Summary: Takes place right after the last chapter

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Ellen closed her eyes to hold back tears as the armored car tumbled through the streets of Blüdhaven.

Blüdhaven. The city she had worked all her life to help. And now the city that believed her to be allied with one of their worst enemies.

She figured she'd been set up by Mask after having gotten so close to catching him last night. But he'd done far more damage to her than she had to him. In the past 24 hours, her reputation, her job, and now possibly her life had been sent to the gutter. All for a bunch of crimes he made people think she committed.

Yin bit her bottom lip as she began to sob. This was so not like her, she never cried. But the world seemed stacked against her, and to be honest, she didn't really know how she could-


The car began swerving around before hitting a lamp post, and the former commissioner was launched out of her seat and onto the floor, groaning from under the handcuffs as she struggled to stand up.

Judging from the impact they had just been hit with, she figured someone took out one of the tires. Probably Black Mask, sending one of his enforcers to finish her off here and now.

She heard commotion outside, fighting. Officers charged valiantly at the attacker, only to be knocked out by what she assumed was a club, or a hammer, or something. Blunt force to the head. Violent.

When the sounds of conflict died down, the doors began to pry open, and Yin braced herself. Death by enforcer was not exactly how she envisioned going out, but if it was finally her time, she'd at least go out without showing any fear.

Fortunately for her, when the doors opened and her eyes adjusted to the night light outside, the assaulter didn't stick forward a gun, but a hand. Her eyes widened when she realized who it was.

"What're you doing here?!" Nightwing shrugged as she stepped out of the armored car and turned around so he could take the handcuffs off her.

"I heard about your situation. I'm really sorry." She shook her head.

"Wasn't your fault. Mask did this to me."

"I know. He bribed the Chief into setting you up and sent Blockbuster after me."

"The Chief? Blockbuster?!" Dick winced.

"Yeah. He broke the lug outta prison last night after our encounter with him. And the Chief's been working behind the scenes with him for months now, I got the evidence off his laptop to prove it." Yin chuckled.

"So you stole evidence off his laptop to accuse him of taking bribes? Somehow, I doubt that'll hold up in court." Dick shrugged.

"Then maybe it's time we pay Black Mask a visit, too. He's not protected by the state the same way the Chief is, and something tells me he'll have the evidence we need to send the Chief away and clear your name."

"And Blockbuster?"

"Leave him to me. He and I have some unfinished business." Ellen nodded, but as they turned to leave, she placed a hand on Dick's shoulder to stop him.

"Nightwing." He turned to face her. "Thank you. You…you came after me. Even broke the law to give me a second chance. It…it means a lot." He winked at her with a smile.

"It's the least I could do. Remember what I told you when I gave you that communicator?" She smiled.

"That you'll always have my back, I know. I just…didn't expect you to go this far."

"We're partners. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, and I know you'd do the same for me." Before either one could speak more on the matter, an envoy of cop cars turned the corner and began barrelling down the street towards where they were. Dick's eyes widened. "We need to leave. Now!" He picked up Yin and fired a grapple to swing off, but the cars continued to follow him.

Yin watched from where she was in his grasp as police helicopters joined in the chase. "Chief must've ordered the entire force after you."

"Yeah, maybe when Blockbuster failed to kill me, Mask told him to go to plan B." He groaned, struggling to fire another line and continue the swing. "I don't think I can outmaneuver them, not when I've gotta carry you, too." He dropped out of the swing and into an alley, breaking into a spring with Yin by his side as they hurried through the dark undersides of downtown Blüdhaven.

They ducked into another alley to dodge a few cars, and Dick let out a shaky sigh. "Think we lost 'em for now. But I don't know how we're gonna get around town with everyone looking for us."

"Then it's a good thing I decided to follow you, huh?" Both the ravens spun around to face a new voice who stepped out of the shadows, revealing herself to be Amy. Dick raised an eyebrow.

"Detective?" She smirked.

"You didn't really think I'd just let you speed off to free Cap, did you?"

