Unknown POV

Last thing I remember is killing a serial killer but then was shot by a dumb-ass cop thought I was the killer and shot me 3 times for crying out load. I Shakti got killed for doing the right thing, a classic cruel world cliché but as my life was drifting away from me. Golden ray of energy shot through my body.

This was weird. I had no idea where I was. The place I was in was dark and crowded; however that was not the weird part. The odd thing was I was in some viscous liquid. I was practically drowning on the stuff. And yet somehow I could breathe and did not feel the fear of death being in this situation...Well that could be because of the fact that I was shot by several bullets and saw my own blood pooling around me so

This was the first anomaly that I came across, however the most bizarre thing was what was happening to myself. My vision was bad and almost non-existent while I could feel my body. I had no control over it, not even with a thought so minuscule as moving my pinkie finger or toe. I couldn't say this entire situation was absurd. I was beginning to wonder if I was dead.

As I float in this small cramped space. I soon lost my consciousness, something that did not occur when I was in this strange place.

Soon as I lost consciousness I saw a round orb that was shining a shade of golden amber. Soon I realised that I had a somewhat humanoid shape. I walked toward the orb and placed it within the palm of my hand. It was the size of a baseball.

As soon it made contact with my palm writing that was dark ink black on its lustrous golden Surface : Chi Prodigy. Soon the orb broke up into little fragments of light and soon it started to get absorbed by me. And a well spring of power surged inside of me.

But suddenly I was getting sucked in. I saw that there was a blindingly shining life. As I made contact with the light. I saw that there was a brief glimpse of darkness. They felt something touching me. It felt smooth and gentle, even relaxing. Then my eyes opened and what I saw was women wearing nurse clothing.

Maya POV

He was finally born,my precious son. He was the only person that I have that I have when my pack was annihilated, killing my husband and my parents. It was after they returned back to normal after going hunting as wolves that they were mercilessly slaughtered by vampires.

Luckily I was still pregnant so I did not have to transform and caught wind of the attack. I quickly ran off taking all of my belongings with me. It has been five months since then and I finally went into labour giving birth to my precious baby boy.

Soon the nurse brought him in and I just fell in love with him instantly. He had a cute little tuft of crimson hair. I saw a glance of his beautiful amber gold eyes. They were incredible as if his wolf was already a massive part of him. He just glanced, his eyes just widened before he yelled out a massive cry. Oh look how cute my son is.

"Your name will be Reuben because of your red hair it is nice to finally meet you Reuben Lionel" I said with a smile. Finally I was no longer alone. I will raise you without you even knowing about the supernatural. I will not lose you.

Reuben POV

What the actual Fuck! A quick recap of what happened: I killed a murderer ,then I got killed by an asshole cop. After getting killed now I was a baby in the hands of women who looked at me with a teary smile.

Anyway by analysing this situation it has become obvious to me that after I died I have become subject to the most frequent anime troupe in recent years right after Iseka. I have been reincarnated as this woman's child.

This could be the break I needed for me. Life was not bad but not exactly good either. This could be the life that I could finally make something of myself. As the woman that was holding me..I mean my new mother She quickly uttered something to Lionel it seems that was my name sounds cool actually. Well then from now life will be lived to the fullest as the Reuben Lionel.

Six years Later

It has been 6 years since I have been reincarnated and I have found some things out about myself and the world or in this case the time period that I was born in. Well the Basics is that my name is Reuben Lionel...people just call me Reube though I like it reminds me of Ultraman Reube.

I was born on April 30th, 2012 to one Maya Lionel. Interesting fact I was born twelve years later then my original birthday as well as 9 years before my death. My dad and most of my family died in a massive fire accident.

Besides the new world I found that I was no longer normal actually I was given a cheat that will potentially give me an edge in this world. It was called Chi Prodigy and this Perk gave me the ability to manipulate and use my Life force as an empowering energy source. It also changed my body to have something known as a Dantians. This allows me to generate Chi for and contain it inside my body. It was a metaphysical organ of sorts that exist between Physically and Spiritually kind of like a Mage Circuits from Type-Moon

I only became aware of it when I was 3 as the information of this ability was shoved through my mind however I have not started to use this to enhance my physical ability. Why? Simply because it will be better for me to focus on my physical attributes make it as tough as natural possible before bolstering them with my chi. True in a normal case my body being since years old will make training detrimental to me but by passively using my chi through my body as it starts it will remove any negative effects from training granted doing said training did raise eyebrows for my mom but she wrote it as a quirk.

