Trigger warnings: mentions of hospital, infections, blood, death, and nausea (nothing too graphic) if I miss anything please message me and I apologize as I do not want to unintentionally hurt/offend anyone.

This has been a long time coming and I've always loved reincarnation OC's even more so if they're reincarnated in universe and into one of the character's siblings. I'm sort of testing the waters to see if this will gain enough interest, and if so I will continue it! Anyway I love Haru and one of my biggest disappointments in this fandom is that no one makes enough stories where Haru is loved enough. It is always about being Tsuna, Hibari or Kyoko's siblings lol. There is a clumsy girl RIGHT THERE she needs a big sis.

Anything italicized is in sign language unless said otherwise.

I do not own KHR. The series belongs to Amano Akira.

There once lived a Cervello who was different.

She had yearned for the simplest things in life, realizing she didn't think the same or rather shouldn't.

She had wanted to go to school, wanted a family who loved her, and she continued wanting so much that it became dangerous.

It was a hazy dream-like memory that could pass as a madman's hallucination, a woman who dressed and looked the same as all the other women gathered around her, watching as she bled out until everything became dark.

The unspoken words that were said that day as the woman slowly lost consciousness repeated in her head.

You brought this upon yourself.


Miura Yui is the fraternal twin sister of Miura Haru. Born with silver hair and dark blue eyes.

Yui's earliest memories were always of her younger twin sister.

Every single waking moment and memory Yui has was always linked to her role as an older sibling in some way. Her parents were busy and made a silent command that she had to look after Haru, and as a result she became the responsible sibling.

Yui takes some pride in being considered the responsible one, but as a result it causes her to want to take the blame for anything and everything that goes wrong.

Ear infections were the norm for the Miura twins, but Haru had the problem for the longest starting at age two, Haru was prescribed ear pieces and had to go through a removal surgery once in hopes that it would ease the infections.

When Haru had the surgery their paternal grandparents drove all the way from Tokyo to visit and gift her a popular kuma bear doll that she almost never goes anywhere without.

Haru lovingly named it Mii-chan.

Mii-Chan would be there whenever Haru slept, go to the grocery store, and when they'd go out and eat Mii-Chan would wait in the car. Simply put, wherever Haru went the stuffed bear would follow.

And Yui had always been extra careful that Mii-Chan was never left far behind or forgotten by Haru on more than one occasion.

At age 5, Yui would have to go through the same surgery that apparently requires the doctor to remove her adenoids.

Yui never even knew what that was until her last doctor's appointment! a lot of medical terms flew over her head, and apparently it was something located in the throat but wasn't important enough to keep and can be removed in order to stop the ear infections.

As their mother drives them to the hospital for the surgery, Yui glances over to Haru who was already drifting off into slumber with Mii-Chan slowly falling out of her arms and onto the floor.

Their car stopped at a traffic light.

Yui glances at their mom who was currently on the phone with their father and unclasps her seatbelt to reach for Mii-Chan and place it quietly back into Haru's rightful arms.

(Haru might be annoying sometimes, but Yui would drop everything to save that bear for her even if she doesn't do the same for her and her stuffed animals.)


Yui doesn't remember anything from the surgery but when she wakes, her mom is by her side and strangely also Mii-Chan.

Mom knowingly smiles, "Haru said that Mii-Chan had to stay here to protect you during the surgery,"

Yui was already aware that dad was going to pick Haru up after his lecture while mom stayed during her surgery, but the fact that Haru left Mii-Chan with her was unexpected.

Yui felt a sudden wave of protectiveness over the stuffed bear as she held Mii-Chan closely to her chest and stroked the soft fur. She's willing to die to make sure Mii-Chan gets to Haru safe and sound, she wonders if Haru knows that.

(She hopes she does)

The doctor informs them that if she and Haru are lucky, this is going to be the last earpieces they'll ever need and that their ears will naturally get better over time.

Her parents shared a relieved smile, and Haru was ecstatic. It would mean no more having to lay on one side on the floor while mom applied ear drops in their ears every morning before school, or going out with cotton stuffed in the ear.

Yui was hopeful, but she didn't miss the doctor's careful tone.

If they're lucky.

Yui was lucky.

Haru wasn't.

At age 7, one of Haru's earpieces fell the wrong way, so far in her ear that the doctor couldn't get it out with a tweezer thing so they had to make an appointment for another surgery instead.

Yui feels nauseous as she stares at the calendar date marked in red Haru Surgery.

