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Chapter 1, a measly power


The sun light hit a window, reaching into one human's eyes that unconsciously closed his eyes tighter.

"U-ugh… my head"

Having said that, said human sat on his bed, holding his aching head. His eyes a bit blurry at first, but soon cleared, though his head still drumming a bit.

And now that he sat, the human form could be seen as a boy that look no older than 12, his spiky blonde hairs glisten slightly from the sunlight.

The boy's face leans toward cute honestly, with round blue eyes and whiskers marks on his cheeks, though sadly, none of his classmates or villagers ever agree.

… oh wait, they're his 'former' classmates now.

Remembering his failure to graduate two days ago, the boy can only hug his knees in sadness. His mind easily replayed the memories again and again.

"I-iruka-sensei… I will do my b-best!"

"Bunshin no jutsu!"

"You fail!"

"Come on now Iruka, he successfully created four bunsins, it's pretty impressive to me"

"four or hundred doesn't matter, these bunshins look dying and won't be any use in combat"

"… I'm sorry Naruto, but you fail"

The boy could see that his teacher is indeed sorry for failing him. But he ignored the middle-aged man and ran to his home, in a way also ignoring the sneer and ridicule thrown at him by the people that seeing him.

That happen two days ago, and since then, Naruto haven't come out from his house.

He heard Iruka voice yesterday calling for him, but he refused to come out.

'I'm just a civilian now'

Three years he's in academy, and three times he failed the graduate exams. And as per rule, if one failed three times in a row, they are forbidden to become ninja.

Guess... he's just not cut it for Hokage.

"Stop this self-pity now, you begin to make me sick"

Sighing loudly, Naruto nods and stood up.

It was funny how when he's at his lowest from his depression yesterday, he met with Kyuubi, the creature that almost destroyed Konoha twelve years ago.

Fortunately, the Kyuubi is pretty civil as long as one doesn't offend it.

Of course, Naruto was in shock yesterday, but years being ignored and glared at, at least now he knows the reason, and although at first, he's a bit bitter for being in the dark for so long, in the end he merely accepted his situation.

Bitching about the problem won't make it go away… and because he now can't become a ninja, he really needs to start to think on how to continue his life, whether he choose to become a merchant or something like that for example.

It's a bit sad because he won't get any more monthly stipend from Hokage Jiji though.

"Kyuubi-san? If it's not a problem, can I ask what can I do with the power you give me last night?"

Naruto asked while walking to his bathroom, his voice is spoken in soft voice.

Kyuubi has been civil to him, and Naruto will be civil to Kyuubi in response.

And yes, Kyuubi is indeed given him some kind of power last night, something that the creature said will help him to become a good merchant.

"ah, that… you'll know when you see a person. I'll explain it later, for now, you should tidy yourself up and go to the library, after all, if you really want to be a merchant, you need to be smart first"

What Kyuubi meant of course that he needs to know about elemental nation geography and normal trading route first before he can start trading.

Understand it easily despite his young age, Naruto nods and walked into the bathroom.

He may be failed becoming a ninja, but there's no way he would finish here.


'Kyuubi-san… what are these… bars above everyone I see?'

Clad in plain white shirt with orange spiral in the middle and simple brown pants, now Naruto easily look like a normal civilian in the middle of a village that shines under shinobis banner.

But of course, while at first people didn't realize who he is and ignored him, by now they already sneer at him and muttered with each other.

Each word… pained him. But Naruto has endured for years, and by now, while it stung, it also could be called as tickles to his senses.

"These are a fraction of my power to sense people feeling toward myself… though because you're my jailer, I guess these bars would only show their feeling toward you"

Naruto smiled a bitter smile here, his walks a bit fastened.

… he doesn't see anyone have 0% feeling toward him. Each of them is minus, some even have -80% toward him.

That man must've loath him so much.

't-thank you for your generous gift, Kyuubi-san… I shall make the best of your ability'

Honestly, Naruto is a bit shaken by how much people loathes him. But he's still needs to be thankful to the creature that gifted him with this power. After all, if he can see just how much people like him, he could be a good merchant by making friends here and there.

… even though he probably won't get any friend from Konoha.

"hmp! Like I said, this is but a fragment of my power, but still, I accept your gratitude, be honored that I've blessed you with such a thing human!"

Naruto smiles here and nodded, thankful that he has such a generous companion on this time of hardship.

And with that, Naruto calmly trotted toward the village's library.

Though after a few seconds of walking, Kyuubi asked something that confuse him.

"Say human, if you somehow gain a way to become powerful… would you still become a shinobi?"

At first, Naruto didn't have an answer for that question.

In his life, his dream was to become a Hokage, and Hokage is basically the strongest shinobi in the Konohagakure no sato.

But Hokage Jiji had told him that becoming a Hokage is far more complicated than being the strongest in the village.

Years ago, Jiji probably didn't explain further because of him being still young. But now, pretty mature enough for twelve years old, Naruto looked around…

The scenery of the village has been imprinted into his brain.

The chirping of birds.

Sound of rustling leaves that's very abundant.

The sound of people waking up and start their business.

And of course, the unforgettable glares that is sent toward him.

There's still so many though, every breeze, every sound, every polite smile that the villagers thrown at each other.

This village is beautiful.

And as Hokage, it's their job to protect this peace.

Naruto like… no, he loves Konoha and every scenery it has. But it cannot be said the same for opposite.

Konoha's people loathes him, they despise his very existence.

… there's simply no way that he could become a Hokage, not when to be Hokage, one need to be loved by the people.

