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It was another beautiful day.

The sun was shining. The birds were chirping-


And the heroes were fighting villains again. One gigantic criminal was causing havoc in the middle of the streets in a city in Japan. The man stood in the middle of a few buildings as a crowd began surrounding the scene.

They were watching how Pro Hero Death Arms was holding him back into a corner with his enormous strength, while Backdraft was using his water powers to hold back the civilians and to get them into safety, and with Kamui Woods about to make his move onto the big guy, charging at him with his extended wooden tendrils to capture him.


The giant villain prevailed, smashing the wood away from his distance, seemingly with luck, as Kamui Woods almost had him captured, but the giant showed no signs of being beaten this easily, not even when outnumbered.

"I won' be taken down that easily, Woods!" the villain shouted as he gripped his fists. "You gotta do better than that. I've been watching you, and I know your tricks!"

Kamui glared at the villain, although he did have a point. His moves were probably pretty predictable by now, so he had to improvise.

"Canyon Cannon!"

The Villain apparently saw this coming, as evident by how quickly he used his arm to block the kick from behind. It was a large woman with long, creamy hair in a purple outfit. Grunting, he shoved the titanic woman's leg back, making her huff and pout as she quickly made sure that her leg didn't topple a building.

The newcomer quickly stepped onto a clear area, before she backed up a half mile to put some more distance between herself and this equally large villain.

"Damn, almost had him." The woman cursed at herself.

"Mt. Lady." The giant villain cracked his knuckles as he was now about to fight someone his own size. "I know that hitting a girl's a bad thing, but I think I can make an exception with you."

"Bring it on!" Mt. Lady yelled as she raised her fist. "Prepare to go back to prison!"

"Like hell I will!" The villain snarled as he smashed his own fist against hers.

Meanwhile down on the streets, the civilian crowd was getting a bit concerned from what they were hearing. The four Pro Heroes were fighting this one villain who seemed to be single-handedly fending them off.

"Wow, he's taunting Kamui Woods, that's not good."

"This bastard must be strong enough to fight four heroes at the same time. Maybe they'll need backup."

"You think All Might would join in?"

"All Might? For this dude? Pfft, I doubt he'll come, it would be overkill."

That was what one green, bushy-haired middle school student was hearing around him. His name was Izuku Midoriya, a boy with a fascination for Heroes and their Quirks. He watched and listened to the whole fight as it was unfolding as it was the only thing he could do.

Why was that? Because he was born Quirkless, a very rare and painful experience for a child in this day and age, since he grew up bullied, laughed at, and beaten by his classmates for his unfortunate handicap. That didn't stop him from watching and analyzing the heroes he came to like.

Despite his handicap, it didn't stop his dream to be a hero one day too. A dream he was still holding after all these years, no matter how painful it was to do so.

"I guess they might need All Might if even Mt. Lady's punches aren't pushing this villain down. This fight has gone on for too long," Izuku muttered to himself, grabbing the attention of a hooded man next to him.

"You study Mt. Lady's abilities?"

Izuku felt nervous when suddenly asked about this, muttering, "Y-Yeah, with her being 67'8 feet tall, she's undoubtedly a strong fighter. Normally, that leg kick would take out anybody of a lesser height if not blocked."

"Well, you certainly do your homework on heroes, don't you?"

Izuku turned to look at the man who was talking to him. Underneath his hood he managed to see a warm smile on the man's face, which pushed up the whisker marks on his cheek. Izuku also noticed how his left body seemed to be fully covered in bandages, including his hand.

"Y-Yeah, I do." Izuku turned away as he was a bit nervous to answer further until he turned back to him. "I usually just observe them and-"

The man was gone without a trace.

"-write down…" Izuku ended awkwardly as he realized that he was talking to no one, before turning his head back to the fight.

Then something popped up in his head.

Wait, bandaged right arm, whiskers on his face and blond hair. That's-

"Look!" Someone yelled. "Mt. Lady's in trouble!"

Izuku watched as he saw the giant villain going for a frontal attack against the female hero.

Mt. Lady was not having a good day, as she was in a bad position between three buildings that were still not fully evacuated, and the only clear pathway was in front of her.

"Crap, I can't move," she cursed, watching out where she stepped as the villain saw she was now trapped, and took the chance.

"I've got you now, you wench!" the villain shouted as he made a big jump and was going for a dive against her with his fists raised up.



Just when she prepared herself to catch the bastard (albeit at the cost of the building behind her from the recoil), she spotted an object fly past her eyes. She squinted, and realized that it was a kunai knife with a paper tag attached to the back that was on fire.

It flew right past her, jamming itself into the villain's large forehead. It didn't hurt him, but it did startle him enough to pause his charge.

"What the-"


The tag suddenly detonated, causing a rather large explosion onto his face. He howled in surprise and pain as he hobbled backwards, falling flat onto his back.


The full weight destroyed anything that was underneath him to be plummeted to dust, with any building that was intact with it.

