Thanks for reading this fic. This was a result of the emotions that the film left me. But now, I have a new point of view that I would like to share with all of you.

What happened to Jim and Claire's relationship left several with a bad taste in their mouths. I had said in one publish on Facebook that the relationship they had could not be the same because that was not the Claire with whom he had lived so long. As Claire does not have memories of her, it would seem that when she fell in love with Jim again, she would not have free will because Jim would be planting feelings in her so that she would fall in love with him again. That was the first impression I had as well.

But after reflecting and better analyzing the Tales of Arcadia chapters I can tell you this with confidence.

Stay calm. That is not like that. It is not like that at all. And I will explain why. So get ready for a lot of text XD. But it will be worth it.

I'm going to start by taking a look at the chapters Unbecoming , from the second season of Trollhunters, and D'aja vu, from the first season of The 3 Below.

As we know, in the chapter Unbecoming, Jim is asked what would have happened if he was not chosen as the Trollhunter. First of all, I think that when it comes to Jim and Claire's relationship there is no need to pay attention to this chapter. Because this wasn't time travel, it was more of a vision, to be more specific, it was a world created from Jim's mind, not something that exactly could have happened. It was a world created to teach Jim why he should be the Trollhunter, not show him an exact world. Claire herself is an example of that.

Although Claire does not approach Jim here because of the way he introduced himself to her (in scenes like these I don't know if the writers wanted to imply that Jim has bad luck or that he is stupid), before she knew that he is the Trollhunter, we saw that Jim screwed up much worse with her, but Claire kept approaching him at least because she saw something was wrong with him. So I think Jim would have kept trying to insist, and without the burden of being the Trollhunter she could at least get up to him and get to know him.

Claire is a very smart girl. So it does not square to me that she ended up in the play with Steve and that he ends up liking him, as the chapter implies. What reason would Steve have for being in the play? Recall that Steve only joined the play to get Claire, and not because he liked her, but to annoy Jim. But if Steve doesn't bother Jim here, why would he join the play? It could be that he would join the play because he liked Claire, not in a romantic way, but egocentric, and since there were not many boys participating, he kept the role, but do you really think that Claire would have liked Steve, especially about what was he like back then?

As I said, Claire is very smart, so no, she would have noticed him and not fallen for his game. She might have grown to like Steve but she would never get to like him romantically.
Therefore, what we see is not another exact reality, but the objective of this was to make Jim understand why he was chosen as the Trollnunter. So, at least in terms of Claire's feelings for Jim, there is no need to pay attention here.

These inconsistencies with Claire could be script details as well, however, if this "time travel" that Jim had, had been real, then going back in time we should have seen what happens in the D'aja vu chapter of the 3 below.

In the D'aja vu chapter we see the first meeting between the Trollhunters and House Tarron. In this chapter we do have time travel, and we see the development of Aja's character. As they continue to fail to stop the troll Porgon and avoid time travel, it shows how impatient Aja is, but with Jim's help, she finally learns what it is to be patient and they manage to win.

However, at the end of the battle in the museum everyone sees them and they have been exposed to the public. Then Krel manages to reactivate the device that was causing the time travel one last time to go back to the beginning of everything and make the device destroy itself to prevent the days from repeating themselves. But the characters get sad when they realize that if they go back to the beginning of everything, it means that they will have no memory of having met, because that day never happened.

And this is where you have to pay attention. As Blinky says, despite having no memories of their encounters, their friendship will transcend time and one day destiny would bring them back together. We all know that Blinky was right, but what I want to point out here is what happened to Aja.

When we restart everything we see that in the episode everything is going well for Aja and Krel, since they would not have to face the troll, but although, Aja does not have a single memory of what happened, we see that now she has learned what which is patience. I mean, she will have no memories, but the values that she learned with her new friends were left intact.

Therefore, analyzing the chapter D'aja vu, the franchise suggests that here, despite not preserving the memories, the values and ties that form the characters remain intact.

So in the movie, when Jim goes back to the past and meets Claire again, it is as they had said to each other, they were always going to be in each other's mind and heart. He's not going to be planting feelings in her, no. Those feelings are already there. He will just make them flow. Although Claire does not have the memories of her, the bond they have has already been forged and not even time can destroy that.

And Claire of course she still has free will. She has told him not to give up on her. She has already decided for herself that she wants to be with Jim since before the movie, and all of that is still with her, it has not gone away. She just need to realize it.

Obviously Jim is not going to pressure her to make that happen. He's not going to say to her face "you've already decided that you love me." Suppose they did another series and show a scene like that, then I am convinced that the writers want to imply that Jim is stupid, but no.

I want to give an example of something similar that happens in the Fast and the Furious 7 movie. Yes, I know, the Fast and the Furious saga is not at all the best example of character development, but it is to give an example.

In the movie, Lety Ortiz's character has amnesia, and she doesn't remember much of her relationship with her partner, Dominic Toretto, at the end of the movie, when Dominic almost died, she finally remembers that they were not only a couple, but that they were also were married.

I donĀ“t know if Vin Diesel says this in the original film language, but in Latin Dub, when Dom wakes up, Lety asks him why he didn't tell her that they were married, to which Dom replies, "because you can't tell someone that loves you." And well, that was good, Dom knew that she loved him, although she does not remember it, but he did not insist on that, he continued by her side and was patient with her until she finally remembered everything.

Something like that I think would happen with Jim and Claire. Jim hopes that Claire continues to carry him in her heart, and from what the two of them say in the movie, that implies that this is true, so that he would not pressure her on her feelings, he would continue to love her and allow her, at hers time, to love him again .

And well, just as Claire's feelings and values would be intact, those of Toby and the other characters too, that made me see the end of the film in a different way.

Do I still think that the ending of the movie is not good? The answer is: YES and NO XD
I'll go into detail about that in another post if you want.

But this was to clarify, that the development of Jim and Claire's relationship has not really been ruined.

Jim and Claire are one of the purest and most beautiful couples I have ever seen. And they remain so even after the end of the film.

What do you think?