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Christmas in Montana (part 2)


Bella and I ran back to the Cullen mansion, trying to tone down our lust. Bella was the most extraverted about it out of the two of us, but even though I tried not to show it I wasn't any better. My need for her was permanent, and I couldn't look at her without feeling a raging desire for her nor having a painful erection. I was always horny, and I seriously wondered how I was supposed to greet and entertain a party of thirty-eight vampires in addition to my family without jumping Bella's bones in the next thirty-six hours.

"At last!" Alice exclaimed from the front porch as we reached the mansion, throwing her hands in the air. "The Denalis will be here in ten minutes!"

"Then we're ten minutes early," Bella muttered unhappily, shooting daggers at Alice. "We could've had another round."

But my sister dismissed her comment with a wave of her hand. "You're a little late, but we'll manage. Come, you two, we have a last minute decision to make."

"What about?" I asked her, hating the K-Pop song she was singing in her head to shut me out.

"Presents," she said, pointing towards the ginormous Christmas tree Emmett and Jasper had succeeded by miracle in cramming between the bay doors and the stove. How the thing wasn't completely dry yet was beyond me. There indeed was a little stack of presents at its foot. "When will we give them out?"

"We agreed not to give presents," I glowered at my sister who was just smirking. We knew that with forty-six vampires, presents would be an awkward thing. Some vampires we didn't even know, and our guests weren't all wealthy. Some of them were nomads, with no belongings except the clothes on their backs.

"What have you done, Alice?" Bella sighed, a little aggravated. She understood too well the feeling of not belonging, and being ill-at-ease in a new place. She had her heart in the right place. "We don't want our guests to feel uncomfortable."

"No worries," Alice trilled happily as we joined the family on the couches. "It's only very little things."

"What?" I demanded to know.

"That's what we want to know," Rosalie said, her eyes narrowed at our little pixie.

Alice sighed in exasperation. "A little trust, guys, please? Don't forget that I saw this happening already. It's mostly tickets for special events. Concerts, operas, exhibits, this sort of things. I purchased each ticket to please the vampire who'll receive it. And I couldn't not buy anything," she added, glaring at Bella. "Most of them will come with a present for us."

"They shouldn't... We told them..." Bella stammered, looking paler. "I didn't... I should've..."

"Relax, sis," Alice said, sitting back and leaning into Jasper's embrace. "I got you covered. Some of the tickets are expensive, so the presents are from all of the Cullen family."

"Thanks, Alice," I said grudgingly, hugging my embarrassed mate. I knew that Bella would feel bad about not giving presents to our guests. "That was very thoughtful."

"You wouldn't have had the time, regardless," Alice told Bella, taking her hand and gently squeezing it. "Between the top-speed renovations at the farm and your needs of Edward, you couldn't have gone Christmas shopping."

"True," Bella sighed, rubbing her eyes in obvious discomfort. She and I had agreed not to give each other presents either, but I knew this didn't sit well with her. For my part, I didn't need anything aside from her.

"Don't feel bad, Bella," Jasper said soothingly, giving me a pointed look. You'll have to help her feel better. I can only do so much. I nodded at him while I started to hear some thoughts at the end of the road.

"The Denalis are here," I announced, rising to my feet, Bella still clung to me. "Don't feel bad, love," I whispered in her ear. "We're a family. Alice did all the work for us."

She nodded, but her thoughts betrayed her shame and guilt. So I took her in my arms and kissed her into oblivion, dazzling her on purpose. Her knees buckled, just like when she was still human, and I chuckled. I loved that I had this effect on her.

"Still making goo-goo eyes at each other, I see," Tanya sneered good-humoredly, entering the room. "Can't you be apart for a short time?"

"Not really," I told her as Bella pulled away from me with a small sigh, frowning. "Hi, Tanya."

"Hello," Bella said, embracing her friend. The two of them had become quite close, even though Bella was still very wary about letting me alone with Tanya. My mate was very protective of me. And I really couldn't blame her. The mere idea of letting her alone with an interested male was unbearable. We were possessive that way, and everybody knew it. And although Tanya wasn't interested in me anymore, Bella wouldn't be taking any chances, I knew it.

