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Chapter 2: Joint Mission Already?

To say team seven was having problems would be an understatement. Sasuke was being more edgy than ever before as he tried to hunt down team Sannin but to no success. Sakura was trying even harder to make Sasuke feel better but instead it pissed him off even more and Sai, Sai still had no idea what to do in this situation. Kaikashi was looking down at his students from the trees. 'I knew Sai would be having troubles since I grabbed him from the Anbu, but Sasuke isn't even trying to work as a team and Sakura's only thoughts are about the boy. I really don't like either of them.' as he sighed and watched his students walk a bunch of dogs. 'I guess I shouldn't say that. It took me a while to get used to Sai after I made him my student. I should give them a chance as well.' He then noticed that they had finished walking the dogs and were bringing them back to the kennel. 'Guess I should go and congratulate them on a job well done.'


"These missions are pointless." said Sasuke as they were on their way to turn in their missions report. "I need a real mission."

"Well Sasuke, those were real missions," said Sai with his emotionless smile. "They were ordered by the village, we were paid and we met some really good dogs today. So yes that was a mission."

Sasuke glared at Sai. Another problem they had was it was clear to team seven that Sai was a bit stronger than Sasuke because of his Anbu training and he has already gone on high ranked missions. Which didn't sit well with Sasuke and by extension Sakura. Also with how emotionless he was also put a few kunai into their teamwork. "I meant one that doesn't involve us doing someone else's chores."

"Stop it both of you," said Kaikashi. "We're about to see the Hokage. You can ask him nicely for a more difficult mission. Until then behave." As they walked through the building. 'Maybe we should go on a higher mission, it will get them to shut up and the challenge might get them to work like a team.'

The Hokage was sitting behind his desk. "Ah Team seven, how was the mission?"
Kakashi was about to respond until his team did instead. "It was pointless," said Sasuke bluntly. "We need something better."

"Something that isn't chores," said Sakura.

"I enjoyed walking the dogs." was Sai's only response.

Kakashi did a slow facepalm as he dragged his hand down his face. "The mission of walking the dogs was a complete success."

Hiruzen was taken aback a bit by Kakashi. 'Have these kids really been that much of a problem for him?' The Hokage sighed. "So you kids are not satisfied with your current missions."

"YES." said both Sauske and Sakura

"I'm perfectly fine with it." said Sai earning a glare from his teammates.

"Okay calm down," as Iruka tried to defuse the situation. "You guys are just Genin and new genin at that. You're not qualified yet to take any higher ranking missions yet."

Sasuke was getting annoyed now. "How are we supposed to get stronger if all we're doing is painting fences or weeding lawns?"

"Get better brush strokes and grip training," said Sai. "Oh and overall endurance training."

Sasuke looked at his teammate with a look that would kill. Kakashi coughed. "Um well it might not be too much if we took a C ranked mission that was on the simpler side."

Hiruzen could tell he was trying to please all of his students, he could also feel his pain, 'I know the feeling Kakshi, my students were as much of a handful as these three.' He then began to have flashbacks of the antics his students found themselves in.

"Uh, Hokage-sama are you alright?" asked Iruka.

"Uh yes, just remembering the spa incident."

"...Spa incident." said everyone in the room with a confused look.

Hiruzen cleared his throat. "Any way, you want a higher ranking mission, I have something that might fit what you're looking for," he then held up a C rank scroll. "An escort mission to return a bridge builder back to his homeland in the land of Waves and to guard him until he has completed finishing the bridge."

"An escort mission." said Sasuke in a not so happy tone.

"Think of it this way Sasuke, this mission could pave the way to higher ranking missions." answered Kakashi which seemed to satisfy Sasuke.

"Very well then, please come in, Tazuna." said the Hokage.

The door opened revealing an elderly man drinking a beer. "Huh these are the shinobi that are going to be protecting me, these brats look like they should still be in diapers."

Team seven didn't like the commit. "I assure you, my team is more than capable of protecting you." said Kakashi.

"I'll believe it when I see it." said Tazuna as he took a sip of his drink.

"Hey is everything alright in here?" said a voice behind the bridge builder.

Tazuna turned around and spit out his drink. "LORD JIRAIYA!"

