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Chapter 2


Somedays, you just knew that it would be a bad day. As vampires, we couldn't blame getting out of bed on the wrong foot after a tiring day and sleepless night. We couldn't even blame bad food, a liver acting up or any nonsensical thing like that. No, you just knew. And since Carlisle walked out the door of our family house this morning, I knew that it would be a bad day.

I had had several alarms going off in the past days. First, when we reunited with the whole family after our decade spent as couples in Ireland, I immediately saw that Bella was having trouble adjusting. She and Edward weren't ready, that was obvious. They were still in their newlywed phase, a very intense one – even more intense than Emmett and Rosalie's, heaven help us! – and they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. I knew that sending them to school wasn't a good idea, but the majority of our family wanted to gather together again, so Bella went along. Edward was torn, I knew it, but he took it in stride better.

Second, Carlisle was having trouble at work. For the very first time in a long time, some of his staff wasn't taking the hint that he was married, to me. I couldn't imagine why these women – I wanted to call them otherwise so much, but I refrained myself in front of Carlisle, only Edward knew – couldn't understand seeing Carlisle's wedding ring, hearing him talking about me and all our children with love vibrating in his gorgeous voice and politely declining their offers of comfort. It made me angry. I wasn't the jealous type – fortunately for my beloved husband, otherwise he couldn't work in a hospital – but this time I knew that things were serious. I even went to his office every day, pretending to bring him lunch, but it didn't deter the vultures hovering over him. And even he was nervous about it. He didn't tell me, but I just knew.

And third, Alice was hiding something. Maybe not a worrying thing, but it made her uneasy. She was hiding it from Edward, I could see it, since he was carefree and happy, not a concern in the world aside from his wife's well-being. Jasper knew, of course, but the two of them were more silent than usual, more reserved. I had noticed because I had this maternal instinct that pinged whenever something wasn't right in my children's lives. But like them I was hiding it from Edward and the rest of the family, only waiting for Alice to tell us about what was bothering her when she was ready.

I had watched the children drive off to school, sensing that this new year wouldn't be an easy ride, and made lunch for Carlisle. I was determined to make my point today, and protect my husband from being hit by 'the three whores', as I had dubbed them in my head, much to Edward's hilarity.

Paper bag with smelly lunch in hand, I made my way to the hospital at noon, knowing that Carlisle was finishing his rounds and would pretend having his lunch break in his office. Instead, we would be making love on his desk, or against a wall, or... I shook my head, focusing on my anger. I needed to find the three whores first.

I didn't have to search for long. When my elevator opened on the third floor, I saw my poor husband, looking ill-at-ease, being cornered against the nurses' station by my targets. I wished I could say that I strode with majesty and calm towards my beloved, rescued him with a few haughty but witty remarks, and led him to his office while leaving three bashful and properly chastised women behind us.

No, reality was a little bit different. I strode towards them, all right, but I wasn't the least bit composed. I was seeing red, and I had to fight really hard to stifle the possessive growl in my chest. I had the instinct to protect my mate, to claim him and fight for him. I wanted to dismember these pathetic Barbie dolls with fake plastic boobs and unnatural lips, toss their limbs in the four corners of the floor and feed their entrails to the stray cats of Whitehorse. Majesty and calm, you said? Not this time, and I was glad that the children couldn't see me like that. I wasn't a maternal example right now.

When Carlisle saw me, the look of relief on his face was blatantly obvious, but quickly followed by concern. He knew that I wasn't coming in peace, and he shot a look at the three leeches around him, no doubt wondering if they would still be in working order after I was done with them.

"You're absolutely sure I can't give you anything, Dr Masen?" the first one, Jessy Collins, aked with a purr, putting a hand on my husband's arm. Must be the name, I thought as fury racked my whole body.

"I made an awesome chicken pot pie last night, Dr Masen," the second one said in a sultry voice, making my mouth swallow with venom. Maybe a missing limb wasn't such a bad thing for a nurse? "Let's go to the staff room, I'll heat some up for you."

"And I made some delicious strawberry cheesecake," the third added, staring at my husband with hungry eyes. And what about a slight tweak in my vegetarian diet? Surely drinking these three geese's blood wouldn't be such a tragedy? Nobody would miss them, after all.

"Esme dear," Carlisle exclaimed at last as I was within human ear range, a forced smile stretching his lips. "Did you bring me lunch?"

