A/N: This here is an old fic that I started awhile ago, but never posted it. I found it on my old laptop and decided what the hell, so I started to revise it and make it into to something. This is a fic where Jiraiya was a little bit more responsible and was apart of Naruto's life a bit more with a few new characters Jiraiya has found on his journey creating a whole new team. Yes Naruto and his team will be OP at first but when the tougher opponents come is when things will get interesting. Though I think I've said enough I'll leave it for you guys to judge, so without further ado.

Chapter 1: the Sannin's return

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the third hokage, was currently in his office battling his most hated enemy. Paper work. It was a late night so it came as quite the surprise when he heard a knock on his door and even more of a surprise the visitor turned out to be his former student.


"How ya doing old man." Said Jiraiya with his usual warm smile as he entered the room.

"I'm doing fine. I'll be doing even better when I finally retire." he said with a chuckle before getting serious. "Though I don't suppose you're here for a social visit, are you?"

"Do you have to always cut to the chase." Jiraiya signed. "No sensei. I'm not here for a social visit. There's something I'd like to talk to you about."

Hiruzen studied his old student. He could tell that he's here with something big. "Clearly whatever you've been thinking about has weighed heavily on your mind."

Jiraiya nodded."Yes. I've found three exceptionally gifted young kids. Who will make waves in the shinobi world someday and when they do the whole world will change."

Hiruzen could tell this wasn't exaggerating. "Really. Are they here in the village?"

"One of them is but the other two aren't but their skills far exide that of any genin or even chunin I have ever met."

That definitely caught Hiruzen's attention. If anyone else had told him that he would have thought they were exaggerating. Like how several people on the council thought the last Uchiha was the next Hirashima. "What do you intend to do about them?"

"After much thought I have come to the decision to train them myself."

Silence fell over the room after Hiruzen fell speechless. He had tried several times to convince his student to form a team and train the next generation. Though he refused every time because of what happened to the last group of kids he tried to train as well as what happened to Minato. "May I ask why? I know what happened to your previous students so I can understand your wish to protect these kids and bring them to the village but why do you wish to train them yourself?"

Jiraiya closed his eyes as he tried to think of the right words."These aren't normal kids. They all may seem like normal kids on the outside but on the inside they're more broken then a lot of shinobi from war time. After I found them I was able to make a connection to each and what I'm concerned about is that if any were given to anyone else it might make things worse."

"Very well then. I will allow you to form this team." Said Hiruzen as he made a mental note to make the paperwork.

It was Jiraiya's turn to be surprised. "Really? That's quick. I expected to have to convince you a bit more."

"Of course Jiraiya. I trust your judgement and I think forming this team will be good for you." Said Hiruzen. Confident in his pupil. " Though as Hokage I am going to need to know who these children are."

Jiraiya couldn't help but smile. "You just want to talk so you don't have to do paper work."

"Nonsense, I'm just trying to be a good Hokage by figuring out who will be visiting my village soon." as he pushed his paperwork aside.

Jiraiya was impressed with his sensei's twist in logic. "Alright where to begin?" he was about to start talking about the first one he met.

"How about the one that's already here in the village." As Hiruzen said this he noticed that Jiraiya's smile disappeared. "I'm surprised I haven't heard of such a talented ninja young ninja. Are they from a civilian family?"

Jiraiya thought it would be best to come clean now rather than play 20 questions. "It's Naruto. The student I want to train is Naruto Uzumaki."

Silence again fell over the room. Hiruzen wasn't against the idea, he even thought about it himself, but he needed to know if his pupil knew about the real Naruto Uzumaki. "Are you sure he is the dead last of his class and he has a habit of playing pranks a lot."

Jiraiya smiled. "Really sensei. We both know that the real Naruto can take on almost anyone who isn't a jonin or higher and win."

The Hokage decided to drop the act. "That's where you're wrong, he has taken on a jonin and won."

Jiraiya smiled hearing that Naruto has grown a lot since his last visit. "Really. He's becoming more and more like his old man every day."

"Yes. What worries me right now is the fake facade he puts up. He could have graduated by now but he refuses to show anyone how strong he really is. He'd rather be known as the class clown and he's doing too good of a job at it. Pretty much everyone believes he's a failure."

