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Watching Jauneverse


Looking at the shard in his hands, EB smiled as it shined a bright yellow.

The shard soon darted forward and into the screen before it turned on.

"Vale, one of the last four kingdoms of a remnant.A beacon of hope that stands against the endless darkness that is the Grimm."

"Who's the one talking? They sound...weird" Ruby said when the voice seemed to elope with several others.

"This grand city of wonder..."

The villains snorted at that claim, knowing that the far darker side of it.

"Is on the brink of ruin."

The image shows the city of vale with its walls cracked and smoke rose from within this city as screams of the dying and battle echoed everywhere in Vale.

Wide eyes stared at the destruction on the screen. Dread slowly crawled up the spines of the audiences, except for the villains who grew intrigued

A man and a female fauna are seen running down the streets before a pack of Beowolves intercepted them their paths and lunged at them with teeth black-furred bodies his their prey's gruesome demise yet there their screams echoed out and blood splashed onto the beast's fur.

A worn-out huntsman just finished executing a Beowolf before he was hit in the back by a projectile, creating a hole in there fell forward onto the great ground to reveal that the shooter...was an Atlesian thing moved to the side to reveal that other Atlesian Knights and even the Bullheads began to attack everything they see, human and faunas alike.

Meanwhile, at Beacon Academy, a group of unnamed huntsmen and huntresses in training are seen trying to evacuate, until they ran into members of the White Fang. Filled with hate the White Fang and they charged against the teens, who had no choice but to fight screen pulled back to reveal that other White Fangs are engaged with the other students in a battle of life and still blood spilled on the floor when the students were overwhelmed.

"Th-this can't be happening..." Weiss gasped out in horror.

Her fellow students, teachers, huntsmen, and huntresses had the same look of surprise and horror on their faces.

" But it will, possibly." EB's words caused everyone in the room to turn heads at him, "What you are witnessing now is a possible future of your world, It is dubbed as the Fall of what you shall witness in this theater are what might happen when you will return to mindful of that."

Team RWBY and NPR were horrified by his claim as they tried to grasp the idea of such a thing happening.

'So you made your move Salem', Ozpin thought in his head as his grip on the armrest tightened.

Qrow pulled out his flask and took a big gulp from it while Taiyang held his two daughters and trying to comfort Ruby.

"Sir...those Atlesian Knights-" Winter was cut off by Ironwood who gritted his teeth, "I know, when we get back I want the security doubled and our firewall enhanced, I will not allow that to happen!"

Meanwhile, on Salem's side her followers and herself were pleased that their plan had succeeded, Tyrian especially as he watched the bloody carnage like a child watching their favorite show.

'My plan is perfect, now nothing will stop me from taking the Fall Maiden's powers, Cinder thought to herself in glee.

"Death and destruction are all one can see within this once peaceful 's destruction was inevitable for it has already been written so."

"The wizard has been slain, the sister of fall killed by its fake, the spark of new life destroyed by shrouded eyes, the beacon has fallen by mischief and lies..."

The screen showed these images from Ozpin's death to Cinder killing the maiden, from Pyrrha accidentally killing Penny to Mercury snapping pictures all around with Emerald behind him.

After watching this Ozpin's group turned to Cinder's little group with death glares while the later sweated bullets.

"Like I said" EB began before a fight would break out. "It's only a possibility, it is not set in our universes here with different sides with different people in it, someone you know is even a villain in other universes."

This defused the situation but some are still suspicious. Meanwhile, Cinder's little group grew curious as to why the being who brought them here covered for them.

'Honestly, I'm not in the mood to deal with a fight, that and I'm lazy' He thought in his head as the viewing started again.

"Now comes the final verse, of this dark universe. A battle shall begin atop the wizard's tower, between the red spartan and the maiden with its new powers."

The image shows Cinder and Pyrrha battling it out on the Cinder wielding the powers of the fall maiden and Pyrrha using her years of experience and semblance to the test.

"Pyrrha that's you! GO KICK HER ASS PYRRHA!" Nora shouted and pointed at the screen while Ten facepalmed.

"LANGUAGE MISS VALKYRIE!" Glynda disciplined while Team RWBY cheered for their friend.

(Basically, what happened in canon and I'm too lazy to write it down)

"The battle was fierce and both gave it their all...yet that didn't stop the Spartans fall."

