Hello there! This is my First Fan Fiction so do excuse the copious errors, and please be constructive in your criticism I have a lot of learning to do ahead of me I'm sure of it. aside from that, this fanfiction will primarily be based on pretty mundane stuff with occasional lemons. perhaps some turmoil and drama later on in future chapters but I've yet to set anything in stone or even plan that far ahead.

"Aah General Giovani!" this will be the normal speech.

'Man I wonder if I ever turned the oven off after baking,' they thought to themselves. this is internal, a character thinking to themselves.

"You know I can understand that hot head right?" They said to both of them. this is for psychic speech since it's easier I may adjust things later.

Now with that out of the way enjoy the read ;3 - Syluxni

Person's point of view

"Ugh my head is killing me," he said to himself gently rubbing his head he felt some kind of bandage going around his scalp.

'Where am I?'" he asked himself as he sat up. looking over his arms was a simple waffle knit shirt in red.

Moving the white bedspread off him he saw fleece pajamas with a red tartan print a bit baggy for his size but they were comfy nonetheless.

Casting his gaze elsewhere he saw a rocking chair in the corner with a blanket draped over the back possibly for use in colder seasons. a dresser by the window that had some things on top of it, including a folded red towel and what looked to be a red hat next to it with some red shoes to the side.

Looking around the room, it had a rustic design with wood slat for the walls and simple drywall with speckle texture painted white for the ceiling. in the center of it is a ceiling fan with a brass body and dark wood blades they were pretty dusty.

'I might as well get up I can't just sit here all day,' he thought before slowly moving off to the side of the bed, feeling slightly light-headed he stopped for a moment till it passed.

'Ugh I don't feel great my head Agh! just getting out of bed has made me wanna lay on a cold floor,' he thought as he slowly walked over to the dresser to give it a look over, doing his best to keep his legs from buckling under him. the top of the dresser had the red towel, red hat, and red shoes he had seen from the bed but he saw something under the hat that caught his eye.

After moving the hat aside there was a weird-looking phone with a black body and red trim around the bezel of the display, on the back of the phone had red eyes and a white mouth just below making a smiley face.

'This is the weirdest phone I've ever seen who made this? It looks like a toy,' he thought before inspecting it and turning it on by holding the home button. after a few moments, he saw a boot animation with a cute jingle.


'Aagh! CRAP! why does it have to be blasting where the hell is the volume buttons?!'' fumbling his grip he noticed the button beneath his finger was volume up.

' By Arceus, why didn't they recess these volume buttons? who even designed this foolish thing,'

"Please set up user profile!" the rotom blurted again.

'Yeah, yeah I'm getting there' weeding their way through some menus about the trainer network, trainer ID, and region he left all blank, they could be filled out later.

There was a sleek UI laying out texts on a scrolling column of each app from a basic calculator to Pokédex for species list and information.

To his surprise, there was even a camera app after shuffling the rotom phone around giving it a brief look over there was a front and rear-facing camera blending into the black body.

'Well at least that's as handled as it can be for right now,' he thought as he placed it back on the dresser by the hat.

Moving over to the door carefully as to not make this headache any worse he shakily grabbed the doorknob giving it a slow turn. as the door creaked open he was met with a lowly lit Hallway, with 4 doors near his and an opening to another room at the other end. as he shuffled over to the opening he began to see a living room furnished with a lot of trinkets and old tools on the walls.

The living room was spacious easily fitting two well-crafted Burgundy leather couches. each was fitted with some throw pillows at either end blankets being draped over the couch backs.

There was an oak coffee table in the center of the room between the couches, with assorted magazines and books stacked near the edge. on the west wall was a table with some trinkets like wood puzzle boxes and metal puzzle rings. on the northern wall, larger saws were mounted some featuring scenes hand-painted and others rusting or blemished from use.

Some pictures with pastures and trees others various pokemon helping build something like a lodge in the distance.

'I wonder if anyone is here, perhaps if I shout I could get some help here seeing as no one is in either of these rooms right now,' he thought to himself.

"HELLO IS ANYONE HERE? THIS PLACE ISN'T ABANDONED IS IT?!" he yelled before he waited a few brief moments, suddenly he heard something drop and a yelp.

"Hello is there someone here? are you alright?" he said to hear no response.

'Well someone is here, I might as well find the room where that drop came from and hope the person is alright,' he thought to himself.

Taking a look around the living room he saw a door on the east side just past the hallway he entered in at.

Split point of view

Without a second thought, he pushed the door open for it to swing showing no resistance, and saw a quaint kitchen with several appliances built in the counter spaces.

Looking down he saw on the ground was a Blaziken in an apron. with a feminine-looking figure, nice hips, a sizable bust with what looked to be B cups hidden under that apron.

He had flinched to stop from staring. The Blaziken began yelling repeating their name at the top of their lungs stopping for a moment to get off the floor. Blaziken stared at the floor with a saucepan and its contents scattered making a mess, after sighing they took a fighting stance with their fists in the air staring into the eyes of the intruder.

"W-whoa I mean no harm please don't attack me," he said with his hands rising above his head.

The Blaziken wearily lowered their fists and shouted their name again after a few moments a loud sliding door sound came from another room the man saw the dining table past the kitchen assuming it came from in there. hearing some shuffling there was a Braixen that came walking into the kitchen.

The Braixen having a petite frame shorter than the Blaziken but had vibrant fur and a bushy tail whipping around with a small bust making her adorable making up for her smaller stature. the Braixen stunned at the scene before her with the Blaziken still tense and the human holding his hands above his head. the Braixen grabbed the saucepan and placed it into the sink before her eyes started glowing blue.

"Hello there human, I apologize for the abruptness though you should move to the next room there's a table you can sit at while I try and calm down Brenda," the Braixen spoke to the him with their telepathy.