"Listen, Rohrbach, I-"

"I know. You were set up. Come with me, I can get you where you need to go." Dick and Yin smiled at one another before following Amy to her squad car.

From the safety of her car, Nightwing and Yin watched as the officers circled the block several times but never found them. Dick had explained the whole situation to Amy, and they now had to decide their next plan of action.

"So how do you expect to get to Mask? We don't even know where he is."

"I have a secure equipment cache a couple blocks from here. We can restock and work on narrowing that down when we get there." Ellen raised an eyebrow.

"Equipment cache?" He frowned.

"I have several scattered around the city for emergencies. It's supposed to be a secret, but these are extreme circumstances. Here, I'll give you the address."

They reached there under the cover of night. The city was still extremely lively, but many people had started to go back home as the dark sky began to take over. Dick approached a wall in an alley and pressed on a loose brick, revealing a retina scan and a thumbprint. He disabled the white lenses in his visor temporarily to complete the retina scan and took off his glove for the thumbprint. The wall cascaded open, and Nightwing walked in casually while the two detectives just stared in awe.

"Get in, fast. I don't want anyone spotting us." They did as he instructed, and he pressed a button on the wall to seal the door closed behind them.

Yin and Amy's eyes adjusted to the well-lit walls of the room, quickly noticing the various racks of gadgets, armor pieces, and more lying around. Their eyes fell on Nightwing, who walked over to a computer and began to input different data points into an algorithm.

"What're you doing?"

"I've been gathering data on Mask since our encounter yesterday, and I've got a couple algorithms running that can work on triangulating his location based on different radio calls I intercepted from him along with the location of last night's meeting. I was hoping you guys had some more data to help further pinpoint his location." Amy walked up to him.

"Yeah, I've got a couple shipment caches and other meeting locations from my investigation."

"Good. Input those into the computer then just let it do its thing. I've gotta go make a call." Amy did as he asked while Yin walked over to the gadget table to inspect some of the different pieces of equipment that were lying around.

Grapple guns, smoke pellets, specialized wingdings…no wonder he was so efficient. Half the stuff here was more advanced than anything the BPD could dream of. Probably a good thing he was the only one with access to this tech, though. She'd hate to think of what could happen if someone less noble got their hands on equipment this high-end.

She was glad to know it was with someone she could trust.

"So, it's only gonna take an hour, two tops. I promise, once I hand Mask his ticket to Blackgate I'll be home right away to help you with your show."

"No, no, it's alright. Don't rush it, just get it done properly. Seriously, Khalid has been more than helpful. I ordered Chinese for delivery since we've been working a bit late." Dick smirked as he paced back and forth.

"Staying up late with another guy. Should I be scared of him?" He heard a chuckle from her line and smiled. That laugh was music to his ears.

"You know he used to be my student, right?"

"Yeah, I'm sure he loved training under Professor Zatara. Hands-on lessons and everything." He could practically feel Zatanna blushing through the phone and he chuckled to himself, just knowing she'd find a way to punish him for that joke. Depending on the punishment he might even enjoy it. Before she could retort, though, he let out a sigh and scratched the back of his neck. "Well, I've gotta get back now. Don't want Amy messing around on my systems unsupervised. But I'll be home as fast as I can. Promise."

"Good luck. And, uh…I love you." He smiled, and he knew she could tell.

"Love you, too." Dick hung up before hurrying back to the computer terminal as Yin leaned over to see what Amy had to show her.

"I managed to pinpoint his location based on my own evidence plus the points you already entered in. He's holed up in the Royal Hotel. I used your systems to get a list of the current residents and found one Charles Sionis booked for a penthouse on the 16th floor. Charles was his father." Dick nodded.

"Royal Hotel…sound familiar?" He turned to the commissioner, who narrowed her eyes and nodded at the screen.

"That's where Blockbuster used to operate out of. Roman's certainly trying his best to fill those shoes." She crossed her arms and stepped back, heading for the gadget table to pick up her gun. "Do what you have to do. We leave in 5."