It shows Pyrrah on her knees defeated and all worn out from battle while her opponent stood triumphantly in front of her.

"NO! PYRRHA GET UP! GET UP YOU CAN STILL WIN THIS!" Ruby and Nora shouted in unison as they gripped on hope their friend will make an epic comeback.

"With ruthlessness and mind sharp, the fall ended it all with a black arrow to the heart."

The image then presented Cinder readying a black arrow while Pyrrah was being held in place by both Mercury and mercy she let the arrow fly, straight into the red head's chest, piercing her heart and ending her of all it was being live broadcasted, increasing the negativity of the people and attracting more Grimm.

"NO!" Team RWBY and Nora screamed

Nora cried tears of sadness as she hugged there Pyrrha, not letting her go as if she'd disappear if she did while Ren gritted his teeth as his tears fell.

Ruby, much like Nora, cried into her dad's chest while her team, with their shedding tears, and dad tried to comfort her.

Pyrrha just stared at her dead body, so see herself die was something she wasn't prepared for.

Meanwhile, Cinder grinned although she hid it well, 'So I will gain my full power and defeat the so called 'invincible girl'? This is getting better and better

"From then on the world was plunged into a dark destiny, as it has been foretold in fate's book of history."

Slowly the screen grew dimmer and dimmer until it all faded to black with the screams echoing until they too faded into silence.

No one said anything when they watched the black group gritted their teeth, Salem's group smiled in seat satisfaction, and Pyrrha snapped out of her demeanor when she noticed something, "Mister EB! This isn't the end, is it? We still haven't seen Jaune there!"

The audience turned to her before turning to EB who grinned. "Well done miss Nikos, you are isn't over yet." He said as he pointed at the screen.

The audience immediately turned their attention to the gigantic movie screen.

"Yet one defies such a path laid, a strong spirit that refuses his mindset and heart in place, I only watched, as it played before my face."

The black screen suddenly cracked like a broken mirror before falling away in pieces to reveal a white shield with the Arc's symbol.

The shield blocked a strike from a blade before she backed up to stand with her them with is none other than Jaune himself, who looked worse for wear.

"Jaune!" Team Ruby and NPR shouted out in concern at the state of their friend while Blake, Yang, and Weiss shouted out in shock.

'So that's Jaune' Those who didn't know him thought to themselves before looking up at there Jaune who was still unconscious.

Bruises and slight cuts were slowly healed by his aura as Jaune catches his breath, his stance was one of defense, ready when they attack again.

"Geez the kid looks awful" Qrow pointed out as he drank from his flask.

Jaune observed his enemies for any and Mercury were, surprisingly Jaune put up a fight to get them that low, except for Cinder who looked refreshed and was filled with boredom.

"Alright I watched enough, end him still have much to do so stop wasting time."

Emerald and Mercury set out to complete her order as they both lunged at the Knight.

"Jaune watch out!" His friend's concern for the blonde grew even more while others watched as it what might be Jaune's end.

Time seemed to slow down just enough to catch Jaune's eyes flash a golden went back to normal when the boy made his move.

'What was that?' Everyone thought in their heads, all but Ozpin and Salem whose eyes widened in shock. 'Impossible!'

When the two were close enough Jaune suddenly changed his shield into its sheath form and sheathing his sword.

"What is that dolt doing?!" Weiss said as she let out the infamous Schnee screech, the schneech?

A moment of surprise appeared on their faces, a moment Jaune didn't unsheathe his sword Jaune slashed at Mercury's abdomen causing him to stagger backward with his aura came up to his right to deliver a lethal Jaune changed his sheath back into a shield, stopping her using his momentum Jaune spun and went for a roundhouse kick but Emerald avoided it, unfortunately, Mercury didn't, leaving him to receive a bruise on the side of his stopping there Jaune twisted to the left, shield bashing Emerald to the retracted his shield back into a sheath to let him follow up with a punch to the hunched over because of the pain and lost her breath while Mercury came up behind him to deliver a roundhouse Jaune expected this when he ducked out of the way, letting Emerald take the hit and fall on the ground, her aura flashing but not shattering.

