Watching Jauneverse



From within a white void without end,a building stood on top of a floating island.

This obelisk stood within the nothingness, always glowing its violet colored this building are millions of rooms of different of Kitchens, Hundreds of bathrooms,millions of bedrooms in different sizes and many more.

However we aren't focused on them, are focused on the one of the few theater rooms in this building, a theater that can show different realities and universes that is.

Like the other theaters ,this one was large enough to fit many people,with space to spare.

Standing at the front,facing the chairs, is a figure wearing a grey colored figure, which will be known as the being for now,looked around the room with an approving nod.

"Preparations have been met, only the audiences are left."

With that said purple crystals came out from the being and formed a a tear in time and space appeared within the ring.

"Its time to collect" Without any more delay the being stepped through the portal.

Remnant, Beacon

Remnant,the world of bloody of the number 1 girl team,Team this story is not about them but about a certain blonde knight.

It was sky was pitch black with the only source of light being up there is the broken moon.

At a famous academy named Beacon,a place that trains the future huntsmen and huntresses of the was in this school did our protagonist reside in, for the moment at least.

Within the room of Team JNPR, Jaune Arc is seen sleeping in his bed after a long day of training with his friend... while wearing a one piece pajama.

From the side of the bed a tear in space and time formed. Out from it came the being, who looked down at the boy and was instantly disappointed.

'He should have gone for bears',The being thought before they hand reached out to the boy.

However before they did a spear was lodged on the wall,narrowly avoiding the being's head.

They turned there head to stare at an angry over protective red headed Spartan, Pyrrha Nikos, who made her weapon come back to her and looked ready to attack, "Who are you and what you doing with Jaune!?"

Standing on her right was the silent lotus, Ren Lie silent boy of the group had his weapon pointed at there eyes narrowed and his body tensed,ready to battle.

On her right was... oh no. An angry orange haired valkyrie wielding her hammer while looking murderously at the I mention she was pissed cause someone woke her up so late in the night?



With a wave of the strangers hand the three students fell into the giant portal that appeared on the floor.

With the distraction done with, the stranger turned back to the boy,who is miraculously still asleep,and reached out to him again.

Suddenly the door was busted open and the being stopped to see Team RWBY,with there weapons, glaring at them.

The little rose, Ruby, held her scythe in sniper form at the burdened snowflake, Weiss,had casted a glyph on the beings feet while holding her rapier on the runaway cat fauna, Blake, held had aimed at arrow at him or atleast her silhouette did while the real her creeper closer to golden brawler,Yang,pounded her gauntlets together and looked ready to charge at him.

"Ready to get pummelled!"


With tap of his foot the girls fell into four portals that appeared bellow them.

"..." The being turns back to the boy and reached there hand at any more interruptions the being's hand touched the boys forehead,right when the boy woke he didn't get to scream when a golden light blinded him and filled the room.

After it died down, no one was left inside the dorm but the then turned to exit the room to there next targets.

Meanwhile at Ozpin's office the headmaster and his secretary, Glynda,are busy doing paper Glynda was preoccupied with drinking his coffee.

As they went on the elevator door suddenly caught there attention cause they didn't expect anyone coming here at this time.

When the doors opened it revealing the being themselves.

"Hello wizard" The being raised a pale hand and snapped there fingers," Goodbye"

Before Glynda or Ozpin could react the both of them got sucked up into portals that appeared above them.

"10 down, 16 to go", The being said before they disappeared into a portal

Somewhere in Vale

Inside a room Cinder,Emerald, and Mercury are discussing plans with the two criminals infront of are Roman and his acquittance Neo.

As they were discussing their plans a portal suddenly appeared inside the room

"What the-", Cinder along with the rest watched as the being stepped out of the portal.

The room was on edge when the group of criminals stared at the unknown invader.

"Who are you?" The false maiden asked and tried to control the even convince this stranger to join there side.

"A being of power", They spoke as portals appeared bellow the groups feet they began to fall into when Roman tried to grab the ledge it was already too Neo couldn't react fast enough before she disappeared into the portal.

With there job done the being returned into the portal they came out of as it disappeared.

Still somewhere else in vale

Inside Ironwood's temporary office,built in his bullhead, the general and specialist Winter are going through some paper they share the burden together unlike a certain coffee addict.