We greeted Kate and Garrett, who were still madly in love and were having a hard time not dashing away and make love again, and Carmen and Eleazar. We caught up with them, then Bella and I excused ourselves for a few moments. We ran to our farm, had a quick romp against our bedroom door, reajusted ourselves then went back to the mansion as if nothing happened. We were used to it by now, but sometimes our guests found it awkward. However the vampires coming tonight knew all about it, so I wasn't remotely worried about their reactions.

When we came back, Kate and Garrett were nowhere to be seen, and I knew that they were doing the same thing than we had been doing. The weekend would be just like that, I knew it. Alice's visions were crystal clear. And Tanya nodded when seeing us come back. "Yes, they're going at it too. It's a little infuriating, to be honest."

"Be patient, Tanya," Alice said, tapping her chin thoughtfully. "Your mate won't be here tonight, but I have a feeling that you'll meet him in the coming years."

"If only," Tanya sighed, running a hand through her strawberry blond hair.

The women struck up a conversation about Christmas, and I joined my brothers, father, Eleazar and Garrett talking about the Volturi. We discussed the former and actual leadership, the changes they were making, and the vampires' responses. I enjoyed Garrett's thoughtful comments, and his snarky sense of humour. He was a great guy.

Time flew by, and when the clock struck six, I heard the Volturi running towards us. I rose up and went to the door, Carlisle behind me. We watched the party of twelve slowing to a walk, eyeing us and coming towards us respectfully. "Welcome, dear friends," Carlisle said, taking a step forward on the porch. "Please make yourselves at home."

"Good evening, Carlisle, Edward," Othella said, her mate Will at her side. As one of the new Volturi leaders, I had half-expected to see her clad in the black robe, her fellow companions in various shades of grey. But she was wearing a nice silver dress, and Will was in a tuxedo. All the vampires were dressed up, and I felt a little bad about forgoing the tie. But Alice's thoughts weren't worried. They don't know how to dress as humans in these circumstances yet, she thought. I could give them tips.

Typical Alice. Carlisle and I led them to the living room, and introductions were made. I was pleasantly surprised to recognize Chen, Gianna, Sean and Ernesto among the crowd, all of them smiling at us. They were truly happy to be here and see us. It was nice. Then we met Felipe, Zoe, John, Abdel, Dan and Sofia, who we had already seen in Volterra but were never introduced to. Almost all of them were talented, but their thoughts were peaceful and eagerly happy. They were looking everywhere around them with wide eyes, fascinated by the lavish decorations, and I couldn't help thinking that Alice had been right, as always. I made a mental note to tell her. Thanks, brother dear, she thought mischievously. You know I'm always right. I smiled faintly at her.

We stayed in small groups, talking about the new situation in Volterra and Caius' temper tantrums. I was talking with Bella, Jasper, Othella, Will and Zoe, and we had a good laugh when Zoe, who seemed a bright spirited, bubbly vampire, recounted us the time when Felix ordered Caius to sample a mountain goat. Caius had scoffed at us when we turned our noses at this most unappealing meal, so Felix told him to try. He did, and vomited right back. We had a good kick out of that one. The pictures in my head were very entertaining.

Then the rest of our guests arrived in small groups, and at eight we were all there. Bella was delighted to meet Maggie and chatted animatedly with her while Siobhan and Liam gushed about their new lifestyle to Othella and Esme. Marcus and Heidi embraced us, then the blonde vampire went to a corner to talk with Rosalie and Tanya while Marcus joined Carlisle and Eleazar.

Lewis, Charles and Henry came with their lovely mates, and Jasper and I talked to them, to put them at ease. Lewis' mate in particular was very nervous. She had been turned only a month ago, and was quite terrified of all the vampires. But Jasper soothed her, and soon she was smiling and giggling from Lewis' embrace with her sisters-in-law at Emmett's antics.

