Chapter 25 Fifth Year (1995)

This Harry Potter story was written for fun. All rights belong to the wonderful lady (JK Rowling) who gave the world Harry Potter to read and enjoy.

"Regular conversation."

Printed Word in letters and newspapers.

{Parseltongue conversation}

[Iggy talking with Harry and Neville.]

"The Sorting Hat speaking and pontificating."

On 31 July, Harry Potter and his family carefully made their way via muggle transportation to France. Riding in a first-class compartment in a sleek modern train, the Longbottom family left Britain without any magical signature left behind. When the train dipped underneath the earth and travelled the length of the tunnel from Britain to the continent, Augusta found herself enjoying the sensation of travelling along the rails. Alice remained fascinated by the details of the construction and she argued with Frank that they had to make certain some of the goblins made the trip. Harry and Neville told each other tales about what was above them–whales, sea serpents, pirate ships, and chests full of golden coins.

At the train station in northern France, the family remained on the train and continued on to the station in Paris. They were ignored by the other passengers as they slipped into the magical departure room and used a portkey to reach the south of France in another five minutes.

"And the whole trip was under the water?" asked Draco his cousins when he heard about the trip. Harry pulled out a map and showed Draco the tracks the train followed from London to Dover, and then the path of the tunnel under the channel. Once above ground in northern France again, Harry traced the train tracks from the coast to Paris.

Smiling indulgently at her son, Narcissa promised him that they would make the same trip when they returned to London to shop for school before seeing him off to Hogwarts.

Sirius enjoyed the company of his godson, Neville and Draco for a time but when Frank and Alice Longbottom with Narcissa and Remus ventured out to visit Monaco and the hotels there, he remained at the manor with Augusta, Andromeda and Ted. Nymphadora enjoyed playing 'big sister' to the three teenagers, taking them to the beach, laughing when they stared at the beautiful girls, and leading them on snorkelling adventures in the clear waters.

++***++ Change Scene

While along the Mediterranean, Frank and Alice did not pay close attention to the British newspapers. In the third week of August, a letter from Ted to Frank captured his attention and the family returned to Maison Noire the next day.

The Daily Prophet headlines shouted, 'Dumbledore Declares the Dark Lord Has Potter!'

"Bugger!" cursed Alice Longbottom. This unusual slip in Lady Longbottom's demeanour embarrassed her husband, made her sons snicker and caused her mother-in-law to laugh aloud. Sirius, in his wizard's form, giggled but otherwise remained calm.

Ted asked, "I can recommend a couple good lawyers to shut the old man up."

Frank shook his head and said, "We'll head back a couple days early. And we'll use the muggle train again. That way no one can track our arrival and we're going to appear at the Wizengamot chambers suddenly and demand Dumbledore provide proof of his claims."

"And there's been nothing said about the Dark Lord doing anything this summer," Narcissa added. "If he were alive, there'd be some Death Eaters with their head in my floo asking for money to either help him or escape from him."

"Tom Riddle… Didn't the goblins say they had a magical death certificate for someone named Tom Riddle?" asked Neville.

"Yeah, I think that's Voldie-short's muggle name," Harry explained. "There's a trophy for him in the trophy room and he attended Hogwarts in the forties. He vanished after graduation and was never heard from again. But then 'Voldie-shorts' appeared in a few years without any background except that the Slytherins from Hogwarts from those same years thought the new dark lord was everything they wanted in a maniacal leader."

"How can you verify that?" asked Alice.

"Ask Dumbledore about Tom Riddle and see how fast he changes the subject," Frank said.

Narcissa added, "Lucius always refused to discuss anything about his father's good friend Tom Riddle. They were at Hogwarts together but after graduation, there was never anything said about the wizard again."

It was a large party of travellers who arrived at the train station in Paris via portkey from the south of France. The crowds were thin in the train station but the adults and three teenagers made their way to the platform for London via the 'chunnel' and boarded to take two first class compartments.

[There's something unnatural about traveling underground and underwater at the same time,] insisted Iggy.