Just when they were about to finish there job and retire to there separate quarters the being appeared before them,via through they're portal.

Instantly they drew there weapons and aimed at the intruder, "Who are you and what are you doing here!"

"To collect" Two portal formed under them and the two fell before they could realize what was happening.

The being nodded his head before disappearing once more.

Rose-Xiao Long residence

Inside a fairly normal looking house a blonde man and his dog are on the couch watching man was Taiyang Xio Long,the sun warrior as his colleagues used to call corgi on his lap was none other than Zwei, the indestructible and loyal hound of the family.

As those two watched, well Zwei watched Tai passed out a while ago,the being appeared before the corgi.

"Greetings oh great one" He said as he bowed to the Corgi.

"Bark!" The creature stood straight with authority as he questioned the being in front of him.

"I see you've heard of me, I am honored your family spoke of me throughout there generation."


"You must already have guest what I am doing."


"It would be an honor to have you join us."

With one last bow the being summoned a portal bellow the two as they both fell into it and disappeared.

With a rare smile on the beings face they disappeared to the next person they'll collect.

A random bar

A drunkard crow is seen sitting on a bar stool,drinking glass after glass of booze without end.

It was obvious tho the man is now beyond drunk than any normal person has ever been, in this planet atleast. 1

When the being stepped throught the portal into the empty bar,they instantly deadpanned at the man while shaking there head in disgust.

A portal appeared bellow the hunstman without him caring, or noticing cause he's too drunk.

"Just a few more to go",With that said the being disappeared without a trace.

Bandit Camp

At a certain bandit camp two strong women patrolled there territory.

One was Raven Brandwen, leader of the Brandwen tribe and one of the strongest fighters there is on remnant.

Beside her is her second in command, student of Raven who may in the future move up to be the new leader of the tribe.

As they patrolled the perimeter they turned a corner only to back up in surprise and instantly go into there stances as they stared at the being who stood in there way.

"State your business or you'll face your demise" Raven threatened while there opponent simply raised a hand," I came to collect."

Both dashed toward the intruder,however they both ended up going through two portals that appeared in front of them.

"Only two more batches to go."

Just like that they disappeared into a tear to collect the final 5 persons.

Grimm Lands

Inside a dark ominous castle gathered four sat on the sides of the long table and one stood at the end,atop a throne.

With her pale white skin, black colored veins that showed through her flesh and her eyes, they glowed a mighty red.

This was Salem, creator of the grimm, the being who wants the extinction of humans and faunas alike.

To her left were Tyrian,the crazy dangerous,and deadly scorpion fauna who obsessed to obey her goddesses, the mad scientists that dreams of technological advancement, through any means necessary.

To her right was Hazel, the man who wishes nothing more than get revenge on Ozpin for taking his sister away.

They were all discussing there plans until the space at the other end of the table teared away,and out from it came the being.

Instantly Salem's followers got ready to fight while the immortal creator of Grimm raised a brow in curiosity.

Without warning Tyrian lunged at the boy with a blood thirsty what he didn't expect was for a portal to appear and swallow him before closing.

The others grew tensed and prepared yet they could do nothing when they fell into the portals that formed bellow them.

Now it was just the two of them left, "You know...I see much of myself in you... and what I could have become."

Salem grew even more curios with the invader's statement as they neared her until they were face to face with each other.

"So I ask of you,from one immortal to another, keep the peace or prevent any useless fighting until I arrive."

For once in the time they were revealed the being's eyes glowed through the darkness of there hood.

There eyes met, with eerie violet staring into blood showed much experience and age.

"Very well" She accepted,"However I do expect an explanation later on."

"It is a deal" A portal appeared in front of Salem as she stood up from her throne and walked into the portal,disappearing from sight.

Now done with place,the being disappeared to collect the final person.


The being appeared within a grey of the dead and deceased floated around, in pain yet none in relief,this was limbo.

The being floated past the souls in search of one certain soul,until he stopped when he met eyes with the last one they'll collect.

Violet met Silver as both hooded individuals looked on at each other in silence.

At the Theater

Out from a portal above came the bodies of team NPR,who all fell to the floor with a thud.