"Don't worry about that. Before I came here I ran into him and gave him a good taking too. He'll pass this time."

"Really then that brings up another question. When did you meet young naruto. I knew years ago he met a ninja that gave him incredible advice. I suspected I might have been you but I couldn't confirm it. So tell me how did that happen?"

"It's a long story."

"Good. It's been awhile since I heard a good story." Said Hiruzen as he relighted his pipe and got comfortable.

So Jiraiya began his tale of how he met Naruto and his other students. Their skills and their pasts and what each wished for the future. Though one thing became clear their story was just beginning and Hiruzen wouldn't be finishing his paperwork anytime soon. Good, he needed a break.


Next week, the day of the Test

Naruto day was getting better and better. Iruka-sensei had agreed to let him try the test last so no one else other than the teachers would be there to see. The problem came after Naruto had aced the test.

"Did you cheat?" Asked Mizuki

Naruto did too well, to the point every teacher in the room thought Naruto had cheated. Even Iruka was having doubts that Naruto did well on his own. Naruto not only nailed the shuriken test and the ninjitsu test. Which Iruka and some of the other teachers could believe but he had also aced the written exam as well. Naruto. Ace. A written Exam. This was just too much for any teacher at the academy to believe.

'Great this is what I get for promising the old perv to not hold anything back.' Thought Naruto 'What a pain.'

"Well how did you do it?" Mizuki still believes he cheated.

"Do what?" said Naruto playing dumb while knowing exactly where this was going.


"I didn't cheat, believe it." he said while striking a pose.

"Really because your past records don't justify this sudden increase in your score."

"Enough Mizuki. Naruto passed the test. He's a shinobi now." Said Iruka calmly, also a bit proud that Naruto finally took the test seriously.

"Iruka." Mizuki shouted. He paused for a moment not out of shock but to think of a way to turn this around in his favor. If he didn't his plan was going to be ruined. "Iruka, do you honestly believe Naruto did this without any form of cheating?"

Iruka was silent for a moment. "I think Naruto finally got serious and we just witnessed the potential he has. So I say, we pass him."

Naruto pumped his fist in the air. "Oh yeah what you guys just saw was the beginning of my greatness."

"Hold it, I'm still not convinced." said Mizuki, grabbing the last headband and keeping it away from Naruto.

Naruto was starting to get really annoyed. "What do you want from me? Huh, I passed the test didn't I?"

'Perfect' he thought. "Yes you passed the academy test but you haven't passed my test yet."

"Huh what do you mean?"

"Iruka, I would like to give Naruto one more test to prove that he is really ready to be a shinobi."

"What!" yelled Naruto.

Iruka took a glance at the clock on the wall. "Naruto, look, I still have two other students. I still need me to oversee their test." Seeing the confused look on his co-worker and students face. "Long story short, there are two kids who also want to become shinobi. Even though they haven't gone to the academy they have received recommendations from a jonin. So they will also be given a test as well and they'd like someone from the academy to be there to oversee back to the situation we are dealing with right now. Naruto, are you willing to do one more test to make Mizuki eat his words?"

"You bet I am."

"Okay then before I go, what's the test going to be Mizuki."

"Hmm I'm not sure yet but I have a few ideas. Don't worry I'll make sure it's all finished by tonight so we can hand it in to the hokage tomorrow morning. Naruto, come back here in four hours and I'll have a test ready for you to prove that you are a real ninja."

"Don't worry I'll be here and I'll make sure to prove to everyone I'm a real shinobi and I'm going to be Hokage someday, Believe it!"


Night, Same day

Naruto's test was to sneak into the Hokage tower and retrieve the scroll of secrets. Apparently he got the hokage's permission to have this as the test. Naruto could almost smell the bullshit coming from Mizuki. Though he played along knowing the look on his face would be worth it.

Though Naruto decided to play along for a couple of reasons. One it gave him a chance and an excuse to take a look at the scroll. Two in the end he could get the chance to kick Mizuki's ass and three it sounded like fun.

Getting the scroll was easy. In fact it was embarrassingly easy. Naruto was going to have a word with hokage-jiji about his security.