[Do you mean that instantaneous transportation between two cities is natural?] replied Harry.

[What do you mean?] asked Neville.

[The portkey we used this morning to move from Nice to Paris in only twenty seconds…that's not natural.]

[It is magic!] Iggy declared.

Pointing at the ceiling of the tunnel just outside their cabin, Harry said, [And this is muggle science and engineering. Just another form of 'magic'.]

[That's an interesting idea,] Neville admitted.

Draco shook his head and once again prompted his cousins that their silent conversations were too obvious.

++***++ SCENE

Cornelius Fudge looked out over the Wizengamot–the members were hot and tired on this August afternoon. If he played his cards properly today, Dumbledore would make a motion that the ministry declare the Magic Potions at Longbottom Hall to be illegal, dark, in aid of the dark lord, or some other crime. With the Ministry and Wizengamot's backing, he would send the full force of the Aurors against Longbottom Hall and seize the potions.

Everything crumbled…the minister's carefully laid plans faded away into nothingness about ten minutes into the session as Dumbledore finished his opening remarks. That is when Lord Longbottom and his family suddenly appeared seated in their box along with Heir Potter. And the emblem of the Potter family was prominently displayed in the box, meaning Lord Longbottom would continue voting his adopted son's seats.

"Frank! When did you get to London?" demanded Dumbledore as several members of the Wizengamot shook their heads.

There were grumblings from all sides in the chamber at the informality of the Grand Warlock's address to a lord but Frank sneered and replied, "Albus, are you blind. We have been here for the entire session."

"My Lord," Augusta said from beside her son. "He must have ill-intentions toward us to have not seen us until now. I recommend you oppose every suggestion that dark lord in multicoloured sheep's clothing makes."

Embarrassed to be labelled a 'dark lord' by anyone in the chamber, Albus spent another ten minutes decrying the specious statement by Dowager Longbottom. When the Wizengamot finally turned to business, Cornelius tried to deflect all attention away from his office but the changes he'd proposed to the budgets for the DMLE, the office for muggle cooperation, and muggle studies were rejected by large majorities. The members of the chamber cut the budget for the minister's private residence and the perks for his office. They also slashed all funds previously designated for the Chief Warlock's wardrobe.

++***++ Change Scene

Sitting alone and miserable in his plush office, Cornelius Fudge wondered how to continue. All his plans for a memorable term as minister for magic were replaced by more exciting events among the population.

'Can I send the Aurors to hunt Sirius Black again?' he considered. 'No…Bones told me that Gringotts cleared Lord Black of all wrongdoing. If I push the DMLE to chase him, the goblins will cut off our money. Stupid treaty…'

'And the magic potions those two boys have. I still can't get them. Dumbledore isn't near as powerful as he makes himself out to be.'

He picked up a letter on his desk–another one from Dolores begging for assistance. Without her position as undersecretary, several lawsuits against her had been rushed through oversight committees and she was penniless and living in the alcoves between the stores in Diagon Alley.

'Mrs. Fudge just about hexed my bits off when I mentioned giving Dolores our spare bedroom,' he remembered. 'Not that I really wanted her there but I had to go through the motions.'

The wizard read in the letter with the not so suitable statements about revealing secrets that Cornelius could not bear to have come to light.

'The Aurors wouldn't mind banishing Dolores but I gotta have a good reason to order them to do it,' the minister thought with a sigh. 'Now I understand what Dumbledore means when he says that people should just do as he tells them to without arguing about it.'

Glancing at his other mail, Cornelius had a moment of inspiration–Dolores needed a job and Dumbledore needed an instructor for the DADA class. The rumour was that the position was cursed and sometimes the professor in the role died during the school year.