The man startled by the voice in his head began carefully stepping around the Blaziken and walked into a dining room.

The table takes up most of the space with chairs neatly tucked close to it and a sliding door where he assumed the Braixen entered from and a few large windows letting in plenty of natural light.

Pulling a seat out and getting comfortable he waited for what felt like hours, in reality, it was just 3 minutes.

The Braixen came out of the kitchen with a glass of water in their hand and placed it on the table next to the human.

"I am sorry for the scene and not coming sooner I'd thought you were gonna sleep until this evening. My name is Eryn by the way, may I know yours?'" Eryn said to him.

"W-well I don't know my name, I just woke up earlier and have been wandering trying to get my bearing," he said as his leg was bouncing nervously.

"Ah, well you don't have anything to be nervous about if anything you need a name. I can't just call you human now can I? Got anything you care to be called?" Eryn said their voice wavering slightly at the end trying not to giggle.

' I don't know I don't really have an idea of what to go by, just go by the first thing that comes into your head. no Tetsuo is too long, Kaneda sounds like just a weird made-up region, though Shino sounds don't sound too bad,' he thought to himself.

"I-I guess I'm fine with Shino. is that ok?" he said.

"Why are you asking me if that's ok it's your choice I'm not gonna force a name onto you unless you want me to," Eryn said her voice stifling as she held a blush back with a subtle tail flick.

"Ok, I am fine with Shino. unfortunately, I don't remember anything of my past and my head has been killing me. I know I woke up not too long ago in a bedroom. ugh and forgot to change from these pajamas.." Shino said lightly flicking the the clothes he wore.

"Could you give me a moment to change into some clothes if there are any spare I am not comfortable in these?" Shino said.

"Yes hold on I will help out I know we have some clothes remaining from our previous Guest in the room you were in. come on," Eryn said as she began walking through the kitchen.

"I also wanted to ask why can I understand you but not the Blaziken, all I heard from them was a single phrase," Shino said.

"That's because I'm using telepathy it's a benefit of being a Psychic-type I can do a lot more than that though," Eryn said as they looked back to Shino fumble through the Kitchen trying not to obstruct Blaziken and avoid the spill.

"Blaziken! Blaziken! blaz-KEN! Blaziken Blaziken Blaziken Blaziken ken!" Brenda said to Shino as he walked by.

"Brenda said the least you could do right now is help her clean up the mess Shino.." Eryn said.

"Oh- could it wait till I change into something else?" Shino said.

"Bla-Blaziken.," Brenda said as she sighed.

"Brenda said to be quick about it.," Eryn said.

Shino and Eryn walked to the guest bedroom where he was earlier and he was taken aback by the drawers just opening by Eryn using Psychic.

"There should be a fine selection of clothes to find your tastes once you have changed go help Brenda or she will ruin your dinner tonight haha," Eryn said as she left the room.

Looking through the drawers Shino found a red cotton button-down shirt and some durable looking cargo shorts in black. the shoes on top of the dresser were red with black soles and interior so he matched the socks pretty well in hindsight.

The hat had a silhouette of two fox-like pokemon across the front the red highlighting their coats with black contrasting their body. after changing and putting the pyjamas on the bed he walked back to the kitchen.

Brenda saw him enter and continued stirring whatever contents she had in the saucepan but pointed at Shino then to the corner of the kitchen where a small closet was out of sight.

Opening the closet Shino saw the mop and a dustpan beneath he grabbed both. after looking at the mess on the floor it was once a sauce he figured not sure for what but he began lowly mopping it onto the dustpan and flicking its contents into a trashcan beneath the closet. after rinsing and properly mopping the remaining mess Brenda looked at his work and called Eryn.

"Blaaaaazikeen!" Brenda shouted.

Eryn came in from the dining room this time holding a basket with some berries almost falling out of it.

"Yeah yeah here are the berries sorry for the mess Brenda," Eryn said as she put the basket by the counter for Brenda to use. Shino wasn't sure what they were but they smelled like cinnamon and looked pretty hardy for fruit so he wasn't sure what Brenda would make with them.

"What are berries those?" Shino said as he pointed at the basket. Brenda saw his interest and waved one at Shino.

They smell faintly like cinnamon and they looked like a red berry.

"Those are Leppa Berries, they are favoured by fire types for their strong spice and juices, they are often used in fire type pastries and baking because of the high spice and aroma. Brenda was making a leppa berry pie before you startled her and she spilt the sauce she had prepared," Eryn said as she pointed a hand toward the saucepan.

"Ah yeah sorry again about that Brenda I wasn't trying to startle anyone just get some help. if you'd like I won't mind helping you prepare the berries for cooking its the least I can do for ruining your progress earlier," Shino said as he moved over to the counter.

Brenda was stunned for a moment. she didn't expect this amnesia ridden punk to take initiative and help cook. though he did help clean the mess from earlier on the floor they would have a lot of work ahead of them to get the pie done by dinner in time for dessert.

"Blaziken blaze Blaziken blaz-iken Blaziken!" Brenda said, Eryn.

"Brenda wants you to slice the Leppa berries and put them in a mixing bowl first. You're in a rush since it's three o'clock right now and dinner is soon," Eryn told Shino.

Eryn leaned against the counter and used Psychic to open one of the overhead cupboards and moved a mixing bowl to his side of the counter.

"Uh, Eryn where is a cutting board and some knives?" Shino asked, as the words left his mouth a drawer hit him in the waist. in the drawer was 3 sizes of cutting boards and several knives with varying lengths.

Shino grabbed a large cutting board and a medium 8" utility knife and got to work slicing the leppa berries down from halves to 8ths trying his best to keep the size uniform.