So there he was in a small clearing in the forest outside of the village, studying the scroll waiting for Mizuki.

"Naruto there you are." Yelled a very angry Iruka.

"Hey Iruka sensei. Did I pass the test? Am I a shinobi now." said a very happy Naruto playing dumb as he knew Mizuki was near by.

"What?" said Iruka, clearly confused about what was going on. He noticed that Naruto was clearly training and training hard. "Naruto, what are you talking about?"

"Mizuki said if I was able to retrieve the scroll I would be able to pass and become a shinobi."

Iruka began to realize what was going on. "Naruto…"

Suddenly a fuma shuriken was thrown at them. For a second Iruka thought about protecting Naruto before realizing how pointless that would be. As both Naruto dodge the incoming Fuma Shuriken with ease.

"I'm impressed. I was hoping to take at least one of you out with that attack." said a voice that soon revealed to belong to Mizuki, surprising no one.

Though Naruto tried to act surprised. "What Mizuki-sensei what's going on. Why'd you attack me and …" Naruto looked at his sensei and saw a look he had never seen before. "Iruka sensei."

It took a moment for Naruto to realize that Iruka was hurt and not at Mizuki but with Naruto. He realized he went too far and didn't tell his sensei. He didn't tell someone who trusted him and someone who was very much involved in this situation about his plan and instead decided to play dumb.

"Iruka I'm sorry I just… I don't know. I guess I just didn't want you to get involved in this." Naruto said, trying to apologize. In all honesty Naruto was so busy he had actually forgotten. He didn't forget his sensei; he forgot how much his sensei was involved in this.

As Iruka looked at Naruto he saw that Naruto didn't mean to forget about him. Naruto just has been dealing with a lot at the moment and he didn't mean to do it. 'It's moments like these that remind me that he's still a kid.' "Naruto I understand you're dealing with a lot of different things at the moment but you can't deny this does involve me and…"

Unfortunately neither were able to fully apologize as a rain of kunai was thrown at them. "HEY QUIT IGNORING ME!" yelled Mizuki

Iruka ran through a few hand signs. Mizu no Hari(water Needle). Every water needle Iruka launched countered the kunai. He didn't waste a single needle.

Mizuki was shocked he knew Iruka was good but not this good. He may have a tougher fight on his hand than he thought. He thought he could take Iruka no problem but now he realized two things: one he wasn't leaving without a few scraps and two it explained how the dead last did so well. 'Iruka must have trained the boy. Neither Iruka or Naruto were this strong before. They must have trained,' he thought. One was very true and two was very wrong.

Without taking his eyes off Mizuki Iruka spoke. "Naruto, with everything that he's done to you, you can take him but we need him alive, understood."

Naruto grinned from ear to ear. "You got it. I've been waiting to beat him for a while now." he said as he began to slowly walk towards his former teacher.

Mizuki began to laugh. "What hehe you think hahaha that he can take me." Both Iruka and Naruto were unfazed. "Iruka, I admit you're a good teacher, you were able to bring him all the way from dead last but you really think he can take me."

Naruto grinned and pointed at Mizuki. "Oh trust me, I'm going to make you eat those words."

"Enough" Mizuki through another fuma shuriken at Naruto.

"Time to show you what I'm made of. Shadow Clone Jutsu." Naruto summoned four shadow clones right next to him. For a moment Mikazuki thought they would catch the shuriken. Only for the four clones to disappear from sight. Before the shuriken could hit him he quickly side stepped and snatched the fuma shuriken out of the air. "Hit him hard."

Before Mizuki could respond he felt a hard punch to the face sending him flying. Mizuki slid on the ground before he was able to recover. When he looked up he saw two of Naruto shadow clones before they disappeared and reappeared punching him the gut knocking him to the ground once more.

'What the hell is going on, how is he beating me?' Mizuki thought. "Earth Release" He didn't activate any jutsu in particular. He just sent small rocks in every direction. Though it didn't hit Naruto it did make one of his clones change directions. "Hah I get it now you're not using some sort of teleportation you're just moving at high speeds. That's how you're hitting me."