"Oh hey, you're the guy I met last night at the bar, how's it going?" said Jiraiya as he and his team entered the room.

Tazuna then bowed deeply to the Sannin. "I would like to deeply apologize for my behavior the other day, it wasn't until after you left the bar did one of the other ninjas tell me who you were."

"Oh don't worry about it," said Jiraiya, waving it off. "It's fine and don't worry, I respect honesty and I think you might have been right."

"Right about what?" asked Naruto "And who is this guy?"

"Yeah and what's…" Shinta stopped as he felt the glare. "Hey Uchiha, what are you doing?"

Sasuke walked up to him. "I have questions for you."

"And I don't feel like answering." said Shinta before looking at his sensei. "So who is this guy?"

"DON'T IGNORE ME!" As Sasuke launched a kick at Shinta's head. Shinta was about to react when he saw Kakashi move and grab his student in mid air. "LET ME GO!"

Kakashi tightened his hold on his student. "Sasuke, this is not how you act in front of the client or the Hokage." he said with a deep tone, very disappointed with his student. Sasuke calmed down a bit, Kakahi grabbed the back of his head forcing a bow. "On behalf of my student I deeply apologize for his behavior. I wouldn't put it against you if you wanted another team to take you to the land of waves."

"The land of waves! You guys are going to the land of waves?" said Jiraiya as they explained the C rank mission. "That's perfect, would you mind if my team joins you. I'll pay out of my own pocket for it."

Tazuna's eyes popped, he had to check his heart and pinch himself slightly to make sure he wasn't dreaming. "You want to take my request?"

"Does this have something to do with the message we received in the land of Forests?" asked the Hokage.

"Yep, the only problem is that they want to meet me alone, if my students go along with Kakashi's team, I can meet up with them in the land of waves before heading towards the land of Hot Water." explained Jiraiya.

The hokage thought it over for a moment. "Yes I can see that working, very well if you're alright paying your students for this mission I see no reason to say no. Kakashi?"

Kakashi thought it over for a moment as he looked at his students, specifically Sasuke. "Very well, I wasn't expecting one so soon but this is now officially a joint mission."


After they all agreed on the details it didn't take them long to all meet up again at the village gate. "So you're dumping us already, how hurtful." said Naomi in a playful tone.

Jiraiya laughed. "Yeah sorry about that but when you're a full fledged Sannin you got a lot of work to do. I'll be taking the south road so I can check on a few things on my way to the land of Forests. Since you guys are taking the east road you should be in the land of waves in a few days where we will meet up after I'm done on my end. So please don't cause too much trouble for Kakashi, he already has his hands full."

"What is that supposed to mean?" asked Sakura, feeling slightly insulted.

"Don't worry about them," said Naruto. "We got this, believe it."

"Naruto's right," said Shinta. "This mission will be easy, all we have to do is deliver the guy and wait for you. What could go wrong?"

"Please don't say that," asked Kakashi.

"Don't worry sensei," said Sai trying to comfort his mentor. "The worst that could happen is that we all face a gruesome death." Trying being the key word.

This made Tazuna a little nervous while Jiriaya just laughed. "Well I'm off, good luck guys, make me proud." as he waved to them as he walked down the road.

Kakashi clapped his hands. "Alright shall we be off."


They were walking for a bit, with Naruto and Shinta taking point, with the other behind them. "Damn dude, I think he really is trying to burn holes in the back of your head."

Shinta chuckled. "I know, it's kind of funny, to be honest. So much hatred but none of it is proper killing intent."

Inside Naruto, Kurama was over hearing it. "I have to agree with your teammate, Naruto. The Uchiha is filled with hate but has no idea how to properly utilize it. To be honest it's getting on my nerves."

"Yeah, Sasuke has been through quite a bit but that was years ago," said Naruto. "It's definitely given him a lot of hate but he still hasn't truly had to take a life before. Though maybe now he might have a chance."

"Let's roll for it." Getting the others' attention as Shinta brought out a six sided dice. "Let's see I'll be one, you will be two, Naomi three, brush boy will be four, Uchia five and Kakashi will be six."

"Works for me."

This confused the team seven students. "Huh what are you two talking about?" asked Sakura.

Kakashi was slightly surprised. 'So they noticed them.'

