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Chapter 1: Welcome to the Boiling Isles

?: Good Morning.

As he slowly opened up his eyes in response to the voice, a teenage boy around 15-16 years old with an average height, brown eyes and spiky pink hair in an undercut style noticed where the words came from. Sitting in front of him was an adult male, appearing to be in his late 20s, with spiked up white hair and a black blindfold around his eyes while wearing black clothes.

The teenager noticed that they were in a cramped room filled with nothing but candles and what looked like ofuda, or paper talismans.

?: So which of the two are you right now?

Although still waking up, the boy remembered this man.

Boy: Hey wait. Aren't you….

?: Satoru Gojo. I'm head of the first years at Jujutsu Tech.

Remembering about the other young man that was with him, He wanted answers.

Boy: Jujutsu? Fushiguro. Where is he?

The teen noticed his hands were bound by ropes covered in the same talisman that covered the very room they were in.

Boy: What the hell is this?

Gojo: I wouldn't be worrying about others right now, Yuji Itadori. You see, it's been decided that you are to be secretly executed.

The man named Satoru Gojo then began to explain everything that happened and as he did, Yuji soon began to remember everything that happened before he wound up here.

His day started out how it usually does, calling the hospital to check up on his bedridden grandfather, Wasuke Itadori, only for him to stubbornly deny the call. After a day at school, hanging with the Occult research club, and dealing with a track coach pushing for him to join said sports team, he went to see his grandfather. Sadly for Yuji though, it would be the last time he sees his grandfather before he passes away with Yuji in the room.

The pink-haired teen would have spent his time mourning, but a teenage man with spiky black hair calling himself Fushiguro, from a place called Jujutsu Tech, stopped that. That man was looking for something Itadori took a while ago, a cursed object. Fushiguro then explained that unexplained deaths and missing persons is due to "curses" and how they're the result of negative emotions from humans.

After that, Yuji gave Fushiguro the box that held the object and told him that his seniors were going to unwrap the seal that surrounded the contents. Fushiguro then knew that those friends of Yuji would die if that happened. They left the hospital and bolted back to the high school. Once they got there, Fushiguro told him to wait outside while he dealt with the unleashed curses. Yuji didn't know what to do, but he did remember his grandpa's final words,

"You're a strong kid, so help others."

That was enough for Itadori to jump through a closed window on the upper level of his school, punch a curse in the face and rescue his two senpai while Fushiguro finished off said curse. When Yuji was curious about the severed finger the curses were after, him and Fushiguro realized that there was another monster that came to school. A big one. Fushiguro pushed Itadori and his friends out of the way and dealt with the curse himself only to be beaten by it.

Just when he thought he was going to die, Yuji came to the rescue and threw some kicks and punches at the curse. It wouldn't be enough though as he was trapped and standing on top of the curses mouth that was attempting to eat him.

The pink-headed teen then remembered what Fushiguro said about curses wanting to eat the finger in order to gain cursed energy. And when he heard the beaten sorcerer told him that only a curse can beat a curse, Yuji had an idea on what to do. A dangerous idea.

Yuji Itadori, with the finger in his teeth, threw it in the air, caught it in his mouth and swallowed it whole.

What happened after that was a blur for the teen, but soon after, he saw that the curse was gone, but he was now shirtless & his head and entire upper body was covered in strange markings. He then talked to someone else, himself. Or in his case, the new resident of his own body, Ryomen Sukuna.

Fushiguro then declared that Itadori must be exorcised and positioned himself, readying to do it. But then, a new individual showed up. That individual was the person he's talking to right now in the present, Satoru Gojo, who appeared really laid back.

Itadori then told the blindfolded man about eating the cursed finger. Gojo laughed and casually asked Itadori to let Sukuna take control for a few seconds. When Yuji blacked out again and Sukuna fought the really strong Gojo, the 20-something sorcerer easily stood his ground against the ancient spirit possessing Yuji. Once ten seconds were up, Yuji swapped with Sukuna and regained control.