'Can I cry a tear when I get the news that Dolores has croaked at Hogwarts?' he asked himself. 'A tear of joy maybe…'

++***++ Change Scene

The Hogwarts Express ride on 1 September 1994 was uneventful but made a quiet beginning for Harry Potter's fifth year at Hogwarts. The Daily Prophet covered the appointment of Dolores Umbridge as the DADA professor and this announcement engendered a continually growing storm of parental discord with Albus Dumbledore and Cornelius Fudge. As with many other families, Lord and Lady Longbottom, instructed their two boys to be respectful of the 'professor' but not allow her to abuse or curse them. Frank spoke harshly to Minerva McGonagall in Diagon Alley about her continued lackadaisical level of care and intervention for her 'Gryffindors'.

The opening feast was joyous with Lady Hogwarts influencing the feelings of the students from all seven years and they ignored Dumbledore and Umbridge when they spoke before supper. Each sorting received applause from the students in all four houses and the camaraderie left Dumbledore and Umbridge dissatisfied with their plans for the coming school year.


That same night, Dolores used the floo in her quarters to go to Azkaban with a fake warrant signed by 'Minister Cornelius Fudge' to requisition a pair of Dementors to kiss a wizard. The warden recognized the signature as being fake but he'd accepted so many similar warrants from Umbridge in the past that he couldn't question this one.

"You can leave me with the Dementors," Dolores said confidently with a ministry control medallion around her neck and around the necks of the two dementors.

The warden had no problem leaving the room; he just hoped he didn't have to write up any special reports tonight dealing with a dead professor. Once the door closed, Umbridge turned toward the dementors and said, "The minister and I have a special task for you tonight. I shall take you back to Hogwarts and get you through the wards. Once inside the castle, you will find Harry Potter and give him the kiss…"

Both dementors reacted to the command–the first fled the room and hid in the highest tower of Azkaban for the next year. The second dementor defied the magic in the medallions, grabbed Dolores, and began to 'kiss' her. The medallion saved her life–the second dementor died in agony though no one was certain if the death was caused by the protective magic of the medallion or from the poisonous taste of the tiny, lumpy soul hidden somewhere in Umbridge.

A subdued Professor Umbridge, with only a portion of her soul remaining, returned to Hogwarts and made her way from the gate to the front door after midnight. The castle permitted her entrance but shuffled her off to a dark alcove with cold stone walls and floor where the toad slumped against the wall and slept.

++***++ Change Scene

At breakfast that first morning, while the heads of house were handing out the class schedules, the doors of the Great Hall opened and a frumpy Umbridge staggered into the room. There were gasps of horror when the children caught sight of the woman's scarred face–the Dementor's kiss leaves scars unlike anything else.

Madam Pomphrey came down from the head table to offer some treatments but the DADA professor pushed the mediwitch away before beginning to shout, "Listen to me! I am the new headmistress of Hogwarts! Minister Corny Fudge sent me to take control of Hogwarts and make it safe for all purebloods."

There was silence in the Great Hall as she continued, "First, all mudbloods and half-bloods will…"

But now, Dolores was silenced by a spell from a beautiful young woman who appeared in the doorway and stepped forward, the doors closing behind her without a single sound. Dressed in robes from seven hundred years earlier or more, the woman declared, "I am Lady Hogwarts! And I declare that nothing Cornelius Fudge or his toads want are of any concern to Us."

She raised one hand, pointed at Dolores and declared, "Blind witch, you will never be headmistress of Hogwarts! Your plan to torture my children will never see the light of day so I suggest that you dry up and blow away."

A powerful blue light left the hand of Lady Hogwarts, rose high in the Great Hall and then dropped onto Umbridge like drops of water from a passing cloud. The children heard one high-pitched keen from Umbridge before she began to crumble like a sandcastle as the moisture in her body was removed. The dust that had once been Delores rose to the ceiling of the Great Hall and vanished.

There were many shouts of surprize in the Great Hall from students and professors. Following the 'departure' of Umbridge, Lady Hogwarts, the heads of house and prefects spent many minutes assuring the firsties that this was an unusual occurrence. And the headmaster finally arrived after the major events of the morning were complete.

++***++ Change

Once the students were out of the hall and headed toward their classes, Dumbledore approached the figure of Lady Hogwarts.

"How dare you kill someone in front of the children!" he shouted.