He landed on an empty building underneath him, which was flattened instantly by his large size.

The sudden explosion caused many of the spectators to gasp collectively in both shock and amazement as more of the citizens began talking and speculating about what just happened.

"Wow! Did you see that?"

"The explosion? Duh!"

"Did you see who did it?"

"I don't know, the explosion just came out of nowhere."

Izuku, who had been observing every single second of what had just happened, was one of the few that noticed the small object that flew and exploded onto the villain's face before he could tackle Mt. Lady.

Izuku quickly connected the dots as he remembered the mysterious man he had just encountered.

Was that- His face looked around for the mysterious man in question. It must be him, but where is he?

The hero he was talking about was a lot less known to the public, with Izuku considering him to be an unofficial underground hero, since he was one of the newest ones to enter the picture, but wasn't seen for months for reasons unexplained.

Kitsune, was that you?


The villain let out a large groan. His back and his face felt like crap, and his eyes were full of what he assumed was smoke and ashes. Nonetheless, he struggled to quickly get on his feet.

"What...was that?" the villain growled to himself, angered for being blindsided by such a dirty trick. "Whoever that was, I will shove-"

"Lacquered Chain Prison!"

The villain widened his eyes. He forgot he was still in a fight!


"What the-" The villain looked down to his body to find that he was covered in countless numbers of wooden tendrils that bound his arms and legs, strangling his movement. He's trapped!


"Mt. Lady!"

"I'm on it!"

The villain raised his head up and watched how Mt. Lady came up to him with a raised fist.

She yelled. "Eat this!"


Mt. Lady's fist slammed across the giant villain's face, dealing a final blow to this fight which knocked him out entirely, finally finishing this long overdue-fight.

Yet again the heroes won another fight, booking another villain in a prison cell.


The cops were quick to arrive at the scene, with the now shrunken villain being detained in specialized anti-quirk cuffs. The said villain was now a part of a photo session, being used as a trophy to be paraded around by not just Mt. Lady, but also with Death Arms, Backdraft, and Kamui Woods.

The others were a little bashful at the attention, but the female hero didn't seem to mind. If anything, she adored the attention she was receiving, waving at the crowd and making sure that she looked good for the pictures that were being taken by the press.

"You know, we had it under control," Kamui Woods brought up. "There was no need to come and take our job, Mt. Lady."

"Oh please, Shinji, don't be such a hard-ass," Mt. Lady replied, bringing up his real name. Lucky for them, there were no microphones close by, with the said microphones being filled by the sounds of the cheers anyways. "Be glad I helped out, or else more innocent lives would be ruined."

"To be fair, it was you who wrecked most of the buildings, Yu," Kamui retorted, saying her first name.

Apparently, even the heroes have tension amongst themselves, especially when it comes to taking credit for their heroism.

"You think we should intervene?" Backdraft turned to Death Arms, who just shrugged.

"Just don't, I couldn't care less."

Moments only after they left the scene, the four heroes were seen on a rooftop, away from the public, and most importantly from the press, where they now had the chance to blow off some steam.

This specifically applied to Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods, who were having a standoff after what just had happened.

"Okay, woman, I have no problem with you helping us, but trying to come in between our fight to take all the credit? That's a low bar, and you should know that," Kamui told her off. Even when he was a serious and focused man when it comes to his duties as a hero, he still took huge offense to the woman trying to steal the show.

"Oh please, Shinji, don't be overdramatic, we beat the punk, get over it," Mt. Lady waved it off. Despite her cheery tone, she sounded a lot less friendly than before. "You still got to take a part of the glory, so what's the big deal?"

"The deal is you were trying to take ALL of it!" Kamui angrily shouted back. "Including the credit me, Death Arms, and Backdraft have rightfully earned from the beginning!"

The two others felt like they were side-showed, but for once they didn't mind, since they didn't like this type of drama they were mixed up in.

"You were right," Backdraft commented. "I don't want to go near this."

"You're telling me," Death Arms growled. He hoped this stupid argument would end quickly, because this was going to catch someone's attention.

And caught someone's attention it did, with the said person walking up the open staircase and into the rooftop to observe the shouting match from the shadows.

The person looked rather exhausted. Not from coming up the stairs, but rather from the bickering he was witnessing.

"Here we go…"

"Like I said, deal with it," Mt. Lady stated. "Because thanks to me, we beat the guy."

"Only because I bound the villain with my powers!" Kamui shot back.

It was then that Backdraft remembered something. "Wait a minute. Which one of us was responsible for that explosion that stunned the villain?"


Everyone whirled around as something flew past them. Looking at the source of the loud noise, they discovered that it was a kunai with a paper tag attached to it. Unlike the first one, however, this one wasn't ignited.

"That will be my doing, thank you, Backdraft."

Everyone looked towards the rooftop entrance in surprise. They all finally recognized his handiwork and his voice, and couldn't believe that the explosion alone didn't tip them off.