Once they were cut Shino placed them in the mixing bowl, Eryn opening another cupboard and pulled out 2 containers one holding sugar another with brown sugar.

"There is a set of measuring cups on the spice rack please grab them Shino, and while you are there grab the cinnamon and nutmeg," Eryn said as she brought the sugars over to the counter. Shino grabbed the 2 spices and a set of measuring cups to the counter and waited for Eryn to tell him the proportions.

"Now a 1/2 cup of regular white sugar and 1 cup of brown sugar mix that with the leppa slices in the bowl," Eryn said to Shino.

"blaz-Blaziken!" Brenda said to Eryn.

"Oh, right we also need the flour hold on," Eryn blurted.

Brenda then grabbed a larger container with flour on a label and placed it by Shino glaring at him.

"Bla-Blaziken! blaz," Brenda laughed at Shino and Eryn as she continued laying out a pie crust on a pie plate.

"Geez, thanks yes cause I bake Soo much Brenda.. she says to put 1/3rd cup of flour with the leppa slices and stir in a teaspoon of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg and a pinch of salt, let sit for a few minutes. while we wait on her with the crusts," Eryn said to Shino.

Brenda pressed the pie crust into a pie plate. Eryn used psychic and grabbed a container of pidgy eggs and cracked 2 of them into a bowl and started mixing them with a whisk.

"Are you done yet with those crusts you are trying to be perfect over there Brenda?" Eryn asked Brenda.

Brenda returned with a glare at Eryn and brought over the pie plate with a crust that looked damn near perfect aside from a slight tear in the centre barely visible.

"Shino put the leppa berries over that and smooth it out with a spoon we are almost done," Eryn asked Shino.

He scrambled grabbing the mixing bowl and gently poured the leppa berry slices in the pie plate caring to line them up in a nice array like a kaleidoscope effect.

"Ok now what?" Shino blurted as he put the mixing bowl in the sink.

"Well if you had waited a second I would have told you anyway. get some butter and lightly place some slices around the leppa berries. then Brenda can top it off with the top crust it's her job from there," Eryn Said.

With Shino scrambling in the fridge and seeing some butter, he placed some thin slices around the centre of the pie and watch as Brenda rolled out a top crust. As Brenda carefully laid out the top crust and trimmed it she brushed on some egg mixture and did a cut of 5 slits in the top for ventilation also making a star before she placed it in the oven at 450f she set a timer near the oven for 20 minutes placing the dishes in the sink after thanking Shino and Eryn for their help. things were close as it neared 4:00 pm so Brenda would have to start dinner just after the pie cooled.

The three of them resting at the dining table for a moment, Shino staring out the glass door while Eryn was staring at Shino's face and Brenda just looking down thinking about what she could do to prepare for dinner.

"Blaziken? blazken blaz-KEN!" Brenda scoffed at Eryn.

"Brenda is asking what we would like for dinner? I am not partial as I know you haven't eaten all day so it's up to you," Eryn told Shino.

"Well, I don't know what could you make?" Shino asked looking at Brenda.

"Blaziken, Blaziken, Blaziken. ken," Brenda blurted to Eryn quickly.

"Well, Brenda can cook a lot of stuff from a nice soup with tofu and veggies to some pizza, veggie stir fry with dumplings and wontons, a portion of pasta with veggies. the pie is clearly desert so decide," Eryn told Shino.

"Have you got something like a dice that I can roll I'm not big on decisions and all those sound fantastic I don't wanna pass any of them up," Shino said to Eryn and Brenda. Brenda was blushing beneath her feathers and was happy someone was excited about her cooking.

Eryn was clearly less than interested with the lot since she liked BBQ'd slowpoke tail and knew Brenda didn't have any stocked up wanted whatever was closest.

"Why not some stir fry that's tasty enough since Shino can't make up his mind," Eryn blurted to both of them. Shino sorry he couldn't decide but Brenda quickly got over to the counter preparing the produce she would need for their meal.

Shino was staring at his reflection in the glass door and wondered if there was a mirror around.

Restless dreams.

"Hey S-Shino, if you wouldn't mind I wanted to try something like Hypnosis and delve into your head to see if you have any repressed memories. to help shed light on what happened to you," Eryn said to him.

Shino just jolted and looked at her as he heard something Eryn had said to do with repressed memories.

"Huh sure but will it hurt?" he said to her.

"If you stay calm I'm gonna try and see if I find something in your head alright?'" Eryn said.

"O-ok but you didn't answer if it will hurt!?" Shino said with a furrowed brow and sweat beading down his cheek.

"I am pretty sure it shouldn't so long as you don't resist me, so just be sure to relax let things happen ok," Eryn said as her eyes began glowing blue.

Shino was wincing at the sight but slowly began to relax, their leg stopped bouncing and their headache eased up some like a weight was taken off his head.

"Eryn I'm not sure what you are doing but it helped my headache-w. wow I feel like I inhaled sleeping pow-" said Shino as he placed his arms on the table and his head cradled between them. he stared at Eryn before his eyes closed lowly breathing.

'Sorry Shino, I knew you would fall asleep while I delve into your head but I didn't know it'd be this fast. I am gonna try and see what I can find in that head of yours,' she thought to herself before she pressed further into his head. after a minute of seeing nothing, a brief flash of light hit her vision as she saw from Shino's perspective.

Seeing a lowly lit room with a table in the centre and overhead light just enough to read by with documents scattered across the table. trying even further to get some answers she focused solely on the Images and pictures trying to make anything.

Shino began to move around making things even harder for Eryn meaning she was running out of time. starting to panic Eryn just focused on one of the images while she could hold the vision. Shino was groaning and shot his head up with his hands over his bandage.