Shocked by what he did he didn't notice the sheathed sword coming at his face until it was too late, yet it didn't stop quick reaction time Jaune grabbed his scabbard, unsheathing his sword as he spun, and delivered a lethal slash to the head. Mercury fell to the floor, unconscious and Aura shattered but Jaune didn't stop when he twirled to the left avoiding an arrow. Cinder with her bow out widened her eyes at how Jaune dodged her arrow, even more so when his scabbard changed back into a shield, a shield he threw at Emerald who lifted her hit connected and Emerald was down for the count with her Aura shattering and Jaune's shield ricocheting back into his hand before he went into a defensive stance with little to no openings.

Weiss's jaw dropped as her eyes widened in shock and wasn't the only one tho when the whole audience was shocked but at the same time impressed by his skill in that fight, except for Ozpin and Salem who knew better.

"That...was...AWESOME!" Nora jumped up and down her seat. Ren was too amazed and happy for their leader to stop was much like Nora as she mimicked her in celebration. Yang and Blake were like Weiss but they recovered far faster than her.

" Dang, I didn't know vomit boy could fight like that, did you teach him those moves Pyrrha?" Yang asked her redheaded friend who shook her head as she continued to stare at the screen.

Pyrrha herself was more than amazed by how Jaune won the way he moved was like a dance and he played his opponents like it was had a smile that spoke that she was proud of her partner as she looked at up her Jaune atop the balcony.

Qrow turned to Glynda. "That kid's something else, you teaching him?" He asked her as Glynda shook her head with a face of shock on her face, "I am but I've never seen him show that much skill before."

'Mister Arc's been holding out on us...but why?' Ozpin thought to himself as he took a sip from his coffee mug.

Ironwood patted his friend on the shoulder. "Seems like you've gained the cream of the crop this year Ozpin...interested in exchanging students?"

"Sorry Ironwood but I can not accept that proposal" Ironwood chuckled. "Worth a try, but I may be offering him a place in the Atlas military later on."

Winter looked on at the screen before turning to her sister. 'So this is the Jaune you told me about in your messages.'

Raven looked at the boy with interest. —That boy is strong... " Vernal agreed with her superior as she too grew interested in the skill's the boy had. "But I have a feeling this isn't he peek."

The two bandits looked on at the screen and waited to see what more this Jaune would reveal.

Finally to Salem's side, her followers were impressed by how quick and efficient he took down his opponents.

Cinder herself was shocked since she heard that Jaune had been the worst when it comes to combat, seems like the Arc was holding back from them "Hmmm, so my theory was correct. "

As she pondered Emerald and Mercury were still flabbergasted at how they were Emerald moved to punch Mercury on the side of the hearing, knocking him out. "That's for kicking me, you bastard!"

EB smirked. 'If they are this shocked, wait till they see more.'

"...So I was right, you were holding back on everyone.", Cinder narrowed her eyes at the boy who had recovered from her shock, "As expected from an Arc, your family always do raise mighty warriors throughout generations."

"Fact, The Arcs are known for the many mighty warriors that they raise but only to those that wish to among their family...but there are exceptions" EB whispered the last part to himself while the others grew impressed of the Arc family.

Suddenly her stance relaxed as she put away her bow. "Imagine my surprise when I saw how flawed you made yourself acting skills are great, it even fooled me, for a time. I knew long before that you were faking everything when I found out who you really are."

Jaune stiffened yet held his ground even when she was in front of him wore a seductive smile as she paced around him. "Such a strong warrior forced to hide his true power and letting others pick and pity in truth your far stronger than most of them here."

Pyrrha and Ruby saw that look in her eyes and suddenly they were on the other's listened on to her words.

Cinder trailed her hand on his shoulders. "You let yourself down so that others can have a chance to shine on their own without you casting a shadow on a noble thing...yet we both know how that ended."

"Your parents didn't let you go because you were their prized possession, they see you as nothing more than a means to continue the Arc line."

"What does she mean by that?" Yang asked out.

"It means that only mister Arc is capable to continue on the Arc name if he were to marry and have children, seeing that he is the only son", Glynda explained," As it was stated in his transcripts."

"So you escaped there grasped and joined beacon to escape and enter with a fake persona..."

"Oh boy, speaking of transcripts," EB mumbled under his breath.

Cinder leaned in on his ear," and fake transcripts."

Surprisingly no screams or gasps or even a screech was heard.

"Huh, that's something... I actually thought they'd freak out", He said to himself yet his special guest heard him," Well you did say we're watching different realities, they must think it's just something in that universe."

