After seeing the end of Trollhunters Rise of the Titans, I bring this story being my vision of what could have been the end of the franchise.

Tales of arcadia does not belong to me. I hope this story is to your liking. I translated it into English as best I could, so sorry for any language errors

"Come on, Tobs." Jim begged, as he looked out into the street, hoping to see Toby coming.

With no sign of his friend appearing, Jim lowered his gaze, giving a disappointed sigh.

Resigned, the Trollhunter started to lift the expanded trash in front of his garage, feeling that despite his best efforts, he had failed to try to save Toby.

His thoughts were suddenly cut off, hearing the distinctive ringing of a bicycle bell. Jim froze at the sound, but before he could react, he felt arms wrap around him and lift him off the ground.


Jim felt a great weight roll off him. It was Toby, he was here, alive, and he kept shaking and shaking him with joy.


"Toby?!" Jim managed to turn around and see him with his own eyes, before rushing towards him, happy tears in his eyes. "TOBS!"


Both friends hugged each other tightly, unable to stop laughing and crying at the same time. After a while, the first to separate was Toby.

"Toby. I-"

"Dude! How crazy!" Toby interrupted. "I thought I was crushed to death by that truck!"

Jim gasped at this comment.

"What did you just-"

"I mean! I was suddenly in apocalyptic Arcadia, fighting alongside you, Claire, Blinky, AAARRRGGHH, Aja, Krel, Varvatos, Douxie" Toby counted each name on his fingers. ", against a giant lava monster. I drove Stuart's truck to stop Bellroc from using his magic. I felt like I was peeing my pants when that thing fell on me. And when I closed my eyes Puff! I'm back in my room, without any trace of Chomsky, and all of Arcadia looks normal, as if a huge glowing stone the size of a mountain has never come out from below! What do you think happened, Jim-" The fat boy raised an eyebrow at the disconcerted expression of his friend. "Jim?"

The Trollhunter had been paralyzed when he heard his companion mention about being crushed to death. Seconds passed in which Jim kept staring at Toby in shock before he could finally speak.

"Toby. Did you remember all that?"

Before Toby could answer. The sound of a bike falling is heard and a familiar voice called him.


The two friends turned towards the direction that voice came from, and saw Claire, who ran straight towards Toby.

"You´re alive!" She gave him a short but tight hug, before stepping back and looking at him with tears in her eyes.

"Hahahaha yeah. I'm also happy to be alive, Nuñez." The chubby boy answered a little awkwardly.

Jim's heart was pounding. He was looking at the girl who was next to his best friend, who the last time he had seen had her hair tied up and with a large white streak, but now, her hair was as it had before, with a small blue streak.

Slowly, Claire turned her gaze towards Jim, giving him a tender smile and eyes filled with tears, which showed nothing but concern, great happiness, affection, and deep love. Things the Trollhunter did not expect to see. She was speechless, yearning that this was true, that it wasn't a dream, before letting out a soft whisper.



Claire wasted no time and lunged straight for Jim, who received her with open arms, wrapping her in a tight hug in which he released all the fear and anguish he had been holding. Neither showed signs of wanting to get away from her. Only when they finally pulled apart and looked at each other fondly, Toby was able to speak.

"Hey, I don't understand what's going on. Did we stop Bellroc? What happened to Arcadia? Where are the others?"

"Yes. Yes, Tobs."

Jim found it difficult to speak while crying. "We did it! You did it. You managed to block Bellroc's magic so that I could defeat her and then..." Jim's face fell as he remembered what happened. "Then you died." Claire placed a hand on her shoulder to comfort him.

"Wait! Did I really die?!" Toby exclaimed, alarmed. "But ... How am I here?"

"By the time stone" Claire answers.

"The time stone?"

"Yes, Tobs." Jim continued. "The chronosphere, it turned out that it contained the time stone. So I attached it to the amulet and used it to go back in time."

"You go back in time!?"

"I had to do it, Tobs!" Jim was crying uncontrollably, Claire and Toby were looking at him with concern. "We saved the world! But at what cost! We had already lost so much, and when you ... when you ... If there was anything I could do to at least fix it, I-"

"Jim". Toby placed a hand on his shoulder, interrupting before he could continue explaining. "Thanks". He gave him a beautiful smile, which Jim responded.

