Chapter 8 From the West

The Sun began to set over the great bridge that was nearly completed, with several workers and shadow clones courtesy of Naruto, the bridge was almost completed and the scaffolding was already connected to the main land.

It was clear for the Shinobi that this would be the night of the attack so each of them were on high alert, Shinta was facing away from the workers down the bridge ready for an attack, Naomi was standing on top of a crane with her eyes focused on the main land scanning the trees, flying around above were several birds that Sai had drawn leaving Sauske, Sakura and Kakashi to stand watch near the builders.

"It looks like they might be able to finish the bridge tomorrow," said Isaribi as she kicked her feet through the water, she was currently sitting on a rock near the shore of the mainland with Tayuya who was standing as they watched the bridge. "Do you think Naruto meant what he said?"

"Tch," Tayuya scoffed, "He's probably blowing smoke out of his own ass." she said but even she didn't fully believe her own words.

"Then why are you helping?" asked Isaribi

Tayuya blushed slightly, "There paying me, this is a job and I don't want to owe anyone." she quickly stated, "How about you, why are you helping?"

Isaribi touched her face that was now clear of bandages and scales. "I have only known that boy for a day and he's already found a way to seal some my scales, if he can help me look normal then I can find some village near the sea where I can live a normal life." She then remembered the conversation they had with Naruto, "Or maybe I can turn this curse into a gift."

Tayuya looked down at her flute that Naruto had cleaned and polished while she was asleep, which just made his words echo in her head. "Yeah that idiot sure can make a speech."

Isaribi nodded in agreement before giving Tayuya a side glance, "So what's with you and that Naomi girl?"

A tic mark instantly appeared on Tayuya's head, "There is a lot of history to unpack there," Ring ring Went a small bell that was hanging on a tree branch behind them, "And we don't have time for that now, let's get to work." Isaribi nodded as she dove into the water.


Naruto flinched as he felt something move through his barrier, he immediately put down the tool box he was holding and whistled getting the attention of his clones causing them to stop and put whatever they were holding down, this of course got the attention of everyone else on the bridge.

"We got in coming." shouted Shinta confirming everyone's worries. Before anyone could ask three streams of water shot out from the sea into the sky before they all changed directions aiming directly at Shinta who smiled, "Your going to need to do better than that." as he swung his staff infused with charka. The sheer force of the chakra wave was enough to pop each stream revealing a shinobi in each of them.

The Three shinobi landed on the bridge with one of them cackling, "My my, so you must be the son of the reaper, it is an honor to meet you."

Shinta stared down the three as he checked each of their features, 'I don't recognize any of them, I have been out of the underworld loop for a while so they might be someone of interest but they don't look all that strong, I should still be careful.' Shinta spun his staff around for dramatic flare, "So who the hell are you?"

The one who spoke before smiled, "My name is Kajika and I am here to bring those who are worthy back to my master."

Shinta's face faltered as he didn't expect that. "What?"

"Your lord wouldn't happen to be Zabuza or Gato, would it?" asked Kakashi.

Kajika tilted his head as one of the names did sound familiar, "Gato? I don't know of any Gato but no I do not follow Zabuza, though he would feel lucky if ever decided to join my master LORD OROCHIMARU!" saying his master's name as if it were god.

Several shinobi tensed at the name. "Oh shit, looks like we might be able to get some use out of you idiots." said Naruto, surprised as he realized the idiot had some value. "Shinta please send them over board."

Shinta gave off a devilish smiled, "Gladly."

Kajika started laughing, "You maybe the child of the reaper but you're still a-" Kajika blinked as Shinta disappeared stunning both him and his two compatriots, "What that?!"

"Batter up!"

They three turned to the left to see Shinta holding his staff in a swinging position, in that moment Kajika began to realize just how much he had screwed up. "SHIT!"

In a single hit Shinta sent all three of them over the edge of the bridge to the water down below. "Got 'em."

Standing in the trees at the shore was the other rouge nin who were watching from afar, Zabuza slowly lowered his binoculars revealing his deadpan eyes. "You've got to be kidding me." said the man with a groan.

"Why did you bring that idiot here?" asked Raiga, "My latest recruit could have done better and he comes from a curry stand."

"I thought he would at least injure one of them." said Zabuza as he re-focused on the bridge. "But he might still have some uses."

Naomi Looked down at the water, "Hey Shinta you missed one," as she saw that Kajika was now on his kneeling on the water below clutching his side. "The loud one is standing on the water."