'Ah… I… I don't know Kyuubi-san, honestly, I would love to become a shinobi… b-but, I don't think the villagers would like to be protected by me… and about your question, I guess, if I somehow gain a way to become powerful, I'll protect those who is dear to me'

Hokage jiji is strong in his own right, after all he is the Hokage.

So, if Naruto gain a way to become powerful, probably all he does with that power is to protect himself and those who dear to him.

Like Teuchi and his daughter for example.

"Hmp, pretty mature for your age… and although I despise the thought of you, being my jailer and all, protecting those people, I guess I could accept that answer"

There's a sneer when Kyuubi said "protecting those people", but overall, Kyuubi didn't think bad of his answer, and Naruto is glad for that.


'W-what should I do? Of all days, why would her shift have to be today?'

In the entrance of the library, Naruto looks anxious.

It because the librarian today is the older sibling of his former classmate, Sakura Haruno.

Her name is Luka Haruno, and just like other Harunos, Luka also loath his existence ever since she met him.

The girl is older than Sakura by four years only, which mean that she's in her sixteen at the moment. But if one sees her, one would say that Luka look older than that.

Tall, Luka is at least 5'5 ft or 165 cm in height, which honestly scare Naruto every time she looks down at him with her cold, blue eyes.

Her body is also more developed than Sakura and her own mother, with wide hips and big breasts, she was a heart throb of many males of the village.

Her pink hair is long, reaching her waist easily and looks very smooth, though no one dares to try and touch it because of her attitude.

And lastly, just like any other Harunos, Luka seem to favor on using a qipao for her everyday clothes. Though unlike Sakura that always use red colored qipao, Luka favor black for her color.

Her qipao is also not one piece like Sakura, but two pieces with short sleeved top and very long bottom that reach her feet. (Megurine Luka).

Simply said, Luka is basically the more mature, more developed, darker, and lastly, cold Sakura.

Of course, they're two different people with some different, but not like Naruto could know any of it when they're all seems to hate him.

Ah… by the way, he really should go away now… it would be best if they don't meet, after all, he could comeback tomor…


… too late though.

Before Naruto can turn around and run away, Luka already in front of him with glare that could froze even some jounin. Her hand -that look so feminine- grab him by his scruff and lift him easily.

The library become much more silent after that, though it seems there's pretty few visitor today.

And of course, none seems keen on helping him.

Lip trembling, Naruto raise his hands in surrender-like fashion, his legs dangling from Luka's impressive strength -or it was him that's pretty light-.

Naruto really, really don't want any trouble today.

"I thought I told you to never show your face around here, ever again!"

The girl spat, her gorgeous face looks deadly to Naruto, what scares him though, is the glowing red bar above her head.


Forget loath, this girl will kill him if given the chance to do it.

Terrified, Naruto began to shake in fear. He can't say anything, not when his words stuck on his throat.


"why are you silent, scum? Do you even need this in the first place?"

Luka slammed him to the wall, her fingers that previously grabbing on his shirt now is wrapped around his neck, chocking him.

Naruto's sight began to fills with black as his conscious starting to fail him.

Though fortunately for him, help come from his new companion…

"… Pretty nice quality of hate this girl have. Hmm, oh well… food for me~"

For Naruto, his eyes suddenly start to burn with pain for a small second, and all he knows in front of him, Luka widen her eyes.

And atop of her head, Naruto could see her hate for him start to drop at fast rate… and in no times, her hate of him become zero.


"thanks for the food"

Naruto heard Kyuubi, but right now, he's more focused on the girl that already dropped him from her chokehold.

She seems… blank.

'K-kyuubi-san… w-what is that?'

Did… did Kyuubi just eat the girl's whole hate? Is that even possible?

"Of course it's possible, fear and hate of human is nothing but delicacy for me. And with this, the girl won't bother you again"

Naruto -shorter he is compared to Luka- looked up to her, seeing her blank eyes that stares down at him, but actually to nothing.

… she seems dead to him.

Small, very small part of Naruto is happy from her state, but he quashed that part of him almost immediately and tries his best to shake the librarian.

"H-haruno-san?... h-hey, are you alright?"

She doesn't budge, and by now, Naruto is filled with nothing but worry for the girl in front of him.

"… why are you trying to help her?"

Kyuubi's voice held disbelief which missed by Naruto, though the boy think that it was simple question of curiosity.

'there's no need to hate her… she probably hates me because she thought that I was you, and she must have lost something or someone that you took away from her twelve years ago… after all, everything exists for a reason, even it's just simple hate'

-With Kyuubi

Everything exists for a reason, he said.

Kyuubi, the great, magnificent Kyuubi no kitsune, snort within its cage.

Oh, how very like him.

The boy know hate, more than the monkeys these days know.

And because he himself know hate, the boy chose to forgive those who hate him.

Hmp, for a mortal, you've exceeded my expectation, boy… for that, I'll gift you one more gift.

Slowly, pink gas spewed out from Kyuubi's body, which soon covers the whole seal which shaped like sewer.

And in the middle of said gas, Kyuubi grinned.

-With Naruto

Naruto doesn't know what happened, at first, he's merely shaking the Haruno girl in front of him gently -with her unresponsive toward the gesture-.

But then, he feels warms, as if fire is being poured toward his being.

… it's kinda uncomfortable though.

Gulping down invisible air, Naruto ignores the new feeling and looked up and realize that the Luka is looking down toward him.

With blush!

And on top of her head, beside her newly emptied friendship bar -he decided to call them that-, there's another bar, shaped like heart.