Carlisle and Jasper welcomed our last guests, the nomads, and I met Mary and Randall, Peter and Charlotte and the friends they had brought with them: Fred, Francesca, Kojiro and Jeanne. All of them seemed very intimidated and kept to themselves at first, but I was confident things would soon be better. At last I met Benjamin and Tia, and I was truly delighted to see them in the flesh. They were lovely vampires, smart and kind, and even though I knew their head of coven, Amun, was a jerk, they were very nice people. I knew then that Benjamin and I would be close friends.

At last Carlisle spoke up. "Welcome, vampires, and merry Christmas! We're very happy that you've come to meet and share this time with all of us!"

"If you want to follow me, we have carnivores to share for our meal, then we can continue to talk," Alice said, her thoughts focused on the after. I knew that things would become quite hot around here, and I had to lock my muscles not to react and grab Bella to ravish her here and now.

"You have carnivores?" Othella asked in awe. Our guests visibly hadn't expected such a treat.

"Yes," Esme confirmed with her gentle smile. "Christmas is a family tradition, around a good meal and an exchange of presents. We'll have the meal now, and presents tomorrow morning."

I went to Bella's side and we shared a loving kiss. I knew that we had only been a few feet away from each other for two hours, but I had missed her. And she had missed me too. Alice took the time to explain where each vampire would have a room, then Bella and I led our group to our farm. There we spread into the wide space, and my brothers and I opened the cages of the carnivores. We had mountain lions, bears, wolves, jaguars, panthers and lions. In less than three seconds every vampire had their prey, and I saw my Bella with two mountain lions, holding one for me. I ran to her and savored my meal, listening to the ecstatic thoughts around me. Our meal was a success.

I had noticed that the single nomads and some of the Volturi had been eyeing each other from afar, and I knew that after this delicious meal, we would see the first mating couples come closer. Alice had truly outdone herself. And she took matters in her own hands. To avoid awkward moments she asked the single nomads to come with her, and led them into our living room. Then she went to grab Gianna, Sean, Felipe and Zoe, and guided them there too. In no time all the vampires were introduced, exchanging blissful kisses and hungry stares, and retreated to the rooms Alice indicated them. We wouldn't see them anytime soon.

"So, Alice did it?" Bella asked me quietly as all our guests were offered a room by Emmett at our farm and by Rosalie at the mansion to have time as couples; Carlisle and Esme going into the forest with the single ones, Heidi and Marcus, Tanya, Maggie and the remaining Volturi. "Her matchmaking thing?"

"Yes," I confirmed with a wide grin, making my lovely mate smile happily. "Sean with Francesca, Gianna with Kojiro, Felipe with Jeanne and Zoe with Fred. Utter success. We won't be able to stay in our farm for a few hours, at least."

"Doesn't matter. Pity the others didn't find their mates yet," she added, thinking of Tanya and Maggie in particular.

"I think Maggie will be back in a few minutes," I smirked as I listened intently. "She's been staring at John with dovey eyes while eating, and only his shyness prevented him from talking to her. But now that they're walking together, she engaged him in a conversation. And I think..." I trailed off, listening to their thoughts, then tuned them out immediately with a wince. "Yes," I went on. "They're together now."

"Wow," Bella said, grinning widely. "I'm so happy for her! She's been alone for a long time, and she's truly nice. She deserves a nice mate."

"John is an Englishman," I told her as we cuddled under the stars, snow starting to fall around us in mesmerizing patterns. "He's been a Volturi guard for two centuries, but he left just after we did. He has a good heart. He'll take good care of her."

"Mmmmh," she purred, snuggling into my chest and her hand diving under my shirt, making me groan in want. "I want to take good care of you, my love."

"I love when you take good care of me," I murmured in her ear, kissing the soft spot beneath it and making her moan. She kissed me deeply, and after reciprocating I led her towards our meadow, where we would be undisturbed. No mating couples around my beautiful wife and me tonight. Her pleasure was all mine.

We put our clothes back on when dawn started to break, and ran back to the farm to shower and change before joining everyone at the mansion. I could hear the vampires making love in our farm and in the mansion stopping gradually, and taking showers too. I was glad to notice that all our guests weren't nervous or awkward about it. They were simply happy, and grateful. That was good.

"Hello, you two," Esme greeted us with a hug when we entered the mansion. "Where were you? Emmett went to your room a while ago, but you weren't there."

