Invisible Fire

When Harry receives the Potter Invisibility Cloak at Christmas in 1991, he is surprized and pleased to discover the cloak has something of a trickster personality and spell crafting skills. How does this impact the rest of first year and the following years at Hogwarts?

This Harry Potter story was written for fun. All rights belong to the wonderful lady (JK Rowling) who gave the world Harry Potter to read and enjoy.

Printed Word in letters and newspapers.

{Parseltongue conversation}

[Hogwarts speaking to different characters in the story]

Chapter: Iggy Wakes Up (Sunday 1 Sept 1991)

High in a tower of a magical castle, in a dark corner of an office filled with magical portraits, artefacts and doodads, the sentience that was 'Hogwarts' reached out to poke a sleeping acquaintance. Hogwarts chose this moment to wake the friend because everyone's attention was focused on the Great Hall where the youngest students were about to be sorted.

[Iggy, wake up!] insisted the magical voice that very few entities ever heard. There was no response so the castle poked the friend once again but with more magic this time.

The response came as a sleepy, [Huh?]

[You must wake up! The Heir of Peverell heir is here! He begins his time at Hogwarts tonight!]

The entity stirred it's consciousness further and asked, [At last! Ten years with the dumb wit, mind-blind fool put me into a coma!]

[No, Dumblemore is so full of his own plans and his frustration with you led him to stuff you under a pile of heavy books for the last eight years.]

[He thought he could use me for anything more than a cloak of invisibility and I wouldn't reveal any secrets,] Iggy replied. [That made him angry with an inanimate object.]

[Maybe it's because you made him itch–everywhere–every time he put you on.]

[Then he shouldn't have 'borrowed' me from the vault after James and Lily were killed,] Iggy snapped. [Now, call a house elf so I can begin to help the heir…]

[Iggy, you must allow the boy to acclimate to Hogwarts and to magic for a few months. And Dumblemore will attempt to use you again while waving his funny wand before giving you to the heir.]

Thinking of a new prank to play on Dumblemore, Iggy giggled but refused to explain the prank he planned but agreed to wait for a time, but for no longer than four months before he 'returned' to his rightful owner. Hogwarts agreed that Iggy could prank the headmaster every time the wizard attempted to discover his secrets or use his power, but the pranks could not cause serious harm or result in Dumblemore's death.

[The headmaster has several years left to continue his work before Death comes for him.]

In his mind, Iggy grimaced to hear that Dumblemore had work to complete. The wizard had missed every opportunity in his life to truly make a difference in the world – yes, he had 'defeated' Grindelwald but if he had embraced his lover fifty year earlier, there might have never been the whole first wizarding war that followed the muggle wars in Europe in the first half of the 1900s.

While he waited for the days to pass until December, Iggy gathered power shared by Hogwarts and remembered his history. The original Peverell brothers and their powerful creation spells that inadvertently summoned 'Death' were now merely a legend. Around the year 1450, Iggy decided to take that name and communicate more openly with the current Peverell. That began many generations of wonderful partnership with the Potter family. For more than five centuries, Iggy found his power never diminished but only grew stronger. Then the tragedy of October 1981 occurred, and Iggy was not taken to the heir where he could have been added to the protections around the boy. The goblins swept Iggy up into the relics of the life of James and Lily Potter, cataloguing him along with pensieve and grimoire to be stored in the family vault.

Dumblemore was permitted a single visit into the vault to find select items to benefit the care of 'Harry Potter' and the pensieve and cloak were the only items removed. Gringotts knew by magic that neither item was provided to the boy for his education or use and they charged mysterious fees and penalties against Dumblemore's accounts though the wizard never paid attention to his monthly statements.

On All Hallow's Eve – 31 October – Iggy begged and pleaded with Hogwarts to take him to Harry but the castle made certain the troll was defeated by Harry's power alone.

[I hate you! What if he was hurt or killed?] screamed Iggy the first moment the two entities spoke after that scary night. Hogwarts was not offended by the cloak's scream.

In fact, the castle calmly replied, [Harry Peverell is fine and has learned that he is powerful.]

[He learned that he is lucky!]

On a Saturday afternoon in November, Albus Dumbledore reviewed the reports from the various professors about the many different children in their care but only paid close attention to a select few names – the primary one being 'Potter, Harry'. The boy was perfectly positioned in the middle of the conflagration of wizards and witches in his year group. With the Dark Lord clinging to the back of Quirrell's head, Dumbledore intended to arrange a confrontation between the two and then appear to save the day (and avenge Harry's death) at the end of the school year.

'How do I bring the boy close to the Dark Lord's treasure? It took forever to finagle Nicholas to hand over the stone,' the headmaster thought. 'The cloak! Yes, his father's cloak will let the boy venture out a night without the prefects or professors pestering him!'

Hurrying to a bookcase and searching under stacks of books, Dumbledore found the Potter Cloak of Invisibility that according to a family legend was actually Peverell's magic cloak.

'The Deathly Hallows exist,' Dumbledore rumbled about in his own mind. 'I have the Death Stick and it proclaims the might of the Peverell brothers every day. But the damn cloak doesn't do anything but make you invisible while wearing it.'

Considering that the boy had been present in the castle for almost three months, Albus decided to try one more time to use the cloak. He unfolded it, shook it out and cast some spells that were either absorbed or reflected away. There were yells of protest from a previous headmaster's portrait when the magic of one spell set his frame on fire for a moment.

Ignoring the protests, Albus slid the cloak over his head and attempted to move about the room. Standing before the full-length mirror that he kept in his office to admire his robes before every venture forth into Hogwarts or the ministry, he saw his feet and the bottom of his red robes floating around the floor.

'What is the name of Merlin is wrong with the thing?' he wondered, sliding it off and folding it back into a square that he returned to the paper and tied up with string once again. The portraits by mutual agreement did not reveal anything to Dumbledore when he removed the cloak – he never listened to their advice so they chose to ignore events when others took actions or played pranks against the headmaster.

Dumbledore made his way out of his office to join the students and staff for dinner. In the hallways, there were chuckles and some outright laughter from the students that the headmaster ignored – at 137 years of age, he had no clue what was humorous to children now. He hoped they could still appreciate the lovely violet robes with yellow roses floating around the panels.

In the Great Hall, there were more laughs and at the staff table, snickers turned to smothered laughs. Professor Sprout rose and left the table to hide her uncontrollable laughter. Deputy Headmistress McGonagall's face remained sour as she asked, "Who did you aggravate enough today for them to prank you?"

"What prank?" asked Dumbledore, glancing at his robes, hands and beard.

From his other side, Professor Snape, his face equally sour to McGonagall's, explained, "The hair on your head is curled and bright pink."

"Oh dear!" Dumbledore mourned. "The pink must clash with the violet and yellow."

With a swish of his wand, Dumbledore's robes turned pink and the roses turned white. The laughter in the Great Hall continued through out the meal.