The man standing there was the same one from earlier who was amongst the crowd. He was currently carrying a blue backpack on his back, which matched with his white sneakers, blue jeans, and his orange hoodie. In addition to his porcelain white mask with red markings that was shaped as a fox's head, it made it hard to see what he looked like underneath, with the only thing noticeable about him was his sun kissed blond hair that stuck out from beneath his hood and mask and his bandaged right arm. Judging from the tone of his voice, they deduced that he was in his late teens.

He waved his hand at them and smiled underneath his mask. "Hey guys, been a while."

"Kitsune!" the four heroes shouted at the same time, not expecting to see this mysterious hero.

"It's been way too long, almost six months I think," he said, stopping in front of them. "Anyhow, I see you guys are bickering again about the glory crap."

The four heroes flinched at this, knowing very well about his stance on heroism and glory. He was one of the few heroes that took their job very seriously, not caring one bit about fame and glory, for the better and the worst. They chalked it up to him being a newbie hero, but it didn't take long for them to figure out that he might be the next All Might when it comes to heroism.

Unlike All Might, however, he was more of a recluse, not bothering to answer any questions or even show his face to the public. Mt. Lady once assumed that he was trying to pull the "mystery card" method in order to gain some attention before revealing the big surprise to earn more fame and merchandising, but he seemed to be taking a leaf out of Eraserhead's book by remaining low-key (even more so than the said underground hero).

"Well? Am I going to get any answers?"

Kamui sighs as he looked down, before replying, "Sorry, Kitsune."

"You don't need to apologize to anyone Kamui, but you do need to stop getting aggressive over such petty things; it's not within your nature. I get what you're feeling, but it's unprofessional and unproductive."

The wood quirk user nodded as he looked down in slight shame, taking this criticism well.

Kitsune then turned to the only woman. "As for you, Mt. Lady-"

"Come on, kid-"

"We're the same age group." Kitsune cut her off, having found out they both were in their 20's.

"Fine, Kitsune," she spat out, before going on the offensive. "Who are you to criticize us on how to do our jobs, you don't even have a license yet. We had it under control."

"You only had it under control when I threw one of these at him to give you that opening, but I'll overlook that with you." Kitsune replied as he yanked out his weapon from the concrete floor.

If this was a comedy drama show, this would've been the moment that the audience would've said "ouch", which would fit perfectly to what Yu and the others were feeling at the moment.

"Feel free to turn me in for vigilantism, but then you'll all have to admit that none of you had the situation under control, and that technically a hero in training had to help you four out. Meanwhile, I did the minimum I could with my hands tied to make sure that no more innocent lives were at stake, something I'm glad you're at least aware of every time you go Ant-Man."

The blonde lady turned her head away from Naruto, now finally feeling the same level of shame Kamui was feeling.


"Look, I'm not trying to embarrass you two," Kitsune sighed. "I'm just telling you guys what I'm seeing. You're all good heroes, but you do need to avoid letting personal emotions get in the way of your work."

"He's got a point," Backdraft finally spoke. "Even when we're heroes, we're still humans with flaws, and that's as normal as anyone else in the world. Still, we need to set an example for our people, which means we need to work hard to be better than ourselves."

"Couldn't have said it better myself," Kitsune nodded, walking over to the two heroes to put his hands over their shoulders. "Now c'mon, put those flaws aside and learn from what I told you. Personal interests or not, you two did make a great team, and had it not been for that stroke of luck on the villain's part, I wouldn't have been needed. I can see you two working well together in the future."

Those words seemed to have an impact on the two, who were now unable to look each other in the eyes.

"Now, please, settle this like adults."

"...Sorry, Kamui, for trying to steal your thunder," Mt. Lady said, looking actually guilty. "Also, sorry for speaking your name out in public."

"Yeah, my bad for overreacting like that," Kamui apologized for his part and offered his hand. "Let's forgive and forget?"

They shook hands, and just as swiftly as they threw arguments at each other, they began to exchange compliments with one another.

"I will say, your moves were of great help in binding that villain," Mt. Lady smiled. "It would've been much harder to subdue him without it."

"Your punch wasn't bad either," Kamui replied. "Knocked him out for a good hour. Pretty impressive."

"Yeah, I get that." Mt. Lady's cheeks lightened up a bit. "I actually took advice from Kitsune about my handling of it, right, Kitsune-"

And like always, he disappeared without a trace, leaving the rooftop again to only four people looking around who seemed to be used to this.

"He left again without a warning, didn't he?"

Death Arms, who was the most silent of them, replied, "Yes, yes he did."

Letting out an audible sigh of frustration, Mt Lady let out a whine. "Every time I want to ask him to hang out, he's just gone." She always wanted to get to know the mysterious hero better, with her even asking him out for dinner, but he would always disappear before the right moment.

"Let's go on patrol," Backdraft spoke up again. "It might do us some good, yeah?"

"Sure, I'm in." Death Arms shrugged as he walked. "I'll be waiting downstairs."

