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I'm an original character in the story of the vampire dairies I do not care of the original story and all the drama and this is my story, my name is Ada I am a reborn soul that takes all the skills and information form all timelines and powerful I have been reborn a girl and a boy, I am very unbias about people, and I can also read minds and see futures past and present, I am an old soul death is my master and I do his bidding, I kept my slayer abitites from good old buffy and my Iq from the nara in nartuo. I was not good nor was I bad I was just and fair, my moral compass was comprised but still held me to my core beliefs and principles.

My name is Ada Stone I was given the job to redo The vampire diaries, you see Stefan was given a shit deal, and I think it's time for Stefan to really have his eyes opened, I am basically in this shell as Stefan Guardian angel, and I will protected him form all the shit everyone heaps on him including himself. So I was reborn like a good little oc in mystic falls and also as a non-character, so I lived in apartment with my foster mum and she worked all over America, and got my check each week leaving me enough for food and clothes, oversely I used my brain investment, shares ,etc making money for future you get the drill I basically an adult in a little body and using my knowledge was able to become wealthy, and prosper in my new world.

Not to fuck the story up to much until I get where needed I never made any friends in school I basically sent a notice me not spell not really strong but enough to be a wallflower, and be dismissed, I even managed to be able to get work marked and not always go to school, and even getting 100 percent on going to school, I also spent a lot time traveling and seeing places, I really loved Japan and Greece and England, but I enjoyed the sights and smells of old.

I knew that I had to help Stefan and found him when I was nine using a different glamor spell, I pretended I was loss and he had to found my bewitched parents, we spoke about siblings and other things, I also got a scope of his memories, he was lonely and depressed, and other emotions, I gave him a look ok upset and we found my family and I thanked him and left, thoughtout this time, I did this a lot, reason to connect with him, and also to put a trance on him, when I was sixteen he was in mystic falls, I saw him spying on Elena, he never saw me, I knew then I would help him.

What I knew of Elena and her friends, they were a selfish brunch and the typical popular girls that all boys wanted to fuck, Elena was the girl next door type and to be truthfully damsel in distress type, she was pretty but not beautiful, Bonnie was a judgemental bitch who needed to get her head out of Elena arse. Caroline was to put it plainly a waste of air, she was a mean sprited toddler girl that had not grow out of wanting what she though she should have, I thought they were all a bunch of immature spoiled little whores, who they walked over everyone to get what they wanted.

As an outsider I saw them all for what they are and it is not nice to see, as I knew the story of Vampire Dairies and see a lot of information on the originals and legends. When I watched it, I felt it was a bunch of teenage drama bull shit, I was not looking forward to waddle into the shit to pull out people I though needed it. Due to being in this world though hopefully for not too much longer, as it set over three to four years, at the start of TVD.

When I saw Stefan in school with heart in his eyes already a fanboy, I wanted to hit him for making my job harder, but shit happens, I saw the shocking truth that they were both using each other in different ways, Stefan to see if a nicer version of Katherine would help relief the guilt he felt, and Elena because she wanted something positive to do instead of thinking how she murdered her parents.

I never went to the parties or matches, so over the weeks, and months I slowly got to know what I was dealing with and to be honest I thought my heart would break, Stefan was not stupid but turned a blind eye to all of Damon and Elena closeness, when he fed on Amber I was happier as I would take him now, it was me that broke Stefan neck and disappeared with him, he had to know the truth and the lies.

In the house I had stocked piled blood, food and drink I had also broke and dropped his phone, no finding him though GPS, I made him sleep three days, I put an iv in his hand for blood and food, I then cooked and also got a bath and my cleansing spells etc on the full moon he woke up panicking and I calm him down, he was stuck in place, while the spells cleanse him and any curses were gone, I also had a spell for his mind to always be protected, it took hours he screamed until he loss his voice and his cries of remorse really struck me. As Dawn approached the spell was complete and a loud silence, stained the air, and the day began anew, Stefan collapse and I spelled him in his room, he slept most of the day and night.

Stefan was a awake when I came in with breakfast he seemed wary and tried he looked clean and changed clothes, he saw the food and blood and his fangs seemed to come out, he was hungry I sat it down and told him it was not poison and he ate and drunk, afterwards he lay back against the beds headboard, starring at me.

I knew the next few words would make or break this meeting I stood there unable to start until it came to me, the path to hell is full of good attentions and well-meaning lies, I said he seemed to be alert, please let me introduce myself my name is Ada Stone and I am your guardian angel, I here to show you your life and show you from a certain point of view, of how to heal you mentally.

I took his hands and we went of into the pass and the beginning, I showed him his birth and family I showed it from my point of view, he saw his growth thought-out all the years he saw Kathrine, then the vampire years until up to this point.

We came back to the present, he looked shocked and thoughtful getting up from the floor he looked around we were In the living room, he got of the floor and sat in on the sofa and seemed really thoughtful and I got dinner prepared, cold meats and salad with blood and tea for me, going back In, I gave him his food and drink and we ate, after that, I pour another couple drinks for him he seemed a little trusting as I gave a review of his pass human life.