"In our meadow," Bella said with a loving smile directed at me. God, I wanted her, again. The memories of her body beneath then on top of mine, surrounded by snowflakes, were seared into my brain, making me want more.

"Too much information," Jasper grumbled as he stepped inside, wiping his boots on the doormat. We snickered. "I told your guests at the farm that we would meet in fifteen minutes, for the presents."

"The mating couples will be there?" Bella asked him skeptically.

Jasper smirked. "Yes. They want to thank Alice badly. But they won't stay too long. They're quite eager to be on their way."

"Don't we know it," Emmett said jovially, slapping me on the back and making me wince. "Mating couples go at it at all times, don't they, Eddie?"

"Emmie, it's Christmas," I sighed as Bella glowered at Emmett, who recoiled slightly.

"No fight," Esme ordered us sternly, shooting daggers at Bella and Emmett, who agreed halfheartedly.

Alice, our chief of operations, took the lead again and greeted the vampires, directing them to the living room. There she and Rosalie handed out the boxes with the tickets, accepting the heartfelt thanks of the delighted vampires with gracious smiles. Some of the vampires offered us cards, some small trinkets, and some like the Denalis, the Irish coven and Benjamin and Tia had organized a delivery of wild animals for us. They had planned it during our stay in Volterra, and kept it going. We Cullens were almost giddy with glee.

We thanked everyone, and all the newly mated vampires hugged Alice tightly, voices quivering with gratitude and happiness. Bella was swooning, and I was beaming widely. Then our guests started to leave. The first to go were the Volturi, and Othella assured us that we would soon receive an invitation to visit and enjoy the new lounge in the old throne room. Then the mating couples left, waving at us with happy smiles. John and Maggie left too, with Siobhan and Liam who looked delighted of the addition to their coven. John would fit well with them.

Lewis and his brothers and mates left after them, after making us promise to come see them in Switzerland, where they had settled, in the coming year. We happily promised. I was eager to know them more.

Benjamin, Tia, Mary Randall, Peter, Charlotte, Marcus and Heidi had all agreed to spend a few more days with us, so we all sat down around the stove and the Christmas tree, catching up and becoming acquainted. I loved talking to Benjamin, and Bella, Mary and Tia were becoming fast friends too.

Hours flew by without my notice, and it was only when I started to feel a dull pain blossoming in my stomach that I was reminded of the time. It had been seven hours since I had last touched my mate. "Bella!" I exclaimed loudly, making our family and friends start.

She was nowhere to be seen, and Jasper jumped to his feet a half-second after me. "She went outside for a few moments, Edward," he told me, leading me to the back of the mansion. "I didn't feel any pain from her. She must've shielded us."

"Bella!" I yelled once outside, my eyes darting everywhere, my nostrils flaring to catch her scent. Why hadn't she told me? She had to be in tremendous pain by now, or worse. My insides wrenching in worry I took off, following the faint scent leading me towards our meadow, Jasper on my heels. I knew that our family and guests were following us though Alice, but right now I couldn't care less about any of them. I needed to find Bella.

"Bella!" I called again, running as fast as I could towards the meadow, Jasper lagging behind in his effort to keep up with me. "Bella!" I reached the meadow and spotted my mate, lying on her back in the thick snow, her features distorted in pain and concentration. I ran to her and swooped her up in my arms, cradling her against me. "Bella!" I called her in anguish, fearing that she had fallen into a coma.

Her eyelids fluttered open as Jasper reached us, and she smiled at me, her features smoothing. "Edward," she whispered. "I did it."

"Did what?" I asked frantically, my free hand roaming her body. "Bella, I was so afraid! How are you? What happened?"

She's okay, bro, Jasper thought reassuringly, starting to go back. I'll tell the others. See you next week.

I didn't spare him a glance, focused as I was on my mate. She rose a hand to my cheek and I leaned on it, her touch assuaging my fears. She smiled faintly. "I tried to fight the need, Edward," she said softly.

"Bella," I moaned in distress, sitting down on the ground, still cradling my mate against my chest. I wouldn't let her go anytime soon. "Why? Why did you fight it? We need each other."