The elevator dinged as it opened to allow Ellen and Amy entry to the 16th floor. The two detectives pulled out their guns and stalked over to the main office, where an irritated Mask could be heard yelling to a subordinate on the phone. Ellen looked at Amy, both positioned on either side of the large doorway.


"Ready as I'll ever be."

On the commissioner's mark, the two women both revealed themselves, aiming their pistols directly at Mask as they approached him. "Drop the phone, hands on your head. Now."

Sionis seemed surprised, but chuckled. "Commissioner. Good to see you again. Did you like my gift?"

"Tons. Now put your hands up. You're going to prison, and you're never getting out." Roman did as she demanded, but before putting his hands up, he subtly pressed the panic button underneath his desk.

"You know how far my reach goes. You really think prison will do a damn thing to hold me?"

"Yeah. I do. Now shut up, I don't remember asking for your opinion." He just shrugged as Amy approached him with cuffs in hand. However, before she could arrest him, the door burst open, and dozens of armed guards jumped out to defend Roman. Ellen and Amy ducked behind cover as Sionis laughed, walking out of the way of the oncoming firefight.

Yin fired back, incapacitating two guards as the barrage of bullets hit her cover. She winced and turned to Amy, who was just as pinned down as her. "This isn't good."

"At least he's not making an effort to escape."

"Yeah, because he expects us to die here."

Amy furrowed her brow. "He might be right."

Before Yin could respond, the window burst open and their backup dropped to the floor, hurling wingdings at the assailants and drawing their fire to allow the detectives to fire back. Nightwing effortlessly dodged the bullets fired at him, and Mask turned to make a break for it. Two detectives he could handle, a vigilante was a different case.

Ellen spotted Mask running and narrowed her eyes. "Nightwing, we can handle this. Go get Mask!" Dick sprinted after Mask, who was making a beeline for the helipad outside.

The vigilante's intervention meant Amy and Ellen were able to easily overpower the remaining goons, and once the last of them was on the floor, they hurried to Mask's desk. Amy sat down and began trying to hack in.

"Even if Mask escapes, with this evidence we'll be able to shut down all his inside sources and clear you." The commissioner smiled.

"Good. I'm gonna go help Wing, you got this?"

"Yeah. Go get him."

Dick fired a bola at Mask, only barely missing him when the man combat rolled out of the way and flipped around with a pistol.

"God, you're persistent!"

"It's kinda my thing."

"Should've known Blockbuster can't do a damn thing right." Dick narrowed his eyes.

"He tried. Didn't take."

"Yeah, well…if it's any consolation, I'm leaving this blasted city. This shithole isn't nearly as profitable as I thought it'd be."

"You'll be leaving in an armored car."

"I prefer helicopter." Dick stepped forward to attack, but a large chopper made its way in front of him, dropping a ladder for Mask and firing several missiles at Dick. He flipped out of the way, just barely dodging the barrage, but the explosive force from the blast sent him flying to the ground. Fortunately, Yin arrived to fire back at the helicopter, forcing Sionis to order his troops to retreat.

"Where to, boss?" Roman looked back at Dick from the safety of his departing chopper and glared.

"This blasted hellhole's done nothing but stress me out. The cops are clean, the vigilante's a bigger prick than Batman ever was, and the organized crime's been pretty thoroughly run outta here. Gotham was better, at least there we could make some actual money."

"Back to Gotham then, sir?" Mask nodded.

"Let's get outta here."

Back on the helipad, Ellen offered some support for Dick as they walked back inside and came up to a smiling Amy, who held up a flash drive. "Good news, I've got everything we need to shut Mask's operations down and clear Yin's name." He smiled.

"That's great, seriously. Now all we have to-"

The wall to the side of them tore open to reveal Blockbuster, and all three of them quickly fell into their battle stances. Amy fired directly at his face, but the bullets merely bounced off him. He chuckled before clobbering her on the head, knocking her clean out and into a wall. Dick growled before taking out his sticks and jumping at him. He flipped over a punch and leapt onto his shoulders, zapping him on either side of the head with an electrical surge before Roland backed up into a wall and crushed him rather viciously against it, picking him up and tossing him to the floor.