This made all of the Naruto clones appear surrounding Mizuki. "So?" said one clone. "You think that changes anything." said another as each of them grinned.

Mizuki was angry, very angry. "Shut up you damn fox."

"Huh" all the clones looked at each other confused.

'That's it I'll psych him out and strike when his guard is down.'he thought. "Yes you are a fox to be more precise your-"

"The nine tailed fox. Yeah I know that already." said Naruto as he had already heard this all before.

"Huh but but you how." Mizuki was shocked and dumbfounded.

One of the clones began to fidget weirdly. "Oh for a second there I thought the fox was trying to mess with one of the shadow clones, and to answer 'the how' everyone in this village has been calling me a 'damn fox' for years. It didn't take me too long to figure it out from there." said Naruto "Though i think it's time to end this."

Every Naruto disappeared as they began their barrage of high speed hits on Mizuki. They kept it up until he was backed to a tree. When Mizuki looked up he saw Naruto holding the fuma shuriken above his head infusing it with wind chakra.

'He…. he's able to infuse elemental chakra?! If i get hit by that i'll … I'll die.' thought Mizuki in fear as he saw his death before his eyes. 'I'm going to die.'

Naruto threw the shuriken as it was hurled Mizuki slammed his eyes shut waiting to meet his maker. Only for the shuriken to fly right over his head cutting a few trees down along the way.

Mizuki stared at the destruction Naruto caused, until he felt a tap on his shoulder. He slowly turned to see Naruto standing in front of him. "Hate to say it Mizuki you failed the test. Don't worry you'll have plenty of time to think it over in detention." With that said Naruto knocked his lights out.

"Really that was the best the great thief Naruto Uzumaki could come up with." Said Iruka as he began to walk up to Naruto.

"Hey i'm not a thief anymore, i'm a shinobi now and it's a lot harder than it looks to come up with a witty one liner alright."

"You were just trying to sound cool." Naruto huffed. "As for you being a shinobi there's something missing." Before Naruto realized it Iruka put his headband on Naruto. "Now that's better."

Tears were welling up in Naruto's eyes. "But I...I… This is yours."

"Not anymore." He put his hand on Naruto's head. "You've been through a lot for a kid your age and you've handled better than anyone else, if anyone deserves to be a shinobi it's you. All I ask is that you remember who you are and the dream that you have worked so hard for." Tears were now falling. "Don't worry, I forgive you. Just don't do it again without telling me."

"I will and don't worry i wont' forget my dreams or the reasons I have for them. I will become Hokage."


(Hokage Office)

Later Naruto handed over the forbidden scroll back to the third Hokage, who already knew Naruto stole the scroll to trick Mizuku. Though unknown to Naruto this was also a test to see if Naruto would bring it back or try something but thankfully Naruto held true to his word and brought it back. "Oh come on, did you really think I would try and keep it or something?"

"Oh I trust you," said the Hokage, "But I don't quite trust your partner just yet."

Naruto felt a shaking in his stomach. "Oh are you finally awake, Kurama." said the inner Naruto as he appeared in front of the great nine tailed fox. Kurama.

The great fox huffed. "You didn't need my help to deal with that pathetic teacher and tell your Hokage I have no need for that dusty old paper."

Naruto opened his eyes to see the Hokage looking at him. "I'm guessing you just spoke to him."

"Yep, he said he has no use for the scroll." said Naruto before he heard something else. "Oh and he said stop blaming him for all of my dumb decisions. Wait, Hey!" As he realized what the fox said. "Not all of my decisions are dumb."

Hokage watched Naruto speak with the fox. "Naruto," he said, getting the boy's attention. "I know you've been able to speak with the fox for a long time now but are you sure he's not going to try anything?"

Naruto gave the Hokage a big reassuring smile. "You have nothing to worry about. Kurama saved my life years ago, I wouldn't be half as good as I am if it wasn't for him." Naruto looked at the fox inside him. "He's my close buddy."

The fox huffed. "I'm not your buddy." As he turned his head away. "I'm stuck with you, might as well make it the best situation possible."

"Oh you don't need to be shy," said Naruto, making the demon angry. "I know you care."

"Shut up and finish your talk with the old man." roared the fox.