"It´ll be the two of us. At the end".

"At the end.". Toby gave him a warm hug, while Claire watched the scene with tenderness in her eyes.

After a few moments they pulled away. Jim wiped away his tears as Toby settled himself.

"So. Time travel, huh? That is awesome sauce! Imagine what we can do! The places we can visit" Toby could not stop talking with emotion. "Owwwwwwww ... Now I can make the best movie of all time. DJ KLEB: THE TIME TRAVELER. We´re going to sweep the box office!"

Claire and Jim laughed at their friend's nonsense.

"But ..." Jim spoke. "I don´t understand. I believed ... that only I would keep all my memories. How is it that you guys also remember it?"

Claire slowly turned to Jim, giving him a tender smile as she gently placed her right hand on her boyfriend's cheek.

"I don´t know". Claire whispered. "But I dont care". Jim's gaze showed that he was more than in agreement with her.

The two got carried away and joined their lips in a tender kiss, while Toby, sensing that he did not want to interrupt, moved away a little with an uncomfortable glance towards his friends, who seemed in no hurry to part.

"Seklos and Gaylen!"

"What just happened!?"

"Where are the others!?"

"And my Steve!?"

"Wait. We are in..."

It was the exasperated words produced by the siblings, Aja and Krel Tarron.

"Akiridion-5". Aja finished his brother's sentence.

The two of them were gazing at the great view of their home planet. A planet that was very far from the world they remembered being in just a moment ago.

"Oh, kleb. What just has-"

"Aja! Krel!" The siblings turned to the great voice calling out to them.

"Varvatos!" The siblings exclaimed.

The aforementioned blue giant approached the siblings and lifted them both in a strong hug, while letting out a laugh.

"Varvatos Vex is so glad to see you are doing well, Your Majesty!" He took both siblings down.

"We are in home?" Krel showed his confusion. "Didn't we just be on Earth?"

"Varvatos is as confused as you. He remembers being on earth during the most GLORIOUS and spectacular battle he has ever participated in".

"I remember it too". Continue Aja. Her expression was thoughtful, but after a moment it changed, to one of utter amazement. "Jim did it!" Her companions looked at her curiously.

"Jim?" Krel looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Remember, little brother. He managed to finish off Bellroc with the help of Toby".

"But Toby didn´t make it..." Krel looked down.

"His death was, GLORIOUS". Varvatos exclaimed, earning a glance from Krel.

"But Jim found the time stone and used it to go back in time!" Aja remembered.

"It's true!" Krel's face perked up. "But wait, does that mean that we are in the past? How do we remember all that? Wasn't Jim supposed to be the only one who would remember what happened? Or ... what will happen?"

Before either of them could think of an explanation, a voice caught their attention.

"There you are".

The three of them froze at the sound of that familiar voice, and turned to the direction it came from, to find two people they never imagined they would see again. Walking towards them, they saw King Fialkov and Queen Coranda coming.

"Aja. Krel. We have been looking for you children". Pronounced the queen, the mother of the brothers.

"Is it possible to know where you have been-"

"MOM! DAD!" The Tarron siblings wasted no time and ran towards their parents, crashing into them and wrapping each one in a tight hug.

The kings were confused as they supported their crying children, who telling them how much they had missed them.

"Its everything-"

"MY QUEEN! MY KING!" Varvatos enveloped the four and lifted them into a tight hug, to the dismay of the king and queen.

"Varvatos! Put us down! Now!" Demanded the king.

The blue giant gave a laugh before releasing them and replying gladly.

"As you ordered. My King".

The siblings finally dared to let go of their parents.

"You have no idea what has happened!" Aja exclaimed, with evident happiness.

"Happened? What happened?" Her mother answered with concern.

"We travel to earth!"

"We met a lot of friends!"

"It's very old-fashioned, but the music is great!"

"We fight many battles!"

"We avoid an apocalypse!"

"I fell in love with someone and we became parents!"

"It was glorious!"

Aja, Krel and Varvatos all three kept talking at the same time, further confusing the kings.

"Wait! Wait!" The king interrupted them. "That you went to, where?" He asked for the only thing he could understand.

"Give us a moment". Aja took Krel and Varvatos, and took them a few meters away from their parents so that they could speak in private.