"Yes, dear," I said with fake enthusiasm, genuinely smiling at my mate, then shooting daggers at the three whores who backed a step in alarm. I was certain that my eyes were coal black by now, and I made a point of showing them my razor-sharp teeth. They swallowed uneasily, shivering. "I'm sure your staff knows by now that we eat lunch together in your office, as husband and wife."

I was still focused on the three quivering women, who seemed truly afraid of me. "I love sharing time with my husband," I told them sweetly, venom still pooling in my mouth. "It's a nice break from home, and we can enjoy each other that way. Don't you agree?"

They all nodded fearfully, shooting apprehensive glances between me and my mate, who was glowing with love and pride.

"Come on, dear," Carlisle said at last, coming in front of me and kissing me soundly. "I'm hungry," he added huskily, his eyes darkening.

I smiled at him, shot a triumphant look at the defeated faces of my enemies, then walked hand in hand with him to his office, where he proved that he was hungry, but not for food.

We were lying on the plush carpet beneath his desk when my phone rang. I hastily went to take it and picked up the call, fearing that one or more of our children were in trouble.

"Esme Masen," I said as Carlisle got up and hastily put his clothes back on, using our new identity.

"Mrs Masen, sorry to bother you. This is Amber Slade, from … High School. Could you come to the Principal's office, Mrs Jennings, as soon as possible?"

"Of course," I said, taking my clothes from Carlisle's hands and putting them back on quickly. "May I ask what happened?"

"Mr McCarty and Miss Whitlock have been caught in a compromising situation," she said with a disapproving tone. I felt my anger rising again. Those two were impossible.

"I'll be there in ten minutes," I said.

She thanked me and hung up. I shot a look at Carlisle, who was trying hard not to laugh. "Emmett and Rosalie, huh?" he chuckled. "They broke a record, then. Usually they wait for a week before making love in a new school."

"Carlisle," I sighed, leaning back in his warm embrace.

"I know, dear," he said more seriously. "But they're adults, mates and vampires. They can't help it anymore than we can. I'm amazed that we never got called for Alice and Jasper. And just wait, we will definitely be called for Edward and Bella."

"Alice and Jasper have never been caught because Alice knows when they won't be," I sighed, kissing him a last time. "And I know that Edward and Bella will be caught, although if Edward is listening, they'll avoid being caught."

"Edward is oblivious to the rest of the world when he is with Bella," Carlisle stated calmly, smirking. "They'll be caught faster than you think."

"They won't be, not anytime soon," I disagreed lightly, having faith in my son's abilities.

"Want to bet, Esme dear?" my mate asked mischievously. "A date wherever and whenever the winner wants. They'll be caught before the end of the week, if not today."

"Deal," I nodded with a smile. It was a win-win bet, after all, but I wanted to win. I had some ideas for a nice date with my beloved husband. But my mind was still preoccupied. "Carlisle dear, we'll have to talk."

He sighed, nodding grimly, all light humor forgotten. "Yes, dear. I'm afraid we won't be able to stay here long."

"Because of your work?" I asked, anger rising yet again.

"Yes," he confirmed, "and because of Alice."

He knew, then. Or he had guessed, at least. "Do you know what's happening?"

"No," he shook his head. "I just know her and Jasper. They are worried about something, I don't know what. But they didn't tell Edward, and that has me worried. Alice and he are two peas in a pod. If he's being kept out of the loop..."

I nodded, sharing his concern. "We'll call a family meeting. We'll have to leave. Go somewhere secluded for a while. Maybe in our farm in Maine."

He nodded again, and I kissed him a last time. "I must be going. I said ten minutes."

"It'll take you one," he chuckled against my lips.

"I'll be fashionably late for one minute, then," I smiled. "Love you, Carlisle."

"Love you, Esme dear."

I left his office, made my way to the first floor, fortunately not meeting any whore on my way, then as soon as I was out of sight ran towards the school. The secretary, Amber Slade, greeted me with contempt on her face, as if I were a bad mom who couldn't teach my kids good manners. I was seething as she led me to Mrs Jennings' office.

As we came near the door, I heard and smelled all my children in there, and had to fight a snort of laughter. Carlisle was right about Bella and Edward, after all, but I wondered what Alice and Jasper had done. I kept on my angry mask, knocked on the door as the human went back to her desk, then entered the office.

All six children were sitting on benches along the walls, and they swore under their breath. I was fighting hard my amusement. Edward's face soon relaxed, and he gently took Bella's hand, reassuring her with a nod and a faint smile. Alice's features smoothed over too, she new I wouldn't ground them. But I had to pretend for the human. And that was perfect, really.