EB shown no expression on his face before he looked at the screen. 'Thank Goodness for that, I am not going to deal with such a thing this early.'

Jaune kept a stock face yet his eyes were covered by shadows of his hair while Cinder smirked. "Then when those transcripts were spread out by that moron, everyone turned on piers despised you, your fellow students bullied you, and your precious friends...they weren't an exception."

Cinder wrapped her arms around the blonde and trailed her hand on his breastplate. "I saw them beat you until you couldn't walk for left you, those who you trusted your life with gave up on you after knowing the truth, despite all the things you sacrificed for them."

Gasps came from the students as all eyes are on them. "W-WE WOULDN'T DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT! JAUNE'S OUR FRIEND! WE WOULDN'T HARM HIM JUST BECAUSE OF THAT." Ruby shouted in denial as she looked at her teammates. "Right galls!?...galls?"

Much to her shock Yang, Blake, and Weiss kept quiet and hanged their heads low.

"He's your friend...how could you!" Pyrrha glared at them with an anger filled gaze.

An image appeared with Jaune's beaten and bruised body on the floor while team RWBY and his own team glared down at him with hate...except for one.

They all winched a bit at Jaune's state on the screen, those most impacted by it were the teens.

"Jaune!" Ruby and Pyrrha had watery wide eyes when they stared at his injured state.

Nora kept on repeating the words no as she tried to deny the fact that she saw herself gave her fearless leader that stares filled with hate while Ren tried to comfort her, his eyes filled with a look of horror when he saw the other version of himself do the same.

"D-did we re-really doing that?" Yang gasped in disbelief while her partner covered her mouth with her had her own dilemma as the guilt soon started catching up to her about that those bad things he'd done to him," He may be a dolt but...he didn't deserve that..."

"You didn't fight back because you didn't want to hurt still saw them as friends but we both know the truth...they stopped being your friend the moment they turned their backs on you."

The silence was all Cinder got as an answer while she smiled, knowing she was right. "Deep down I know you want to get back at them, deep down I know...you want to get back at them. So why do you still fight for them?"

As the guilt and denial within Team RWBY, Nora, and Ren grew, Cinder smiled at herself on the screen. "I still got it" she whispered to herself while Emerald nodded and Emerald gave out a sigh.

"I'm not fighting for me," Jaune spoke for the first time ever since he got atop this tower while Cinder's smile grew.

Hearts broke in guilt at what he said.

"Oh yes, your fighting for the last person that stood by your side, your precious partner, Pyrrha"

"Me?!" Pyrrha asked in both shock and a bit of joy upon knowing that, meanwhile Ruby fumed and puffed her cheeks in jealousy.

Cinder then walked in front of him,"... But you know it's only a matter of time until she too leaves you, by her own will or by force."

Jaune said nothing as she caressed his cheek," But I won't. I'll always be there for you, I'll be by your side until we can be a king and a queen of our own one will look down on you anymore, no one will stab you in the back, and best of all...we'll both quench your thirst for those who wronged you will pay...so what do you say? King Jaune~"

"That dirty fucking no good bitch of a slut!" The red-headed spartan growled in an almost demonic tone while an aura of killer intent surrounded her. "I'LL RIP HER APART!"

Those around her sat farther away from her while Cinder began to think twice about flirting with the blonde in front of the obsessive and overprotective Pyrrha.

"...Your right...Pyrrha won't with me forever...one day we will split apart from each other..."

Pyrrha visibly deflated like a balloon while Cinder smirked in triumph. "I always win in conversations."

"...but until that day comes." Jaune's body glowed a golden color as he raised his head to reveal shining orbs of golden light. "I will never forsake her!"

An explosion of light sent Cinder flying in the air and crash into a pillar, leaving a large web of cracks. "I will fight on with every fiber of my body to keep her safe!"

Pyrrha's mood instantly did a 180 with her heart beating faster than normal, "Oh Jaune~" The others however were more focused on the blinding light Jaune gave off.


(This won't exactly be like canon so, yeah)

"Wait what's happening? And what was that light that Jaune gave off?" Ruby asked in confusion as the screen seemed to shift like waves to reveal another scene. "I won't answer the first one for now but what you are seeing now is a peek into the past, most famously known as flashbacks. "

In the empty halls of beacon Jaune and Pyrrha are seen catching their breaths while the disintegration bodies of Beowolves littered around them.