"Me too." Kamui said, joining the strong man, leaving Backdraft with Mt. Lady who was still a bit upset.

"Mt. Lady?"

"...One day…" Mt. Lady huffed as she joined them, crossing her arms underneath her bust. "One day I'll get him…" His identity was only known within some hero circles, with the rest of them either choosing to not care or speculated and actively sought the answer, especially amongst his admirers and fans, with Mt. Lady being in that crowd.

"That Kitsune guy sure doesn't know how much attention he's getting," Backdraft sighed as he followed his colleagues down below, resuming their patrol after going for some lunch..

Only having moved a couple of blocks away, the blond unofficial hero "Kitsune" was sitting by the end of a rooftop, admiring the sight of the large Japanese city that he resided in.

Finally having some time off from his technical vigilantism, he now found himself with more free time now he had finished all his priorities for today.

"Time for lunch!" the masked hero cheerfully exclaimed, opening his backpack.


He pulled out an unopened cup of instant ramen, before putting that aside to take out a packed sandwich with lettuce and chicken in it, followed by a bottle of water.

His left hand, the bandaged one, reached for his mask, pulling it off from his face, revealing the young man's handsome face with whisker marks on his cheeks, which went well with his sky-blue eyes and a warm smile on his face.

His name was Naruto Uzumaki, a former Leaf Shinobi, veteran of the Fourth Shinobi World War, and now, currently, a citizen of Japan and unofficially one of the country's most interesting heroes.

But now, he was just busy trying to enjoy his sandwich.

"Now you eat your ramen as last? Who are you and what have you done to that annoying brat Naruto?"

Naruto swallowed his bite and replied, "Oh, don't be a dick, Kurama and let me finish my meal." He then took a swig from his bottle.

"Come on! Give me something to laugh about, you've really changed in one year. It's almost like I am speaking to a different person now. Very different then the loudmouthed brat you were over a year ago."

Kurama wasn't exaggerating when he said that, as Naruto really had taken a different turn in his life after that unfortunate incident that changed his life.

"Ugh, fine," Naruto sighed as he finished drinking. "And besides, I didn't have much of a choice aside from adapting when I got here."

(One Year Ago)

The Fourth Shinobi World War, on the long run, was just another war to be fought on the same, vast lands. It's purpose, however, was much different than the others. It wasn't about land nor resources, no. It wasn't even about revenge. This time, it was over survival.

For the first time in history, the entirety of the Elemental Nations banded together to fight Madara Uchiha, whose plot was to enact his Infinite Tsukuyomi, which would enable world peace, albeit at the cost of everyone's freedom and reality.

Madara's mad plan unfortunate grew worse when, thanks to Black Zetsu, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki revived herself via Madara's body, and with the rest of the world stuck under the Infinite Tsukuyomi, it was up to the reanimated Hokages, Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura, and even Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki himself to stop the mother of chakra.

That task wasn't easy, especially since the fight with Madara left them pretty tired out, with Naruto being close to exhaustion himself.

However, the only thing keeping him going was his stubborn will. He needed to stay standing- he couldn't afford to lose now! Not especially since he lost some of his comrades during this horrible war, including Neji, who put his trust into him to take care of Hinata, before he died protecting him.


Currently stuck in an underground pit in one of Kaguya's dimensions, the recently reunified Team 7 just needed an opening that allowed Hagoromo to reseal his mother to end this madness once and for all.

"Naruto, are you alright?"

Naruto, who was still in his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, turned to his sensei Kakashi Hatake.

"Yeah, I think I am." Naruto responded to his father's former pupil. "I'm just really exhausted now."




On cue, the team pushed back Kaguya with all the last bits of energy they had left, forcing the goddess to defend, with the combined powers of Naruto's Kyuubi Mode, Sasuke's Susanoo, and Sakura's Strength of a Hundred Seal.

They, like their masters the Three Legendary Sannin, would show incredible power against their opponent.


Kaguya, stunned by suddenly taking simultaneous blows from three sides, faltered for a second, and that was all the time they needed.

"Now, Hagoromo!"

"No, NO!" In a fit of rage, Kaguya clapped her hands together before splitting them apart.

Naruto widened both his eyes at what he saw and warned.

"Sakura, Sasuke, move!"

"Huh?" Both replied.


Without warning, the two were grabbed by their collars, before being flung as far away from the Rabbit Goddess as far as possible. The two wound up floating back to Kakashi's position, whose eyes widened in horror.


That was the last thing the Uzumaki heard as he looked into the light beam that the mad woman fired at him. Unbeknownst to them, this would be the last time Naruto would ever see his friends, with the final words sealing his fate still echoing in his dreams.

"Chouetsu Heiya no Jutsu!"

Consumed by this bright, white light, he could barely hear the screams of his name as he lost consciousness.

"Hey, Naruto."

An outside voice from behind interrupted his lunch.

"Oh, hey All Might."