The castle replied, "How dare you allow such a creature to enter these walls. She intended to torture and torment the children."

Lady Hogwarts snapped her fingers twice and each time, Dumbledore felt some change in his connection to the wards and magic of 'his' castle.

"What did you do?" he demanded to know. "I am headmaster…"

"Not for long if you keep violating the requirement to protect and teach the students," Hogwarts replied before she popped away much like a house elf.

Angry and unsettled, Dumbledore attempted to apparate to his office but found himself blocked. He pulled out a rubber duck from a pocket and attempted to use the portkey within the muggle item to return to his office. But to his disappointment, Albus found that he could no longer make portkeys that worked within the wards of Hogwarts.

As he reached the door of the room that led into the entry hall of the castle, he found Director Bones and two Aurors entering the castle. This startled the old wizard as much as the loss of transportation spells–he'd not felt them cross the wards when they came through the gates to the castle.

"Amelia, what can I do for you today?" he asked attempting to portray his usual pleasant self.

The formidable woman smirked and replied, "You just had a teacher killed and you wonder why I am here? The governors are all coming as well."

"The castle killed Umbridge," Dumbledore replied. "I tried to stop…"

"No, you didn't, you foul old fart. You weren't even in the room when Umbridge declared herself headmistress," stated Lady Hogwarts, standing once more in the doorway to the Great Hall.

Now turning to the visitors, the castle said, "Welcome Amelia Bones, Alastor Moody, and Michael Proudfoot. Please enter the Great Hall and I shall show you the end of Dolores Umbridge."

When Dumbledore made to follow the three DMLE Aurors, the castle blocked his passage and said, "It is a long walk to the fourth floor and your office today. Get along back there and deal with the paperwork on your desk. If you do a good job, I might let you use the floo and join the children for supper."

"You…" the headmaster tried to protest but the entity that was Hogwarts blocked the door completely.

"Go on now," Lady Hogwarts said. "I have to show these nice people what Dolores planned and pick one to be the DADA professor."


The castle smirked again and Dumbledore knew the newest image that would haunt his nightmares–the self-satisfied smirk of the magical entity that named herself 'Lady Hogwarts'.

'I should have dismembered her a couple years ago when I had her prisoner,' he thought with some bitterness.


The team of Auror Moody and Auror Proudfoot agreed to divide the classes for DADA with Proudfoot working with the children from first, second, third and fourth years. Moody took fifth, sixth and seventh years because he had much more material to cover with them. Lady Hogwarts stated firmly that she was an entity independent of the ministry and she would no longer tolerate fools pretending to be professors.

"And soon, I shall deal with the fool in the headmaster's tower," she informed Amelia. The castle paused before she asked, "Would you be interested in the job?"

Amelia's memory of Umbridge's crazy speech and the scarred appearance of Dolores Umbridge was shown to Cornelius Fudge before the whole of the Wizengamot. And the warden of Azkaban was called as witness–his memory of Dolores Umbridge's visit there was played for everyone to see as well. This memory included seeing one dementor flee from the scene, the death of the second dementor, and the scarred face of Dolores as she stumbled away from the prison, refusing all help, and using a portkey to leave the island.

Fudge was unable to deal with the unhappy members of the Wizengamot that morning and lost his job as minister. Another long-term politician, Cyrus Greengrass, was chosen as the new minister and the man began meeting with department heads to change a few things.

When informed of the change in the ministry late in the day as he laboured over mountains of paper, Dumbledore was astounded and asked, "They threw out Fudge? How could they do that without me there?"

++***++ CHANGE

[Harry, Lady Hogwarts told me something this morning that I really think you need to know.]

Without looking up from his parchment where he worked on an essay for charms class, Harry asked, [What?]

[She forgot about it for most of the summer but just before the start of school, she checked the pot with the piece of soul from the scar on your forehead. The pot is still buried underneath the tonne of packed hippogriff manure but the soul shard has faded away. That was the last piece of Voldie-shorts.]

[Why did it fade away?]