Kajika looked up, 'Shit! I wasn't even able to see him move and that hit felt like I was getting punched by Jirobo, we're going to need to regroup and..' That's one he realized neither of his companions had resurfaced from the water.

"I got him," said Naruto as he jumped over the rail getting Kajika's attention, "Jet Palm" As a violent stream of air shot from Naruto's hand.

Kajika didn't have any time to escape as he was hit by the wind forcing him below the water. 'FUCK!' yelled Kajika mentally as he focused on holding his breath as he was now submerged, 'These brats are monsters, why did I volunteer to go first, SHIT!' Though his troubles were only getting worse as he felt something wrap around his body, 'Huh? Ninja wire? Someone's down here with me!' he realized as he saw Isaribi swimming around him with the wire in her hand that were also wrapped around his allies, 'NO! I can't die like this!' as he quickly made a hand sign, 'I...i...I'm...tired?' He then noticed a soft tune being played in his ear, 'A' was his lost thought before losing consciousness.

Up on the shore Tayuya was playing her flute in front of three scrolls before stopping as she saw Isaribi swimming towards her with three captives in tow, 'Looks like these scrolls actually work.' Thought Tayuya as she remembered when they came up with the plan. "You want me to do what?"

"I was hoping you two can help us out a little during the fight," said Naruto as all of them sat down at the table in Tsunami's house so they could come up with a plan for the bridge, though Naruto could tell by there faces both of the girls were skeptical, "Look I don't want either of you fighting directly, I was just hoping you can help keep some of the rouge nin down so they don't come back up."

Tayuya raised an eyebrow, "And how do you think we should do that? I just use Gen jutsu and my aim in a crowd is kind of shitty, so unless you want me to hit all of you guys as well then your kind of fucked."

"That doesn't sound very helpful." commented Sasuke.

"It does if it's in the water." said Shinta earning strange looks from the table except for his team, "That's the plan right."

Naruto nodded, "Yep, we kick them off the bridge and Tayuya and Isaribi will make sure they don't get back up."

This just confused the other except Kakashi, "I see if we ever hit anyone off of the bridge Israibi would capture them which I assume is after Tayuya knocks' them out with Gen-jutsu."

"How would that work?" asked Sakura before turning to Tayuya, "Can you play your flute underwater?"

"Hell no, I can barley doggie paddle let alone play my flute underwater." said Tayuya as she imagined herself playing the flute underwater, "How the fuck would that even work?"

Naruto laughed "You won't be underwater, you'll be on the shore playing your flute." As he pointed on the map on the shore close to the bridge.

"But how will that work?" asked Sai, "If she's so far away how will her jutsu reach?"

"With this," said Naomi as she put some Ninja wire on the table while looking at Tayuya, "You've done this before right?"

Tayuya looked at the wire, "You mean the whole tin can string thing?"

"I see," said Kakashi, "So I assume you already have some sort of seal that will allow her music to travel along the wire under water."

Naruto chuckles as he raised three scrolls with various symbols and seals on them, "That was the easy part."

'How is any of that easy?' asked the other Shinobi as none of them could make heads or tails of the seals, with the exception of Kakashi who was able to understand a little.

"But wouldn't Isaribi be affected by the jutsu?" asked Kakashi.

"Got that covered right here." as Naruto held a small box towards Isaribi who took it and opened it to reveal two metal earrings that had a small tag dangling at the end, "That should keep you from being affected."

"Wow, ear rings already Naruto, smooth." said Naomi with a sly grin causing Israibi's face to turn crimson, this earned a small glare from Naruto and a laugh from Shinta also an strange look from Tayuya.

"Actually I have a question," said Sai with his hand raised, "Why are these two helping us? They weren't hired by the village and they won't get much out of this?

"And they're sitting right here you know." said Tayuya in an annoyed tone.

Isaribi touched her clear face, "I want to help and Naruto said his village would help, I trust him."

"You trust him, just like that." said Sai, confused as he didn't expect this level of co-operation from the two.

"He played a big card," said Tayuya as she leaned back in her chair, "So I'll at least hear him out."

"Huh, so you're not going to help?" asked Sakura.

"I didn't say no," said Tayuya as she opened one eye and looked at everyone around the table, "On one hand if I help I might be able to stay at your village for a bit but on the other I might make an enemy of several bastards not only from the hidden mist but also from the snake fucker. Though there's a good chance that bastard just wants to use me like the last bitch and if it because I'm some how from some clan that just puts a fucking target on back." She took a deep breath as she looked at Naomi, "Fuck it, I'm in, I'll help you clean out these fuckers but if shits starts to go south don't be surprised if I bolt."