"After focus, I could only make out an image of a bridge labelled drop point, there was more but I ran out of time you began to wake up," Eryn said before her eyes stopped glowing as she placed a hand on her head in an attempt to ease her pain.

"Aagh! my head feels like it was beaten with a hammer. Eryn? are you ok?!" Shino said as he tried to keep a hand on his bandaged head and gently moved to help soothe Eryn with a hand resting on her arm.

"I will be I just need some rest sorry for the headache," Eryn said.

"It's ok," Shino said before looking back at the window to his reflection and brushed his bandaged head.

"W-where is the bathroom?" Shino asked looking around.

"There's one in the hall just before the guest bedroom," Eryn said as she watched Shino dart out of the room.

"Hopefully he and I can figure out what happened," Eryn said to herself.

Shino's Point of View

He walked through the hall and noticed a door slightly open, this room was the bathroom that Eryn mentioned thankfully.

There was a nice combined shower bathtub in the corner with a small slot where the toilet was installed. on the nearest wall by the door was the counter with a medium-sized sink, a mirror, and some brushes of varying size scattered, a blow dryer left out with some magazines sitting on the wall in a wrack.

Looking in the mirror he saw his eyes were blue, with dirty blonde hair, and an orange Goatee neatly trimmed.

'Why don't I remember anything! this is so bizarre. Eryn said something about a dark room with a table but all I know is I woke up today like I'm a damned blank slate,' he thought to himself as he stared over the bandage above his eyebrows. looking closer at it he didn't see any blood in the bandage but he felt how tender it was at his hand brushing past it.

He just stared at it for a few minutes in hopes he could remember something, anything to come back to him. after drawing out a long sigh Shino just looked at his reflection.

'Damn I was so occupied with those two I forgot to ask more important questions. I could try tomorrow and see what leads we can manage,' he thought to himself. looking over to the wrack of magazines, some caught his eye like Play Lopunny, playmon, bangmon, and more. as he moved a hand to grab a magazine that powerful fatigue hit him causing his legs to buckle. he slapped his arm on the countertop to stop his fall.

"Ow, what the crap, at least I caught myself before I ate the counter,' he thought to himself.

Eryn's Point of view.

'I should go check on him, I want to make sure he is ok,' she thought to herself.

As Eryn left the kitchen and was in the hallway she focused her thoughts trying to get into Shino's head again. hopefully, without her insight, she may get somewhere with him she thought.

'Damn it's like trying to read a blank page with an impression there's something there but it's faint at best. what happened to you I wonder,' she thought to herself. After a few more moments of looking and she felt that searing pain again ring through her, falling back and landing on her butt she heard a loud thud from the bathroom.

'Oh no, I hope Shino is okay, Aagh why did I have to rummage around his head while he was in the bathroom! it'd be weird if I barge in and try to help him I don't even know what he is doing in there or if he is decent!' she thought to herself as she brought a hand over her face to quell her embarrassment.

'Maybe he won't notice so long as I knock first and ask if he is alright,' she thought.

She waited a minute working up the courage before she knocked at the door twice hoping he would notice.

"Hey, are you ok in there Shino? I heard a loud thud and wanted to make sure you were alright," she said met soon with a response by Shino.

Shino's point of view

As Shino started to get back up and get his legs to stop buckling he heard a knock at the door and a muffled voice he thought was Eryn.

'Oh crap, she's gonna think I did something fucking weird in here with that loud ass fall. fuck why now did this have to happen!' he thought to himself

"U-ugh yeah I am ok I just slipped as I was dealing with something sorry to cause you to worry," he said his voice wavering trying not to sound startled.

'Fuck that was close' he thought to himself.

Looking back at the stack of magazines he grabbed the first one he saw called, playmon.


Skimming through some pages some featured different articles for different types of mons and of things to do.

Dark types prefer their affection and love in the nighttime by moonlight or caves where they are most comfortable with their partners.

Ghost types vary from possession to working through materials like walls and tables or becoming invisible and teasing akin to their mischievous nature.

Psychics types often like unseen restraint and over-stimulation like making their partner super sensitive to touch making a simple brush of the finger very stimulating, often they are dominant in the bedroom.

Dragon types are interested in cuddling and other close contacts for affection often just enjoying in the moment with their partners.

Grass types are very interested in BDSM and using moves like Vine whip or Life drain on their partner or leech to continue their efforts and endure longer mating sessions.

Fire types use aromas or scents from Leppa berry perfumes/foods and pastries to get them in the mood and spice up to the bedroom.

Ice types often deny their affection and love of their partner like with Tsundere action they are very loving once warmed to their partner.

Water types are almost always ready and roaring for action in the bedroom and are well lubed for even the roughest of intercourse with their partners and they are exceptionally skilled at fellatio literally sucking the cum out of you.

Poison types often use their venom in creative ways of restraint for set periods and to increase erection time up to 3 hours depending on the potency, they prefer oral play as a means of controlling over their partner in the bedroom.

Fairy types are very driven by high affection toward their partners, they often prefer physical affection they can get away with, holding or being held by their partner, cuddling, and sleep better in with their partner than without. their needs in the bedroom are very driven in breeding and being caring of their partners needs than their own.

Fighting-types enjoy a hard workout like wrestling or sparring with their partner to get them in the mood and see which can outlast the other in a show of endurance, the victor often has the choice of dominating their partner for an agreed time.

Steel types are very raw with their power in the bedroom leading to the dominant force of both taking and receiving. their prominent sex moves in the bedroom are Pound and Harden though they may deny anal to their partner for safety as they fear losing control of their strength becoming a "Dick Guillotine".

Ground types much like steel types the same move pool of Harden and Pound when in the bedroom though given their bodies more course nature they have to be slow otherwise they may hurt their partner and cause chafing.