Naomi just sighed as they rolled the dice and it came up three. "Okay, I got this."

"Huh? What is going on?" asked Sakura before Naomi rushed forward past her teammates. She jumped in the air throwing several shuriken towards the road, for a moment Sasuke and Sakura thought the girl had gone crazy until the puddle on the road exploded revealing two shinobi. "Ninjas!"

Shinta recognized the two. "Gozu and Meizu: The Demon brothers."

"You know them?" asked Sasuke.

Naomi then dodged the brother's shuriken chain before planting a kunai inside one of the chain links, nailing it to the ground.

"She's good," said Sai, impressed.

The demon brothers then tried to attack Naomi with their claws. "There rogue nin from the hidden mist village. They specialized in assassination, there signature weapon are poison claws."

"Poison claws!" yelled Sakura. "We got to warn her."

"Relax Sakura," said Naruto calmly. "Just watch."

The two brothers continued to try and attack her with their claws each time, she dodged and would counter with a quick jab, each precise and accurate. The two quickly backed off. "Shit I...I can't feel my arm." Said Gozu.

"Neither can I," Meizu tested his arm. "This ain't no ordinary little bitch."

"Let's kill her quick,we got a-" Gozu didn't finish as his body collapsed under him. 'WHAT! My body, I can't move my body.'

"Brother, something is wrong here," said Meizu who was in the same predicament. He looked up at Naomi. "What...what did you do to us?"

Naomi smiled before putting a finger to her lips. "That would be telling." She then turned back to the group. "Would one of you be kind enough to wrap this up for me."

Kakashi quickly tied the brothers to a tree and then turned to Tazuna. "Okay now we got that taken care of. Would you kindly please tell me what's really going on?" Tazuna was trying his best not to look at the ninja. "This was a C rank mission, if you're being targeted by people like this it bumps it up easily to a B or A ranked mission."

"I can't afford that." admitted Tazuna he got on his knees. "I'm sorry I lied to you all but please save my home, a tyrant named Gato has taken over the country, he's controlling everything through his shipping company, strangling the rest of the country. If we don't finish the bridge we will continue to suffer."

Naruto stepped forward to Tazuna, bending down holding his hand out. "Come on man, stand up, I already told our sensei we got this, we'll help you out." Naruto then helped the man to his feet. "Don't worry we'll help you take this Gato guy down."

"Hold it Naruto," said Kakashi. "I know you and your team are strong but we don't know what we're up against, we should head back and report this to the Hokage."

"Are you saying we can't handle this," said Sasuke he then pointed directly at Naruto. "If this dope here can do this then so can we. I can take chumps like these all on my own." as he pointed to the brothers.

Naruto held in his laughter trying not to laugh, while Kurama inside him was busting a gut laughing at the idiot. Shinta on the other hand didn't even try to contain his laughter. "HAHAHAHA Holy Shit you have an ego. HAHAHAHA."

This just made things worse. "Hey, don't you dare laugh at Sasuke." Yelled Sakura. "Sasuke is the strongest Genin in our class, if he wanted to he could beat you with one hand behind his back."

Shinta looked at Sakura with a blank face before slapping his hand over his mouth to try and contain his laughter. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA." Sakura was turning red and had to be restrained by Sai, while Naruto told Shinta to stop. "Okay...okay. I'm good now, I'm good. Alright now what's next?"

"Well let's see what we can get out of these two." said Naruto as he stepped up to the brothers. "I'm sure they know a thing or two." He then began to reach his hand towards them.

Naomi grabbed Naruto's hand. "Hold it, let's not waste that on them."

"You got a better idea." Naomi smiled before handing Shinta a bowl of water, soap and a hand towel. "Huh?"

Naruto and Shinta turned pale as all their blood ran cold. "You're not gonna do that are you?"

Naomi gave them all a smile, before turning to the demon brothers she knelt down to one of them. "Your name is Gozu, correct?" he just glared at her. "Please tell me everything I would like to know or…"

"Or what bitch." he said, clearly angered for losing to a little girl.

Naomi smiled, "I'll give you a hand job."

The brothers blinked, and then did the members of team seven. There were several moments of silence as everyone registered what she just said. "WWWWHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT!?" Shrieked Sakura who was now red with embarrassment.