"Don't worry, you'll be in the safest place possible," said Naruto with grin as he already had a plan to keep the two safe. "Believe it."


Tayuya looked down at the unconscious shinobi before she started taking their things shocking Isaribi, "What are you doing?"

"Hey they ain't going to be needing this stuff any more," said the girl as she started removing everything of value from their poisoners. "You can help if you want."

"Uhh, Tayuya, I don't think we have time for that." said Isaribi as a bright red light flashed at the end of the bridge getting their attention.


"INCOMING!" shouted Naomi from up on top of the crane, putting everyone on the bridge on high alert. "SEVERAL ENEMIES ARE APPROACHING THE BRIDGE!

Naruto and Shinta stood at the ready while team seven covered the bridge builders as they saw a bright red flash at the very end of the bridge.

Naruto stared down the bridge as he heard several men shouting and yelling which was very un shinobi like, "I don't think this is Zabuza or any other shinobi."

Shinta just grinned like a mad man, "Nah I know this, this is cannon fodder." said Shinta as several goons, bandits and other low budget muscle began charging across the bridge.


Zabuza's group turned to the end of the bridge, "Oh what the hell is this?" asked Raiga as he stared at the charging group on the bridge, "They don't actually think they can take em, do they?"

Zabuza groaned, "That idiot Gato must have called them."

"All of them seriously?!" asked Nowaki as he looked at the large number of men charging down the bridge, "With that kind of cash he could have just hired some real shinobi."

"Or you know someone that actually looks like they can fight," said Chino as she saw them closing in on Naruto and Shinta, "None of these idiots can fight can they?"

"No," said Haku surprising a few of them, "Gato is too cheap to hire all of them, meaning he must of put up a large bounty on the bridge builders head to get as many as he did."

"Meaning," said Zabuza as both Naruto and Shinta flew through a few hands signs. "They're pathetic."


"Gale Palm" shouted Naruto sending a group over the edge of the bridge.

"Chakra coat," as Shinta coated his staff in chakra and hit another over the bridge and two the water.

"Get'em," yelled a man with a ridiculously large sword, "Kill the brats." as he swung his sword at Naruto.

Naruto backed up slightly so that the blade would narrowly miss him. The second the blade passed, Naruto rushed forward with a kick sending the large man back onto several others.

"I got em!" yelled an ugly man that was spinning a sickle and chain above his head, before throwing it Naruto who duck as Shinta caught the sickle around his staff. "You're weapon is mine now." as the man tried to pull the staff out of Shinta's hands. "Huh, what the?"

"My turn," said Shinta as he gave the man a smile, "Hold on tight." Shinta then pulled the chain with his staff causing the man to swing around in the air as he did not let of his weapon. Shinta spun him around a few times almost causing him to hit another enemy before he finally let go and fell in the water. "Idiot." as he threw the chains to the side and moved on to the next guy.

While this was happening, team seven and the bridge builders watched in awe at the sight, "They fight incredibly well together." noted Sai.

"I never knew Naruto could fight like that," said Sakura as she watched Naruto handle the crowd of enemies with relative ease. "Sensei, did you know Naruto was like this?"

Kakashi hesitated for a moment, "Somewhat, not entirely, but I have heard about a lot of it. How people tried to corner him in groups to beat him up, but he always had a few tricks up his sleeve to deal with it, though he might need to pull those tricks out very soon."

"What do you mean?" asked Sakura.

"Look alive, Sakura," Said Sasuke already using his Sharigan, "Theirs no way all these losers just showed up out of nowhere, or at least not without warning." as he tilted his head upward to the crane where Naomi was watching over.

Naomi was scanning the area, 'How did they all show up, I may not have a Sharigan or Byakugan but I should have still noticed this large of a group." as Naomi scanned the crowd and noticed something, 'The fodder is repeating, shadow, this is an illusion.' She then brought her fingers to her lips and made a series of whistles.

Naruto and Shinta both heard the whistles, "That code...Shinta, scorch the earth."

"Right," said Shinta as both he and Naruto jumped back, as Shinta landed he formed fire along his staff, swinging it as the fire rushed off the staff and flew through the crowd like a wave hitting the attackers. Suddenly something shot through the fire as a cloaked figure dashed towards them. "Oh no you don't." Shinta moved to intercept but the figure moved as a massive fist came from behind forcing Shinta to block, coming face to face with a large man who was triple his size, "A little guy like you should know his place."