Said new bar is steadily increasing!

'K-kyuubi-san, w-what is this!?'

Naruto is freaked out, yes. But really, it's not his fault, just not a moment ago, this girl in front of him loathed his existence so much that he's sure if he ever met her in an alley alone, she would kill him without any mercy.

But then, seconds ago, Kyuubi showed him that it could eat hate, which clean the loath feeling of her to him within a blink of eyes.

And now… a new bar appears, and from what he could see from its shape, it's a bar of lust.

"Oh my, oh my… it seems after I ate some delicacy, I lost control of my pheromone… what should I now? If my jailer doesn't fuck someone soon, I think it would become much larger and could reach the end of the village… truly, just what should I do now?"

If only Naruto focus a little bit, he would know that Kyuubi's voice is filled with sascarm.

But with this current situation, he can only widen his eyes and do a jaw drop.

'Kyuubi-san, seriously?'

Thinking quick, Naruto pushed Luka a bit and smiles nervously at her. A little bit of sweat trailed down from his forehead.

"Haruno-san, I-I'm in need of books about merchantries, where c-can I find them?"

"… B-9"

Even her voice is kinda slurred now, her dazed eyes never leaving his form, which make Naruto shivers in slight fear because he for some reason can feel her hunger from that eyes.

"T-thanks Haruno-san!..."

And with that, Naruto ran toward the section mentioned by the girl, leaving dust and Luka behind.

Though ignoring the dust, Luka Haruno merely stares at his running figure with redder face, though minute later, she walks back to her counter and sit, every few often, she would take a glance to the section of B9.

"now that's rude I'd say… you could just fuck her right then"

'w-what? Kyuubi-san, how could you say that!? You know it's wrong, I could never do something so morally wrong'

While inwardly conversing with his companion, Naruto search for the books of merchantries, which fortunately he found with no time.

Said book immediately opened and read by him. After all, he's comfortable by reading while standing like this.

Inside his mind though, Naruto can hear Kyuubi's snort.

"hmp! What an immature way of thinking… and here I thought you're better than that"

'what?... I don't understand, which part of it is immature?'

Truly, Naruto don't understand how rejecting someone's lust can be called as immature. After all, morally it's wrong to have sex with opposite gender just like that.

Because to his knowledge, before one could indulge in such activity, two persons need to date first and… well, getting know each other or something like that...

And maybe heard his inward thinking, Kyuubi snorted once again.

"… not only immature, but also naïve I see…"

"… Boy, let me give you example, my power which give you sight to see someone friendship… the bad reaction is at minus or at plus?"

Simple question, of course the bad reaction will come in minus, because minus represent hate while plus represent fondness.

"good, you understand… now think with that measly brain of you"

Now that's pretty rude…

… anyway, just what is Kyuubi talking about here? After all, by the logic of its question just now, he seems to need to see it from third point of view and try to see the bad of minus and goodn-

Wait… that doesn't sound right.

They're talking about lust here… minus lust means nothing except having no attraction toward someone. But, plus lust, if overflowed could be disaster.

"you're pretty quick to catch on… impressive"

With both hands, Naruto covers his face with the book he held, where he let out tiny whimper.

Does he really need to do it? After all, it's partly his fault that Luka now like that. Plus, he can't argue that Luka is very pretty and he had crush on her the very first time he seen her.

But… but it's… it's wrong.

Unknown to Naruto, his face is inflamed with such redness that could rival his ancestor hairs.

"well… it was my fault here, but because I can't absorb my pheromone back into my body… guess I could give you another power"

'Another power, Kyuubi-san?"

"Yes… I will give your body a power to copy any power and bloodlines from anyone you fuck"

-With Naruto

Power to copy other people power…

Is that even possible?

But Kyuubi-san haven't lie to him, not even once.

Of course, he really wants to ask why, how, and many other things. But really, every word and thought stuck on his heart.


That word keeps playing on his head, taunting and teasing him to take the bait.

He's not a power hungry person, Naruto know that. But this and that is different matter…

To protect the people precious to him, to protect himself, even to protect Kyuubi from people that harbor ill intention toward it… Naruto needs power.

There's simply no need to think twice.

'… Alright Kyuubi-san, I'll do it'

Holding the book of merchantries he read just a moment ago, Naruto walks toward the librarian counter, where Luka sit. His eyes filled with determination, albeit his cheeks still covered by pink blush.

'Kyuubi-san… what should I do?'

Why asked question?

Simply because he never did something like this of course, the nervousness he feels right now is comparably like the very first time he pranked Hokage Jiji.

The prank was a failure of course, because he lacked knowledge of art of prank at that time. At the same time, he had no one to ask for support.

But now, going to do something he never do before, Naruto ask Kyuubi…

Which unfortunately, also have no good answer for him.

"do I look like a hairless monkey to you? I'm a fox if you can't see"

The sascarm is very thick, though before Naruto can berate Kyubi for his rudeness, said creature said another piece of words.

"… however, I guess I can tell you one thing. You will gain more abilities to copy if your target has high lust toward you… basically, you need to make that girl into a nympho, or slut, or rapist before you fuck her… or let her fuck you, whichever your preference, it's all the same in the end"

'I-I s-see…'

With cheeks turn redder, Naruto nods gently.

Simply said, he needs to seduce Luka until she's the one doing things to him.

Already understand what he needs to do, Naruto fasten his walks.

"H-haruno-san, can I borrow this book for a week?"

Naruto said that while placing the book he needs in the desk, with the girl he called looks up from the book she read.