With a groan Pyrrha rose from the floor and looked at her surroundings,"Where are we?"

They had landed in some kind of ground bellow them was ashen grey with no plant life in most mind blowing thing however was what she saw, or rather what she didn't see.

Nothing for miles and was all a white void with no end in sight, yet standing out from this void is the skyscraper of a building standing in front of them.

A groan from behind her reminded her that she wasn't the only one that was brought here, "Nora! Ren!"

The red head went to help her other teammates to stand up on there feet,"Ugh where are we?",Ren questioned.

"OH MY OUM! WHAT IS THIS PLACE?!" Screamed Nora who then turned to the obelisk like building, "WHAT IS THAT?!"

"I don't know Nora-", Pyrrha was cut off when the giant portal above them spit out four more bodies to the floor.

"Ruby?! Yang?! Black?! Weiss?!" Team NPR moved to help there sister team up from the floor.

"Pyrrha?! What are you doing here?", Ruby asked before she looked around and her eyes grew wide," WHERE ARE WE?!"

"I don't know,last thing I remembered was someone in a grey cloak try to- WAIT WHERES JAUNE!" Pyrrha explained.

"JAUNE WAS KIDNAPPED TOO?!" Ruby screamed,worried for her first friend.

"We saw that person try take him too! Right before thy sent us...where are we anyways" Weiss pointed out.

"That punk must be behind this,ooow when I see them again I'm gonna-", Yang grumbled as her eyes glowed red before it died down when they saw Glynda and Ozpin floating down from above with the help of Glynda's semblance.

"Headmaster Ozpin! Miss Glynda!" The latter's eyes widened at the sight of her students in,where ever this place is.

The students went on over to there teachers," What in remnants name are you all here?!" The blonde teacher questioned.

"I believe the same reason we both were sent here." Ozpin said with a calm voice, "Now everyone stay calm and try to see if your scrolls are still functional."

When they did check,there scrolls were fine however they couldn't get any signal.

"Damn it!" In a fit of rage Yang threw her scroll to the ground.

"Miss Xio Long! Language!" Glynda scolded her student.

Suddenly five more bodies fell out of the giant portal, who were instantly caught by Glynda's semblance.

The teacher recognize three of them as the transfer students so she let them down,however she kept the other two in the air.

"Roman Torchwick!", Ruby said in recognition while said criminal looked down and smirked," Hello little red",Them looked at the other people, "Huh...guess the pal in the cloak was your friend?"

"You got sent here by them too?" Black questioned.

"Oh so you aren't friends then...well that a bit of a do you mind getting us down?!"

Meanwhile Neo just spin in the air beside him,cute.

As if on cue two more bodies fell on top of Roman,causing Glynda's concentration to fade and the four dropped to the ground.

Neo however used her umbrella to gently float down.

"Ugh, as if this day could get any worse.", He grumbled before he heard the cough on top of looked up to see General Ironwood and Winter baring down on him.

Roman groaned," I just had to open my big mouth."

Meanwhile as they untangled themselves and apprehended Roman more bodies fell from the portal.

They were Tai, Zwei, Qrow, Raven, and Vernal.

Instantly Ruby and Yang went to hug there father, uncle, and Zwei, you can't forget about Zwei.

"What are we going to do?" Emerald asked to her leader who narrowed her eyes when she felt a connection to the woman, "We keep quiet and watch,for now."

Vernal looked to Raven, who stared at the Rose-Xia Long family embrace each other along with her brother.

When she saw Yang Raven decided to keep elusive for however grew suspicious as she looked to the family and then to her leader.

"Dad! Uncle Qrow! I can't believe you guys are here!" Exclaimed an excited Ruby as she hugged her family.

" I missed you to my little rose! And how's my little spitfire doing?!",Tai said as he embraced his daughters.

"I've been doing well old man! Tho I thought I'd see you next 'fall', eh? Eh?"

The ones around them groaned while Tai looked like proud at her,"That's my girl."

As they embraced each other four new arrivals dropped out from the portal.

"Watts?!" Ironwood instantly recognized the rogue scientist.

"General,I did not expect to meet you in person again." Watts said as he dusted off his outfit.

Meanwhile Ozpin narrowed his eyes at Hazel,vaguely recognizing as someone from his past.