"Mrs Masen?" Mrs Jennings asked, rising from her deep chair. "Please sit down."

I took a seat opposite of her, ignoring my children and pretending to be angry. "What did they do?" I faked a huge sigh, feigning to be an overwhelmed mother. I could see in my peripheral vision Emmett's jaw drop, but Rosalie elbowed him hard, and he quickly regained composure. The human in front of me didn't notice, focused as she was on me.

"Mrs Masen, I asked my secretary to call you because Mr McCarty and Miss Whitlock have been caught... having sex in an empty classroom," the Principal said after clearing her throat. "But then Mr Masen and Miss McCarty have been caught too doing the same thing, and Miss Brandon and Mr Whitlock have hurt one of their teachers' feelings in front of their whole class."

I had to fight the need to burst out laughing and keep my angry and overwhelmed expression. "What can I say, Mrs Jennings? They're just teenagers."

"Teenagers with inacceptable behaviour, Mrs Masen!" Mrs Jennings spat, anger flushing her cheeks. "I won't have four of them having sex in a high school, surely you understand how inappropriate this is?"

I shrugged. She looked at me, outraged. "Don't you find it scandalous?"

"I wouldn't go that far," I shrugged again. "They're young and horny."

Behind me I heard Bella and Emmett gasp, but Edward's shoulders were shaking with suppressed laughter. Rosalie was eyeing me with pride, a knowing smirk on her lips. However Alice and Jasper were shooting me alarmed glances. They knew they would be expelled, and couldn't fathom why.

"Mrs Masen!" Mrs Jennings cried out, utterly shocked. "I can't believe you don't see..."

"No, I'm afraid I don't see the problem," I said resolutely. "They were having sex, so what? They were doing it in closed, isolated places, away from their comrades' eyes, I suppose. So I fail to see the problem. As for Alice and Jasper, I know they're never disrespectful of anyone, so this teacher must have been doing something wrong for them to speak up."

"He can't dress up to save his life," Alice said softly, playing along. "I just told him that his clothes were mismatched."

"See?" I said calmly.

In front of me, Mrs Jennings' nostrils flared. "I can see that we won't be able to settle this reasonably. I cannot tolerate such inappropriate behaviour, and obviously any punishment won't be enforced properly. Mrs Masen, I'm sorry but your six children are hereby expelled. I will send you their files and papers within a week."

She got up, saving me from finding something to say, and went to open her door. "Please remove all your personal belongings from your lockers and classrooms," she told my children. "Goodbye."

I followed them to their lockers where they picked up their books, bags and items, then to their cars. Silence was thick. I knew that we would have to talk. I opened the back door of Edward's Volvo. "Family meeting," I said, surveying them. Alice was unsurprised, like Jasper. Edward was frowning, he knew that something was fishy. Bella looked worried, Emmett unfazed, and Rosalie unconcerned. I closed the door.

Bella and Edward took their seats in front of me, and Edward followed Emmett's Jeep. "Mom..." he started, a frown still marring his gracious features.

"Not now, Edward," I just told him calmly. "Soon."

He locked eyes with me in the rearview mirror, and I read the question in his eyes. He was worried about Bella. Alice, I thought. I don't know anything more. He nodded imperceptibly and concentrated on driving, his hand holding Bella's. They made such a lovely couple. I couldn't help feeling happy over their mating and Bella being one of us. They were made for each other, and to hell with all of those humans who didn't understand vampires' needs about mating. Edward's eyes cleared, and he shot me an amused look. I hardly suppressed my smile.

When Edward parked in front of the house behind Emmett, I felt my mate's presence in his study. He had left the hospital ahead of schedule, a rarity. I frowned.

"Wow, Carlisle left early," Emmett muttered, looking concerned. "What is happening, exactly? I hope it's not because of Rosie and I making love at school, 'cause that will happen again, I promise you."

"No, it's not," I shook my head. "Come on, everyone. Family meeting."

I led them to our dining room, and we all took seats as Carlisle joined us, looking dejected. My worry spiked, but I knew that the cards would soon be on the table.

A brief silence reigned, then after a look at my mate who nodded at me, I spoke up. "First, I'm not surprised, but I'm still a little appalled at having been called to school for all of you. Emmett, Rose, this isn't the first time, and I know it won't be the last, but please be more discreet. Edward, Bella, I know this is your first time, and I must say that I thought you'd pay better attention, Edward. Just do it away from prying eyes and ears, got it?"