"They don't seem to remember anything that happened". Krel commented.

"Of what will happen, little brother. Remember, Jim made us go back in time". Aja gave a smile to him.

"And again. Wasn't only he supposed to remember everything? " Krel was impatient for an explanation.

"That's not what matters, Krel. The important thing is, that we are here. Mom and Dad are here with us. But this time, we can help make things better. For us. And our friends". Aja had a look of determination on her face.

"I guess Jim won't have to do all alone after all". Krel smiled.

"Then, Varvatos Vex will again have to protect the princes, face numerous dangers, fight against formidable opponents," The blue giant became more and more excited. " and thus, be able to win the heart again, of the beautiful Nancy Domzalski" He showed a bright smile. "Varvatos accept this challenge! Glorious!".

Krel was looking at him with an "Are you serious?" face, while Aja bit back her laughter. The three approached the king and queen again.

"There are several things we must do, mama, papa". Aja spoke, determined. "But first. Do you think we could go to Earth? There are some friends that we would like to introduce to you".

"ARCHIE!" Douxie was in the cafe where he worked, hugging his very dear familiar friend."How I adore you little dragon!"

"Douxie! What are you doing!?" The cat complained in the magician's arms.

"Oh, come on, Arch". Douxie rubbed his face against Archie's. "I know you like caresses".

"It´s not true!" The cat managed to shake off the grip, transforming into a dragon, floating in front of Douxie.

"Oh, fuzz buckets, of course you like". The wizard started scratching behind the ears as he continued talking to the cat. "I know you like them. Right? Right? Right? Right? Uh?".

Archie couldn't resist it, he let himself scratch his ears, enjoying the caresses of his familiar wizard.

"Purrrr..." He involuntarily let out a purr, which made him react. "Stop!" The spectacled dragon flew out of reach of his companion, landing on a table. "What the hell is the matter with you, Douxie?"

"Nothing happens to me". Douxie made a relaxed gesture, spreading his arms. "This is a good day! The sun shines. The world is not ending". He gave a laugh at that comment, earning a curious look from Archie. "Hey Arch. Why don't we go out and visit Charlemagne? What do you say?"

"Charlemagne the Devourer!?" Archie looked at him in panic. "Are you crazy ?! He is a fearsome and bloodthirsty dragon!"

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Nope". Douxie shook his hands. "He is a kind and hospitable dragon, who enjoys making blood berry pies. And besides, he is your father and you love him, right?"

"What!?" The familiar looked at him, terrified. "How ... I ... You ... How do you know that !"

"Arch". Douxie approached his friend. "We have a lot to talk". He turned his gaze from him to the window. "And there are friends that I hope you will meet soon". Knowing that Jim had made it, and to everyone's surprise, he wasn't going to be alone.

Jim, Toby, and Claire were now under the Arcadia Canal Bridge, the same bridge on which they had lived great battles. The three of them stared in bewilderment at the pile of rock debris that lay in front of them.

"Those... are those..."

"Kanjigar's remains". Jim interrupted Toby.

As soon as he finished speaking, the three of them watched in amazement as a blue light began to emanate from the rubble. They knew very well what that light was from. Jim looked back at Claire and Toby, who nodded for him to come over to the sink. Slowly, the Trollhunter ducked, and he began to move the rocks, searching for the amulet, but before he moved the last stone, a familiar sound caught his attention.

Turning to the right, on the wall under the bridge, they saw the distinctive shape of a portal forming with a horngazel, which when opened revealed the unmistakable shape of Blinky.

"Master! Jim!"

"Blinky!" Jim stopped what he was doing and ran towards the troll.

Blinky closed the distance and received the young boy with open arms, laughing.

"You did! My boy! You did!"

Before Toby or Claire could join the embrace, a second figure emerged from the door towards Trollmarket.

"Wingman!" The giant AAARRRGGHH, passed at full speed, accidentally pushing Blinky and Jim, took Toby in his arms, and ended up rolling with him all over the ground.

AAARRRGGHH would not stop rolling, and ended up taking down both Blinky and Jim, causing them to now join in the hug. The four of them laughed at this. Claire watched the scene with amusement, until she finally joined the hug too, now all five were on the ground, all crying with happiness and / or laughing.