"Try harder that that, bird." He stormed over to pick him up, but Ellen began firing on him from behind, drawing his attention away from Dick and towards the annoying pest tickling him from behind. "And you…" He grabbed her arm and lifted her up, twisting it to cause her pain. The madman reveled in joy as she winced. "I've been wanting to kill you since I first started my empire. Looks like today's the day."

"I don't think so!" Dick leapt onto his shoulders yet again in a weak attempt to strangle him, and he dropped Ellen to the floor before reaching behind and grabbing Dick, slamming him onto the ground with so much force that the floor beneath their feet shook from the impact. Dick groaned before struggling to stand back up, and Blockbuster just laughed, grabbing him by the neck and lifting him back up in the air.

"How did I ever lose to you before? You're pathetic!" Dick tried to come up with a retort, but the hand around his neck just tightened and his face turned red from the lack of oxygen. "There's something I've been curious about for a while now." Dick's eyes widened as his hands reached for his mask, but despite his struggles and the mask's own electrical defenses, he managed to rip it clean off his face, dropping it to the ground and crushing it to reveal his identity.

Blockbuster stared at the boy in front of him for some time until he decided he didn't recognize him. However, in contrast to his rather calm demeanor, Dick was freaking the hell out, especially with Yin right there.

"I have no clue who the hell you are, but I guess it doesn't matter." He began to squeeze Dick's neck, but Yin reached for a flash grenade she had 'borrowed' from the secret bunker, throwing it directly at Roland's face to temporarily blind him. He roared in pain, stumbled back, and dropped Dick to the floor. The man tried to hide his face, but Yin saw it anyways, and her eyes very nearly fell out of her sockets.

"Grayson?! Y-you're-" Dick wheezed for breath and nodded, trying to shut her up before Blockbuster recovered and overheard them.

"Y-yeah. F-f-fight now, exp-ngh-explain later!" He stumbled back up to his feet, an impressive achievement considering his wounds, and Yin stood up with him. Desmond flipped around in a furious rage, charging directly at the two. Yin threw herself to the side and whipped out her gun while Dick flipped under his grasp, firing a line out of his glove and directly at his backside.

Using all the power he had left in his suit, he sent an electrical jolt through the line and into Blockbuster's body while Yin continued to pepper him with bullets. The electricity was enough to hurt him, far more than anything they'd managed to do yet, but it wasn't enough of a jolt. His suit was too low power to output enough voltage to incapacitate the brute. Blockbuster turned around and grabbed on the wires, yanking Dick towards him and catching him in midair with his hand.

"Last time, we fought here, you beat me. Remember how?" Dick struggled to break free of his grasp, but it wasn't enough. Desmond flung the vigilante with as much force as he could muster, and Dick crashed through the window glass before plummeting towards the street below.

"No!" Yin hurried to the glass to look down in fear as Dick fell. He tried to fire grapple lines out of his gloves, but in his dazed state and at the speed he was falling they didn't connect with anything. Seeing as that wasn't working, he flung himself towards the wall and pulled out a wingding, scraping the side of the building on his way down in an attempt to slow his descent. He managed to decelerate a fair bit, but couldn't stop himself from crashing down on top of a car hard, shattering the car glass and lying motionless on the top of the vehicle with blood trickling out of him from all over.

Blockbuster laughed before turning back to Yin. "One down, one to go." Unfortunately for him, the commissioner was already on her feet with a gun trained on him. He practically cackled when he saw her aiming at him. "What do you think that's going to do? Bullets bounce off me!"

"Yeah, genius, that's why I'm not aiming for you."

Before Roland could say anything, Ellen fired a bullet directly at the powerbox on the wall next to where the villain was standing. The voltage from the shock arced out from the box to the villain, sending a massive surge of electricity through Desmond's body. Ellen narrowed her eyes as she watched him howl in pain before dropping to the floor, unconscious.

But there was no time to arrest him. Not with Dick bleeding out on the ground floor without his mask on. Ellen sprinted towards the elevator and ran outside to where Dick had fallen as fast as her legs could carry her.