The guy standing behind him was all but All Might. While the Symbol of Peace was a large, strongly built and healthy looking blonde man, the person that stood before the ex-Shinobi was of average height, skinny, sick looking man with black eyes with blue pupils.

Except it was All Might, but in his civilian form. This was Toshinori Yagi, the wielder of One for All and a good friend of Naruto, so good friends that they shared secrets with each other, such as the origins of their powers and their shared conviction.

"Come on, Naruto. When I'm in my normal form, call me Toshinori," the lanky man said, giving him a handshake. "It spares the staring."

"Sure, my bad," Naruto offered him a seat next to him. "Hungry?"

"Sure, thanks." The hero accepted a sandwich from Naruto, before asking, "How's life treating you? It feels like forever since I saw you."

Naruto couldn't help but hold back his laughter while he was drinking from his water bottle.

"What? What's so funny?"

"Because, Toshinori, it's been only a week," Naruto replied with a smile. "No need to be subtle, man. Chill."

Toshinori smiled as he took a tiny bite from his sandwich. In his physical state, he wasn't able to eat a lot of solid food due to the wounds he sustained from the worst fight he endured.

"Okay, man, what's on your mind?." Naruto asked, finishing off his sandwich before grabbing his cup of ramen. "It's not everyday you come here to speak with me on my lunch break."

"I tried to reach you through your phone, but then I remembered that you don't like using one apparently."

"I'm not really into fancy gadgets so I don't use it much," Naruto replied as he broke apart his wooden chopsticks. "Is there a problem?"

"Oh no, I just wanted to deliver a message from Nezu," Toshinori smiled. "He told me that everything's settled, paperwork and all."

Naruto's eyes widened. "You mean-"

"Yep. It's official now," the skinny man smiled at him as he patted him on the back. "You're hired as a part-time tutor for U.A. Academy for first year students. Congratulations, kid."

That was a moment of sheer relief and another weight that was lifted off his shoulder. Naruto, the same person who could not have hated school any more in his younger days, was now a tutor for the best Hero academy in the country.

A strange world indeed.

"Took him long enough, but at least he's not a government bureaucrat," Naruto said while releasing a sigh of relief from his lungs. "I need to thank that mouse when I see him."

"Considering how you needed the extra cash for your dojo's rent, I'd have to agree with you."

"That too, but I was more concerned with getting those Commission assholes to work faster on my license," Naruto added. "I'm actually stunned that it's taking them fricking eight months to work on my license."

It wasn't a secret that Naruto and the Hero Public Safety Commission, the official organization that overlooked all heroes, weren't on good terms, with the blond often openly mocking them or calling them names for their incompetence and with them using heroes for their political gains behind the scenes.

This, of course, led to Naruto having to jump through more hoops and go through other obstacles for him to become an official Pro Hero to stall his license as long as he could as they tried to get him under their thumb.

"You know, I really suggest you stop picking a fight with the Commission," Toshinori suggested. "It might help you with your progress as a Pro Hero if you let down this beef you got with them."

Naruto let out a sigh. It wasn't the first time he had this argument before, but each time he gave the same answer.

"I'd rather not be used as a puppet for their goals, Toshinori," he said, staring down at the buildings. "I've already gone through that once before."

Toshinori nodded. Being one of the few who had the privilege of knowing about Naruto, he was also informed about his hardships as well, such as his upbringing and his status as an orphan from birth who had to build himself up from the bottom, something which Toshinori had to admire about him.

Despite the hateful environment he grew up in and the hurdles he had to go through, he also hardly had a normal childhood, and the fact that he lost some people in his life only served to make his upbringing a rather dark one. Despite how harshly life treated him, he still wanted to do some good and help the people for the better.

Overall, he was a young man with a heart of gold, a perfect candidate as his successor.

"You're a good man, Naruto, you really are," Toshinori said to him. "With someone like you on the streets, it makes Japan a safer and perhaps a better place to live in."

Naruto finished his cup of ramen and sighs in satisfaction, with his mouth turning into a corner smile as he gave a smiley teeth.

"I'm just doing my job, man. Nothing else. I don't do this for fame or money."

"That I know," Toshinori replied. "That's why it's essential for you to just ease down for the moment, at least until you get your license."

"Then can I continue calling them bastards out?"

"Yes." Toshinori sighed.

"...Alright, I'll give it a shot," Naruto groaned as he threw his empty cup away into his small trash bag, before stuffing it into his backpack. "I'm going for a walk through the city. Wanna join in?"

"I'd love to, but no," Toshinori said as he stood back up. "I'm still on patrol, actually. I got two hours left for today, so I'm needed elsewhere."

"Cool, if you need a hand, holler at me," Naruto told him while giving him a fist bump. "If not, then I'll see you at UA."


Rising from the sudden cloud of smoke stood the Symbol of Peace All Might, with his trademark smile and muscles and everything. He gave Naruto a fist bump in return.

"I look forward to working with you in the future, my friend. PLUS ULTRA!"