"True," she nodded, looking appeased now. Her hand was still on my cheek. I loved it. "But in these circumstances it can be a pain, Edward. You were looking so happy talking to Benjamin, I didn't want to disturb you. And then Tia suggested that I tried to shield myself, to control my own desire. To consciously wrap me in the double shields, to tone down my lust. And it worked, my love. I had to isolate myself for that, and focus intensely, but I succeeded. I was hurting, but the pain was dull. It was bearable. I did it, Edward."

"Bella," I sighed, kissing her with all I had. I was in awe of her. She had selflessly tried to give me time to enjoy my new friends, while hurting herself. I still didn't deserve her. "I'm very grateful, love, but I can't stand your pain. And you were in pain, love."

"Yes," she admitted, her eyes closing. "But it was nothing compared to what I've experienced in the past, Edward. And I really wanted to try it, my love."

"You're exhausted," I stated, noticing the deep purple rings under her eyes, in spite of the mountain lion's blood she had a few hours ago.

"I am," she said, her voice trailing off.

Her eyes were still closed, and her hand was becoming slack against my cheek. I bounded on my feet, holding her close to me, and took off towards the heart of the forest. "Hold on, love," I told her, sniffing the air around me. "You need blood. I'll find you something."

She didn't respond, and I dreaded a coma. But I ran as fast as I could, hoping that I wouldn't be too late. Soon I caught the scent of elks, and I lay Bella down gently at the edge of the meadow they were grazing in before running to them and killing two. I brought them to my mate and caressed her cheek. "Bella, love," I said, my voice quivering a little. "I've killed two elks for you."

She moaned in want, her nostrils flaring, and I helped her to the jugular of the stag. She bit through it and gulped the blood down, her eyes still closed. But at least she was conscious. Soon she had drained the two elks, and was feeling a lot better. I sat her against my chest, peppering her with kisses and rubbing her arms and back. I had been so afraid.

We were silent, relishing our closeness, then I spoke. "I'm amazed, love. You've resisted for seven hours. But please, Bella. Never again."

"Edward," she said, turning in my arms and locking eyes with me, her golden ones full of concern. "I don't want to deprive you of anything, my love. You were..."

"… out of my mind with worry once I noticed you weren't there," I cut her gently, running my knuckles against her cheek. "Bella, I understand what you did, and I'm so thankful. But I can't stand you in pain, love."

"Life would be easier if we could control ourselves a little more," she said stubbornly, rubbing my back. "If I could control myself a little more."

"Bella, love, we're two in this. You're my mate. Your pain is my pain. Yes, life would be easier if we didn't have to make love every three hours, but that's what we need. It won't last forever, we only have to wait a century. That's a short time for vampires like us. Besides, I like it," I added with a smile, and she smiled back faintly, her eyes still tight with guilt and concern.

"Yes, but..."

"Bella, please," I beseeched her, riveting my gaze in hers. "Believe me, I do appreciate what you did. You're so brave and selfless. But I need you more than anything, love. You're everything to me. And I can't stand the thought of you so weak and in pain just to gain a few hours. Please promise me you won't do that again."

"Edward..." she tried, but I pleaded my case again. I would not back down on this. Her well-being, and our needs and pleasure, were much more important to me than social conventions.

"Please, Bella. I don't care about the others. I don't care that we'll be expelled repeatedly from every school we will ever attend for making love. I don't care that we have to isolate ourselves for days on end. I need you. All I need is you. Please, Bella, promise me."

I was on my knees, begging her, but I didn't care. She was too important to me. At long last, she sighed. "I promise, Edward."

I kissed her then, and she tackled me to the ground. She tore my clothes away from me, and I did the same to hers. Then we spent six days in our meadow, reconnecting, reassuring each other, sharing the best pleasure there was to find on this Earth for vampires like us. A very merry Christmas.

I knew that all our guests would be gone when we finally pulled away from each other, but I didn't care. The others didn't matter; we would see them again soon enough. Benjamin would invite us to Egypt, and we would meet the American nomads in a few months. I meant what I told my Bella. She was everything to me. She was the best Christmas present I could ever get.

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