Naruto laughed. "Don't worry, he and I are a team." he told the Hokage. "So the only thing you should worry about is finding some teammates that can keep up with me."

The Hokage smiled. 'It seems he really was able to come to peace with the fox.' Hiruzen blew out some smoke from his pipe, "You don't need to worry about that. Your sensei has found two teammates for you that are apparently just as skilled as you are."

Naruto almost couldn't believe it. "Whoa are you serious?" Part of him liked the sound of that but another part of him had bigger concerns. "Will they accept me?" he asked. "You know the reason I'm so strong is because several people already tried to kill me and I knew others wouldn't accept me. So will these two be able to work with me as a team?"

The hokage took a puff of his pipe. "I don't know Naruto, but I do know they have scars as deep as yours. If anything they will be able to relate to you."

"Relate to me?"

"Yes, you'll see when you meet them. Now I suggest you go home and get some rest. You've had quite the day." With that Naruto said his goodbyes and headed back home wondering what his teammates would be like.


Naruto was walking back to his apartment. "Hey Kurama what do you think Hokage jiji meant when he said that my teammates had scars as deep as mine, do you think they have something in them as well, like you?"

"No," said Kurama inside him. "There are only nine of us and I doubt they would risk putting two jinjuriki on the same team. He probably means their orphans like you and have had a hard life because of it."

Naruto thought about it and he was getting excited. "Alright, I can't wait to meet them."

"So does that mean you're finally going to accept the whole team idea they've been feeding you?" asked Kurama

"Oh come on you know I couldn't show off my skill. I still had several people in the village trying to kill me and not to mention all those pranks threw off several people." stated Naruto. "I mean remember that one guy that just walked into the apartment and said 'i"ve been paid to kill, die.' Naruto said the line in a deep voice.

Kurama couldn't help but laugh. "I remember that dumbass, oh that was hilarious and the face he made when you kicked his ass was priceless."

"Yeah, but the assassin I threw in that cow shit still made the best face today."

"Oh yeah, that cocky bastard didn't know what hit him." agreed Kurama. Even though he didn't like Naruto acting dumb he coudln't deny the results speak for themselves as the assassins that came after them didn't beat around the bush and came straight for them thinking it would be an easy victory, boy were they wrong. "So then it's time to move on then?"

"Yep, I won't be able to become Hokage if I stay at the academy forever." said Naruto as he wondered who his teammates would be.


After a day messing around with Konohamaru, Naruto was ready to meet his teammates. He made his way to the academy where it would be his final day as a student there. Naruto quickly found his classroom, where most of the other students had already arrived. 'Looks like I'm not the only one who was excited today.'

Naruto entered and went to find a seat when he was noticed by the other students. "Hey Naruto, what are you doing here? This is for graduates only."

"Look at the headband. I passed and now a genin just like the rest of you." said Naruto as he walked past the guy. Though as he did he got a look at the others in the room and noticed there was an extra kid there in the back. "Huh?"

"Naruto," said a voice getting his attention. It was Sakura Haruno, a girl who had a huge crush on Sasuke and an equally huge attitude to boot. "Move, you're in my way."

Naruto looked and saw he was standing in front of the seat that was right next to Sasuke Uchida. The resident cool kid of the academy, no one could deny he was skilled but he himself had major issues. Something that many forgot. Naruto was about to move when suddenly the door to the classroom opened as a new girl walked in.

"This is the classroom of graduating genin correct?" asked the new girl with a very sweet voice that was pleasing to the ear. Naruto definitely didn't recognize her. She had never been here before. It was a girl around his height with long dark hair that went down her back, with blue eyes, and a very cute face. She was wearing a faded light pink shawl cape with a purple kunoichi dress underneath.

For some reason just by entering the room she was able to grab everyone's attention. Most of the boys had hearts in their eyes and those who didn't couldn't hide a blush. Even Sasuke was a bit memorized. Which just earned envious glares from most of the girls.

That's when Naruto knew that she had done some sort of jutsu. He quickly changed his charaka and the effect was gone. He smiled and approached the girl. "Yep this is the graduating class." Seeing Naruto as the first to talk to the new girl caused some of the boys to yell, though he ignored it.