And just like that, All Might was gone, jumping impossibly high as he hopped from rooftop to rooftop with ease, keeping a lookout for villainy or danger, fulfilling his promise and duty to remain as the Symbol of Peace.

Naruto smiled at his friend's dramatic departure before going out on his way. He decided to take the rest of the day off to relax.

"One black coffee, sir." A waitress behind the counter in a maid's outfit happily handed the cup over to her customer. "Here you go."

Naruto accepted his order with a warm smile and replied, "Thank you, ma'am."

The girl in the maid costume couldn't help but smile and blush a bit. Naruto was a recurring customer here, and her heart always skipped a beat every time she saw him.

"Have a wonderful day," she waved, earning a wave back from the blond-haired man.


He exited the coffee shop and took a sip from his coffee, something he wound up developing as a habit despite not "working", but it was the one thing he could rely on in long nights of his line of work. Having worked very hard in the past year was a bit of an understatement if you weren't in his shoes.

Walking his way home, he noticed that he was passing by one of the schools that were about to end their semester. He knew that it was that time of the year, where the new graduates from middle school were going to attempt to become Pro Heroes.

That was what most students wanted to do anyways, but he knew that the acceptance rates for those academies like U.A. were very slim, with the evaluations they had to go through being very strict. Especially after the recent spike of suicides.

And when he said suicides, he meant the suicides among the Quirkless students who were victims of bullying by the Quirked students.


The thought of it made Naruto's blood boil, painfully reminding him of his own childhood on how the people acted like predators against their target.

Ten months ago, three students in U.A. were expelled and arrested after the police received an "anonymous" tip about their connection to the bullied child, who turned up missing a day before their graduation. His body was recovered a week later in the nearest river, where they found his suicide note in his pocket.

And what did those three pricks say to the police in the interrogation room?

They just told the detectives it didn't matter, that he was a Quirkless kid that had no reason to live.

It was one of those ugly aspects of this Quirk-filled world that he absolutely loathed, where the Quirkless were the minority in a society filled with people with Quirks. They were outnumbered and outgunned, and the people made sure that they knew it everyday, and the only times it seems to be mentioned is when another Quirkless member would take their own lives. People would hold a funeral, talk about Quirk Supremacy and how wrong it is, and then everything would go back to normal.

It was perhaps the most depressing part of this Hero world that he honestly hated.


The shrill school bell snapped him out of his thoughts, and he watched as the students of this middle school quickly left in droves to celebrate their last day of school.

Deciding to simply walk through the crowd of students, Naruto could hear some of their comments as he passed by them.

"Man, I can't wait until I fill out my application for UA. I'm going to be in it!"

"Fuck yeah, we'll become famous!"

"Heard about that Quirkless kid said in class? He wanted to be a hero."

"Midoriya, That useless freak? Hah, don't make me laugh."

"Bakugou confirmed it. That moron, I think he's fucked in the head."

"He should just do himself a favor and end his embarrassing life."

Naruto's eyes narrowed into a glare. And to think that these fresh graduates had the audacity to want to become heroes. Boy, he was glad that the teachers at U.A. were starting to take these applications seriously, and were no fan of such toxic members of society.

His thoughts immediately went towards a certain sleepy hero who was quite infamous for how many students he's expelled…

He struggled to keep his temper down. Those kids will get a reality check sooner or later anyways. Letting out a huff, he continued walking.


Naruto kept on walking, assuming that it was meant for the teachers of this school, until a pink hand grabbed his shirt.

"Sensei, it's me!"

Naruto smiled, recognizing that perky voice.

"Hey, Ashido."

"Aw, Sensei! Please call me Mina!" the pink-skinned girl whined. "...You know I don't like it when you call me by my last name."

"Sorry, being your dojo teacher, I guess habits die hard," Naruto chuckled sheepishly. "You go to school here?"

"No, but I got a friend here," she answered. "She just graduated too, and told me she'll join her family business."

"That means you graduated too?"

"Yep!" Mina said as she raised her fists proudly. "Now I can finally go and try to be a hero! With what I learned over the past twelve months, I'm sure I can put it to good use!"

"That's good to know." Naruto smiled, feeling a sense of pride upon seeing how much his student has grown. "That reminds me, have you been practicing in your spare time?"

"Hell yes!"

The two talked for a good half hour. With the teacher and the student having a normal conversation, the bystanders were assuming that with the two being of close age (With Naruto being 19 and Ashido 15). They presumed they were friends or maybe even a couple.

But it wasn't like that. He was a Pro Hero now, and the owner of a dojo located in the center of Mustafu City, where he worked and resided.

A dojo in this day and age sounded irrelevant, but only after one year after its establishment, the Maelstrom Dojo quickly grew in fame due to the teacher in question and what he taught.

Unlike the others who taught the ancient non-quirk fighting techniques, his dojo allowed both the quirked and the quirkless to attend, allowing those to train their powers in a safe and controlled setting. Of course he taught both groups martial arts, but it's rumored that he would teach the quirkless special techniques meant to give them an upper hand against the quirked.