Unfortunately Hazel had spotted the old wizard and his eyes lit up with a burning unkept rage,"Ozpin!"

The large man clenched his hands into a fist while the scorpion fauna behind him scanned the room with a maniac like gaze.

"Don't know where that person in the cloak sent us,but if it meant I'll have more bodies to play with,hehehe~ I'll enjoy myself.", Tyrian said with a psycho grin as he readied his weapon.

Like a chain reaction everyone drew there weapons and grew tensed as well as prepared for the battle ahead.

Just as Hazel and Tyrian were about to make the first move the portal above them crackled with violet colored light night,stopping the possible class and gathering there attention to it.

The portal slowly turned right side up and floated down on the ground until it landed between the group.

Everyone grew tense and nervous, a few were excited,as they waited for what or who would come out.

When they did see there were many 's group grew afraid with fear,The students didn't know who it was but from the aura this one gave off quivered even Raven and Vernal couldn't help but feel a shiver down there spine.

However the rest smiled as they saw her out from the portal came Salem,Queen and Creator of the Grimm.

When she turned to face the huntman and huntressess side she narrowed her gaze to one individual, "Hello Ozpin."

Now Tyrian chackled with glee, "Oh great goddess,allow me to bring you there heads as an offering."

With those words the students,teachers,general,specialist,and bandits grew even more tense,yet what she said next surprised them.

"There will be no need for that Tyrian" Said person stuttered and tried to say something but the gaze Salem gave him kept him quiet and back down.

" Your...not attacking?" Ozpin said in a confused tone,"Is this another one of your tricks Salem?!"

The creator of Grimm rolled her eyes at her ex-husband, "Believe me Ozma,I want nothing more than to end you right now."

The headmaster grew nervous when she spoke his true name, "Then why aren't you?"

"Because I was asked by the one who sent us here to keep the peace and prevent any unnecessary fighting." What she said made those who know her surprised and those who don't curios.

"Mister Ozpin,who is she?" Ruby asked the headmaster to which he sighed, " That is Salem, creater and leader of the Grimm."

Now that they knew the students grew even more tense as there grip on there weapons tightened.

"Then I assume you know that stranger?"Ozpin questioned his first love who is now his ex-wife.

"Not even the slightest.", Salem said as she shrugged her shoulders," Tho I do know that they are powerful,more powerful than myself even."

Now everyone was flabbergasted by her proclamation. A being stronger than the creator of Grimm? It couldn't be true...could it?

Just then the portal she came out of flickered and crackled,signalling the arrival of someone(s) or something(s).

Stepping through the portal were two cloaked figures,one in white and one in grey.

They didn't recognize the first one but the second one they all instantly recognized as the one who brought them here.



As they bombarded the being with questions upon questions the being grew...annoyed.

Suddenly the ground shook, no, the entire void shook with the will of the being.

Everyone fell to the floor, except for Ozpin,Salem,The one in a white cloak,and the being themselves.

"Save the questions for later. I grow annoyed with your banter.", The being said a voice filled with power,volume,and intensity.

Everyone had no choice but keep there questions to themselves.

As the being relaxed the shaking ceased to a halt,"Explanations will commence once inside my obelisk.", Suddenly with a wave of his hand an entry way appeared on gigantic windowless building," So if you may be so kind to enter,we can go ahead and finish the our introduction soon."

Everyone followed his instructions, a few reluctantly even,and entered the the being and the one in the white cloak behind.

"I know you long to reunite with them", They looked to the one in the white cloak," But now is not the time for that."

"...I know,it's just been so long since,since I've seen them..." The soft feminine voice said revealing them to be female.

" You will have the time to catch up,for now let us enter."

Like that the being along with there guest entered the building,with the entranced disappearing as if it wasn't there at all.

Inside the obelisk

The moment they entered the building the group found themselves in a large movie theater like room.

"Wow", Ruby gasped out in wonder," This place is so big! But what's with the giant screen? WAIT ARE WE GONNA SEE A MOVIE?!"

"Something like that", The being replied,spooking the little red hood as they...floated last them and to the front.

" have all been chosen for a special opportunity that will benefit you and your world"

"What do you mean by benefits?", Cinder asked the floating being.