Fortunately, nobody was around this late at night. Unfortunately, that didn't fix the several dozen broken bones and countless instances of internal (and some external) bleeding throughout his body. Ellen very gently picked him up and placed him on the floor, looking over his countless wounds in horror.

Can't take him to the hospital, they'd oust his ID. Not to mention arrest us both the moment we stepped foot in the damn place…I need options…okay, wait. His partner…Zatanna or whatever. She's Dick Grayson's girlfriend according to the papers. Odds are she lives with him, and she used to have magic powers or whatever. Hopefully she's got something that'll help me save him.

Sirens could be heard rapidly approaching and Ellen panicked. She carefully dragged Nightwing's broken body to Amy's squad car before taking off towards his apartment. She didn't talk to Dick Grayson very much, but thank God she still had his home address on file.

Zatanna yawned before walking Khalid to the door. He frowned. "Still no sign of Dick? I can stay a bit longer if you need comp-"

"N-no, no, it's alright. He'll be home eventually, he's probably just a bit held up with Blockbuster. I'm sure he's alright. Besides, it's a school night, isn't it? You should be getting some sleep for tomorrow." Khalid shrugged.

"I can do without it if you need help."

"And I appreciate that, but please. Get some rest. You've already done more than enough to help me with my performance. Dick'll be back soon, I have a feeling in my-"

Zatanna was interrupted by a knock on the door, and both she and Khalid looked at each other in slight surprise.

"Does Dick ever show up by door?"

"Not really. Might be someone else." Zatanna opened the door, but she was absolutely not ready for the sight that greeted her. "What the fu-"

Ellen didn't even let her finish, instead barging into her apartment to lay Dick's body on the couch before one of their neighbors spotted him without his mask. She turned back to Zatanna with an almost guilty look on her face. "I didn't know where else to bring him. I…I'm sorry."

Zee pushed past her to cradle Dick's head, fear overtaking her heart. Fortunately, before the typical panicking and sobbing process could kick in, she whipped back around to face Khalid. "Y-you can-"

"I can." Her former student got on a knee in front of the couch and placed a palm to Dick's bloody forehead as his eyes started to glow a faint green. "Sana vulnera eius!"

Zatanna gripped Dick's hand, almost out of impulse. She could feel the dried blood all over it, but it didn't matter now. When she saw his body in Yin's arms, she felt like crying and screaming, but he'd been teaching her self-control. And with a proficient healer on deck right next to her, the tears felt somewhat pointless.

He'd been through worse. She had faith.

Khalid began to tense up, the green in his eyes intensifying as he gritted his teeth and groaned. Ellen didn't know what was going on, but out of instinct she got down on a knee and placed a hand on the kid's shoulder. Whatever he was doing, it seemed to be helping Grayson, because she could see cuts start to close and blood start to slowly vanish. She locked eyes with Zatanna, and while she expected some amount of anger, all she got was a pensive stare.

She was strong. Yin could tell. He was probably pretty lucky to have her.

He. Dick. Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson was Nightwing.

She was still processing that.

It made sense, and it explained why he was always absent. He was probably out saving the world. Plus, Dick arrived on the scene about the same time as Nightwing did. In hindsight, she couldn't believe she didn't see it sooner.

Khalid toppled backwards and gasped for air, the green in his eyes vanishing. Ellen wrapped an arm around him for support. "What did he do?"

Before anyone could respond, they heard a familiar groan from Zatanna's lap as Dick's eyes fluttered open and he slowly sat up. "Ow."

Khalid rubbed his forehead. "Sorry. I could get rid of the damages, the pain not so much." He scratched the back of his neck and smiled upon realizing the extent of the young mage's involvement.


"Don't mention it. But now, I should probably get to bed. Call me if anything changes." Zatanna smiled, beyond grateful for his help.

"Of course."

Khalid left the apartment before Dick shook his head. "Okay, what happened? Last thing I remember is Blockbuster throwing me out a window and-"

"He threw you out a window?!" Both vigilante and commissioner winced.

"Uh…yeah. Heh, heh…on the 16th floor." Zatanna glared at him, but Ellen shook her head.