Flying types often enjoy mating most during long flights especially during long routes and depending on the species have different deviations on of penis from being knotted or non-knotted both providing different pressures to pin their partner against the body of the flying type during flight.

Bug types often are hermaphrodites and are more interested in breeding for eggs to multiply the numbers they utilize are Snugbug, in which they pick up their partner and fuck them in the air, another is Ovipository where they lay an egg in their partner, and lastly harden which gives them greater endurance during their mating sessions.

Note: a types move pool isn't limited it can also be to their imagination and creative thinking with their moves, in example a Bug-type may use String shot however they like with their partner in the bedroom.

This issue of Playmon was written by dragonluvr and Futuristic-Blaziken.

Shino's point of view

'That was a bit informative,' he thought to himself before he laid the magazine back onto the wrack and left the bathroom.

'Hopefully, they won't notice I was gone for too long,' he thought to himself as he walked back into the kitchen.

Split point of view

Brenda was nearly done cooking the fried rice as the last step preparing the stir fry dinner for everyone and sitting on the counter Eryn had finished mixing the vegetables.

Using psychic she plated it into a large serving bowl with some utensils by its sides and moved it over to the dining room placing it near the centre.

"Welcome back Shino you were gone for a bit but it's alright dinner is almost done now and we are gonna eat in a few minutes," Eryn said.

"Sorry about that I, when I was in there a headache over, came me and I just sat on the floor till it eased up" Shino half-lied but didn't want to say what he was truly doing in the bathroom.

Eryn's ears flicked down when she heard Shino had another headache.

Brenda began laying plates out on the dining table along with 2 pitchers one with leppa berry and lemons and another with ice water for whomever to pour.

Eryn using psychic she moved over 1 dish holding some glasses in one hand and Chopsticks in the other, as she moved to the kitchen to the dining room. laying out the large dish having both wontons and dumplings neatly arranged under a glass lid.

Eryn sat down in a chair and began snacking on some wontons while she waited for Brenda to cook the rice.

"Blaziken blaze ken Blaziken Blaziken blaze ken," Brenda said with Eryn quickly translating that Brenda wanted Shino to sit down and make himself comfortable. Dinner was almost done he could eat some dumplings and wontons to hold him over.

"The rice smells excellent I saw you added some smaller mixed vegetables to it, right?" Shino said to her. Brenda coyly smiled, quickly firing back with "Ken!" Shino took it as a yes.

"Awesome! I bet it's gonna taste amazing Brenda," Shino said as he sat down and grabbed some wontons and dumplings from its dish. Shino then poured himself a glass of leppa berry juice that was in the pitcher and took a cautious sip.

The taste was sour from the notable lemon but with a nice spice and plenty of sugar to make up for its bite. after eating a handful of dumplings and wontons he had noticed the way Eryn was sitting on the table looking a little down

"Eryn are you ok? you have been just staring at me did I do something wrong?" Shino said to her. he then snapped his fingers trying to get Eryn to do or say anything from her trance.

"If it's something you don't wanna talk about that's fine I just wanted to make sure you are ok," Shino said before Eryn snapped back at him.

"What?! I'm just trying to think of ways to help you! today was a resounding failure all I was able to find out was a single glimpse of a picture that said drop point. I couldn't get any other information from your memories before you woke up writhing in pain from a headache I caused you!" Eryn said her eyes tearing up as she looked down at her lap.

"You don't see how little I helped today, I caused more harm today than good for you and you don't even seem phased by it. Why?!" she said.

Shino hung his head lowly staring at his plate unsure of what to say next to try and cheer Eryn up.

"It's ok Eryn, you tried to help me, a total stranger not only in my own body but in your home," Shino said as he lifted his head eyes watering he placed his hand on her cheek pulling her head up to look at him.

"Yes you may have inadvertently hurt me today trying to get answers but at least you tried to help me taking priority over your own self. I was more worried that you got hurt trying to search through my head. You trying to take this all on your own and help me is noble but we aren't in a rush. hopefully, in the coming days, I can start to remember stuff. maybe even get lucky talking and helping you guys around here could trigger some memories or flashbacks I don't know," Shino said to Eryn as he stared into her eyes a tear dropping onto the table. Eryn leaned into his hand and closed her eyes enjoying the moment.

There was a yell from the kitchen from Brenda all Shino and Eryn heard was "Blaziken Blaziken ken!" they scrambled to wipe their eyes and sit back down. as Brenda turned the corner she saw them staring at her wearily which she just hoisted the big pan of fried rice into the air smiling.

Once the rice was settled between the rest of the dishes Shino put a hefty ladle of it onto Eryn's plate and then his own before filling a plate by Brenda and thanking her for the meal.

Shino eating took some glances at Eryn to ensure she was ok and doing better than earlier. he had hoped his speech brought her spirits up some. Eryn spotted some glances Shino was sending her way while she tried to eat and after catching him twice her tail began to dart around merrily. Brenda enjoyed seeing Eryn look happy but looked forward to the desert that they worked on earlier as she was craving the leppa berry pie.

After a few minutes of Shino and Brenda practically inhaling their servings near the end. Eryn watched them before she brought her plate back to the kitchen and placed it into the sink. thanking Brenda and carefully bringing the leppa berry pie back into the dining room.

"I don't know where you put the caramel you were preparing earlier so if you could grab it this stuff would be ready to be plated," Eryn said to Brenda as she placed the pie in the centre of the table.

"Did either of you forget room for the desert that we made? or were you too caught up in the main course," Eryn said looking at both of them. Brenda and Shino sluggishly grabbed their plates and put them in the sink. Brenda grabbed the saucepan and poured the caramel that she had prepared earlier into a small ramekin.