All that was left that Yuji could remember was telling the sorcerers that he could still hear Sukuna's voice and how annoying it was. After, that Gojo tapped him on the forehead and Yuji lost consciousness.

Gojo: Fusiguro asked me to save you. But, the end result is still your execution.

The tied up teen then showed a look of scared & bummed after hearing that.

Itadori: Your recap doesn't match with the current events.

Gojo: Heh, sorry. I did my best. You still have to die, BUT I did get your sentence suspended.

Itadori: What's "suspended" mean? You'll wait until later to kill me?

Gojo: Yep, I'll just explain from the top. (Gojo pulls out another finger. Similar to the one Itadori ate.) This is the same kind of thing as the cursed object you ate. There are 20 of these in total. We possess 6 of them.

Itadori: 20? Oh, each finger and toe?

Gojo: No, Sukuna has four arms.

The instructor then throws the finger in the air and soon blasts it into the wall with his power with great force. To Yuji's surprise though, despite Gojo's power making a hole in the wall, the finger is undamaged.

Gojo: As you can see, we can't destroy them. The curse is THAT powerful. And the curse grows stronger everyday. So our modern day Jujutsu seals just aren't keeping up. That's where YOU come in (Gojo points to Itadori). When you die, the curse inside you will die as well. You see, our elders are cowards. They're demanding we kill you right away. But that would be a waste wouldn't you say?

Itadori: A waste?

Gojo: See, there's no assurance another vessel capable of handling Sukuna will ever be born again. So, here's what I proposed to them. Since they've already decided to execute you, why not wait until you've absorbed all of Sukuna to do it? And the higher ups agreed. So now, you have two options before you: You can die here and now OR gather all the parts of Sukuna, absorb them and then die.

At a local hospital, Itadori, now wearing a green hoodie to make up for his yellow one that Sukuna ripped off of him, visited his fellow Occult club members to see how they were doing after the previous night. Although the president was ok, the other member was still lying in bed unconscious. The president soon began to blame herself for what happened, but Itadori explained what happened and placed the blame on himself instead. He soon told her that someone will come by to help their friend later and left to go off to his next destination, a crematorium.

Itadori waited outside the crematorium and Satoru decided to come along, hoping Yuji would respond to his earlier proposal.

Gojo: Who passed away?

Itadori: My grandpa. Although, he was more like a father to me.

Gojo: I see. Sorry it had to happen at a time like this. So, have you decided what you want to do?

Itadori: Are casualties like these from curses pretty common?

Gojo: This one was a rather exceptional case but in terms of damage, it happens all the time. It's a good night when someone dies a normal death after encountering a curse. Finding a body that's torn to pieces is actually one of the better outcomes.

Yuji was surprised to hear that such violence is actually considered tame compared to other deaths from curses.

Gojo: If you plan to hunt down Sukuna, you're going to witness some gruesome stuff. And I can't guarantee that you wont end up that way yourself. So, I guess you can choose which hell you want.

The new vessel thought back to the previous night about his friends and Fushiguro being hurt. After that, he once again remembered his grandpa's final words about helping others.

Yuji was now facing his grandfathers ashes

Itadori: If all the parts of Sukuna are gone, would that really help? Would there be fewer people getting harmed by curses.

Gojo: Yes of course.

As he finished scooping up the last of the ashes and placing them in the urn, Itadori made his decision.

Itadori: So have you got… that finger?

Gojo presented the teen with said object and he passed it to him.

Itadori: Looking at it again in broad daylight, it's pretty disgusting.

Even so, the kid threw it in his mouth and swallowed it whole.

Gojo: Ok, that's the second one. One tenth of the whole. I wonder what's going to happen.

The result was the marks of Sukuna reappearing on Itadori and him grabbing his chest as if his body was hurting, but he was also laughing to, as if the spirit that resides in his body was taking control. Gojo seemed prepared to do something about it, but he soon saw it would be unnecessary.