Her cheeks are no longer blushing, and even her face is back to its cold façade. The only reason Naruto doesn't run in fear is because on top of her head is shown…

[0%] friendship
[20%] lust

And the lust steadily increasing…

"of course, let me check"

When Luka's hand touched the book, Kyuubi scream inside his mind.

"Grab it dumbass!"

Startled, Naruto hand jolted and grabbed Luka's own, which make him blush cutely.

'it's s-soft…'

Naruto's trance held for around three seconds, and when his attention back toward the girl in front of him, he noticed her narrowed eyes.

She seems angry.

He wanted to ask for forgiveness of course, but before he could do such a thing, his eyes catch a sight of something he don't know whether good or bad.

Her lust meter now is at [89%]

is it normal for lust to increase that fast?

"No, but from what I can see and guess, this girl love anything cute... and the only reason she never had crush on you is because her hate toward you"

But now her hate has been cleansed, her lust toward him increasing with such speed.

Understand the unsaid words, Naruto nods inwardly, thankful for having more than thousand years old companion which is very smart.

"I'm s-sorry for grabbing your hand so suddenly Haruno-san"

Not yet, not high enough.

After he said his apologize, Naruto release his grip on the girl's hand.

Still, feeling embarrassing he is, the blush on his cheeks only got redder.

Which fortunately only make Luka's lust toward him much higher.

"No problem… I take it you intend to learn to become a merchant?"

Luka said calmly after Naruto has released his grip on her hand, her nonsense and cold face back with no problem. Though one of her eyebrows delicately raised once she read what book he intend to borrow.

Of course, Naruto is impressed, just like the Kyuubi inside of him.

Why? Because by now, her lust meter has reach 95%.

"Yes… unfortunately, it seems I have no talent on becoming a ninja, and while it's a bummer, I guess in the end I chose to learn to become a merchant instead"

"Hmm… that's so"

Luka nods, writing something on her librarian notebook and pressing stample in some papers.

… well, it's not like he knows how librarian work anyway. And this is the very first time he's allowed to borrow a book.

'say Kyuubi-san… how high can lust be? Is it one hundred percent? Or can it be higher?'

Small growl can be heard from within his mind, though Naruto calmly wait, and with patience, in the end Kyuubi answers his question.

"well, to explain it more simply, my power to sense emotions is absolute, no one best me, period… and when I create these bars to show you, all I need to do is to… 'set the bar' if you want call it that"

Naruto nods inwardly here, following his companion's words easily.

"for friendship, I set it into minus one hundred when I sense a very strong urge to kill you for revenge or something like that… and no, not killing intent, because killing intent and hate is two different things. As for plus one hundred, I set it when I sense urge to protect you even at the cost of their life, do you follow me?"

'yes, basically, minus one hundred is strong hate, while plus one hundred is strong urge to protect me… but still, does it mean it can be more than one hundred percent?'

"hah! Of course, hate and love is two different things in same coin… both are endless"

It was by this time that Naruto feels someone tapping his cheeks, and looking toward the hand, Naruto's eyes soon reach the face of Luka that has a look of impatience.

He must have zoning off just now.

But still… glancing a bit to her head, he nods.

[120%] Lust

It broke the limit.

"yes Haruno-san? I'm sorry, I don't hear you just now, can you repeat what you said?"

"I said, I expect you to bring the book back in six days and twenty-three hours. For each day you late, I expect you to pay a fee of one thousand ryo, do you understand?"

Naruto nods calmly, but his eyes never leave the bar on top of the librarian's head.

Say what you want, but it really bewilders him.

'say Kyuubi-san… about lust, for one hundred percent, how did you 'set the bar'?'

"… you ask too many questions this day, I think I begin to get annoyed… listen, this question is the last, understand?"

Naruto nods inwardly, though also confused by this sudden attitude from Kyuubi.

Unknown to him, Kyuubi want him to learn from experience and not keep asking like some sort of… Minato.

Any thought of Minato after all, is enough to make Kyuubi blanc in disgust. It really doesn't want its jailer to become a clone of Minato.

"now let's see… from what I remember, one hundred percent lust is like that of animal in heat… took too long, and they'll soon become crazy. Now go! I don't want to hear your voice anymore today!"

Naruto wince in slight pain when he feels as if his connection to Kyuubi is closed rather forcefully.

Like a door slammed shut… right in front of his face.

Though soon, Naruto shook his head and focused all of his attention toward the girl he once like.

'like an animal in heat… alright'

"say Haruno-san, is there a way for me to extend how long I can borrow the book?"


The pink haired beauty raises one of her eyebrows delicately, one of her palms resting on her cheek, while her other hand… wait, where's her other hand?

It was then, Naruto notice that her other hand is under the desk, moving constantly.

Any plan to seduce the girl went to hell as Naruto's face burn in red.

s-s-she's playing with herself!?

Maybe noticed where his eyes went, for the first time on his life, Naruto see, Luka Haruno smirk.

"My eyes here… or is there something that entrance you, boy?"

"N-n-no! I-I'm sorry?"

That constructed as question, simple because in the end, Naruto found himself confused whether he should apologize or not.

Small it is, the usually cold Luka Haruno laughs.

She has a nice laugh Naruto concludes inwardly. And he also kinda like that laughing sound of hers. Though that feeling is squashed quickly once he realizes that she's laughing at him.

"So, you asked me to lent you the book longer, is that it?"

