quick note: I am having the worst writer's block lately and I am really struggling with my current story. This is just something short and sweet I put together trying to get out of my funk, besides as many of you know Laxus is my favorite. Hope you enjoy.

Juvia sat at the bar watching the scene of pure joy unfold around her, the 100 year quest was over and team Natsu had finally returned to the cheers of their guildmates. Juvia had immediately rushed in to hug Gray's arm close but eventually settled at the bar as he celebrated with his friends. She was happy for him, but she felt like she was intruding on his moment, Laxus and Mira whispered, faces close and kept peering over at the water made making her slightly uneasy. Finally, Mira bounded over with a smile and said, "let us help you."

"What do you mean?" Juvia asked carefully, unsure of what the woman had planned

Laxus turned to face her and placed his knees on either side of hers where she faced him. "Relax, I'm not hitting on you or anything."

"Wh-what?" Juvia was confused.

"We're just having a little lesson on body language," Mira said mischievously.

"Body language?" Juvia repeated to herself still unsure of what they meant,

"Look Blue," Laxus smirked, "Seems like the stripper is a little distracted by the festivities, so we're going to see if he is paying attention." His arm draped beside her along the bar as he leaned close. "It doesn't matter what I am saying to you, all that matters is what he sees."

Juvia's eyes flicked to where Gray sat drinking with his team, "and what will he see?"

Laxus ran a fingertip down her arm, "enough to make him realize he is taking too long." Juvia stiffened against his touch. "Relax," he reminded her, "this just an experiment of sorts."

Juvia took a determined breath and nodded as Laxus leaned closer, her knees between his as he scooted forward on the bar stool. "Just a little proximity, and the appearance of an interested party..." he trailed off as he caressed her arm.

Mira stifled a giggle, "I think he may have noticed," she practically squealed,

"Look at me," Laxus stopped her, putting his fingers gently under her chin before she could look at the ice mage. "Don't pay him any attention, just keep your eyes on me."

"Laxus-san," she whispered, fighting the urge to look toward Gray.

He ran his fingers up her jaw and through her hair, playing with the ends as he released the strand, "Just sit here and ignore him, he'll be over here soon enough, trust me."

Mira pretended to wipe down the bar as Laxus and Juvia stared into one another's eyes, carefully narrating the situation for them, "Oh yea, he noticed. He keeps looking over here."

Laxus leaned in close, whispering in her ear, "it's about time he got the hint to hurry up and tell you how he feels." Juvia tried to remain calm as his breath tickled her ear, his fingertips playing with her hair once again.

Mira snorted quietly, "I don't think he's too happy," she practically sang under her breath.

Laxus shifted his weight leaning even further into her, their foreheads nearly touching as gave a wicked grin, "it's only a matter of time until-"

"Juvia!" Gray called closing the distance between them. "What exactly is going on over here?"

Laxus smirked, "Just having a little conversation with the Rain Woman, isn't that right?" he sent a look at Juvia's flushed face.

Juvia stammered, "y-yes, we were just talking."

"I need to talk to you," Gray said grabbing her wrist, "alone." He pulled her from her seat and out of Laxus's proximity, quickly making his way out the side door.

"What was that all about," he asked in a huff, not releasing her wrist as he turned to her.

"Laxus-san was just showing me something," Juvia explained, being purposefully vague.

"He was too close," Gray growled with a scowl on his face.

"Was he?" Juvia squeaked knowing full well the man had been entirely too close to her face.

"Yes!" Gray snapped, "Doesn't he know that you're-" he stopped short of finishing his sentence.

"That Juvia is what, Gray-sama?" her eyes trained on his face, light blush tinging his cheeks.

"You're..." he tried and failed again. "It's just that you're-"

Juvia watched as he tried to formulate the words she desperately wanted to hear.

"I want you to be...mine," he said, barely over a whisper.

"Oh Gray-sama," she gave a small giggle as he looked up surprised at her reaction, 'I've always been yours, silly. I love you."

"I- I love you too," he flushed even deeper crimson.

Juvia pulled him into a tight hug and smiled, "I'm happy to finally hear it."

Gray released a breath he hadn't realized he was holding and pulled her back gently, "then what was all that about in there?"

"Laxus-san was just showing Juvia about body language," she smiled cheerfully, "it was Mira-chan's idea."

Gray stammered for a moment before murmuring, "those two...idiots."

Juvia leaned in pressing a kiss to his cheek, "Juvia is glad Gray-sama is home."

He leaned in and quickly pressed his lips to hers before pulling back again with a frustrated sigh, "try not to get tangled up in any more of Mira's shenanigans, would you?"

"I'll try," she smiled, hugging him close.

"Want me to walk you home?" he asked quietly.

"Don't you want to get back to the party?" she questioned.

"Nah, I think I've had enough of our friend's hijinks for tonight."