"Don't be mad at him. Kid really gave it his all." Dick blushed, and the magician pursed her lips, though Ellen did notice her establish a rather fierce death grip over his hand, which forced a smile out of the woman.

"Thanks. So, uh, what happened to Blockbuster?" She groaned.

"I knocked him out with a powerbox, but Amy just texted me. Cops got to her and she was able to deliver the intel after she recovered, but there was no trace of the big lug anywhere. He vanished." Zatanna could practically feel the anger radiating off of Dick when he heard that.

"Okay, but you're in the clear?"

"I think so. It'll take a while for the evidence to get processed, but with what we have, Amy assured me I'll be safe. And by extension, you'll be safe when I clear you tomorrow." He smiled.

"Thank you. Now…about the other thing. I'm sure you have a lot of questions-"

A simple hand raise was all it took to cut him off.

"I did, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Your absence, the way you're always getting ahead of the curve, even Nightwing's fast response time."

"I'm sorry I never told you."

Yin exhaled rather strongly. "I was mad at first, but I get it."

"You do?"

"What's not to get? You hide your face to protect your friends. Pretty clear cut. Telling me the secret means it wouldn't have really been a secret. I understand why you lied, and I'll keep it for you, you have my word."

The former Boy Wonder's face lit up like a Christmas tree. "I can't tell you how much that means to me."

"Don't mention it. Seriously. Just keep doing your job, and I'll keep doing mine." A small smirk toyed at her lips. "And maybe I'll give Dick Grayson 20% less shit about never showing up to the office."

The two detectives shared a smile, and Zatanna couldn't help but join in. Seemingly remembering something, Dick reached into his belt to pull out a small black device.

"Here." Dick handed her a communicator, an exact duplicate of the one the Chief's men snatched off of her from before. "You might need that."

She looked confused. "Why would I need that?" He raised an eyebrow.

"To contact me. I disabled the last one after the Chief confiscated it, so you'll need a replacement." Yin chuckled.

"Kid, I got your cell number saved on my real phone. Why would I need this?" Dick pursed his lips and Zatanna snickered at his speechlessness.

"That…is a good point." Yin patted him on the shoulder before giving him back the communicator and standing up. He stood up with her. "Need me to swing you home?"

"No, don't worry about it. I kinda snagged Amy's car earlier, I'll get home no problem. Though my fiance will freak. She's kinda…overprotective."

Dick smiled. "Yeah, I know how that goes." That comment earned him a punch to the arm from Zatanna.

"My protectiveness is what keeps you alive." He rolled his eyes, but Yin shared a high five with the magician as they both smiled.

"Don't worry about me, Grayson. You just worry about getting a good night's rest, and you ", she pointed to Zatanna, "make sure he does." She mock-saluted the commissioner.

"That's my job, alright." Yin chuckled and reached out a hand. Dick smiled before clasping it in a shake.

"Thank you, Dick. For all of it." He smiled.

"Partners, right?"

"You got a lot of those."

"Tell me about it. I'll see you tomorrow?" Yin shrugged.

"Yeah, if you manage to stop by for a bit." She yawned and began walking towards the door. "It's getting late. I'll see you later, Grayson." He and Zatanna waved goodbye before Yin closed the door and Dick plopped down on the couch.

"What a day." The woman to his side just chuckled.

"It's over. You can rest now." Zatanna was practically latched onto his side, and he smiled before draping an arm around her waist and pulling her a bit closer to him.

"Yeah, that's probably a good idea." He bit his inner cheek. "Or…we could find something else to do if you're up for it."

The only response he got was a whisper in his ear that made him blush before picking her up and carrying her to their bed, not being too gentle as they undressed one another on the way there.

Unbeknownst to either of them in their bliss, someone was watching from a neighboring building. Someone who had followed Yin back to Dick's apartment.

No…not yet. Let him have his fun…it'll be the last night he ever enjoys.

Blockbuster grinned evilly and got down on a knee, patiently awaiting the coming morning as he watched Dick Grayson enjoy himself through the cracks of his bedroom window.

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