic—"

"I am completely fine," Tonks snapped, "I do not need a—"

"Lass," Moody interrupted. "Standard procedure doesn't change. We all know how you loved your mother. And believe me, when I say, you are not fine. I have taught you, lass."


"No arguments."

Tonks glared at the old Auror before turning on her heel and storming off.

"I will look after her," Susan said immediately, before following Tonks out of the room.

1st January 1996

Number 12, Grimmauld Place, London

Susan POV

I followed Tonks out of the kitchen, straight to the basement of the house. Tonks had changed since her mother's death. A change, which I wasn't sure was healthy for her.

Tonks was no longer the clumsy, cheerful, happy-go-lucky witch I used to know. She was now just… different. She walked straight for one and her hair no longer changed colors. Her bubbly attitude had all but vanished since the day her mother had died.

Now she was filled with an emotion I had barely experienced.


As I entered the Dueling room, I winced at the loud sound of the bangshot that issued from Tonks's wand, slamming a dummy brutally against the wall. A moment later, the dummy was ripped in half before being burned to a crisp.

"Tonks," I said softly, making her whirl around, her glowing wand pointed straight at me.

"Leave me alone," She said stiffly, lowering her wand a tad.

"I am not here to talk," I said, eyeing her wand. "Just here to help you blow off some steam."

"See, no offense, I don't want to hurt you even by mistake. Just… leave me alone."

I took my wand out and took a deep breath, concentrating on what I wanted. Waving my wand in a gamma-sign motion, I willed my jumper to turn into a dueling robe.

The jumper's shape changed, slowly elongating into a cloak. Its red color turned to a pitch black while its lettering merged into the color.

But the material remained unchanged. I was now wearing a robe made of wool.

I sighed. Such mundane bits of transfiguration was not my cup of tea.

With another wave of my wand, the material changed into silk, yet retaining the wool's thickness.

Passable for a dueling robe.

"What are you doing?"

"Come Tonks. Let's duel."

"Susan, I will say this once. Get the hell out of here."

"No," I replied, stepping a few steps back. "Defend yourself!"

A stunner left my wand, rushing toward Tonks. With almost unbelievable quickness, she swatted the spell out of the way, giving me an irritated look.

"You ain't Mad-eye Moo—"

She stopped short as she jumped out of the way of a bone-breaker.

"Are you insane!?"

"Fight!" I replied, flinging a blasting curse at her. This time, she twisted out of the way and returned fire, making me duck under a stunner.

I felt a triumphant grin form on my face as I immediately returned fire at the metamorphmagus.

Blowing off a little steam should calm her down. It had done the trick for me when I heard about the mass breakout from Azkaban a couple of months back. Hopefully, it would calm Tonks down enough to talk to me and see reason.

With a twist of my wand, a bolt of lightning shot toward Tonks who summoned a nearby dummy to protect herself before stepping into the offensive.

Multi-colored spells rained down on me, making me shield. The spells clashed against the shield, with eerie bangs just before the shield broke like shattered glass, making me sharply twist out of the way. Only Harry's training kept me from being stunned, disarmed, or hexed as Tonks relentlessly attacked me.

A slight burning smell wafted to my nose but I ignored it as I shot a ball of fire at Tonks which she promptly extinguished, before shooting a spiraling beam of fire at me.

I slashed my wand upwards, disintegrating the spiraling beam of fire into sparks before quickly shooting a flock of birds at Tonks.

As the birds were about to claw at Tonks, she waved her wand, turning the birds into knives and banishing them at me.

"Evansco," I whispered, verbalizing my first spell in the duel to vanish the incoming projectiles before slashing my wand diagonally.

A hail of flaming arrows shot at Tonks, making her shield, just as each arrow exploded with a bang, making both of us wince.

The putrid smell of smoke filled the room, making me wrinkle my nose as I swatted aside a disarmer and a blasting curse, making them fizzle out against the wall.

I jabbed my wand at Tonks, sending a gust of flames towards her, which she doused with water, making steam envelop the room.

"JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!?" Molly Weasley's voice suddenly reverberated through the room, making us stop in our tracks, my spell dying on my lips.

Suddenly, the steam in the room cleared and the temperature returned to normal, revealing the Weasley matriarch, standing there with her hands on her hips, glaring at us.

"Just what do you think you are doing girls?" She questioned in a high-pitched voice, making me wince.

"Dueling, can't you see?" Tonks replied flippantly.

"And why is that?"

"I didn't know that dueling was forbidden in the dueling room," Tonks said sarcastically. "Or that it was off-limits to a daughter of House Black."

"Daughter of House Black or not, you shouldn't have dueled without someone else present! What if you would've gotten injured?"

"I will have you know that I am a fully qualified Auror," Tonks replied with a huff. "Supervision is something I hardly think is necessary."

"That is not what I meant," Mrs. Weasley said irritably. "While you are sparring, wherever you do it, you must have a third person present to supervise you. If Susan gets injured, you can heal her immediately as you have the training, Nymphadora. But, what if you get injured? I don't know how much Harry has taught Susan, but I am assuming that she isn't qualified enough to heal you in case of a grievous injury or any injury you can't treat yourself."