After a while Blinky got up, Jim helped Claire up, and AAARRRGGHH still had no sun on Toby.


"It´s all right, wingman". Said Toby a little sore, but happy to be with his troll friend. "Everything is fine now". This made AAARRRGGHH finally let go.

"This means..." Jim began. "That you also remember everything?"

"That if I remember presenting a magical apocalypse, and a brave and heroic young man who was willing to carry a great burden on his own, just to get a chance that things could be better? Great Gronka Morka! Of course I remember!" Blinky answered.

"Remember". Said AAARRRGGHH.

"Does that mean that everyone knows?" Jim asked in amazement.

"I doubt it, Master Jim. Apart from Aarghaumont and myself, no one at Trollmarket seemed to have any knowledge of the battles we have participated in".

"No one remember". The kubrera agreed.

"Nana doesn't know anything either". Toby commented. "Her memory is not the best, but believe me! She would remember seeing trolls, nomes, aliens, and a lava monster the size of a mountain".

"My parents don't know anything either". Claire commented.

Jim turned around, looking at Kanjigar's remains where Merlin's amulet still rests, reflecting.

"This was supposed to be just my burden. 'Only the Trollhunter will know." That's what Nari said".

"Maybe it shouldn't just be yours". Commented Claire, after reflecting.

"What are you talking about?" Asked puzzled, Jim.

"Think about this. Jim couldn't free Excalibur on his own". Said the girl. "He needed all of us to do it".

"By Deya". Blinky exclaimed. "You are right! Fair Claire".

"It's true! Us". Toby gestured to Claire, Blinky, AAARRRGGHH and himself. "And Aja, Krel, Varvatos ..."

"And Douxie!" Claire finished. "They must remember just like us. Can't you see Jim? You are the Trollhunter who carries the amulet. But it doesn't mean you have to fight alone. You have us all. She took her hand. "We are a team. We are in this, together". She gave him a sweet smile.

"It's true. Master Jim". Blinky put a hand on his shoulder.

"Team". AAARRRGGHH approached.

Jim was more than moved by the words of his girlfriend and his friends.

"You said it, Jimbo". His best friend offered her his fist. "No Trollhunter".

"Trollhunters". Jim and Toby fist bumping.

After the heartwarming moment, the five of them pulled away a bit.

"So. Whats Next?" Toby asked.

A noise was heard again coming from the rocks, at the same time that the blue light was shining. Jim approached again, this time not with doubts, but with determination.
He removed the last of the rubble, revealing the source of that glow. He turned to his friends, showing in his hand the Merlin Trollhunters's amulet.

Claire and the others looked at Jim confidently, who spoke:

"We have work to do".

"Come on, Tobs!"

Jim and Toby were at school during gym class. Toby struggled to climb the rope while Jim encouraged him.

The Trollhunter turned his gaze when a laugh caught his attention and saw his girlfriend, sitting on the stairs with Darci and Shanon, looking at the cell phone. Jim knew well what he should do next.
He approached the three girls and saluted.

"So... uh. The school play. I heard they´re looking for people".

"How about it, Romeo". Claire handed Jim a poster of the play, and then proceeded to kiss him on the cheek, to the surprise of her friends. Both Jim and Claire looked at each other tenderly, before Claire walked away with the girls.

"Jimbo!" Jim turned arround.

Toby had managed to climb up to the bell. He looked very happy to have accomplished that feat. Coach Lawrence was surprised but he couldn't stop congratulating him.

Jim walked over to his best friend, just as he had finished lowering the rope.

"You and Claire seem to be adjusting very well, huh, Romeo?" Toby gave him a cheeky smile, making the Trollhunter blush.

"We´re fine". Jim shrugged, but you could see his happiness. ·And Darci doesn't seem to remember anything either. Sorry Tobs, but I think you'll have to ask her out again". Jim felt a little bad for his friend. He still had Claire, but Darci no longer remembered Toby.

"Don´t worry, Jimbo". Toby assured. "This time I have the advantage. Just wait. In a very short time, she and I will be together again". He looked at it with great confidence.

Jim had no doubt that would happen.

"Romeo and Juliet. You never seem to show much interest in the theater before. Young Atlas".

Jim was in the office of someone who had gone from being a mortal enemy to being his mother's great love, and an ally and friend to him.