"You alright Jaune?", Pyrrha asked her partner who nodded. "Yeah, you?"

"I'm fine.", Pyrrha looked on down the hall where the elevator is the only way to get to Cinder who waited at the top.

Jaune immediately noticed that look and knew all too well what it meant. "... You're going up there to stop her... aren't you?"

"Wait what?!" Nora shouted. "You're going there without any backup? What are you thinking Pyrrha!?"

Said girl rubbed her arm nervously. "Um... might have been the beasts at the idea, or it will be...I think."

Ren gave her a deadpanned expression. "Your gonna die if you do that, remember what we saw earlier?"

Pyrrha sighed in defeat and hung her head.

The red-haired spartan gave out a sigh. "Someone has to stop her before she causes any more damage."

"Then we'll do it together," Jaune said as he stood upright, his aura and stamina replenished.

"No! It's too could get killed!"

"..." Pyrrha shook her head,"Jaune you need to go get help back at Vale. I'll hold her off for as long as I can, okay?"

When she got no answer she turned to her partner. "Jaune did you hear-HM!"

Pyrrha's words fell down her throat when she felt the blonde's lips connect with hers.

The jaw's of Team RWBY and Team NPR dropped to the floor at Jaune's sudden act that no one didn't affect by it was Pyrrha who's face lit up like a volcano and steam started to escape from her ears.

It took a moment before she kissed back, her hearted warmed up like never before when her crush finally kissed later they pulled back as Pyrrha stared into Jaune's caring and love filled teary eyes." I love you." Those words made her heart skip a bit and she was sent into a moment of shock.

With those three words, Pyrrha has crashed and fell back on her seat, all with a silly yet joy filled smile plastered on her face.

"Did...not expected vomit boy to be so forward" Yang said after she snapped out of her shock.

Suddenly Weiss, for reasons she doesn't know, felt a tinge of jealousy at the sight,' Why am I feeling like this? I don't like that dolt, I like Neptune!... Right?'

When Ruby came out of her shock her fuming increased drastically and her levels of jealousy hit the roof, 'Why did Jaune kiss her?! That should have been me! ...Wait why did I think that?! Bad thoughts Ruby Bad Thoughts! Stop it!'

A moment Jaune used, and before she could say anything else Jaune had pushed her into a locker, not just any locker but a locket that is also an escape pod.

"Wait Jaune what are you doing?!", She screamed as he locked the door and quickly punched in the password and location of a safe zone to land in.

"I'm sorry but I can't let you do this...I can't let you risk your life."

"No! Wait Jaune! Open this! No!"

"He's getting rid of a distraction, clever move of the boy", Raven, of course ,said to Vernal while EB up at the balcony rolled his eyes. "Deadbeat."

"Don't worry, I'll come back to you,I wait for me okay?"

"Jaune! Please don't do this! Jaune!"

With one final press of a button a heavy heart Jaune could only watch as the love of his life was launched onto safety. "JAAAAUUUNNNEEE!"

A tear fell down his cheek as Jaune's heart warmed and broke before Jaune wiped his out Crocea Mor he began to walk down the hall,towards what may be his final battle.

Back at the theater room half of the audience shed a tear at such a romantic and yet sad part of this viewing, heck even Salem did.

Even EB wiped a single tear from his eyes before passing a box of tissues to his special guest who blew into one.

Flashback Ends

"I will do anything for her." Jaune's whole form glowed with golden aura,covering him from head toe. "So if you think I'll turn my back on Pyrrha,then your mistaken."

"I will stop here-" He clenched his hands into fists. "RIGHT NOW!"

The golden glow around Jaune seemed to shatter into tiny fragments of light to reveal him in a suit of armor that radiated a golden glow.

"Wow", The students and some of the adults were awed by what they saw,meanwhile Salem and Ozpin's theories were proven was what they thought it was,yet one question still lingered in their minds,'How?'

The fall maiden growled as she stood up, with her injuries instantly being healed,"That power...Gah! It matters not!"Cinder then started to levitate as red hot flames lit up from thin air and circled around her,"It'll be nothing before the power of the maidens!"

A large ball of flame started to appear in his hands. "Last chance, join me Jaune or die like the rest."

"He'll never join you whore! Oh um,no offense tho Cinder! I was insulting the Cinder on the scren" Pyrrha apologized while Cinder put on a fake smile that she struggled to hold" "None taken."