So did the girl as she smiled back. "Thanks. It's my first time here, so I got a bit lost." They both knew that was a lie. It was all an act and they weren't the only ones to pick up on it.

"HA," said a loud voice in the back of the classroom. "You two are something else." The boy stood up and showed himself. He had brown hair in a ponytail aside from one strand sticking out in front. He was wearing a large brown coat that was unzipped showing a green shirt underneath, he had blue pants with a ninja pouch on the side. He's eyes though, he's eyes are what got Naruto's attention. They were cold.

"Naruto" warned Kurama inside him.

"Yeah I know," said Naruto inside his head. "He's a killer."

The boy walked down and when he did he looked at Naruto and the girl. For a moment the three were silent as they had a silent battle. "Well aren't you two interesting. The name's Shinta. How about you two?"

Naruto and the girl were silent for a moment. "Naruto."

"Naomi" said the girl now known as Naomi. "Why did you single us out?"

"You two are clearly the ones I should be looking for and you're definitely the best ninjas here." Said Shinta

That statement was met with laughter from around the classroom. Kiba was the first to speak. "You think Naruto is the strongest here. Man and I thought I made some good jokes."

Sakura stopped laughing next. "I'm sorry, clearly you're new here but Naruto is the dead last. Sasuke is the strongest here." as she held her hands out presenting Sauske.

"Yeah he's an Uchiha."

That got Shinta's attention. "Uchiha? I thought all the Uchiha's were dead."

Sasuke gave him a side glare. "Whoever told you that one is a liar. The Uchiha live and I'll make sure of it. You can tell whoever told you those lies that we're still here."

Shinta was silent for a moment. "I guess he was wrong when he told me he killed all of them."

Sasuke turned to Shinta with a wide eyed look. "Do you know Itachi?" Shinta smiled, went up and wordlessly took two fingers and pokes Sauske's forehead. Sasuke instantly was filled with rage as he lashed out and attacked Shinta only to have his fist caught. Sasuke looked Shinta in the eye with a cold stare. "You're going to tell me everything."

"Sasuke, calm down." said Naruto who was very close to Sauske had to blink but when he did he realized that it wasn't Shinta who caught his fist it was Naruto. "You calm down too Shinta and put your weapon away."

Sasuke looked down and saw Shinta was now holding some sort of staff. 'He wasn't holding that earlier,' he then looked at Naruto who slowly let go of his fist. 'And since when was this dope that fast?'

"Boys calm down now," said Naomi in such a calming way that Sasuke instantly felt calm, that's when he knew she was now doing something. "Sensei will be here in a few seconds so I suggest we calm down before we all get into trouble."

Everyone was silent for a moment and true to her word the door opened as Iruka walked in. "Alright everyone sit down. It's time to say a few words and put you all into ninja teams."

All the students sat down, though some made a few glares at others. Iruka then went through a speech about what it means to be a ninja and the responsibilities they have now as shinobi of the hidden leaf. "Now without further ado I will begin listing the teams you've been selected for." Behind him several bursts of smoke appeared revealing several shinobi. "These jonin here will become your instructor and team captains from this day forward. Now I will begin listing the teams and the genin for said teams, when I do you will leave with the jonin captain. Now team-"

Iruka stopped as the door to the classroom opened, getting everyone's attention. "If all of you make an entrance like that, how am I supposed to stand out?" Several gasps from the jonin as they recognized the man that entered the classroom.

Iruka was gapping like a fish for a moment. "Lord Jiraiya!" That got the students attention. Almost none of them have ever seen the man but all of them have heard of the legendary Sanin. The students began to whisper and murmur to each other. "Uh sir, what are you doing?"

Jiraiya looked a bit surprised. "I'm here to pick up my students of course. Didn't they tell you? I'm going to be a sensei this year."

"You are?" Iruka then took a look at his list he was given, after looking at it he found it, way at the bottom was Jiriaiya's name. "You are! Jiraiya, the leader of team Sannin."

"Team Sannin?" The Sannin looked over Iruka's shoulder as he saw that his team was listed as team Sannin. "Ha and they say that old man doesn't have a sense of humor."