[She says that without one piece loose in the world looking for a host, the pieces of the soul fade away,] Iggy explained. [This means Tom Riddle, a.k.a. Lord Voldie-shorts is dead and gone for good.]

[Hurrah! Hey, Neville…] Harry shouted in his mind. Not hearing a reply from his brother, the teenager asked, [Why can't I hear Neville?]

[This is something new. You're fifteen and need privacy from time to time. You and Neville can stop hearing each other and me when you want to be alone. Like when you are with some bird you want to kiss…]

Blushing Harry simply thanked Iggy and went back to his essay.

++***++ SCENE

It was Halloween before anyone could imagine the passage of two months' time. With the Aurors as instructors in the DADA class, the students made impressive strides with their studies. Harry enjoyed DADA but his favourite classes were potions with Professor Pretzel, and charms with Professor Flitwick. Neville and Professor Sprout had begun several projects in the greenhouses for the coming winter and Harry was drafted to construct a 'charm' to help regulate the heat and amount of artificial sunlight that would be used each day in the smallest greenhouse.

Harry found himself studying his spells for 'invisible fire' and 'friend fire' as the sources for the heat that would power the charm. Iggy was put-out that a powerful spell they created to defeat their enemies might be used to keep vegetables and herbs warm and growing in December.

[Those are spells for a warrior, not some peasant digging in the dirt,] complained the entity. Harry answered Iggy's complaint with mental images of modern farms, grocery stores, restaurants and kitchens filled with food.

[Digging in the dirt is how we got the Breathe of Magic,] Harry reminded Iggy who pouted. [I love your history lessons and they are valuable but the world is different now. Warriors are just as important as a thousand years ago but we live with technology mixing things up. Muggles have firearms that can defeat any magical shield so you and I will have to figure out some new protections for wizards in a few years.]

[What do you mean?]

Harry paused to link in Neville into the conversation, [Iggy, you know, Nev and I are talking about going to university to study chemistry, botany, biology, and engineering muggle style.]

[The muggles are doing great things with buildings and machines,] Neville agreed. [We think this can work with some magic too. I don't want to sit in a house that is warmed by ancient charms that I have to continually renew when a few new runes can heat and cool the entire house for years without any wear and tear on my magic.]

The entity grumbled to himself for several minutes and sought the counsel of Lady Hogwarts who celebrated the notion and began talking about adding muggle classes to the curriculum at Hogwarts.

[Dumblemore will never allow that,] Iggy replied.

Lady Hogwarts snorted and said, [If he's not headmaster anymore, I can revamp the curriculum all I want. We'll find what works and continually update our offerings. Muggle studies needs to be 1994 not 1894.]

[So, how are you going to get rid of Dumblemore?]

Change ++***++ Scene

As the autumn term ended and the students gathered with the professors for the leaving feast in December, the headmaster was finally undone by his wishes for more gold. Trying to pad his budgets finally brought down Albus Dumblemore, a.k.a. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

As the leaving feast began with the new minister for magic and the school governors present, Albus began a campaign to restore some funds to pay for his robes from school funds. The school professors were dispersed across the four tables of students to leave room for the governors and minister at the head table to be 'convinced' privately to restore the budget for his wardrobe.

However, every flick of his wand under the table was met with disastrous results. A compulsion charm fired at Minister Greengrass became a dozen doves flying out from underneath the tablecloth to fly about the chamber before changing into flying pies and then into small fireworks that spelled out, 'Hogwarts for Students'. A mood changing spell fizzled out and became a laughing sprite that flew about the room before settling on top of Dumbledore's hat and beginning to dance several parts of the ballet 'Swan Lake' with full orchestral accompaniment though it was only heard at the head table.

Harry and Neville were made aware of the ballet by Iggy could hear the music and they made certain to spread the news along the table where it spread to all students in the Great Hall.

"What is Dumbledore doing?" Sprout asked Flitwick. The two professors had watched McGonagall fussing with the headmaster earlier but then she came down from the head table to sit at the end the Gryffindor table and eat silently.