"You're a funny brat." said the big man.

Naruto moved to intercept the figure easily as he was faster but stopped as the figure shifted directions and jumped high in the air going up the crane, Naruto knew the target for this individual, "NAOMI!" Naruto then bent sideways as he dodged an odd Katana blade. 'Sorry Naomi, looks like you have to take care of that one.' As he looked at his opponent and could tell this wasn't a nobody, the man wore a wide bamboo hat and looked like a samurai but held a strange looking Katana.

Naomi saw the cloaked figure coming at her but she wasn't worried about that, she was more concerned about the other person that was on the bridge, down below many of the lower cannon fodder had left or jumped off the bridge to avoid the flames, leaving only the those that were clearly able to handle themselves, among them were the two men Naruto and Shinta were fighting, the cloak figure approaching and the other cloaked figure who was wearing a black cat mask that was standing far behind the others but wasn't moving, 'That one is probably the one that hid the others from my sight and made the illusion of multiple enemies. They need to be dealt with.' Thought Naomi as the cloaked figure that was running up the crane pounced upward at Naomi with metal bladed claws, 'But I guess one of us will have to get to them one we can.' as she jumped back avoiding the claws while also surrounding her opponent with her ninja wire, "Oh those claws look familiar." as Naomi pulled the wire around her opponent.

The figure jumped into the air dodging the wire, while Naomi used her chakra on her feet to stand sideways on the crane's frame, the figure that attacked her landed on the frame as well with her cloak shredded revealing her figure. She had long dark black hair that was spiked, her mouth and nose covered with a mask underneath her cloak was just a bikini top that showed off her massive scar on her abdomen. Her paints were wrapped in chains on top of chain mail that ended at her spiked boots. "You bitch." said the woman.

"Oh I remember now, you look like those brothers I took down when we left the village." as Naomi remembered the duo she took down on their first day of the mission. "I'm guessing you're their sister."

"I am Saizu, the older sister of Gozu and Meizu," said Saizu, "I am the Demon Sister and we have come to take vengeance for what you've done."

"I see, so I'm guessing they didn't like my handjob," said Naomi with a smile.

"Oh I'll giving you a handjob with my bladed gauntlets here," as she flexed her bladed claws, "I'll make sure to be as painful as possible when we carve your ass."

"You keep saying we…where are your brothers?" asked Naomi.


"Here's two more," said Isaribi as she dragged the men on shore. "Their both former nin from Kirigakure."

"You'd expect something better from those guys," said Tayuya. "In the end they just jumped in the water."

"Actually I think they were already in the water, I found them tangled in the wires. I think they were trying to sneak up from behind in the water."

"Then they're just unlucky."


Shinta cranes his neck back to see Naomi's opponent, 'Oh that's the Demon Sister, Saizu, I thought she died a few years back. I'm guessing her brothers must have spread that info while she recovered from whatever that almost killed her.' he then turned back to his opponent, 'Either way I doubt its something to worry about, Naomi's got it covered.'


Naomi smiled, "Well I guess it doesn't matter," as she brought out some wire, "Let's see if you're more fun then they were."

"DIE!" yelled Saizu as she whipped out two chains towards Naomi who just smiled.

"Yes, more fun indeed."


Down below Naruto was dodging the katana as he tried to get close but each time he tried to speed up, the man's blade would be there to meet him, 'Okay let's see how you try this one on for size.' thought Naruto as he disappeared.

The man paused before quickly slashing his blade out slicing a Naruto clone before using his scabbard to block another Naruto, "Impressive," said the man, he was old but his voice held wisdom, "You move quick young man, so fast that I was unable to see you make the shadow as if it came from your own after image, very impressive."

Naruto felt a small nervous sweat form on his head, 'This guy here is a real threat, he's able to keep up with me at high speed and his voice holds no anger or strain. I've been yelled at a lot, even in the heat of battle and this guy's voice is off putting.' Naruto eyed to the side where Shinta was dodging another fist from the giant man, though Naruto could see him glancing over his way. 'And, Shinta agrees.'