"Information that can lead to your world's future to be either grand or you are lucky,perhaps even gifts."

That got everyone's people thought of what kind of things they might receive and what they'll use them for, well almost everyone since Pyrrha and Ruby kept on worrying for Jaune.

"What's the catch?", Mercury said, breaking the day dreaming state everyone had.

Now all eyes were on the being who smirked from under his cloak, "All you have to do sit back and watch through the viewing that I'll present."

Winter looked suspiciously at them, "Why are you doing this?"

The being's violet glowing eyes shined through the shadows of his hood.

"For the entertainment of others of my kind... and mostly my own unbearable boredom."

"Your kind? Just what are you? Who are you?", Questioned a curios Ozpin.

The being rolled they're eyes as the cloak around them fell and turned into dust,revealing there true form

"Some of my kind proclaim themselves to be gods yet Me and my kind are preferably know as Authors, beings who write reality and the destinies of our creations and others."

The group grew wide eyed at the supposed Author's proclamation yet they didn't dare question aura the being before them gave off was so great that even there souls could feel its pressure.

Salem and Ozpin grew very nervous since in front of them is a being similar to the twin gods of darkness and light.

"As for my name, I am EB and yes it's literally the letters E and B."

Even tho some wanted to chuck or laugh or snort at the name the glare EB gave them was enough to silence them.

It was after a minute or two a red headed spartan asked,"Wh-where's Jaune? You took him too didn't you?"

Those close to the boy,except for Weiss,thought of the same thing.

"Oh you mean mister is already strapped on to his seat up there in the VIP section." The Author pointed towards the overhead balcony who had 6 empty seats and one currently being occupied by the dense blonde knight, who is currently knocked out.

"Why is that dolt up there?! Shouldn't I or atleast Pyrrha be there instead of him?!" Weiss said as if she was talking to a lowly pleasant.

That prideful demeanor of hers will cause her trouble, like ice queen found her through being squeezed as she was lifted up into the air and in front of EB,who's right eye flared with rage.

"NEVER belittle Jaune Arc within my presence nor even if you know what I know, then you'll be groveling at his feet begging for forgiveness."

Weiss whimpered and choked at his words,along with the pressure he gave.

When he was sure she had enough she set her down and released the pressure on her her team and sister went up and made sure she was okay.

Now everyone thought twice than insulting the Arc but also made them curios of how special this Arc is.

"Are there any more questions", EB grumbled, his mood now ruined.

" U-um" Emerald spoke up, "What are we watching exactly? "

"Oh,I'm glad you asked." Now this brightened his mood up abit, "We'll be watching a multiverse!"

"Multiverse?! You mean it's real?!" Watts said in disbelief.

EB nodded his head, "Indeed it is, but we'll be watching one centered around mister Arc."

"Why Mister Arc Mister EB?", Ozpin asked, "Not that I'm complaining."

"Alright first off,one don't call me sir, just EB, and second because Jaune is the perfect it would center miss Rose-"

Said person became bashful.

"But with Jaune's untouched character development, various possibilities can occur and leaving many rooms for improvement."

Ozpin and Salem suddenly felt proud for the boy, but didn't know why.

Winter and Ironwood both grew intrigued and wondered what they'll see along with the students.

Salem's group grew a little curious.

The bandits and criminals couldn't careless,except for Raven cause of curiosity.

"Now please get seated and we'll go ahead with the viewing."

The audience went to there, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Ozpin, Glynda, Ironwood, Winter, Pyrrha, Ren, Nora, Taiyang, Qrow, and Zwei.

Beside Ozpin sat Salem, for some odd reason,and to her left sat Tyrian, Watts, Hazel, Roman and Neo.

Cinder's group sat with the students to not look suspicious while the Raven and Vernal sat at the very back.

EB and his guest appeared on the balcony with the Author sitting between the cloaked person (you know who) and the still knocked out Jaune.

"Let's see." EB snapped his fingers as hundreds of crystal shards appeared all around the theater room,"Which one to pick?"

"It has to be one that will give a very memorable impact on the audience..."

The being kept on search from shard after shard until he stopped on one and smirked.

"Found it"

Another fic Jaune verse or Arc verse ... yes, very original ... Anyway. I hope you like what will be shown in these universes from now on