"So you've really returned to the village to teach a team," said Kakashi. Kakashi wasn't planning to show up along with the other jonin but when he heard that Jiraiya was going to show up he couldn't believe it. In fact, several jonin couldn't believe that he was here to make a team at all.

"Yep, I'm back and here to make the greatest team the hidden leaf has ever seen. The Hokage even agreed for me to hand pick my team." he said with a confident grin. "Don't worry Kakashi, we can have our talk later and anyone else who has questions, I am going to be here for a while."

Iruka looked down at the names on the list. "You hand picked this team." Everyone was now on the edge of their seats, a legendary ninja had returned to the village and hand picked a team consisting of three of them. Jiraiya signaled for Iruka to continue. Iruka cleared his throat. "Naruto, Naomi, Shinta. You three will be team Sannin."

The classroom was silent. They had no idea about the two newcomers but the sannin wanted the dead last. "I object," shouted Sasuke as he stood up and walked down to Jiraiya. "The best ninja should teach the best student. I'm the number one in the class so you should be teaching me."

Jiraiya laughed. "While I maybe a ninja with quite a bit of experience under my belt, I'm not the best when it comes to teaching you. You are good but you would not fit the lessons I would teach. Naruto on the other hand may have been dead last here at the academy but he has a talent that I share." Sasuke was about to object. "Trust me young man, the sensei you will get is more equipped to teach you than me. Now since you've already announced who my students will be, I'd like to take them off your hands now if that's alright."

"Of course," said Iruka with a slight bow of respect. "Naruto you are dismissed from the academy, good luck, and I might not have trained you two but good luck as well."

"Thankyou," said Naomi as she bowed to Iruka while Shinta nodded to him.

Jiraiya led them out of the academy. When they were outside Shinta had a few questions, though he waited until they were alone over a small bridge in the village. "Okay mind telling me why they're calling you dead last." as he stopped the group. "You were the first one to notice me in the room, no one else did. Not to mention, our sensei," pointing at Jiraiya. "Picked all of us and I can tell neither of you are weak."

"I would also like to know that as well," said Naomi in a calm tone. "When I used my voice jutsu on everyone I only meant it as a judge of strength and only you two were able to break it. I would also like to know what that stunt was with the fuck boy."

"Fuck boy?!" repeated Naruto before laughing. "You and I are going to get along just fine."

"I wanted to see if his hatred is true." admitted Shinta. "I wanted to make sure he wasn't like his brother."

Naomi tilted her head. "You mean Itachi Uchiha, right. One of the Akatsuki." This surprised both Naruto and Shinta.

"You know about the Akatsuki?" asked Naruto, a bit surprised.

"Yes and before I answer how I know, how do you know?"

"They're trying to kill me." said Naruto

Shinta then got in front of Naruto. "Wait, if they're really after you then that means you're a…"

Naomi stepped forward as well. "Which number?" Naruto slowly put his hands up holding out nine fingers. "Oh the fox."

"That's it?" said Naruto, really surprised. "You're not scared or going to sweat even a little?"

Shinta started laughing. "Wow we are just a team of monsters aren't we."

Naomi brushed some of her hair back. "You shouldn't call a lady a monster."

"Pfft" As Naruto held in a chuckle. Shinta smirked. "No offense but I don't know any lady that is able to stop my staff with ninja wire."

Naomi made a cat's cradle with her wire. "I'm a lady with skill."

"By the way, were you really going to kill Sasuke back there?" asked Naruto.

"Nah but I was tempted to give him a good wack." said Shinta, that's when the three heard some chuckling. They turned to Jiraiya sitting on the railing. "Care to share the joke, old man."

"Sorry, I knew you guys would get along but I didn't think you would hit it off this well." said Jiraiya as he took out a scroll and unsealed a picnic basket. "Today my whole plan was to sit down, talk and have some take out I ordered." Soon all four of them went to a free training area and not only ate but also talked. Naruto told them his past and they told theirs. It was clear they all had a dark past and they all had dreams of their own. Their own strengths and their own weaknesses. Though one thing they were certain of was that they would be the strongest team Konoha has ever seen.

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