Shyly, Naruto nods, his face still burning red from being laughed at. Though fortunately, his embarrassment make Luka feels more lustful toward him because he can see the lust bar atop her head raising faster.

Even her eyes are narrowing lustfully at him by now.

"I see, how long exactly?"

"u-umm, a month?"

Clacking sound immediately heard after that, as Luka's pen suddenly fell from her hand.

't-that's intentional… she did that on purpose…'

"Oh, I seem to drop my pen… boy, can you get it for me? I am busy right now as you can see…"

Bullshit… is what Naruto want to say, but he doesn't want to offend her. As much as he hates to admit it, Naruto know Luka at the moment is the only person that might be a friend with him when her lust end.

And friend is all he wants for years.


With that said, Naruto walks around the library counter and went inside, then stops right beside Luka.

She still playing with herself, and now beside her, Naruto could easily see how Luka's daunting fingers rubbing her private area over her black pantyhose that's by now already dripping wet on the region area.

He's trying his best not to stare, but really, as if taunting him, Luka moves her groin forward and backward in a very seductive manner. Which makes her juices drips even more so.


Naruto shook his head and do his best to clear any dirty thought to cloud his mind. After all, he's the one that need to bait Luka until her lust reach the point where she can't hold herself back.

'y-yes… I-I'm stronger than this'

Turned his head toward the girl's head, Naruto notice the lust meter already reach [145%], something pretty impressive if he can say himself.

But now, thinking a bit clearly, Naruto could guess that it probably because she's a chuunin and much stronger in mental department compared to normal people.

'yeah, it's probably that'

Looking down after he finished his guess, Naruto tries to find the pen which was dropped by Luka.

… And he found it, right under the feet of said girl, with her stepping on it with her fancy shoes.

Though of course, not for long, because after he noticed the wherever of the pen, the girl kicked it… into the deeper part of her desk.

"Oh my, I-I seem… pant …to kicked it… could you p-please… pant get it, cutie?~"

… Naruto didn't know why she suddenly called him like that, but still… his stomach flutter from hearing his former crush calling him with such affectionate call.

Nods is all he gives though, as nervously, he kneels down and went under her desk easily with his stature.

Getting the pen is easy, but when Naruto turn around, it only to find out that Luka already pulled her chair forward and now her long legs -spreading it is- easily blocked his way out.


[Lime (not lemon) {Footjob}]

Naruto gulped nervously here, the pen he held drops into the floor as he tried his best to merge with the end of desk wall.

His eyes locking into the soft looking hand that still rubbing on the wet vagina still covered in tight black pantyhose, going up and down, left and right very softly… gently.

It's hypnotizing for some reason.

Not only that, but locked in a tight place with the only exit blocked by very feminine legs, Naruto's nose easily caught the sweet, musky scent that the girl releases from her private area.

"Hey pant come here cutie, I won't hurt you"

Naruto know that… hell, he's the one planning her to become like this. But…

'I-I'm nervous…'

Seconds later and Naruto still trying to merge himself with the desk wall, Luka's legs moves…

Maybe it was from impatience, maybe she just can't hold it anymore, or maybe another reason playing. But Luka's legs skillfully snatched Naruto's little body and wrapped him with her long legs.

Of course, startled, Naruto's first instinct is to scream. But as if she had predicted this, the first thing Luka do after her legs catch him is to pull his face into her wet groin, her two hands on his head to make sure he doesn't move.


Naruto looked up, nervous tears on his eyes. But all he can see is Luka's face, face very red and looks very hungry… hungry for him. Her eyes glazed, teeth biting on her bottom lips. And on top of her head, the bar shown…




Maybe it was because of his doe eyes locking toward her while her groin stuffed into his mouth, but very rapidly, the girl's lust skyrocketing, each increase makes her face redder and much more feral, even droll slowly pour down from her lips edge.

… forgot animal in heat, she looks like a beast that want nothing but to fuck him into oblivion.

But in the end, Naruto can't see anything but black as the bottom part of qipao equipped by Luka is used by her to covers his upper head, draping on him like veil that easily cover him from head to his back. and at the same time, her thighs tighten.


… it feels good.

His head is covered by her silk qipao and in a way also act as blindfold. Sandwiching him from left and right is very soft thighs clad in nylon which make it much more pillowy, in a way also act to make him deaf, as he now can't hear anything.

Lastly, her long legs winding around him, restraining his arms and make him feels as if being embraced by warmth.

… it's very relaxing in a way.

"ah… ah… ah"

Deafened he is, Naruto ears is still sharper than normal human, and he could make out small noise of pleasure each time Luka piston her groin toward his mouth.

To think he could make the girl known for her coldness only by touching her vagina with his lips alone.

Timidly, nervously, yet with a bit of determination, Naruto stuck out a very tiny bit of his warm tongue and stick it into the wet groin of the Haruno girl.


… Naruto really hopes that wasn't a scream he heard.

Though not like he could focus on such a thing as the girl forcefully pulled his face deeper into her groin, at the same time, said private place let out a pretty large amount of bitter sweet juice that smell very musky.


Again and again, the white juice shots into his face, but patiently, Naruto calms his nerves and merely giving Luka's private area small kisses.

His face feels so wet, and yet the girl still hasn't stop cumming on his face. It's very fortunate that Luka, while pretty feral at the moment still giving him a berth to breath. One of her hand -the one covering his head with her qipao- ever gently rubbing his head over her silky clothing, which make him feels flutter on his stomach.

Around five to six seconds later, the girl's explosion died down, as now she's in a state of calming down her nerves.