I remained quiet, knowing what she was saying was the truth. Mrs. Weasley might be overbearing but she did have a point. If Tonks was injured due to one of my spells, I might be unable to heal or stabilize her till help arrived. I only knew a handful of healing spells that, in Harry's words, every good witch or wizard must know.

But nothing more, bar a few healing spells that I had picked up here or there, which admittedly, were highly limited in their action.

"So, young lady, next time you duel, you would do so under the supervision of a third person. Am I understood?"

Tonks sniffed, before giving a nod.

"Good. Now, please come down for dinner."

"So soon? The meeting's over?"

"Dumbledore and Amelia got called to the ministry for some international work moments after you left. Someone has come from America to talk with them. So Dumbledore adjourned the meeting."

"Oh," I said.

"The rest are waiting for you to come for dinner. Come along now. You two can practice later."

2nd January 1996

Headmaster's office, Hogwarts

The floo flared green and Harry Potter stepped into the headmaster's office, only to be greeted by the sight of all the professors of Hogwarts assembled in the room.

"Professors," Harry said slowly, looking at each one of them. The only people missing amongst the faculty were Madame Hooch and Trelawny.

"Good evening, Harry. I am sorry to call you on such urgent notice, but a problem has arisen." Dumbledore said, making Harry raise an eyebrow. "You see when Madame Umbridge was fired, we found ourselves short of a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. And I am unfortunately unable to find a replacement at such short notice."

Harry frowned. "I am sure that one of the Order members will be available, sir."

"Unfortunately, that is not the case. I had thought of having Alastor as the replacement, but now he is the head of the DMLE, and thus, unavailable. Same is the case with most Aurors and hit wizards who have been called on duty, or recalled, in some cases like Sirius's."

"He has yet to accept the offer."

"And yet, he has already declined mine to fill in the DADA position. Remus cannot come back, the board of governors won't let him. The other order members are simply not as capable as I want them to be, to teach the students."

"And what do you want me to do, sir?" Harry asked slowly, getting a whiff of what Dumbledore was about to ask.

"You taught the Dragon Legion, Harry. Quite admirably, if I might add, if the reports my colleagues have given me is any indication."

"And, am I right in guessing that you wish me to fill in the position as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?"


"You do realize that I neither have an Honors, nor a mastery, or even my NEWTs for the subject, sir?" Harry asked.

Dumbledore gave him a look that shouted 'Don't give me that crap.'

"I will be taking you as an apprentice, and apprenticeship, most of the time also consists of taking lectures instead of the professor for lower grades. If you accept, you will only teach the first to fourth years while I or other professors will take the students from the fifth year and above for Defense Against the Dark Arts."

Harry raised an eyebrow before looking around the room for Snape, whom he found sulking in the corner of the room. "Doesn't Snape want this position?"

Snape sneered while Dumbledore's eyes twinkled.

"Severus wished for the position, but, at the moment, we are precariously out of potion masters to fill his position. And I have been unable to contact Horace Slughorn. But, of course, if you decline, I would have to give Severus the role and go on the hunt for a new Potion's master as, in my opinion, DADA is more important than potions in current circumstances."

At this, Snape's head snapped towards Dumbledore. Harry eyed the potion master's hopeful look for a moment, before replying, "Yes, I will accept the position."

Dumbledore smiled while Snape glared murderously at Harry.

"Thank you. The curriculum will be provided to you by Professor McGonagall. If you need any help, feel free to approach me or one of the other professors."

"I will… but, I have a few requests if I am to take this position."

"Typical of you, Potter to ask for privileges despite—"

"Severus, let us hear Mr. Potter out first," McGonagall snapped.

"Thank you, professor. As I was saying, I would request you all to let me teach the students as I deem fit, rather than a rigid curriculum."

"Mr. Potter, I would like to inform you that you have to cover particular topics in each year. For instance, third years focus primarily on magical creatures and cover a small part of the introduction to curses. The first years on the other hand are limited to a preliminary introduction and jinxes. You cannot teach the first years to defend against curses."

"But I can teach them a shield to protect themselves against jinxes, which might also protect them against a few curses," Harry debated.

Dumbledore cleared his throat. "Harry, just remember to consider their capabilities and age group while teaching. You cannot teach a first-year a Protego shield. But, you can teach it to the third years or even the second years, at a push."

"True," Harry conceded. No first-year would be capable of producing a full-fledged protego. But, there were easier shields to use. Less effective, but existing. "I will see what I can do."

"Thank you. Anything else?"

"Exemption from homework," He said immediately. "I won't have the time to do the teaching in addition to homework and all the other stuff."

Dumbledore contemplated for a moment before nodding. "But, only on the condition that you would continue to do well in the class tests, Harry."

At that, Harry gave him a dry look.

"Not that you would have a problem with it," Dumbledore added.

"Thank you."

"Are you done or do you have more demands, Potter?" Snape sneered.

"No, I am quite done, thank you."

"Then welcome to the team, Professor Potter. Your first class shall be day-after-tomorrow. Good luck, Harry."


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