Izuku looked at the sky. The fresh city air.

The sun just rising above the flashing lights and bustling streets.

The air seemed still above it all.

With the dim sunlight coating him in a soft shine.

He was glowing.

His green curls framed his face while his olive green eyes stared down.

The lights went so quick.

While standing there, glowing with the summer sun and youth, he realized.

Some were born with clean wings perfectly preened and plucked wings to fly high above those with wings only slightly less perfect then theirs.

But than there were those with wings covered in oil and caught with trash making it so hard to keep flying with those who had wings made to fly above the greatest trees.

He lifted his arms up.

Feeling the wind breeze under them

Imagining himself soaring above it all. It was tiring but he felt that he if he simply flew enough the oil would wash out and the trash would blow out.

Putting his wings back into place making him able to fly higher than anyone before.

But as the oil soaked down the his wings he realized he would never be able to soar above it all. The bit of plastic twisted on his feathers pulling him further and further down

He managed to get himself back up... back to flying but he was out of breath, exhausted..

Izuku looked down.

He was so tired of trying to fly.

So he let himself fall.