Her hands though, Naruto feels still lovingly combing his hairs while the one used to pull his face into her vagina now cupping his cheek over the black silk qipao, the thumb gently caressing his cheek in a way that makes Naruto closes one of his eyes cutely.

Really, he doesn't know it's her hand or the fabric of clothes rich people wear, but it's sooooo soft.

Maybe it's both?

He doesn't get his answer as suddenly, yet still with a hint of gentleness, the qipao used to cover his eyes was lifted, making Naruto blinks few times to adjust the light.

… it took Naruto almost no time to adjust though, and soon, Naruto could see the face of Luka, looking down at him with warmth, worry, and dare he say… love.

It took him aback inwardly for a few seconds, but he had no times to think as the girl leaned down her face and kissed his forehead.

"H-hey… I-I'm not being too forceful on you, right?"

Naruto really widen his eyes here… simply because on top of Luka's head, her lust is yet to decrease…


It even increases by twenty percent since the last time he seen it. So how could she's so calm like this?

Though thinking calmly, it probably because Luka just finished her climaxes seconds ago, and if he can guess, he could make Luka 'active' again with small nudge...

Nods inwardly, outwardly, Naruto merely blushes and shyly kisses Luka's thighs that still tighten on his head like a silky twin pillow.

.. and just like his prediction, Luka's eyes turn into cold blue of hunger for his body once his lips touched her nylon clad thigh, yet still with a hint of cares for him deep down inside.

It seems he found the kinds of eyes he likes.

Feeling of weightless hit Naruto for a bit second, but he calmly blinks when he noticed that now he's facing the same way like Luka, and not facing at her region area.


It's strange… what's her plan now?

Surprise come to him when two feet once again restraining his body with the toes itself touching his pants covered rod.

… it hardened almost instantly from the action as small whimper come out from his lips.

Naruto looks up while bending his neck backward, face flushing red from embarrassment.

But he only got a glimpse of Luka as once again, her bottom qipao veiled his sight and her thighs tighten.

This time though, one of her palms is covering his mouth and nose, forcing him to smell her nice flowery scent which he's not sure whether come from her qipao or from her hand. While her other palm has finished zipping of his jacket and now is playing with his tiny nipples, tickling and pinching with her soft, warm fingers.

Good idea of her to covering his mouth, because in no times, he's whimpering from pleasure. And each sound of whimper makes her much faster on playing with his body.

"hora… hora, let me hear more of your moan cutie…"

The sound is muffled because his ears is covered by the pillowy thighs, but Naruto easily guesses that was the sound of Luka.

And without even waiting, the girl's two feet went into his pants and grasped his thing easily.

Said feet gently moves, caressing, teasing, and rubbing, at the same time, the fingers that's playing with his chest become much more active… and in no times, Naruto already sweating very badly.

And then, he let out his cum… and instantly feels very tired.

He didn't know the act of letting out cum is this tiring. And now he's feels bad for 'activating' Luka's switch few minutes ago.

Just like previously, the silk covering his sight and mouth lifted gently. This time though, followed by Luka that kneel under the desk just like him.

She smiles at him, very lovingly if he may add, though of course, feral lust is ninety percent in that loving smiles.

'she intent to 'do' me now…'

Naruto concluded.

Naruto feels hot and bothered too of course, but already released his own climax, he can think a bit clearly.

And so, he wraps his own smaller hands around the girl's neck. With her while at first confused, but in the end decide to return back his hugs.

It feels warm… And Naruto decide he likes this embrace from Luka.

[Lime end]

Anyone knows Naruto personally know he always put a mask of smiles to fight the sadness in his heart. And with years of experience of 'acting', it's pretty easy for him to let out small amounts of tears and sobs into Luka's neck.

Lusting after him or not, Luka is loving person, Naruto already reach this conclusion after their short 'activity' just now. And so, despite her lust for him, she would discard anything to make him feels better first.

Simply said… it takes more than simply [245%] lust for her to snap.

This proofed when Luka stiffen when she heard him sobs, and seconds later, one of her palms gently caressing his hairs in act to calm him down after she gently put him on her lap.

"hey, sweetie, it's alright… it's alright, tell me why are you crying"

She said while shushing him lovingly. Her blue eyes, different compared to her sister's gazing at him worriedly.

Naruto pushed her gently by shoulders, showing her his teary eyes. Said tears last not long however because in gentle move, Luka take out black handkerchief from her pocket and swiped his tears away in loving manner.

"H-Haruno-san… I-I thought you hate me… s-so why? I-I don't understand…"

Act 1, acting all cute and confused. In a way, this is not to fools Luka… well, it's fooling her of course, and also have hidden intention to make her lust toward him raised more. But in the end, it's important decision for the future.

Most would ask why is that, but really, it's simple. Kyuubi power or not, Naruto is romantic person at heart, if he's going to fuck someone, he would want a relationship with them and not only do that for their power.

And so, this is needed, so he and Luka at least have somewhat 'clean' relationship. And not only because they fucked.

… by the way, in front of Naruto, Luka's worried eyes suddenly become apologetical quickly, at the same time, also held no small amount of guilt.

"I don't hate you… please believe me when I said I no longer held anything negative toward you…"

Gently, Luka pressed her forehead toward Naruto's own forehead, her eyes looking at him with clear, honest eyes.

"Someday, perhaps I'd tell you why I had thought you as my enemy… not now, forgive me"


Seeing such clear and honest eyes from Luka, inwardly Naruto is also happy. The small doubt that this power from Kyuubi is basically a hypnotize power is gone with it.