As if that didn't give him enough fame as it is, Naruto himself was an excellent and undefeated fighter within his Dojo. He would often fight his students, especially when they got cocky, allowing them to use their quirks while he only used his arms and fists.

Not once did he lose, with many cocky fighters learning a lesson in humility. The young and the old alike assumed that he was going easy on them, and that he only won because they were students, but when one of the student's fathers challenged him to a match, he had publicly defeated the man even with his powerful quirk, while again, only using his bare fists.

When rumors broke out about Naruto being a quirkless fighter, this earned him the attention of the public, with many challengers storming to his front door and leaving defeated and humiliated.

Within no time at all, the Maelstrom Dojo quickly earned a line of students wanting to learn his secrets. But getting in was hard, as Naruto himself handpicked the students. Caring not about the money or the quirks, he judged them based on their character, which usually meant kicking out 75% of his potential students.

Mina Ashido was one of them. A girl with a good heart, she also wasn't a stranger to teasing and bullying, due to her quirk. Her skin color, eyes, horns, and her acidic nature made her the target, but that didn't bring her down, and her strong determination to do good in the world earned her a spot in Naruto's dojo. It didn't help that he honestly saw a little bit of himself in her as well.

"It's good to know that you're still practicing, Mina," Naruto told her. "Dancing and flexibility are both important skills when it comes to fighting against opponents."

Mina smiled while rubbing the back of her head. "Yeah, thanks, sensei." Luckily for her, her skin color was good at hiding her blush on her cheeks, as she felt honestly flattered by the compliment her master was giving her.

The fact that she had some rather...forbidden feelings towards her sensei made her body squirm even more, her legs rubbing together nervously.

"Anyway, you know today's a free one. So I'll see you in tomorrow's class, alright?" Naruto told her. "And remember, now that you're free, put in your application as fast as possible. UA's exams take place in eleven months."

"Does that mean we'll be-"

"You'll all be well-trained for the coming eleven months," Naruto told her with a smile. "So expect a long and well-prepared training routine. There will be no time for slacking off, got it?"

Mina smiled and nodded to her sensei. "Yes, sensei!"

"Good," Naruto said looking over his watch. "Look, I got to move now, see you and the others tomorrow-"

"Sensei, wait." She grabbed his hand to stop him from leaving. "I-I got something to say to you."

Confused by her sudden nervousness, Naruto listened to her.

"I….I wanted to thank you, for everything," the normally hyper girl began, with her head bowed down to him. "For taking me in as a student, for helping me and supporting me."

Naruto just kept on listening to her as he sensed the sincerity in her voice, with a tone of pain that she rarely let be heard. He knew that very much because he himself had experienced it.

"You know, that before I met you, I was in a dark place. And by that, I really was in a dark place… with my situation at home, you know?"

What she meant by that was that Mina had no family. Orphaned from a very young age, she lived with her foster parents, who, at most, "tolerated" her at home. Sure, they gave her food, shelter, and clothes, but didn't care much for her after that.

In school, she had a great reputation of being friendly and easygoing with others, friends and bullies alike, to the point where even some of her tormentors would stop picking on her.

But it was way different when she would go home. The easygoing, cheerful girl she showed the world would disappear. She was always downcast and saddened whenever she was home, and at times would be a mess, especially if you ever caught her crying after another dispute she had with her foster parents. Whether it was about her appearance, her quirk, or even accusing her of spreading her legs for attention, home never felt like a home to her.

Then one day, Naruto found her on a bench in a park while on his walk, crying to herself as she cradled a bruise on her cheek. He comforted her before confronting her parents.

He allowed her to stay at his dojo for the night, and she became one of his first and few students that knew his alter ego. Pretty soon, she began to stay at his place more frequently. That is, until her foster parents accused him of grooming and molesting her.

Unfortunately for them, it was a trap, and he and Mina both testified in court about her abuse, with Mina even recording and photographing some of her abuse in secret. Needless to say, her parents did not win that case, and Naruto won custody of her.

This was the day his dojo became an unofficial orphanage to those that asked for his help.

A few tears dropped to the ground, streaming from Mina's cheeks.

"I-I can't thank you enough," she managed to say in between her small sobs, struggling to keep her tears back. "T-Thank you, sensei. Thank you for everything!"

Naruto just smiled as he patted her head. This made her blush as she quickly wiped her tears away.

"I'm just glad I can help." Naruto smiled. "Now, dry those tears, I don't like seeing one of my best students cry."

Smiling at the man in front of her, she was happy to be praised by someone like Kitsune. She quickly gave him a hug, which he accepted.

Naruto kept on smiling as he patted her on the head.

Naruto waved as Mina took off on her bicycle to meet her friend.

"See you at the dojo, sensei!" Mina cried happily, waving him off as she sped away.

Naruto chuckled as he kept waving her off, until he was left by himself. Well, physically anyways.

"Oh, just fucking take her in and do the naughtiest things to her, kid!"