Itadori: BLEH! So gross. I mean, so gross it's funny.

Gojo: There, it's not just a physical tolerance that he has. He can fight off Sukuna's attempts to take over. We haven't seen someone with talent like this in 1,000 years.

Itadori: What's wrong?

Gojo: Oh, nothing at all. I take it that means you've made up your mind? Chosen your fate?

Itadori: Not at all. I still don't understand why I have to be executed. But I know I just can't do nothing. Grandpa, that last request of yours is going to be a pain in the ass. I'll eat every part of Sukuna. After that, I don't care. As far as how I'm going to die, I've already decided.

That answer made Gojo give a big grin.

Gojo: My guy! I love finding guys like you. A fun time in hell awaits. Make sure your packed by the end of the day.

Itadori: Am I going somewhere?

Gojo paused from walking and turned to Itadori with a suspicious grin on his face. As if he wanted to surprise him.

Gojo: You could say that.

Before Yuji could begin his new school life, he went to his grandfather's newly built grave and paid his respects.

Itadori: Ok, I'm heading out. Goodbye Grandpa.

After that, Itadori left the cemetery to meet up with Gojo.

The scene then changes to Itadori & Gojo walking up a path somewhere in the mountains.

Itadori: This is really deep in the mountains. Are we still even in Tokyo?

Gojo: This is what the outskirts of Tokyo look like.

Yuji: I never would have thought I'd be going to school here.

Gojo: Well, technically, Jujutsu Tech isn't actually right here.

Itadori: Huh?

Gojo: See, there's something else I should mention. You see, for Japan, there are two Jujutsu Educational facilities. One for Tokyo and one in Kyoto. As a cover, they're known as private religious schools. Jujutsu sorcerers that have already graduated use the place we're walking towards as a base for support in the Jujutsu community and mediation in missions. So this being the main campus is a cover While the one that houses the students and actually teaches classes… is located in an entirely different realm.

That last part caused Itadori to stop walking. He wanted to be sure he heard the blindfolded man correctly.

Itadori: Uh, did you say "Realm"?

Gojo: Yep. Allow me to explain. Yes, curses are born out of negative human emotions, but they don't manifest in the human realm. They're born in the demon realm.

Itadori: Demon Realm?! Hold on, if that's the case then what about the curses that attacked my friends? Here? In what I'm pretty sure is the human realm.

Gojo: The curses that attacked your friends weren't that strong. The really strong ones are in the demon realm. Weaker curses can manage to slip by and worm their way into the human realm. And what better place for a school that studies curses than a realm where the curses are born? To gain experience in handling them?

Itadori was speechless. It was slightly disappointing that this school he was transferring to wasn't located in the modern city of Tokyo but rather it's mountainous outskirts. Now he finds out that the main campus isn't even in the right realm.

Gojo: So yeah, this being a "religious school" isn't the only cover it has.

Itadori: No kidding!

As Gojo was showing Itadori around the area, he led the young vessel to a certain building. When they got there, They saw two young people waiting in front of the structure. One of them Yuji recognized as Fushiguro, despite the bandages on his face and wrap around the top of his head. Clearly he was still recovering from the fight against the curse at Yuji's school.

Itadori: Fushiguro! Looking good brother!

Fushiguro: (Points at his own head) You think this is looking good?

The other teenager Yuji didn't recognize. She was female, with mid-length orange hair that reached the back of her neck, with bangs that cover the left side of her forehead. She also had orange eyes too.

Gojo: Alright Megumi, I'm glad you managed to pick up our other first-year without any trouble.

The emo teen though, didn't see it that way.

Fushiguro: Easy for you to say. It was hard enough to explain to her that the Jujutsu Tech wasn't in metropolitan Tokyo, but to say it was in an entirely new world without her getting upset.

Yuji decided to step forward and introduce himself.