Yui wasn't sure why she felt so afraid for Haru, as if she has some sixth sense warning her of the future but she reasons with herself.

I'm just an older sibling worried for their younger sister.

She squashed the paranoia down.


Yui couldn't concentrate on her picture novel as Haru is in pain.

"It hurtsss," Haru complains to mom as she rubs her eyes.

Mom drops the shirt she was folding and rubs Haru's back soothingly, "I know honey, but we can't do much until the next appointment in a few days, okay?"

Haru sniffles but makes a sound of affirmation.

Haru had to take so many pain relievers and other medicine yet she was still in near constant pain since the surgery.

Yui prays to whatever higher power is above that Haru will be okay and that nothing bad ever needs to happen again.

She wished Haru had been the one to only need one set of earpieces instead.


Yui was sitting in class reading during lunch when Yukimura sensei (Haru's home room teacher) suddenly asks for her and tells her to bring her stuff because she wasn't coming back for the rest of the day.

Several of her classmates whispered amongst each other as she shakily gathered her things.

Her mind is screaming to her Is it Haru?

As she clutched her red school bag tighter, the walk to the front of the school felt long and dreadful and her small legs felt like it could give in at any moment under the weight of stress.

She couldn't read the expression on Yukimura sensei's face, but she could feel something was wrong.

She sees her father's figure a few feet away and the worry etched in his face gives it away.

It is Haru.

Haru was running, playing tag with some friends and fell, or was tripped, on her bad ear. There was blood and she started crying, a friend went to get some help, the school called an ambulance, and now Haru was in the ER.

Haruyoshi Miura didn't seem much for a bespectacled stout math professor but to Yui and Haru, he was a good father and a braver person. He was patient and didn't believe in violence when it comes to discipline.

He never flinched or hesitated when it came to their safety either and tried his best to make sure her and Haru were happy, so seeing him pale and so frightened in the rear view mirror nearly made Yui want to break into tears.

Yui inwardly curses because she prayed and promised and now it doesn't mean anything because Haru is hurt beyond words.

Yui wishes it was her instead but it could never be her, she's never had to worry about getting scrapped or bruised before because she was the careful one, the one who usually stayed in the back of the classroom during lunch to read and eat peacefully.

Haru was always active. Never looking where she's going and doesn't mind a few hits on the head by a stray ball in the playground because she'll get right back up and run.

Yui wishes she could teach Haru to be more careful. Safer and less prone to injury. Wished that she forced Haru to stay at home until her ear completely healed, but of course she couldn't do that. She can't protect Haru from the world, can't keep her away from the hurt, physical or emotional.

Maybe it's being an older sister is what makes Yui wish and make sure nothing bad ever happens to Haru.

Make sure the bad things only ever happen to Yui, so she can take the pain instead of Haru.


What should've been a simple patching up goes wrong and the doctors try to fix what exactly went wrong, so the entire Miura residence ends up staying at the hospital until nearly midnight longer than intended.

And the adults are trying to figure out whether or not Haru is going to stay overnight at the hospital but it turns out fine and they all go home.

Yui breathes a little easier after that, forgoes homework for the day, and falls asleep almost immediately when she hits the bed.

Everything seems normal for a while and Haru goes back to being her scatterbrained happy self. She even boasts about how much better her ear felt after the emergency surgery. But then the storm hits.

A literal storm. The loud siren sounds warning that all residents need to take shelter and a particular loud thunder scares Yui up, her first instinct was to check on Haru so she tiptoes towards her room.

Only to find Haru peacefully sleeping, Mii-Chan barely poking out of her covers and Yui worries because Haru never sleeps through storms. As their parents came into the room gently woke Haru up and guided them to the basement shelter, Yui couldn't help but worry.

When they finally get comfortable, her parents try to listen in to the radio for the news, Yui approaches Haru who was bundled up and hugs Mii-Chan closely.

Yui whispers, "Why didn't you wake up from the storm"

Haru's eyes were glassy and for a moment Yui had thought Haru wouldn't answer her, but then she looked into Yui's eyes.

"I couldn't hear it,"

Yui felt cold fear manifest deep within her at those words.


As the town finishes cleaning up the debris from the storm and fixing up the power plant, Yui and Haru conduct tests for Haru's hearing at home and when they finally get in touch with a doctor, the results come back and it's official.

Haru is deaf in her right ear for the rest of her life.