However, maybe heard his acceptance of her apologize, Luka hugs him again.

… which is innocent only for five seconds, as after said five seconds passed, her hands on his back began to get more… 'suggesting'.

Time for act 2 then.


Naruto pushed Luka Haruno away with red face of embarrassment.

And loving person she is, Luka didn't continue when she sees 'tears' on his eyes.

Act 2, acting all innocent and not ready.

"H-Haruno-san… I-I don't know why you w-would want to d-do something like that with a person like me… please re-consider"

In a move that Naruto never expect, Luka pulled him closer by waist, while her other hand cupped his chin and lift it up gently so they look face to face.

There only a few millimeters that separating their lips.

"there's nothing to consider… I like you… or it is you who doesn't think me as worthy?"

Naruto never expect this honestly.

But this true self of Luka Haruno… she's so… Prince-like.

Is this her true self behind all of that cold hatred and behind the lust he piled-up?

Well, he likes her as long she doesn't hate him.

But… this position…

Blush slowly taken over Naruto's face, even steam slowly coming out from his ears. But still, he needs to finish this act of him.

He must do this.

"Your silence is the affirmative I need…"

He got no times to moves as with her two arms, Luka embraced him body tightly against her, her mouth latching itself into his own.

'it's soft…'

So soft actually, and for some reason, Naruto can feel all of Luka's feeling from the kiss she's giving him.

Love, lust, wanting, desperate, everything mixed into one perfect blend of hungry that the girl feels toward him.

She wants him, badly.

And it almost makes Naruto feel guilty for the thing he do next.


He pushed her with slight difficult, one of his hand covering his mouth in 'shy' manner while his face blushing hard with tears in his eyes.

And maybe seeing this, Luka recede, her eyes show compassion despite the burning lust she feels on her chest area… if she doesn't get any from this cutie, she knows tonight will be a torture for her.

"Sorry… I guess you're just not ready for something like that…"

Perhaps guessing that Naruto will push her away again if she hugs him, Luka simply placed her soft hand on his head and start to comb his hairs in a gentle manner.


"You can call me Luka, no need for formality with me, alright?"


To Luka, the boy's eyes easily show off his fear. And with what she'd done to him, she could guess that he probably afraid to offend her in a way.

it's cute in a way, but for some reason, she really… really want to start relationship with this boy… Naruto if she's not wrong.

Of course, she honestly just doesn't know what overcome her to do this to such a cute boy, but… the way he used his tongue minutes ago… she shivers in delight from thinking it alone.

She still remembers why she had hated the boy of course… after all, the beast inside of him is the one killed her dear father twelve years ago. But when he come into this library, looking for knowledge to continue his live now that he can't become a ninja and… she chocked him.

The image of him crying, sobbing to be released repeating over and over on her mind. And it cracked her fear and hate for him.

There's just no way demon would cry so cutely like that…

"No need for -sama… trust me, I won't be angry"

Naruto nods, face still blushing.

"Luka-san… I'm n-not ready, please forgive me…"

"it's alright"

Inwardly, Naruto is still bewildered from such massive change that happen to the girl that once hate him. It still kinda make him want to know just how Kyuubi ate hate, after all, hate itself isn't physical and surely not solid.

It's flabbergasting.


Time for act 3.

"B-But Luka-san… i-if tomorrow you still want me…"

Gently, softly, and in almost perfect seduction, Naruto wraps his hands around the girl's neck, and for a small second, he gave her a small kiss right on her cheek and now rest beside her pretty ear.

Naruto can feel her shivering in delight from his ministration.

"…I'll wait for you at the deepest part of B9"

And with that, Naruto easily felt small part of Kyuubi's pheromone went away from his consciousness and injected itself toward Luka.


'Oh my god oh my god I can't believe I said that! So embarrassing!'

Few hours later, Naruto now rest on top of fourth Hokage's statue. Rolling on the ground while covering his face.

Of course, the reason he's doing this is because remembering the last sentence he said to Luka is just…

"Hah! I Never thought you as cliché queen, boy. But it seems I was wrong"

'shut up'

Naruto pouted… he's feeling embarrassed here, and Kyuubi just not helping.

"but boy… is that wise? Releasing your prey just like that…"

'she's not my prey Kyuubi-san…'

Calmly, Naruto sit cross-legged, resting on his lap is the book he already finished few minutes ago.

… he never thought live as merchant is that busy.

Constantly moving, looking for trade route, trade items, need to check the average prices of every item in many places… thinking, thinking and thinking…

Even thinking about how busy merchant is enough to make his head hurt.

But everything began with small step… he can do it.

"Oi, why don't you try to learn how to control my pheromone for now? I mean, it would be less of burden for me if you can do that"

'learn to control… your pheromone, Kyuubi-san? Is that even possible?'

For some reason, Naruto have a feeling that Kyuubi is rolling its eyes at him right now. And it makes his eyebrow twitched a bit.

"Not the kind of control you thought, boy… just a control of 'when' you need it to seep out from your body. I mean, not that it's my problem, but I could guess you probably won't like it if a fucking grandma coming into you, right?"

'gosh! The images!...'

Naruto resisted his urge to puke as he once again rolling on the ground. Trying to get out from the image Kyuubi giving him.

It takes Naruto a few minutes plus a few banging of head to ground to get the image off from his mind. But in the end, he calmed down.

'… I need that'

Of course, Naruto also give his stink eyes which he knows Kyuubi easily know is pointed at it.