Finally, Lady Marchman, the oldest member of the Board of Governors cast a finite spell and with the help of Lady Hogwarts, the spell ended the ghostly ballet, Dumbledore's privacy spell, and several compulsions on members of the Board of Governors.

"Dumbledore, what is this?" demanded Greengrass. "We have completed the budgets for Hogwarts for the year months ago. The school has plenty of gold in the accounts in Gringotts. Restore some of the old classes, hire qualified professors, and then do your job as administrator!"

The headmaster began protesting that the accounts were bare at Gringotts and that he had no funds to pay for other classes.

At just that moment, the doors to the Great Hall opened and the entity known as Lady Hogwarts entered the chamber with Amelia Bones beside her.

"What is this now?" Dumbledore demanded to know. "Have you come to disturb the feast? Remain silent and leave!"

At the Gryffindor table, Harry Potter appeared and shouted, "Let Lady Hogwarts speak! This is her castle!"

Clearing seeing Harry Potter for the first time this school term, Dumbledore braced himself for a headache but when that didn't occur, he sighed and said, "Harry, my boy, this is a matter for the adults to deal with."

Neville stood up and reminded the wizard, "Headmaster, my brother is not 'your boy', he is 'Mr. Potter'!"

While the governors and minister for magic nodded in agreement with Heir Longbottom, Headmaster Dumbledore frowned and threatened to expel Neville Longbottom for not being respectful. A shouting match ensued between the two heirs and the headmaster (McGonagall seemed to have fallen asleep in her chair compliments of the Weasley twins who were required to sit near her).

After several minutes, Iggy shouted to the two boys, [Go for 'Dumblemore'. Call him Dumblemore!].

Harry looked at the headmaster and said, "Headmaster Dumblemore, if you expel Mr. Longbottom for correcting your address, I am certain that our parents will have tutors lined up within a week. And we wouldn't want that would we, Mr. Dumblemore."

Lady Marchman froze hearing that name and Dumbledore openly pointed his wand at Harry Potter as he asked, "What…did…you…call…me?"

"Dumblemore–that is your correct name, isn't it? Dumblemore and not Dumbledore?" asked Harry. "I believe the Dumblemore family is remembered in our history for something quite terrible but Professor Binns never covers the years after 1850. Now, what was it your grandfather and father did to capture everyone's attention?"

Amelia Bones stared at Albus 'Dumbledore' for a moment before she pulled her wand to stun him but the minister and the board of governors all cast the stunning spell simultaneously and managed to put the ancient wizard into a dreamless sleep. After summoning all of his wands, rings, portkeys and other magical devices, as well as his money belt, Director Bones summoned Aurors waiting outside the Great Hall, before she turned to the Governors to ask, "How do we proceed? We must determine if he is a Dumblemore before…"

Lady Drusilla Marchman was the oldest member of the Wizengamot and her opinion was not offered very often but tonight she was watching everything and everyone carefully.

"How do we do that Bones?" asked Greengrass motioning toward the gathering at the Halloween feast

Pointing toward Albus Dumbledore, Bones explained, "There is an everlasting warrant for the execution of every wizard and witch with that name."

Lady Marchman hissed, "A Dumblemore escaped justice? Albus will be protected by potions and spells – we'll never be able to get the truth out of him!"

The old lady paused for a moment and then announced, "What about the brother? Send Aurors to bring him here now!"

Following the old woman's direction, Director Bones did send Aurors to collect Aberforth Dumbledore from his tavern in nearby Hogsmeade for questioning.

Marchman shook her head and explained, "None of you were alive one hundred and thirty years ago. I was a young girl but I remember the fear all my family felt. The Dumblemore family demanded that magical people rise up and overthrow Queen Victoria and Parliament. There were battles between wizards and muggle soldiers who had guns and our shields were useless against them. The ICW sent troops to seize our ministry and obliviate every magical person in Britain for violating the Treaty of Separation. But we rejected the Dumblemore family and executed them. Apparently this one managed to hide for all these years…"

After perhaps thirty minutes, the Aurors returned to the Great Hall with Aberforth Dumbledore. Seeing his brother passed out on the ground, Aberforth asked, "What is the matter? What happened to Albus?"