Even the emotionless Sai was bewildered by this. "Sensei, did she just say she would give him a…"

"Yeah that's what I heard as well." said Kakashi, a little nervous where this was going.

Even Sasuke didn't know how to take this. "What the fuck?"

Tazuna stepped forward, "WHOA hang on there young-" he stopped as Naruto stepped in front of him and shook his head.

"Well, are you going to tell me what I know?" asked Naomi, her smile never leaving her face.

The demon brothers looked at each other for a moment. "Yeah we ain't telling you shit."

"Alright then," Naomi then reached towards the man and put her hands down his pants.

Gozu's eyes bugged out. "Whoa wait, you serious!" He wiggled a bit as he felt her hands on his privates. "I didn't expect this but…." Gozu then froze and went pale. He then locked eyes with the girl. "No…" he repeated.

Naomi, still smiling, slowly removed her hands from his pants, as she did everyone watching saw something between Naomi's hands and Gezu's pants. She then opened her hands showing ninja wire wrapped around her fingers connecting to Gezu. Everyone besides Naruto and Shinta, eyes popped as they saw Naomi literally have Gezu by the balls, also causing the males present to cover their privates. Naomi smiled and slightly moved her hands causing the strings to tighten. "Now how about I take a little off the top."

Gozu felt the pressure and broke. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

"GOZU!" screamed Meizu "PLEASE LET MY BROTHER GO!"

Naomi hummed. "I don't know I'm not getting anything good, maybe I should crack the left one, you only need one of them right?"

"NONONONONO" yelled Gozu furiously, shaking his head. "I'll talk, I'll talk!"

Naomi's smile brightened, looking even sweeter. "Really?"

"Yes, oh Kami yes. Just please don't cut my balls." Beged the rogue ninja. As he began to spit information out at random.

Sai shivered as he watched. "Kakashi sensei."

"Yes Sai."

"We can't let her meet Anko."

Kakashi shivered at the thought as he could see this girl become a mini Anko. "Absolutely not."

"All you're doing is screaming." said Naomi in an annoyed tone, she then raised her pinkies causing Gozu to scream. "Tell me something useful before I take the tip."

"ZABUZA, Master Zabuza was highered by Gato to kill the bridge builder, he didn't think it would be too hard so he sent us." yelled Gozu trying to sound calm.

Naomi's expression became neutral as she turned to the other brother. "Is this information correct?"

"YES, YES all of it is correct." confirmed Meizu. "The shinobi hired to take out the bridge builder is Zabuza Momochi. When he finds out we failed, he'll come."

"Is there anyone else we should be concerned about?"

The brothers looked at each other for a moment. "No, to be honest Zabuza hired us, a third party. So we don't know if Gato hired anyone or if Zabuza works with anyone else."

"My brother is telling the truth, that's all we know. So please let my junk go." Begged Gozu. Naomi smiled before quickly kicking the man in the head knocking him out and then quickly kicking the other brother knocking them out.

"Zabuza?" Sakura tried to recall the name but couldn't. "Who's Zabuza?"

"Zabuza Momochi," Shinta got everyone's attention. "Rogue nin from the hidden mist village, S-rank in the bingo book and one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. If I remember correctly he uses the Execution blade the Kubikiribocho."

"Meaning we're going back to the hidden leaf village." said Kakashi much to the complaints of his students and Tazuna. "None of you are ready to take an S rank ninja, I'm sorry Tazuna, I'll talk to the hokage to find a team to take the job, but I can't let these Genin take this job. We are going to turn back now."
"Yeah we're not doing that." said Naomi as she finished washing her hands and putting her hand towel away.

Kakashi gave the girl a tired look. "And why not?"

"One we agreed to meet our sensei in the land of waves and two.." she pointed at Naruto.

They looked to see Naruto grinning like a mad man, giving off a strange aura and his eyes changed showing fox orange eyes. "Finally...the Blood blade." His words caused the others to be silent.

"I call dibs."

Naruto turned to Shinta. "What hell no, you can't call dibs."

"I just did. Dibs on fighting Zabuza."


The two began a back and forth as they began walking again, with Naomi following them. "Come on, no turning back now."

Kakashi saw his students and the client, and realized he was in too deep. "Shit."

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