Shino had 3 plates and some utensils in his hands as he followed her back into the dining room.

"I've never had this before so it sounds pretty exotic and smells great," Shino said to Eryn as he sat down and laid out the plates to everyone.

"I know it's an acquired taste for some that arent fire type like yourself but I enjoy it with caramel to balance out the spice as it's pretty strong so hopefully you can take the heat Shino haha," Eryn said as Brenda cut the pie and served a slice of pie to each Eryn and Shino's plates with a heavy drizzle of Caramel. Brenda served herself a slightly larger slice with a little caramel drizzled on top.

Brenda quickly began eating her slice humming in glee at each bite while Eryn carefully paced herself with her own plate. Shino was feeling bold and took a bite without any caramel to judge how spicy it was.

"By Arceus t-that's strong! the cinnamon pairing well with the spice of the leppa berries and the crust being very sweet helps balance it out," Shino said smiling wide Brenda and Eryn were shocked he was able to even take a bite without freaking since he wasn't a fire type. Shino, Brenda and Eryn began smiling and continued their plates enjoying the moment.

"That was delicious pie thank you, Brenda!" Shino said as he started grabbing the plates and brought them into the kitchen. Brenda was caught off guard but didn't mind Shino taking initiative so long as he followed through with whatever he had planned. Eryn followed Shino into the kitchen wondering what he had planned.

"Do you guys have a radio or some speakers I can hook the rotom phone into for some music while I get the dishes done?" Shino asked Eryn who was standing in the kitchen thought for a moment.

"Why? The rotom phone has a speaker, besides we don't have any sort of speaker or sound system here to use we could get one another day. you will have to live with what you got for now sorry." Eryn said to Shino as she began walking out of the kitchen into the living room.

"I guess that will have to do for now," Shino said as he walked to his room to grab the rotom phone off the dresser.

'I wonder how I will charge this seeing as I don't see a charge port on the body.' he thought to himself.

Shino walked back into the kitchen and opened one of the apps on the rotom phone just called Pikatunes he selected some artists based on a few demo songs. settling on a band called Brand-new playing an album titled Science-fiction began playing ' wow real original naming guys.' he thought to himself as he adjusted the rotom speaker and began working through the dishes from the days cooking.

After what felt like no time at all he had the dishes done and drying on the counter beneath them were some towels. Brenda was sitting on the counter watching Shino work and listening to the music, she enjoyed the artist that Shino had picked.

Brenda then hopped off the counter and grabbed the pitchers of water and juice that were left in the dining room. walking back into the kitchen she placed the pitchers in the fridge laughing as she stared at the counter and pointed at a spot by the sink. Shino looking frustrated just stared at Brenda and asked.

"What's so funny?" not getting what she was pointing at was the dishwasher tucked next to the sink blended well with a vinyl wrap to conceal it with the brown counters and cupboards.

"Aagh, I wish id seen that earlier I could've just scrubbed them and shoved them in there without a second thought!" Shino said looking deflated his head staring at the ceiling.

Shino let out a sigh and began sorting the cupboards where the dishes belonged. turning around and seeing the light on in the dining room Shino went to turn it off. Brenda laying against the counter near the kitchen door just watched Shino.

Shino catching her looming by the door staring didn't know how to communicate with her well enough without Eryn translating for him just smiled and continued tidying up the kitchen.

"You don't have to keep watch over me or something Brenda, I'm just helping since you did all the cooking today. It's the least I could do so you can get to relax and do whatever I got this stuff sorted," Shino said to her as he wiped off the counter and started folding some dish towels placing them on the oven handle.

Shino looked up and walked to the doorway staring at the light switch Brenda still looming by the door making him nervous.

"Is everything ok Brenda? You've been just glaring at me this entire time," Shino said sheepishly unable to keep eye contact on the Blaziken with his eyes flicking around the floor to her hips and occasionally on her bust.

Brenda's Point of view

'I watched him as he continued cleaning up the kitchen and sorting the dishes before placing them back in the cupboards. sorting the Utensils by the back of the stove arranging the pots and pans by size on the overhead wrack. this guy was really something else, he just kept at it till he didn't have a task to tackle. he won't look at me I'm not sure if he thinks I'm a threat or not. I don't know how I will thank him for this it's nice to see someone else help with this stuff for once.' Brenda thought to herself as she watches Shino work.

Brenda looked down still wearing her apron she pressed her boobs together and sighed lowly. 'I guess I could try a little charm on him as thanks it has been a while since I had any action,' Brenda thought to herself as she turned her head back to Shino he was almost done cleaning the kitchen just hanging some rags on the oven.

Shino began walking over and just stared for a moment unable to keep his eyes in any one place.

Split point of view

Shino's foot began tapping since there was just silence and Brenda was lost in thought for what felt like an eternity to him. unsure what to do Shino just hung his head low and let out a sigh.

Brenda watching Shino for the right moment then smiled lowly and stepped toward him laying a hand on his shoulder pulling him into a warm hug, stroking his back and then a subtle hand squeezing his butt as she withdrew from the hug with a beaming smile right at his face.

Shino wasn't sure why Brenda just hugged him best case he gathered was a thank you for the cleaning without her shouting at him like she otherwise would or having to get Eryn involved to make things even more awkward. it was a nice hug literally being a warming embrace since she was a fire type making Shino practically melt in her arms and his arms wryly going limp as he froze there for a moment.

Brenda's hands brushed over his back making him feel comforted briefly before a hand quickly squeezing his butt. Shino felt like a deerling in the headlights about to be hit by a truck he couldn't process what to do next and just stood there with Brenda smiling in his face before she walked out of the kitchen.