"What, and get myself arrested? No, thank you, perverted fox," Naruto told his inner companion. "Besides, she's my student, and I'm not going to justify her parents' accusations."

"You say that, but she clearly wouldn't mind. She's not the first one, by the way."

"I know she and the others have feelings for me," Naruto sighed as he found it rather uncomfortable. "But still, she's underage."

"She's turning 16 this year, and it's not illegal-"

"Are you trying to get me arrested?"

"I'm just saying that you got a girl that's like you, acts like you, has the same ideals as you, and on top of that, she has a crush on her 'very young' master who helped her out in her worst moments."

Naruto was beginning to feel really uncomfortable as he kept on hearing this, and shook his head. "I'm just going to ignore you for now."

"Yeah, yeah, that's what you'll be doing now. But later? Hehehehehe…"

"Damned perverted fox," Naruto cursed to himself. "One day…"

"You Quirkless freak!"

Naruto froze in his tracks as his head whipped back to the open school gates. He glared at the sight of two students cornering and harassing a green haired kid by the water stream. One of the bullies had a notebook over his head as they taunted the smaller boy.

"You didn't think we'd forget about you, huh Midoriya?" the one with the greasy hair and the notebook said. "Just because Bakugou takes all the time putting you in your place doesn't mean we won't be taking our time with you."

Naruto observed from a distance as he wondered what the response of the Quirkless kid would be.

"J-Just, give it back." Izuku asked, looking tired from today's abuse. "Those are my notes-"


Izuku watched in horror how the fat one began tearing a piece of his notebook in two with a smug grin on his face, while the greasy kid just laughed.

"You know what? I think I'll keep this," the bully declared. "I've read it a bit, and it'll be pretty useful for when I will attend UA. So for that, I'll let you run off now before we beat you up."

"B-But, those are my notes." Izuku said. "I've-"

"SCRAM, you useless, quirkless shit!" the fat kid yelled at him. "Now before I plummet you!"

It was enough for the green haired boy, who quickly left with tears. As he ran away towards the other exit of the school, the two boys were laughing hysterically.

The fat kid then yelled out, "Yeah, run away to your skank of a mother, you useless sack of shit!"

"Know your place and respect your betters!" the greasy kid said, holding the notebook up as a last trophy of his middle school days.


The notebook got yanked out of the kid's hand, making the brat angry.

"Hey, who the fuck are-!" he whirled around to start picking on who dared to stop them, only to pale at the sight of the last person he wanted to see.

"Karumo, what's the-" the fat kid turned around, only to also turn pale when he saw who the intruder was.

Naruto just stood over them with the notebook in his hand, a look of disgust in his face as he stared down at the very things he hated. The worst part for them, however, was that this wasn't his first encounter with these two.


"You two, huh? It's been a while, you shit stains," Naruto said, not wanting to bother remembering their names. He was quite familiar with these two because they were the first few students he ever kicked out. Posing as a fellow quirk supremacist, he quickly realized their true nature and immediately scolded them for it, before kicking them out. They, of course, didn't take kindly to this, and tried to fight him, only to be literally thrown out, being permanently banished from his dojo without a second thought.

He glanced at the husky bully, before quickly swiping the two pieces of paper from his hands.

"Hey, that's-"

"Midoriya's property," Naruto cut off, glaring sharply at the two. "Now, you're going to tell me who that kid is and where he lives."

The two former students were on the verge of shitting themselves as his eyes seemed to carve into their souls. Their teeth chattered as their legs trembled. They felt this before. This sense of...bloodlust. Hatred. Pure hatred in its rawest form. They've faced this monster before, and they weren't prepared to face him again.

"Do you want me to teach you another lesson?"

The husky bully finally squealed. "His name's Izuku Midoriya! He lives in the large apartments around here in Building 2!"

"Thank you for your cooperation…" Naruto said slowly. "Now, please leave, before I pummel you."

Unsurprisingly, they were still paralyzed by fear, and he decided to give them a little shove.


The two panicked as they ran past him, scared out of their minds.

Ignoring the two, he began inspecting the notes, which were slightly water damaged (most likely due to the nearby stream. He could still read them, though, and he was impressed by what its contents.

And he wasn't the only one.

"I've seen a lot of Shinobi masterminds in my lifetime, but this kid's book is something on a different leve, kid. He's a genius, I can tell you that."

"He is," Naruto said reading through, being more surprised by it. "His analysis, the details, the attacks, he almost reminds me of-"

"Shikamaru? The Third Hokage? Maybe even that creep, Orochimaru? I tell ya, this kid's got eyes like a Sharingan."

"And yet, all they see is his Quirkless nature," Naruto sighed, shaking his head. "I'll go bring this back."

"You sure about that? He's probably miserable right now."

"All the more reason to bring it back," Naruto countered as he reached for something in his pocket. "Besides, I'm thinking about bringing it back with a show."

"As Naruto Uzumaki?"

"No, as Kitsune."