Stefan your life as a child was abusive in today standards and in the 1850 was the normal behaviour, your brother pushed his insecurities on to you, telling you were a favourite because he was jealous of the attention you got, he was an immature person who wanted what you had his eight years older than you, he was a selfish person who could not look passed his own needs to see you were not the favourite child, you were just the youngest, and just wanted to make his parents proud of him. He was scared of your dad, and said he was protecting you, protecting you form what his own problems that he reflected on you, when he went to fight the civil war his moral code broke and he had killed, he mentally comprised most likely ptsd, which causes a lot of problems.

When Kathrine came she fell for you first he was in war Stefan, when he came home she still was with you and then your father was abusive towards him and he was already suffering form metal health problems, she going with you and him, he was so fucked up, he wanted and out and she gave him one Stefan, Kathrine choice you because you were there first and your father thought you would be a good match. Damon came home and basically saw her and wanted her to, and got her to due to the fact that Damon did not care about anyone but himself. Stefan Damon never really came home when he went to war, Kathrine was just freedom he wanted out of the war and his fathers home, and seeing that your bond broke was not due to the girl but Damon mentality, you were always going to break due to Damon mental health issues he suffered as a human and vampire.

When you changed yes Stefan you were scared you had been fucked with your behaviour not your own and being compel to love and fuck someone, is rape and you told your father, because you needed help form an adult, which then went shit and you were accused of taking Damon love away, and turning him, but the thing is Stefan you were both in shock not really understanding what had happened, you turned on your father as Damon insecurities were put on to you. Damon had no one to vent to and hated that you were stronger and able to kill the father who hurt him, which he could not do, he hated that you seemed to take vampirism better than him, it was always about him, never you. He still a toddler wanting something the other has even if what his got is better, he just wants to take until there nothing left, he never matured, the supernatural should be around due to the fact that humans needed to be culled as well as animals as natural needed the balance of human supernatural the vampires had cognitive though and beauty to kill the humans the werewolf was to cull the vamps and the witches were to keep the humans from finding the truth . everything checked and balanced.

Stefan just listened to Ada she explains it giving examples he was clearer and taking the red tinted glasses of realised she was right he was feeling a little lost and the feeling coming up more was stupidity, he drunk blood and went to bed, he toss and turned and came up with answered to long forgotten questions and now knew the answers, he knew the bond to his brother was gone, and knew what damon put him though was just damon jelly that he was getting on with things, he knew that there was more to come but honestly he felt depressed he allowed damon power over him, he allowed it.

The next few days Ada just helped him thought his thoughts and feelings, she held him while he cried and also took him though damon life, which cause Stefan to start to really detest Damon who had played him for the fool, their bond by the end of the month non existed, the truth lay bare to him for everyone to see, Damon had always been mentally unstable, and instead of facing his problems blame everyone else, he did not love he controlled, everyone was a puppet and he was their master.

When Ada took him to the future he swore he could of hit himself and he stood their shocked he died for Elena and Damon, and married Caroline, the future looked dark he never though of Caroline like that, he has seem it all like a series, he knew his whole life seemed like a shit show. He and his brother seemed to fuck the same girls both getting each other sloppy seconds. He seen that Elena was falling for his brother, such predicable behaviour from the same cycle they both been in he had enough and wanted out. He was a vampire he had to stop going with human morals and go by vampire morals and especially as he was born in the 1840's socialty was always changing, vampires were not.

Ada asked if he wanted age up and he did to 21 years old and he matured and gain knowledge and was unhappy with himself his guilt left him, as his emotions mature his ripper state left him and he could now drink out of the blood bags he was stronger. After a few weeks he knew he could not stay in mystic falls and asked to move in with Ada she said he could.

Ada and Stefan left and went to mystic falls and packed up Stefan room when it was done and the car was full they were both leaving when the scoobies and damon came in, shocked that Stefan was back looking better, with Ada by his side told damon he could not care less about him and do what he wanted as it was on him not Stefan and that if he wanted Elena take her he was done with him and this town, told them to fuck themselves and told Damon game over. Stefan left mystic falls with Ada and the years flew pass they lived in Japan now and had loads of fun, sometimes hearing that the big bad had come to mystic falls. The show that Stefan saw changed.

What happened to the scoobies and Damon well,,,,

It seemed that Stefan was the foundation that kept the team together, without Stefan there to help fan the flames, they were put out,

Caroline was stake by Damon as Stefan did not stop him.

Bonnie fell out with Elena after Damon turned her mother and moved away, it said she started a bar, its said that she kept people at arm's length and never trusted anyone, she did have a child called Caroline.

Damon tried to be with Elena but kept Kathrine on the side, Elena found them and decided that it was to much and left with Jeremy, both went to Boston where they married and had families.

Elena married a doctor and had three children called Stefan, Jenna, john

Damon loss it all he stayed in and of and on relationship with Kathrine until he was dump when he found her in bed with Elijah, Damon left mystic falls blaming Stefan for his problems but never found him he would still get into shit, he did save Enzo who left and forgave him who he found in Russia a few decades later and would start to mellow, Enzo would help Damon and were soulmates.

Stefan after a decade came to terms with his past and learnt to live, Ada also brought Lexi and lee back into his life before she left, he also tried different relationships, males, females etc , it would be other few decades when he realise he was in love with his angel and he and Ada would get together. Where she would have a child with magic.

Ada would be with Stefan a few decades after and have a child she never though she made a mistake helping Stefan, no one else would, also it's said that doing the cleansing spell took away sire line and other stuff but that another story.