Shino's point of view

He just ran over the scene in his head while sitting on one of the couches in the living room. 'That was too quick to make a move there's no way she is interested this early. It's been less than a day I've been here and can't even remember my past before she even made a move on me. Aagh! if there wasn't a damn language barrier between us I could try and ask her what she was thinking. what will I do if she tries something else on me?! do I stop her and just tell her to give me some space?' Shino thought to himself and staring blankly at the ceiling. brushing his hands over his head gently running his fingers over the bandage covering his head he laid down on one of the pillows and sighed.

Eryn's Point of view

She just sat there turning a page in a book she had laid on the arm of the couch with psychic. giving an odd glance at Shino when he was lost in thought. Eryn was wondering what had got into him or if he was trying to remember anything from his past.

Her ears quickly laying back and feeling some guilt she was gonna ask Shino to try something again before he just laid back on the couch and sighed aloud staring at the ceiling. 'I hope he is ok, I could try hypnosis again on him and hope it actually works this time, 2 times in a row it didn't, but that shouldn't stop me now.' She thought to herself.

"Hey, Shino are you ok? you seem down for someone who gave it their all today and was fine earlier what happened?" Eryn asked after a minute Shino opened his mouth only to close it again a second later.

"Is it from earlier? when I kinda flamed at you? about the lack of progress today." Eryn said to Shino her head hung long and ears down.

Split point of view

"Hm? what? no, Brenda hugged me and walked out of the kitchen once I was done cleaning up from today. It caught me off guard and I don't know why she would do that. earlier today she was ready to throw a haymaker at my face and then she just hugs me. I don't know how to take that or what she was thinking," Shino said to Eryn his voice wavering as he thought about the grope Brenda had given him. he continued staring at the ceiling and snapped out of it once Eryn shut her book with a loud snap and placed it on the table.

"She may have been happy you took up the slack I normally deal with the work around the house while she takes care of cooking and shopping," Eryn said trying to hide the venom in her voice.

"Well what's done is done, I am just waiting on her to finish up in the bathroom cause I wanna take this bandage off and try and soak in the bath after this long-ass day," Shino said as he pats the bandage around his head.

"So you get to hog the bathtub all night after Brenda what happened to ladies go first?" Eryn said with a sultry tone to Shino.

"I could go last if that's what you want. I just know my head and neck are aching from today and I could use a soak before heading to bed," Shino said Completely unaware of Eryn's suggestive tone.

"Good I was hoping you would agree. I won't take near as long as Brenda so it won't be too much of a wait," Eryn said sounding a bit deflated. " Could I see your Rotom phone? I have a rotocast in my room with a tv there's a bean bag chair if you'd like to sit while I queue a movie," Eryn asked Shino.

"H-huh are you sure? like it's not too late to do that for you or something?" Shino stammered as he went over what Eryn just said about her bedroom.

"No it's like 7 pm, Brenda will be another hour at least. besides, do you have something you'd rather be doing? or do you not believe I could have good taste in movies," Eryn said with irritation to Shino.

"No no I'm ok with that I just meant your fine with me being in there and watching a movie with you," Shino said sheepishly

"Of course it's just a movie besides the more we bicker the longer this will take Brenda isn't gonna rush her soak just because you or I ask, trust me I've tried," Eryn said as she began walking to her room with Shino following shortly behind her.

Split point of view.

Eryn's room looked average initially when the ceiling light was on, she flicked a switch and on the ceiling fan turned off a small projector above her bed gently illuminated the ceiling with a rotating star map giving a nice ambience to the room. on the wall by the door was a huge 70" TV mounted in place with a small cable running down to an outlet beneath. just in front of Eryn's bed was a large bean bag that was just as wide as the bed itself but scattered with a few blankets and 2 long-throw pillows.

"Sit down and hand over the Rotom phone so we can get started the more you gawk there the more aggressive I will get," Eryn said staring daggers at Shino and placing her hands on her legs.

"O-ok here sorry, you don't mind if I move some of these blankets and sit down now?" Shino said as he handed Eryn the rotom phone and stared at the Bean bag.

"Thank you," Eryn said as she swiped the Rotom phone from Shino's hand and turned on the tv syncing both devices.

"Besides I wouldn't have invited you in here if I wasn't comfortable around you Shino," Eryn said as she swiped through menus pulling up a catalogue of movies ready to watch.

"T-thank you, Eryn," Shino said as he let out a sigh of relief and began sorting the blankets and folding them on the bean bag.

"No problem, now what do you wanna watch? there are some classics like Do Androids Dream of Electric Mareep, Gallade Runner and Gallade Runner 2049, The Butterfree Effect, Planet of The Inferapes, Ghost in The Shellos, Tentacruel instinct, and Sticky Love Webs," Eryn said as she swiped past each movie poster. Shino wasn't sure what any of them were and was fine with whatever Eryn but knew she wouldn't want to hear that.

"Ghost in The Shellos sounds fine," Shino said as he sat down with all the blankets sorted grabbing one with a cute Fennekin and laying it on his lap. Eryn taking a glance at him smiled for choosing her favourite blanket and tapped the movie while jumping into her bed pulling her pillow and comforter closer to the front near the tv laying on her stomach.

Eryn batted at Shino's arm as he kept moving his hands in front of the tv asking questions without watching the introduction.

Brenda's point of view

Lemons Here!

She grabbed a towel from her room and walked back into the bathroom. after a few minutes, she had run the bath hot to her liking as it felt better than cold water putting her in shock at times.

She gently dipped a foot into the water it was fine she thought to herself not as hot as some springs she'd travelled to. Comfortable with the water She then slid her body on careful not to lose her balance, once surrounded by the warm water embrace she let out a drawn-out sigh and leaned her head back thinking about Shino.