They nodded, Edward still amused, and Bella looking like she would be blushing furiously had she still been human. I turned towards Alice and Jasper. "I know that something's happening, you two. Carlisle too. And you've provoked your teacher purposefully, Alice, don't deny it. I played along to have you expelled today because seeing all six of you in the Principal's office was ominous. So, what is going on?"

Alice shot a worried look at Jasper who nodded at her and squeezed her hand on the table, then she took a deep breath, eyeing Bella and Edward. "You know that I couldn't have visions from Forks because of the wolves, right?"

Edward's frown deepened. "What does it have to do with anything, Alice? There's nothing in Forks for us anymore."

Bella nodded unhappily, her eyes downcast. She looked sad, and my heart twisted in sorrow. I knew she pretended that her father rejecting her hadn't affected her, but it had, and she still suffered from it.

Alice sighed, and her stare turned wary. "Well, I can see, now. The last wolf, Paul, has stopped phasing at last, last Saturday. He was the last one, the one with the poorer self-control."

"I remember him," Emmett chuckled darkly. "He was the one to say that I jumped over the treaty line. Never got his eyes checked, I'm sure. I never put a toe across."

"We know, Emmett," Carlisle said, his voice subdued. I worried again. What had happened after I left school? Edward was watching his father with concern, too. "Alice, please go on."

She turned her gaze back to Bella, and her eyes were pleading. "I had a vision just before coming here, a week ago. Charlie is still alive, Bella."

Everybody gasped, Bella louder than any of us. Then her eyes darkened in anger. She was downright scary. I shivered. "Why?" she hissed in fury. "Why tell me that he died?"

"Sue told him about the werewolves, and about us," Jasper stated calmly, running a soothing hand up and down Alice's arm. "About you."

"He's a Quileute member of the tribe by marriage," Alice explained sadly. "He's entitled to all their secrets. And with Leah living with them..."

"What you mean to tell me," Bella started to growl, black eyes shooting daggers, Edward uselessly trying to appease her with his touch, "is that my father who rejected and disowned me fifteen years ago, breaking my heart and a bunch of other things in the process, faked his death so I would grieve him uselessly?!"

She shouted the last words, and Edward had to restrain her to keep her seated. He murmured soothing and loving words in her ear, repeating that her family was here around her and that he loved her more than anything. Bless my son.

"Yes," Alice nodded dejectedly. "But I don't know why."

"I guess that he didn't want to be involved with us," Rosalie said with a shrug. She looked unconcerned, but I knew from the tightening of her eyelids that she worried about Bella, and would do anything to keep our family together. She was fiercely loyal, our Rose. "And he was prejudiced against you, Edward. Couldn't have been hard for him to hate us even more when he learned what we were. Especially if the Quileutes are still hating us too."

"Things with the pack are appeased," Edward disagreed, still holding Bella against him as she snuggled in his chest. "Even Jacob forgave us, and he was our worst enemy. Billy tried to reason with Charlie, Emily and Seth told us so."

"But Sue hated me," Bella reminded us. "I don't know why."

"Harry's death," Jasper guessed. "He died during the time that Victoria was attacking around Forks. She must've put the blame on the 'bloodsuckers'. So she resents us, even if she's been remarried to Charlie."

Silence fell again, then Rosalie spoke up. "Okay, Charlie is still alive. So what? How does it affect us? He hates Bella, and we're not planning to go back to Forks anytime soon, if ever."

"Because we have a problem," Alice said, and this time she was watching Edward apprehensively. My son's features suddenly closed and he roared in anger, jumping on his feet and pulling at his hair, his chair crashing down on the floor. Bella got up too and took him in her arms, trying to calm him.

"What? What's the matter?" Emmett snarled, looking around for potential threats. But no one was around. The danger wasn't here yet, I could see it in Alice's sad eyes.

"The Volturi," she whispered. We all shivered.

"What do they want?" Rosalie growled, her protective side resurfacing.

"They heard about Bella's shield," Alice explained, gripping Jasper's hand tightly. "They want her, Edward, my Jazz and me."

"They can't find us!" Edward roared, still aggravated, ignoring Bella's attempts to calm him down. "Bella's shielding us all the time! Demetri can't find us!"

"No," Jasper nodded, and Edward gasped loudly, then sank back on Bella's chair, bringing his mate on his knees and holding her like a lifebuoy. "And that's our problem."

"Why?" Carlisle asked, eyebrows furrowed.

"Since they can't find us," Alice explained with a dejected look, "they'll come after Bella's remaining family. They made some research, and found out about Charlie and Sue, and Seth and Leah. They'll lure us back to Forks. And they'll get what they want."

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