"Reube Mommy is going to leave you with the Nanny. I need to deal with some family problems" My mother said to me as she rushed downstairs to the front door as she quickly put her shoes on.

This happens once a month for some reason she leaves New York to attend something related to our family. My mother rarely acted strange except for these moments every month as if she was stopping herself from tearing something apart. Which was strange as she was pretty intelligent. She was a Princeton graduate and studied law as such she made loads of money working at a Top Tier Law Firm .

It has been 1 week since my mom left for the trip. She returned a day later feeling a bit stressed out. But that's nothing new every time she comes back but hey I don't know what she does during that time saying that it will be difficult for me to understand I just shrug at the response. Despite me being reincarnated I was the child and she was the adult.

My mom was currently working on a case that was given to her by the law firm so I was outside working on improving my body. I quickly ran around the garden then did a couple of push ups. Honestly if you have seen a 6 year old do the work out that I did then you would be questioning their sanity and worry for their health.

"Reube , I just finished my paperwork. How about you and me go for a quick walk" As I heard that I quickly went to the front door and quickly put on my shoes. I loved going for walks with my mom. It was just so much fun. We would go explore the city or drive to the local forest and finally have a big delicious lunch.

My mother came downstairs, her caramel brown hair tied into a small ponytail. She wore a beautiful flower shirt whose green colour accented her olive skin and made her light blue eyes just light up.

"Well then little Buddy let us go for adventure awaits glorious uncharted territories and best of all Great cuisine we will until our stomach explodes" She said in boisterous way. A shout of 'Yay' echoed through my mouth. It was at this time I actually acted as a child that I currently was.

We took a quick drive and visited the local forest going through it for a walk. There was something about the woods that seemed to entice both me and mom. The beautiful oak smell was relaxing, it made a strange sense of warmth envelope within me. For my mom however it gave her a sense of nostalgia.

As such she will give stories about my dad and our family. Apparently my dad and mom were childhood friends and their family were close friends to the point that every celebration the entirety of the other family will be there. So she started dating my dad when they were both starting highschool. Which was a shock to everyone it seems because my father was intellectual. He was actually planning to be working as a lumberjack with the rest of his family.

However that did not stop them from dating and neither family were opposed to it, maybe my grandpa from mothers side. But that was rather him taking a shotgun whenever possible to threaten my father to not break his little girl's heart. I looked at my mom looking at her blank expression telling me I did not believe her but she said she was telling the truth.

She was about to tell me more but she just stopped but I swear I saw her eyes turn a bright vibrant yellow for just a moment. Her nose flared, her nostril enlarged slightly and started to twitch. She let a low deep growl like a beast.

"Reuben I need you to stay here, I have something to do" She said in a low voice as she looked towards with rage and trepidation. I was about to ask what but "This is not up for discussion you will listen to right NOW!" I was shocked that she shouted so quickly she ran off with an immense burst of speed.

I was just looking at her disappearing figure in shock. I never knew that my mother could move at such massive speed. I could no longer see her but something inside of me was scared that something was going to happen to my mother.

FUCK IT! I couldn't care less about my master plan to use my Chi. My mother mattered more than anything else. I quickly enhanced my senses and further reinforced my legs as I ran towards her.

But I was too late and my worry was confirmed as when I finally caught up with my mother she was injured by a man I had never seen before. He took what seemed like a herb and pressed it against her face. Soon her face was burning. I was about to rush in however I collapsed as my chi had run out and it fatigued my body. The man who had a simple face and wore a fedora proceeded to shoot my mother in the knee as she yelled in pain. I was about to cry for him to stop but my throat was hoarse and dry coughs came out.

"Well Ms Werewolf it's time for you to leave and go to doggie heaven" The man smug voice was grating to me ear and the..then...h..he...he sh- sot-sho-t meh-my mu-uuu-m mum in th..the he...ad.

He just left my head in pain. Why was I losing the only person I had in this world and seeing the assailant just walk aways as if he just put down an animal. I will get stronger..so strong that no one will be able to ever take anything from me again. And anyone that tries I will kill them in a way that even the Devil is appalled. I need power that is all I need