Yui loves learning different languages, she thinks it's fun and she is already looking forward to language classes in middle school.

It was interesting to learn how different people from different cultures and walks of life communicated.

She always wanted to learn Japanese Sign Language as well.

In case she ever meets someone who's deaf or hard of hearing and wants to speak to them. But it was only just a fun hobby.

She was never supposed to learn it for someone she actually knew.

It was never supposed to be like this.

At age 10, there was a sense of urgency in the Miura household to learn sign language.

"Hi, my name is Y-U-I. What's your name?"

"Hi. My name is H-A-R-U. How are you?"

"I'm good. How are you?"

"I'm" Haru frowns "sad,"

Yui hesitates for awhile before signing back


It takes awhile for Haru to answer as she shakily breathes to gather herself, and Yui thinks for a moment that she's not going to answer, but she supposes there is something about sign language that makes things easier to talk about than having to verbally say it.

"I want to be able to hear. I want to hear right."

"I want to fix your hearing,"

"You can't"

"I don't care. I hate seeing you sad."

Haru offers her a soft smile and at that moment Yui realizes that non verbal communication speaks louder than any words ever could.


Luckily their uncle on their mother's side of the family is an interpreter and teaches them for free whenever he comes over.

"Hi, my name is K-E-N-T-A. Name sign is Kenta." Uncle's hand makes a unique sign and Haru coos at that.

"Hahi, that is such a cool sign! I wonder what my name sign should be.."

Yui sends her a stern look, "Haru, you have to sign if you're going to speak during your lesson."

She pouts and signs "hai.."

Uncle Kenta laughs at that and signs.

"What's your name? And who is that with you?"

"My name is H-A-R-U. This is my older sister Y-U-I. She likes to read and is annoying."

I let out a sound of indignation at that.

"Don't be mean to your nee-san" mom says as she signs.

"It's not mean if it's true!" Haru stops signing but it's likely because she doesn't know how to sign what she just said.

"It's not mean if it's true" uncle signs and Haru copies him. Mom scoffs "don't encourage her!"

Uncle laughs and tells mom that she's going to need to learn how to sign it anyway and Yui laughs mirthfully but silently agrees.

Yes, Haru is going to need to learn how to say that but if Haru is going to be making fun of me in sign language then all the more for me to learn alongside her as well.

Time flies by quickly and It's their last year of primary education, Mori sensei seems to be in a merciful mood as he picks on Yui to answer a somewhat difficult math question.

"16." Mori sensei double takes and frowns.

"That's wrong, Miura-kun."

Some classmates whisper in confusion and a few meaner classmates snicker amongst themselves as Yui feels her face warm in confusion and embarrassment.

When break begins, Yui asks a neighbor for the question and as it turns out Yui didn't get the answer wrong but wrote the question wrong instead, mistaking the number 2 as a 3.

Age 12, Yui finds out that she is nearsighted.


When Yui finally received her new pair of glasses, Haru cringes.

"Your glasses are ugly." Yui deadpans and signs.


"Don't be mean to your nee-san," their mom says as she signs, the familiar hand gesture becoming more like a catchphrase.

Haru and her snicker at each other. Yui didn't mind her glasses being called ugly because she knows if Haru said they were pretty then it'd be far more believable that they were hideous.

"Hahi, now that I think about it between the two of us–" she gestures at her hearing aid and my glasses, "we make one functional human being!"

Mom laughs at that, "You two girls are perfect the way you are," Yui tries her best to hide her smile and Haru couldn't help but be in a good mood the entire day.

"Now give me your glasses, I want to see how bad your sight is!" Yui groans but complies with Haru's request.

Months later, Haru and Yui graduate from primary education and age 13 brings middle school.

I would like to mention that I'm no medical expert and everything I put in this fic about the ear infections are things I vaguely learn about and I only took American Sign Language for half a year in a program so I'm no expert at that either but what I do know that Japanese Sign Language is very different so ofc due to this story being in English there are going to be some compromises. There are not going to be anymore graphic mentions of ear problems (probably) so I'll say that my knowledge on all that ends here, but if I do get anything wrong, then I apologize deeply as I know this topic can be sensitive especially since I'm not deaf, hard of hearing or is close to anyone that is.

So yes, Haru is hard of hearing in this AU and there are going to be plentiful of changes to the cast and their relationships as well, because I want it to be so and I always hate when ppl make OC's but nothing ever changes, sick of it, it's time for the OC to make changes just by existing lol.