Itadori: Hi, I'm-

Girl: The name's Nobara Kugisaki. You should considered yourselves honored. I'm your groups girl.

Itadori: Oh, well my name's Yuji Itadori. I'm from Sendai.

Nobara stares at the pink haired teen.

Kugisaki: He looks like a potato. He's definitely the type that ate his own boogers as a kid. (Looks at Fushiguro) And this guy. All he gave me was his name back at the station. I can't stand high & mighty dudes. I bet he likes setting oil slick seagulls on fire.

Kugisaki: *Sighs* This is what I get to work with? Great, just my luck.

Itadori: She took one look and sighed. That can't be good. So, what made you decide to go to a new realm and be a sorcerer.

Kugisaki began starring daggers at Gojo.

Kugisaki: Because I believed that the school would be here in Tokyo, not another realm. That's because SOMEONE didn't tell me everything about Jujutsu Tech and where it would be.

Gojo: Yeah, sorry about that. I thought if I told you, then you wouldn't want to come. Besides, you're more than welcome to head back here to Tokyo when you have time off from missions.

Kugisaki: Fine. I left the countryside anyway because it sucked. So as long as I can get to move in between realms quickly enough to reach Tokyo, then I guess I can handle it.

After that, Itadori had one more question on his mind.

Itadori: Still, why is there only three first-years? That's practically nothing.

Fushiguro: Think about it. Can you honestly say you've met someone else who can see curses?

Itadori: Hmm, I guess not.

Fushiguro: That's because Jujutsu sorcerers are rare.

Kugisaki: (Looks at Yuji) So you're the other first year? Why aren't you wearing a uniform?

Gojo: Don't worry about that. He'll get it once we crossover to the other realm. Now, how about we get going.

Once he said that, Gojo walked while the three first-years followed right behind him.

Itadori: By the way, you never mentioned how we're going to the demon realm in the first place.

Gojo: I'll explain later once we get to the demon realm. So keep up with me.

Gojo soon led the students into one of the buildings and both Yuji and Nobara were surprised at what they saw.

Hundreds, if not Thousands of doors.

Itadori & Kugisaki: WHAT THE HELL?!

Gojo: Relax, I know where the one we have to walk through is at.

The four of them then made their way to a door with what looked like a yellow eye on it. Gojo then turned the door knob and opened it up. Fushiguro was the first to walk towards the opening as this wasn't the first time he's done it. Nobara wasn't sure what to expect, but soon followed suit and walked through. Yuji just stood there, wondering what he would be getting into, but a smile and comforting nod from Gojo gave Yuji the courage to walk through next. Once the vessel did, the teacher was the last one to enter and after that, the door closed.

Once Yuji walked through, he was blinded by sunlight and noticed Fushiguro and Kugisaki. He realized they were all standing on some grassy hill. He then walked over to his fellow students and saw the girl was trying to process what she was staring at. Yuji then looked at the same direction as her and was widening his eyes too.

They saw what looked like a medieval-like town surrounded by forests and what looked like gigantic bones. Like ones from a ribcage. If that wasn't strange enough, the civilians looked like creatures and monsters from folklore. Yuji quickly assumed they were curses, but looking closely, he realized that they acted like average citizens. Walking, talking, buying & eating strange looking food.

Gojo then finished walking through the portal door and joined up with the students.

Gojo: Not use to seeing that are you?

Itadori and Kugisaki realized he was referring to them, considering this was their first time here.

Gojo: Megumi, drum roll please.

Fushiguro: I'm not doing that.

Gojo pouted at Fushiguro's response, but quickly perked up and continued.

Gojo: Kugisaki, Itadori, allow me to be the first to welcome you to…. The Boiling Isles!

And that is how this first chapter ends! The crew is assembled and are now beginning their lives as students studying Jujutsu in the Boiling Isles.

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If you're confused about how they got there with all those doors, it refers to Tengen, the one who's in charge of the barriers for Jujutsu Tech.

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