Shinta wasn't focused on his opponent at all as he was paying more attention to the other fights, 'Naomi's got her fight covered, but Naruto might be handling the toughest out of all of them. I don't recognize the old guy but being old in this world means you've survived and that alone is something to worry about. Then there's the cat mask standing in the back. They're also strong but I don't think they're as strong as the old guy, maybe a support type.' Shinta then mindlessly dodged another strike from the man, 'Should I take care of this idiot and take on the cat mask or wait and see how Naruto's fight is going to go?' Another strike came at Shinta as he hit the fist away with his staff before kicking the man in the gut sending him back, but to Shinta's surprise the man quickly recovered, "Oooh, you might be some fun after all."

At the end of the bridge team 7 watched the fights as they unfolded, "Naomi seems to be handling her opponent." said Kakashi as he then focused his gaze at the cat in the back, "And that one is still not moving."

"Sensei, what's going on?" asked Sakura, "Shinta should have beaten that guy by now." she then looked over at Naruto who was just staring down at his opponent. "Naruto isn't even moving." She looked up to see Naomi and Saizu fighting on the side of the crane. "The only one who's really fighting is Naomi."

"That's because she has the easiest opponent." said Kakashi as he eyed the fights. "Naruto's opponent is experienced and can move fast enough to counter Naruto's attacks as for Shinta, he's not really paying attention to the man in front of him, he's paying attention to the unknown." as he pushed up his headband using his sharingan eye. "The one in the cat mask is the one we need to worry about."


"Chances are Shinta is waiting to see what the cat does before moving," said Sasuke, "Shinta is an assassin, strikes quick and fast, he could kill the big guy quickly and move on to the next. Naruto is fighting a challenge."

"Should we go and aid them?" asked Sai.

"No, we hold our position and protect the builders." ordered Kakashi. "Be ready for anything."


Naruto stared at the samurai, "So what's your name?"

"I go by Corvus, and your name?"

"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki." said Naruto as he reached back into his pouch.

"An Uzumaki, now there is a name I have not heard in a while," said Corvus as he took his scabbard in one hand with his blade in the other, "Come young warrior, show me what you can do."

"Gladly," said Naruto as he threw out a smoke bomb at the samurai who quickly cut the bomb in half with enough force to disperse the smoke, though Naruto was already gone. 'Okay let's try my after image shadow clone jutsu one more time.' as he reappeared with two clones.

Corvus quickly slashed with both his scabbard and sword with enough power to take down, before using his blade to block Naruto's attack, a simple kunai strike that was pushing against the sword, "An interesting trick but one that will not work twice."

"Think again," as Naruto twisted his arm that he was using to block the blade.

A clank sound was heard as a kunai shot from Naruto's sleeve. 'A hidden Kunai launcher,' as Corvus quickly brought his scabbard up to deflect the kunai, though the kunai didn't fly away as it stuck itself to the scabbard without actually piercing the wood in any way. 'A seal to keep the blade connected.'

'Gotcha,' Naruto brought his other hand in a single hand seal causing the kunai connected to the scabbard to transform into another naruto with a fuma shuriken in hand and grabbing the scabbard in the other.

'A second seal on the kunai that allowed for remote shadow clone jutsu,' thought Corvus as both Naruto's attacked at once, 'I can only block one with my blade, you are quite the worthy opponent boy.' as Corvus was about to move when something else came.

A crow then came flying in straight through the shadow clone holding Corvus's scabbard. "What?" said Naruto as he quickly backed away as the crow burst into a puff of smoke revealing a man with a very large sword that would have cut Naruto into if he didn't move.

The new person whistled, "You're a quick little guy aren't cha." said the man as he stood up with his blade leaning on his shoulder. He has a five o'clock shadow wearing unusual attire, gray shirt and dark pants, that Naruto recognized were from the west."You might have some fun, kid."

Corvus growled, "Qrow, what is the meaning of this?"

"Oh relax old man," said Qrow in a non caring tone. "Just thought we can speed this up a bit."

'Qrow,' thought Shinta as he quickly hit his opponent back with his staff so hard he flew by the Cat mask. "Naruto be careful, he's from the west, he's-"

"Pay attention boy." yelled the big man as he charged Shinta.

Shinta dodged a heavy blow, 'He's still standing!? That last hit should have broken his rib cage.' as he backed off and ready his staff. 'Okay time to get serious, I need to take this guy out and help out Naruto.'

"Don't worry Shinta," said Naruto as he eyed his new opponent, "I can tell this guy's blade is a lot more obvious than the old guys. Their gear shift weapons."