"Yeah. I don´t know. Something tells me this will be worth my while". Jim replied, as he looked out the office window.

Through the window, he saw Claire walking with her friends, Mary and Shannon. Seeing him, she clearly gave him a sweet smile, which Jim responded with relish.

"Anyway". Jim shrugged. "I wanted to come by to ask you if you´d come over for dinner".

"Dinner?" Strickler asked.

"I´d like to introduce you to my mom".

The changeling was somewhat surprised by this. But he gladly accepted the student's offer from him.

Jim and Toby were in the schoolyard, hanging out with their bikes. Then they saw something that was very common in those days. Steve locking Eli in a locker.

Seeing Steve, Toby couldn't resist and gestured to Jim. The chubby boy stroked his stomach and looked cheekily at the blonde. The Trollhunter began to fight to contain his laughter, realizing what his best friend was referring to.

Both boys watched the bully strut while holding back. They hadn't had time to absorb the experience of Steve being a father and now they felt that image come to mind.

"Hey! What are you fools looking at!?" Steve noticed that they were looking at him and seemed to laugh.

Neither of them answered him.

"What? Are you making fun of me nerds?" Steve tried to insult them. But he was disconcerted to see that they didn't seem the least bit intimidated by him.

Both Jim and Toby started giggling little giggles. Even though Steve looked angrier they couldn't stop imagining him with his huge belly.

"What are you laughing at!?" The blonde was getting more and more angry. "Are you laugh at me!?" He clenched his fists. "You better apologize if you don't want me to send you crying with your mommys!"

That was it.

The two friends could no longer contain themselves.

"Mommy". Toby blurted out, before collapsing to the ground and laughing.

Jim leaned on his bike, laughing.

At this point, they had caught the attention of everyone in the courtyard. Confusion was present on people's faces, and bewilderment on Steve's face. Even though the blonde kept threatening and yelling at them, they just ignored him and continued laughing.

Claire was with her friends, observing the nonsense of her boyfriend and her friend. She rolled her eyes at the scene she was watching, but quickly brought her hand to her mouth. She herself was holding her own laugh.

"I´m James Lake Jr. I´m here to try out for the part of Romeo".

Jim was on stage in the auditorium. This time, without any Trollhunter armor. Just his usual clothes.

"Go ahead, Mister Lake". Said Miss Janeth.

Eli got up from his seat and gave Jim his fake sword. Jim took it and then gave a sigh, looking at Claire, sitting in the front row, who nodded at him with a smile.


The scene slowly changes from the school stage to the top of the place where Jim and Claire had had their dance. Jim's voice is heard in the background.

Destiny is a gift.

The scene shows Jim on the edge, looking at the city of Arcadia. It is night, and he is in his usual Trollhunter armor.

Some go their entire lives.

The scene shows Toby, appearing to Jim's right, and Claire to her left. They both wear their armor.

Living an existence of quiet despair.

AAARRRGGHH walks and stands next to Toby, while Blinky stands next to Claire.

Never learning the truth. That what feels as though a burden pushing down upon our shoulders.

Aja and Krel walk forward and stand next to Toby. They are both in their Akiridian form.

It is actually the sense of purpose that lifts us to greater heights.

Varvatos Vex appears and stands next to Aja and Krel, while Douxie walks up to Blinky's side, Archie on his shoulders.

Never forget that fear is but the precursor to valor.

The nine contemplate the view of what is the city of Arcadia, the center of the universe. The city of innumerable encounters. They all have looks of determination on their faces.

That to strive and triumph in the face of fear, is what it means to be a hero.

These are the Guardians of Arcadia. They all look at each other and settle down. Confident smiles are in their eyes. Especially in their leader, in their midst.

Each one does something different. Aja and Krel unfurl their serretors, as does Varvatos, who laughs. Toby unfolds his hammer as AAARRRGGHH roars. Blinky clashes all his fists with his hands, Claire and Douxie prepare their magic in their hands.

Don´t think.

Jim looks at the amulet that made this whole trip possible. He hopes that he doesn't have the need to use it again, but he has learned that he must be ready for everything, even defeat.

But he is not willing to lose. Much less, not with his friends at his side.

Jim draws his sword from him, and the scene ends with the nine leaping towards the screen.