Avatar: The last smellbender


"C'mon, Aang, it'll be fun!"

"No, Sokka." Said Aang, as everyone else set up camp on a clifftop with lush grass and bushes, and an orange sky as the Earth Kingdom's warm sun set.

Sokka was grinning maniacally "Look, you told us that the ceremony were you get your arrow tattoo involves bending incense smoke, right?"

"Yeah, but-"

"That means you can bend smells!"

"Sokka, you know it doesn't."

Sokka pinched the bridge of his nose "Can you at least try it on the other two?" he gestured to Toph and Katara.

Aang sighed "Okay..." He gave a small smile "But if it doesn't work you're gonna be target practice tomorrow."


They began getting the bad smells for the prank. The plan was to bend the smells in the girls' direction.

"Okay, what do we need first?" Asked Sokka.

Suddenly, Appa scrunched up his face in an effort of some sort. After a few seconds, he got up and walked a little bit away, leaving a large brown dollop of dung behind.

Aang and Sokka held their noses

"There we are." Said Aang, grinning


For the second ingredient, they went away for a little bit, saying they were going to scout ahead.

They cerpt behind some bushes behind none other than a Skunk-bear, which was snoozing dozily. It was essentially a skunk-sized bear with black-and white fur and a skunk tail.

"Okay, I'll Frighten it from behind, and catch what it sprays." Whispered Aang.

Sokka nodded, pinching his nose "Go ahead Aang." he told him, his voice going high-pitched.

Aang crept up on the animal, and shouted a gigantic "BOO!"

Frightened, the skunk-bear let out a squeak of fright and sprayed it's foul juices. Aang used waterbending to catch it midair.

He held his nose and he bended it into a spare water skin, closing the top.

"I kinda feel bad..." Said Aang, as the skunkk-baer ran off.

"It'll be worth it. What now?" asked Sokka.

Aang smirked cheekily.


As Katara prepared dinner, Aang came up to her "Hey, have you seen the laundry? I need to put my tunic in there." He explained.

Katara pointed to a basket next to Sokka's tent "Over there."

Aang skulked over to the basket, and when Katara wasn't looking, 'borrowed' a a pair of dirty socks from it.

"What are my socks for?" Asked Sokka.

Aang smiled, carefully placing them beside the poop and barrel of skunk-bear juice.

Both of them held their noses. Aang tighter than Sokka.

Aang slowly began airbending them in the direction of toph and Katara.


Katara sniffed "What's that-" Her face went a ghastly shade of green "Urgh! Can you smell that Toph?"

"Can I smell it? Sugar Queen, being blind makes my sense of smell better than yours." the Earthbender groaned, covering her mouth and pinching her nose.

Katara and Toph then heard sounds of laughter from the bushes.

They looked, and noticed Aang and Sokka hiding themselves in the Bushes.

"That's raelly funny!" Snorted Sokka.

"This'll be funny."

The pair turned, to see Toph standing over them and bending a big piece of earth over her head.

The boys did what any self-respecting human being would do in this situation. Run for their lives. Of course, this would not save them.


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