"Dumblemore! That's what happened," Lady Marchman cried. "Prove you are not a member of the Dumblemore family!"

The tavernkeeper lowered his head and said, "So it has come out at last…I told Albus it would never last. I knew this day would come and that is why I never married or fathered any children." Pointing toward his brother, Aberforth said, "For thirteen decades he pretended that we were forgotten. I read history and knew we were not."

"How do we do this?" asked Greengrass.

"Here and now," Marchman declared. "My brothers were both killed fighting the Dumblemores and after all these decades, I want to see justice fulfilled."

"Wake him up," Aberforth said. "I want to watch his face as I die."

Revived from his state of consciousness, Albus Dumblemore heard his brother repeat the confession that they were indeed the sons of Horace Dumblemore who with his father, Clarence Dumblemore, attempted to assassinate Queen Victoria and her family in the early 1860s to foster a rebellion to overturn the muggle government.

"But I have strived my entire life to support Magical Britain! We must continue on our path…" Albus began to lecture before Lady Marchman silenced him.

Director Bones cited the 'everlasting' warrant before ordering a team of five Aurors to cast the killing curse at Aberforth Dumblemore. The photographers made ample photos but saved most of their film for the next execution.

"No! You can't do this! I am needed to keep the school safe!" Albus Dumblemore protested over and over.

Director Bones maintained her stern expression as five more Aurors lined up and fired the killing curse at the headmaster. His body crumpled on the floor of the Great Hall and per the warrant's instructions, the bodies of both Dumblemores were simply banished. There would be no cremation or service to remember either man.

Lady Hogwarts approached Lady Marchman and Minister Greengrass to ask for their aid with locating suitable candidates for the offices of Headmaster/Headmistress and Deputy Headmaster/Deputy Headmistress.

"What about McGonagall?" asked Lady Marchman.

"Minerva is an excellent professor of transfiguration but she is pants at being a head of house and deputy headmistress. I would never allow her to become headmistress," explained Lady Hogwarts.

"But I'm supposed to be the next headmistress!" declared McGonagall. "Dumbledore promised!"

Realizing that she based her claim on the statements of the man just executed, the professor of transfiguration sat down and kept her mouth shut for the remainder of the feast. Lady Marchman stepped in as interim headmistress and she appointed a friend, Lady Augusta Longbottom to act as interim deputy headmistress.

Over the winter holiday, the two ladies were thrilled to discover the huge cache of gold that Hogwarts possessed to fund classes, tuition, new books, and every other item needed. All students paid a token tuition and uniforms were provided by Hogwarts.

Their fifth year continued without any problems but there were many exciting developments as new classes were offered as seminars or for short terms during the winter and spring. Neville did seem to gravitate toward healing classes while Harry excelled in charms, and muggle sciences. Together, the brothers began working with Professor Pretzel in potions on using the Breathe of Magic in healing potions in Spring Term that year and with the help of Gringotts that summer, the British Ministry for Magic began talks with France, Spain, Italy and other nations about sharing the Breathe of Magic.

Few books were ever written about Albus Dumblemore and his crimes. Grindelwald was found to be alive in Nurmengard Castle and he was executed.

Sirius Black never fully recovered from his years in Azkaban. Draco, Neville and Harry worked for ten years to get the prison shut down with magical prisoners fitted with permanent magical nullifying bracelets and placed into muggle prisons. The worst of the magical prisoners were quickly murdered by their muggle peers. But magical courts were reformed to follow muggle standards and sentences were also modified following the practices of muggles thanks to the efforts of Theodore Tonks and Draco Black.

Harry Potter (with Iggy) continued with his sixth and seventh years at Hogwarts before being admitted to university in England where he studied engineering and architecture. His brother, Neville Longbottom, attended university where he studied medicine, chemistry and botany.