Qrow hummed with surprise before smiling, "This kid knows his stuff, wasn't expecting anyone this far East to know about our weapons." as the man spun around his blade before the hilt elongated and the blade curved transforming the weapon as whole into a scythe. "Now how about you make it easy for everyone and surrender, I'd like to get a good night's sleep tonight."

Above them Naomi paused as she saw the weapon, "That's new."

"What the…" Sasuke was speechless as stared at the weapon.

"His sword turned into a scythe," said a shocked Sakura, "Since when do swords do that?"

"I think I've heard of this," said Sai as he tried to remember, "A nomadic clan of mercenaries from the far west use weapons like that."

"Your correct Sai," said Kakashi, "After the second great shinobi war, a clan of puppet user from the hidden sand village left along with the help from another clan from the land of Stone moved far west, they then pulled their knowledge together and made weapons that could transformer, their known as gearshift weapons, I've only ever fought one person that wielded one, it's quite rare to see one this far east."

Naruto smiled, "Alright, now this is a challenge, but fair warning," as Naruto tightened his headband, "You should be the one surrendering, you're facing the future Hokage of the hidden leaf village." he said with pure confidence.

Qrow bursted out laughing, "The future Hokage, alright kid, show me what you got." As he dashed forward.

"Qrow, wait!" warned Corvus but it fell on deaf ears as Qrow ran forward to slash Naruto who dodged and tried to counter but missed as Qrow saw the attack coming and narrowly leaned out of the way, then spinning his scythe around him trying to get Naruto.

Naruto jumped back and flew through some hand signs, "Wind Release: Gale Burst" A giant surge of air burst forward sending Qrow back forcing him to stab his scythe into the ground to keep him from being blown away. "I ain't done yet." as he flew through hands signs once more, "Wind Release: Rapid Wind Bullets" As he launched several wind bullets from his mouth.

Corvus steps in front of Qrow and places his katana's hilt into his scabbard turning it into a naginata with an extended blade. He spun it around fast enough to intercept each bullet from hitting him or Qrow, "Qrow, do not underestimate this one, it is quite clear he is full of surprises."

"Yeah, I can see that." said Qrow as he twisted the switch on his weapon and changed it back to a sword. "A few tricks ain't going to change a damn thing here, we're going to get the job done, one way or another."

Naruto then realized something and turned, "KAKASHI!"

Kakashi then quickly scanned the area with his eye and his Sharingan caught a figure moving towards them in the air 'There!' and without hesitation threw a kunai at the bird. The bird then turned into smoke as a woman with a Katana flew at them. "Sai!"

Sai then focus his chakra making all of his ink birds turn and fly directly at the woman. She saw all of them and twisted in the air, with a spinning slash destroying all of the ink birds, "She took out all of them in a single move!"

Before she was about to land, Sasuke rushed forward bringing a hand to his mouth, "Fire release Fireball Jutsu." A torrent of flame shot out of Sasuke's mouth engulfing the woman. As the fire died down the woman.

"Sasuke got her," said Sakura, relieved.

"No I didn't," said Sasuke, shooting down her hopes, he then turned and standing on the opposite side of the bridge on the railing was the woman, "You dodged at the last second."

The woman then put a hand through her hair, "You're lucky I did brat, if you had singed a single strand of my hair then I wouldn't leave without turning you into a corpse." she then pointed her blade at them, "But if you would be so kind as to step aside, I'll let you live."

"Not a chance," said Sasuke as he activated his Sharingan. "You're the one that won't be leaving here alive."

"Sasuke stop," said Kakashi as he stepped forward. "I'll handle this one, keep the bridge builder safe, that's an order."

Sasuke wanted to refuse but knew that the mission came first. "Yes sir."

"How boring," said the woman, "A bunch of brats and a masked stiff that's sooo not my type."

"Not a fan of the mask." asked Kakashi as he took out a kunai.

"I'm not really into the mysterious man thing, my friend thinks it's hot but I judge find the whole mask bit off putting. I mean what are you trying to hide, a scar, teeth, weird lips. Not a gamble I want to make."

"Well maybe a dance might change your mind, miss…"

"You can call me Raven," as she readied her blade. "Try to keep up."

"Are they flirting?" asked Sasuke.

"Sounds like it." Even Sakura was a bit surprised as she didn't think her sensei was the type.

"Shouldn't we help?" asked Sai.

Sasuke shook his head, "No, for now we protect the builders, in the meantime make more of those ink creatures we might need them."

It was at that moment the cat decided to move.

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