"hah, don't look at me like that, after all. What I said is the truth"

Knowing that to be true, Naruto calmed down his nerves and take in a deep breath… then sigh it off.

'yes, it's true… I'm sorry for looking at you with negativity, Kyuubi-san'

"mn mn, tis is alright… now into the technique… first take a deep breath…"

And with that, Naruto spent his time until afternoon to get a better control over Kyuubi's pheromone.

Night comes into Konoha and Naruto popped his stiff shoulders with satisfied sigh.

It's surprisingly easy to control the pheromone of Kyuubi. Which Kyuubi said is a part of Luka's power he copied after he 'drank' her juice.

Of course, while at first, he wanted to ask how he copied small part of her power when Kyuubi said that he need to have sex first, in the end he chalked it as 'half' of said activity.

… Looking around, Naruto can see some of the shop began to closing. And perhaps because this is kinda busy times, he doesn't feel any glare directed toward him as people busy closing their shop and the other civilians simply busy to get home.

Blinking, Naruto walks toward one closed shop and stares at the window which reflect his stature.

'… I'm pretty short'

He noticed, but uncaring about the height of his body, all he focused is his face.

… one hand gently rubs the whiskers mark on his cheek. Naruto's eyes turn melancholy.

For years he asked why he have this while other children don't, for years he looks for someone who have same marks like him only to found none… and the bad people always said that it was because he's a demon.

But when he's at his lowest yesterday, he found out that it was because he held the Kyuubi inside the seal on his stomach. And in that moment, he understood the weight of the burden placed on him by the fourth Hokage.

Kyuubi hate Konoha.

For what reason, he doesn't know, but there must be a reason for such a thing, and for that, Naruto respect the beast's privacy.

However, the truth is still the truth, Kyuubi hate Konoha, and fourth Hokage placed Kyuubi in him so he could protect the people live here from the beast's wrath.

There're some questions of course… for example, why him of all people.

'Then again… answer won't change anything, past is the past and all I need is to looks forward to the future…'

Dad, mom, Naruto has a feeling both loves him very much even though he didn't know who are they.

'whoever you two… I'll make you both proud of me… so please keep looking after me'

Clasping his hands in small prayer, Naruto nods toward the mirror.

After that, he turns around… only to crash with something and fall on his butt.


Closing one of his eyes cutely for a bit, Naruto looks up, only to met with gorgeous ruby eyes that staring at him with small amount of compassion.

"hey, are you alright kid? You didn't hurt anything, right?"

Her voice kindly asks him while offering one of her hand to help him up, which he takes with gratitude.

"Mnn, it's alright, it just a small fall, nothing you should be worried of"

"Haha I'm glad then…"

The woman with ruby eyes offered her hand once again for him to shake, which he accepts, though with small inner doubt. After all, not being negative and all, but he rarely got kindness from the people of Konoha.

"My name is Kurenai Yuhi, and once again, I'm sorry for made you fall"

Ah, of course, Naruto know her, one of the Jonin of Konoha. And here, his doubt is gone. After all, almost none of the Jonin held any negativity toward him… not that he met all of them, but he's sure that Jiji once said that if any Jonin dare being negative toward him, then they're not yet ready for the position.

… the proof is Luka. Her strength is one among the top from what he can remember, and also several times have won the Jonin test. And the reason she's yet to become Jonin?

'Luka Haruno is deemed too immature and is yet able become a Jonin' or something like that.

… he won't lie, having Hokage as your grandfather figure is the best.

"it's alright, after all, I'm the one who crashed into you. And nice to meet you, Yuhi-san, my name is Naruto Uzumaki"

Kurenai smiles kindly here, at the same time, they both released their shake hands.

"that's good then, I'm glad you're pretty mature for your age… unlike that boy"

It's not sneer, more like exasperated tone when Kurenai said 'boy'. And could guess that meant she has taking care of three of his former classmates, Naruto smiles… bitterly.

He knows which boy is bad enough to make nice person like Kurenai to exasperate.


He doesn't want to hear anything about his former classmates though, and so, Naruto inclined his head and smiles politely to Kurenai.

"Thank you for your compliment Yuhi-san, but I need to excuse myself now. I hope you have a good night"

"Of course, Uzumaki-san, I hope you have a good night too"

Fortunately, Kurenai didn't feel offended and merely smiles kindly at him. And after he returned her smiles, Naruto turns around, this time a bit careful so he won't crash into anyone else.

Five seconds later… Naruto heard the voice of Kyuubi.

"Say boy… I have a dare for you…"

A dare?

Raising one of his eyebrows inwardly, Naruto asked Kyuubi what kind of dare it is.

"… oh, it's simple really…"

"…why don't you look back and see that Kurenai chick head?"

In the real world, Naruto slaps his head.

… Of course.

That was what he felt missing just a minute ago. After all, when Naruto talks to someone, it's just his habit to stare into their eyes only, and with Kurenai's eyes enchanting him, he just didn't bother to looks toward anywhere else.

He doesn't know why Kyuubi said it's a dare though, after all, it just staring at Kurenai's head, and with her politeness, she probably have somewhere around 5% for friendship with him while 0% for lust.

Looking back, Naruto see that Kurenai is no longer staring at him, but talking with her newly arrived friend.

Not that he cares though… and intend to complete the dare given by his companion, Naruto's focus went to the bars on top of her head.

Any plan of him to ask 'so what?' to Kyuubi is destroyed as Naruto ran as fast as he can, away from the Jonin he just met.

After all, her two bar is just that unsettling.

[50%] friendship

[1000%] lust

What the hell!?

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