"Never" His voice spoke through his helmet as the armor's gauntlets clenched into fists.

"THEN BURN!" A fire ball twice the size of Jaune was flung at him with incredible stood still as the flames covered his body,along with the unconscious bodies of Mercury and smirked in victory,even tho she killed her own allies she didn't feel a was there fault for being in the way and being so weak.

Mercury and Emerald's eyes widened before they both turned to Cinder who tried to defended herself. "It-it's a different me! I wouldn't do something like that"

EB rolled his eyes knowing that she would do it in a heart beat if it meant she gained power.

However the flames started to shrink in did drastically. Cinder's eyes widened when she saw Jaune tanking the inferno like it was the flames converged onto his palm until it was just a small orb the size of a in the warrior's back were the undamaged bodies of Emerald and Mercury.


She wasn't the only one that was in the room,except for Ozpin and Salem,were shocked at the new capabilities Jaune now had showed.

"That's so cool!" Ruby and Nora said in awe as they saw how awesome Jaune looked in there eyes right now.

"WOW...vomit boy is really 'sizzling'

"It there!" Yang laughed at her pun while everyone else ground,expect for her father of course.

Taking advantage of her shock Jaune sent back the fire at Cinder, where in mid flight it returned to its gigantic fall maiden stopped the movements of the flame yet she didn't expect Jaune to jump out from the inferno and delivering a golden aura covered heymaker straight to her staggering back but Jaune didn't stop when he grabbed her foot as he fell before harshly slamming her onto the floor, cracking it immensely. Cinder opened her eyes just in time to roll out of the way of him stomping her teeth Cinder jumped back up before using her powers to make a pillar of fire bellow that wouldn't stop him she drew her bow and knocked in an arrow.

Waiting for her opponent to run at her, Cinder didn't expect for a projectile to head for her ducked under it but left herself open when Jaune appeared out of the flames to drop kick her, his boots and leggings having that golden fall maiden could do nothing as she was sent skidding backward and received a punch in her gut.

Jaune's assault of punches and kicks continued while Cinder tried to avoid them, failing most of them and receiving hit after when they were on the edge of the tower Cinder managed to catch his leg, temporarily stopping him as she made pulled out her blade and went for a for her the blade didn't even leave a scratch on Jaune's gritted her teeth not noticing the projectile coming up behind her until it was to projectile banged itself onto her back, causing her to yelp in pain and let go of Jaune's advanced of this the boy followed up with two enchanted haymakers to her head, dazing her and setting her on the edge of the tower.

Cinder growled, quickly getting her bearings and launching a current of flames at Jaune who looked unfazed as he pressed on. With shocking eyes, she watched as the armor absorbed her flames and causing its golden parts to glow even brighter, "Wh-what is this?!"

"What is this?" Jaune stopped walking just in front of her. "REMNANT!" With a battle cry, Jaune kicked Cinder off the tower, letting her plummet down to her demise.

"OOOOOHHHHH!" All the young people shouted out while Cinder fumed in anger

'This Jaune is going to be a nuisance, I need to take care of him after this is all done!'

However, Jaune knew that battle was far from over when a mighty roar shook the sky.

The Arc took a few steps back as Cinder rose into the air with eyes burning a deadly make it more menacing she stood atop a gigantic Dragon Grimm, who roared straight at Jaune's face.

"That's a big Grimm..." Blake gasped at the sight.

"It's a dragon Blake, A FUCKING DRAGON!" Yang screamed at her partner before being hushed and disciplined by Glynda.

Cinder grinned, "There is no possible way he'll win now." She said to herself not seeing that Salem shook her head, already knowing the fate of her creation.

"That's it, you are finished!", Cinder shouted in rage as the Dragon Grimm lunged forward with mouth agape.

Jaune crouched before jumping up, avoiding the beast's teeth, and landed on its head right in front of stared at each other with killer intent as the dragon roared and flew up. Cinder smiled wickedly as she floated away and watched as Jaune held on and carried away from her.

"Only a rare few can defeat a fool is as good as dead."

Back with Jaune, he kept on holding onto to dragon as it continued to soar up through the dark clouds that blocked the enough they broke through the cloud to reveal the clear black night to finish it Jaune let the dragon whip him with its pest insight the beast lunged to consume him, not knowing this was its final act in its life.