'Gah that idiot worming his way into the house at least he is trying to make himself useful with some chores and cooking,' She thought to herself. going over the dinner in her head it was tasty, not her best work but far from unappetizing, the pie at the end of the night was ringing through her head.

'Maybe a late slice wouldn't be so bad I'm sure Shino would be fine to help make more that was a delight today,' she thought to herself as she began washing her and feathers with a conditioner she had lying by the bathtub. working her way from her hair down to her legs.

Once happy she began rinsing her hair going down.

Satisified of her job she got out of the tub pulling the cork and sat on the edge as she stared at the mirror, letting out a sigh thinking about what she did to Shino earlier.

'That poor guy didn't seem like he liked my advance at all today. he was so caught off guard I might have gone overboard, but he was cute being so aw struck. the way he couldn't keep his eyes off my hips and kept sneaking glances at my bust while I was watching him made me feel good that I've still got charm and not just a personal chef for Eryn to boss around. that damned girl needs to stop being so high strung and work for once, while I sit back and enjoy a day off.' she thought.

Feeling a little excited her hand lowly drifting lower she was excited some and figured it would help her sleep easier why not play with herself a little. laying back in the tub with her legs spread.

Not wasting the moment she cupped a hand over her breast and another over her slit with light pressure sliding along. with bated breath she slid her finger along her slit and slowly sliding it in and out of herself, another hand gently squeezing her breast as she tilted her head back increasing her pace. her body temperature was steadily rising cause of her type it wouldn't be long before she reached her climax.

"O-oh fuck I can't keep at th-this!" she said as her climax approached, her muscles seizing as a wave of ecstasy rang through her, toes curling, legs shaking her breathing exhausted.

She got out of the tub, cleaning herself with a towel and going back to her room crawling into bed fatigue overtaking her bringing her to deep sleep.

Split Point of view

Eryn had fallen asleep before the finale of the movie with Shino more worried that he should wake Eryn so that he would keep to his word and let her bathe before bed. Shino grabbing the rotom phone and pausing the movie lightly patted Eryn's ear trying to wake her.

"Hey, the movies almost done but you dosed off, Brenda just got out of the bathroom not 5 minutes ago. I know you wanted a bath so go clean your self up ok? I'll have soak another day," Shino said to her quietly as he gently lifted her to sit up in bed.

"W-what? what time is it Shino?" Eryn asked groggily. "It's 9 pm, I know its late but I didn't want you to miss out on your bath. I asked Brenda to clean up after she got out and after a bit of charades she agreed. tomorrow I will have some more cleaning to do around the house but I don't mind. I'll see you tomorrow, and The movie was fun I look forward to doing it again sometime though with snacks preferably. Good night Eryn," Shino said with a smile as he quietly walked out of the room and headed to his room.

Shino's point of view

He opened his door and turned the ceiling light on, it was way brighter than Eryn's projector that lowly lit her room but he managed and changing from the shorts and shirt he wore today placing them on the dresser lazily with the pajamas and night shirt folded onto the Rocking chair.

He instead opted for commando since it was too hot in the room even with the fan at high speed for any additional clothing.

Getting settled he pulled a string on the ceiling fan the light turning off, he got under the comforter of the bed not even a few minutes later he was in a deep sleep.

Several times during a dream he saw a table with a stoic looking man dressed in a black suit sitting in a chair talking saying something about exile and departure. A flash and Shino now saw a strange girl crying before him as she looked off to a bridge the water rushing below them. tossing and turning some the comforter barely covering his legs.

Eryn's point of view

She walked into the bathroom groggily and just stared in the mirror knowing that she would have to spend the next 40 minutes going over her fur thoroughly as was routine on work days like today. She would rather be smelling nice like her maple and leppa berry conditioner than having matted fur in the morning to deal with.

'Ugh I need to grab a towel'' She thought to herself as she walked out from the bathroom entering her room and grabbing the nearest towel on her dresser.

Doubling back into the bathroom Eryn stopped as she saw Shino's door ajar feeling curious she took a peek trying to catch a glimpse of him. He was passed out laying on his stomach part of the comforter coving him but his ass bare Eryn staring her head clouded by a slew of lewd thoughts.

Eryn blinking trying to snap out of her stupor just carefully tried closing the door like it was before but it began Creeking the hinges needing some work.

'Oh Arceus why is this damned door the only one in the house to make these awful noises!' Eryn thought as she panicked so she pulled fast in hopes of making less work instead it was a louder creek.

Retreating back to the bathroom with a towel on her arm and heart racing that she could've woken Shino up she just stared in the mirror.

'That was stupid if he had woken up how would I have played that off? just saying that I was looking in on him while he was sleeping making sure his bandages hadn't come undone?!' She thought to herself as she just stared at her own image letting out a sigh she walked over to the bath turning the hot water on watching the tub slowly fill.

Stepping back over to the sink she opened it and grabbed some maple candles she had stashed a conditioner for her fur with maple and leppa berry scents. Laying out the candles around the tub she grabbed the stick off her tail conjuring a lowly flame to light them before she climbing into the water and letting out a stifled moan.

Carefully she washed down her head and ears before throughly rinsing them with water and conditioner, after rinsing her self and drying with the blow dryer on the counter she put the tower around her ears leaving back to her room. Tossing the towel into a hamper by the door she sat on the bed and was happy with today looking forward to helping Shino tomorrow, she drifted off to sleep.

I know this is pretty mundane opposed to some other stories, like say Crimson gardevoir or Lauren but, i want to dabble into drama later on but have alot of learning before i tackle those. the lemon in this first chapter was lackluster compared to other fics but in coming chapters i hope to get some Saucey scenes written featuring some more species beside our lovely Braixen and Blaziken. thanks for those of you who made it this far i hope you can forgive my errors and continue to follow my tale - Syluxni