Suddenly Jaune's body burst with golden rays of burning light and his light continuer to glow more and the dragon veered away its head, the harsh light blinding its senses.

Jaune meanwhile continued to shine bright like a newly born star. Bringing his hands over his head the light condensed and materialized into a golden longsword with its blade set ablaze with white flames.

Once more the whole audience was awed at how powerful Jaune truly is, or what he could be.

"Okay, now that is badass" Mercury couldn't help but say it out loud.

Meanwhile Ruby and More had stars in their eyes as they watched their crush/fearless leader.

"Huh, Jaune sure is 'bright" Yang punned again and everyone groaned again.

He held the sword by its hilt, the blade pointing down before gravity finally took its hold on a battle cry Jaune fell upon the dragon and plunged his blade into its head.


The beast let out a dying roar as both dragon and knight fell back down onto the world.

Meanwhile, those below stopped and watched as the dark clouds above parted away to reveal a miniature felt its warmth, the people of vale felt their injuries heal and their strength returning while the Grimm screeched or howled as the heat weakened them and drained their energy.

Ironwood widened his eyes at the sight. "The boy is experienced, shows an impressive amount of combat ability, can that no fast, has a very special and strong power and can bring down a Dragon Grimm with one to mention the ability to strengthen allies and weaken the enemy?! Winter, we need to recruit that boy!"

Winter nodded her head as she continued to stare at the screen in shock. "Yes sir."

Then they all watched as the light dimmed and the gigantic form of the Dragon Grimm fell from the light that remained on its chest shinned as the once powerful creature slowly burned into ashes.

The people saw this as a sign, a sign of renewed battle cry huntsmen, huntresses, police, soldiers, those in training, and even civilians charged at the Grimm weakened and the people empowered Cinder watched in horror as Vale was slowly taken back.

After seeing what she saw her resolve to eliminate Jaune grew even more as she began to think of ways to deal with him.

Meanwhile, Pyrrha, who had finally woke up, stares at her love with pride and joy. "That's my Jaune for you, turning a bad situation into a good one."

Ruby gritted her teeth at Pyrrha in envy while her Team's guilt grew even more so.

Suddenly she had to cross her arms and block as Jaune fell down drop kicking the armor's weight and the momentum he had, Cinder was sent to the ground crashing, creating a small crater on where she landed.

"U-ugh" She groaned before freezing up when the heavy steps of metal boots caught her ear.

She looked up to see Jaune Arc, wielding a sword of pure golden light with white colored flames dancing on its blade.

For the first time in her life, Cinder felt true fear from someone other than her mistress. "Wh-wh-at are yo-you?!"

After seeing what she is seeing no one could blame this version of Jaune to be so frightful.

"What is he" Cinder repeated herself as her own fear began to rise.

The sword's tip was pointed at her quivering form as the blade glowed white. "Jaune Arc"

Without mercy, the boy plunged the sword straight through the maiden's lasts moments Cinder stared into the blue eyes of Jaune before her body lit up with white flames.

The good people, I'm just gonna call their group that, cheered at the death of Cinder Fall and the victory of Vale.

Meanwhile, Salem's group grumbled in disapproval seeing their plan herself could only do nothing but stare at her burning corpse.

The Arc let out a sigh as he looked up at the now clear sky with the true sun slowly rising on the horizon.

With his battle over the suit of armor around his body dissipated into dust that floated away revealing the tired and battered body of Jaune.

"It's over..." Jaune spoke to himself softly before too familiar voiced shouted his name.

"JAAAUUUNNEEE!" The boy turned around only to be sent crashing down on the stone cold floor by an overjoyed spartan.

"You came back!" Pyrrha said through her tears as she held onto Jaune as if he'll disappear once she let go," You came back!"

Soon after Jaune returned her embrace. "I promised didn't I?"

Pyrrha placed her hand on his shoulders and pulled away...before she pulled herself back in, interlocking their lips together in a long passionate kiss.

"Awww~" Again half of the Audience cued at them sweet lovely reunion of the Knight and his Spartan, yet once again Ruby fumes in anger while Pyrrha was in bliss and imagined how she and her Jaune will kiss like that.

Five minutes passed before they pulled away for air and settles with cuddling each other in their arms. "Never leave me again."

"I won't, I won't. It's a promise."

"With the young knights intervention, Remnant's grim end has been avoided and a new future lay happened next? Well, we'll just have to wait and see."

With those last words, the screen faded to black, signaling the true end of the viewing.

Before they could say anything else a bright light shined from behind they turned around they saw a row of crystal made display cases had appeared behind suddenly from out of the screen came the armor Jaune wore on the floated towards the cases before flying through the glass and neatly placed itself on its stand, displaying itself for all to see.

Then EB had calmly floated down from his balcony and in front of the audience, "Now that the viewing is over, I can now answer questions."

As he said that several hands shot up from the crowd.

EB deadpanned. "Questions that aren't about Jaune's powers?"

All the hands fell except for one that belonged to Ruby. "Yes?"

"What are those display cases for? And why did Jaune's armor just pop out of the screen?"

"These cases are for containing items from every viewing we will watch, it's a kind of reminder and after every viewing, an item will be ejected from the screen to be displayed, like Jaune's Armor."

"Okay now for Jaune's new abilities, I'm just gonna say it once so listen up!"

EB let out a sigh before taking a deep breath. "What you saw there was an ancient technique that was first used centuries ago, mainly when magic first appeared. Also yes believe it or not magic did exist in the past but diminished gradually over time. The name of this technique is called Spirit Call, its when one calls upon the aid of an ancient spirit that has long passed, most were warriors in there Spirit Callers are rare because the only one that can successfully perform it are those who have a strong and the technique has slowly been forgotten by all throughout the years, mostly the spirits had gone quiet and hadn't answered a call for one family continued to believe that the spirits will awaken and so they preserved the technique for generations."

"The Arc family," Salem concluded before she thought to herself. 'But how did they managed to scavenge it after the twin gods caused the first extinction of humanity? The only person that still holds such knowledge are me and Ozma.'

"Correct, hench why Jaune knew how to spirit call," EB explained while inside he chuckled, having heard Salem's thoughts in the matter. 'Wonder how she'll react when the truth's been revealed?'

"Anyways the aid that the spirits give you differs from what kind of spirit chooses to hear your call. I'm not gonna go deeper into that so let's focus on the spirit that Jaune had called." Several were disappointed that they wouldn't get much more information about the technique," First off, the spirit name is Solarius, otherwise known as The Knight of you saw, Solarius aided Jaune by imprinting into his mind the knowledge of advanced combat into his head, it was fortunate of him to be a quick thinker."

"So that moment when Jaune's eyes glowed was when Solarius imprinted his knowledge?" Winter asked to which EB nodded his head. "Then that means Jaune truly is a quick thinker if he's able to use such knowledge so quickly!"

Blake then voiced her question "But what about that blinding light?"

"Oh, that? That was just Solarius fusing with Jaune's spirit."

Several jaws hit the floor as shock filled the whole room. "Fusing with another soul, i-it's unheard of!" Ren said through his shock.

"Well surprise, Spirits called by Spirit Call can choose to fuse themselves with their callers and becoming more powerful than armor was the manifestation of their bond and the abilities shown were their own powers, just twisted and mixed."

"So this Kid is now able to control fire, create an indestructible armor, have inhuman stats, and give off a glow that heals allies and weakens enemies..." Qrow said in disbelief and EB nodded. "Pretty much."

"Are we gonna watch more of those?" Ruby said in excitement while EB chuckled. "We are about to! So get seated and the next viewing is about to start!"

With that said EB floated back up to his balcony but stopped. "Oh, right I just remembered that you all need food and water to sustain yourselves."

Snapping his fingers several orbs of Violet colored energy flew out of the walls carrying trays filled with drinks and buckets of popcorn and flew around from guest after guest.

With that covered EB flew back to the balcony to choose what's next.

Meanwhile, several groups/pairs are thinking of ways on how to recruited Jaune Arc into their forces. Raven was one of them, obviously, for she thought that with him the tribes safety would be assured. "The weak die and the strong live."

Back with their host, EB landed back on the balcony to see that his special guest is poking the still unconscious Jaune's cheek, "When is the boy going to wake up? He's gonna miss out on a lot."

EB stares at Jaune for a moment, "Let him rest, the boy is going to need it when he's bombarded by questions from those below."

The guest giggled, already thinking of his reaction when that will happen. "Your right, he is gonna need it." With that, she turned back to the screen.

'More than you can imagine' EB thought to himself before he started to look for the next reality to show them.

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