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Bijū talking/jutsu

Bijū empowered talking

* scene changes *

Prelims: The Claws Come Out

* Interior of Tower, 2 days later *

It was the last day of the second test, and Natsumi was getting anxious. In the past two days, she had not seen the hide nor hair of Iruka nor had she seen the Hokage. Not to mention, she had lost her supplies, her teammates still had theirs, which meant she had to wear her tattered jumpsuit while they could change into new clothes. Needless to say, Natsumi was not a happy camper. What the hell are they planning. Iruka had to have told the old monkey by now, and I have no doubt he would start planning some shit. He is not one to let things go. She thought as she paced in the provided room. Her pacing was starting to wear on her teammates' nerves.

"Natsumi! Please! Calm down." Sakura snapped.

Natsumi halted and looked over her shoulder to her teammate, who was sitting on one of the beds. "How can I? I have no fucking clue what that old monkey is planing. And I have no counters in place." She snapped back.

"We get it. You and the Hokage are at each other's throats. But seriously you need to calm down, worrying is not going to help you." Sakura commented out, in an attempt to calm her red-headed teammate.

"Aargh! You're right! Damn it!" Natsumi groaned as she walked over to her bed, promptly falling on it face first, to continue groaning.

After a few more minutes of her groaning, Sasuke, who was sitting on a chair at a table on the other side of the room, spoke up. "Dobe, all this groaning is not helping. Knock it off."

"Fuck you too, Teme," Natsumi said as she looked up and flipped him off with her right middle finger.

"How about we discuss something else." Sakura tried to mediate between her teammates.

"Hum, Sakura is right, I do have a question for you Dobe. What was that jutsu you used on Orochimaru?" Sasuke took the opportunity to ask.

"Figured you ask that," Natsumi said as she moved to sit herself up. "Though it will do you no good since it is pretty much my kekkei genkai."

"What do you mean?" Sakura interjected.

"To do that jutsu and similar like it, you need to be the Jinchūrriki of the Kyūbi, as that jutsu will only work with the Kyūbi's chakra. Even then, you have to be in good standing with the fox to even learn them in the first place." Natsumi explained.

"Makes sense. But what was that hand sign you used? I have never seen it before." Sakura asked while Sasuke nodded his head, clearly agreeing with the question.

"It's a special hand sign that the fox showed me. It's aptly called Fox." Natsumi said as she formed the now named Fox hand sign. Once again, her palms were facing down, her middle and ring fingers were laced together, her pinkie and index fingers were up and their tips touching and her thumbs were below her palms and facing down with the tips touching. "Again, it's useless for anyone other than me." She stated before undoing the hand sign.

There was an awkward silence for a few moments before Sakura broke it. "So, what is the Fox like? You must have gotten to know it pretty well if it taught you that technique."

"First off, Kyūbi is a he, and he hates it when someone calls him an 'it.' Second, he is either always sleeping or being grumpy, also condescending at most times. Basically what I assume an older sibling to be." Natsumi lectured.

I am not condescending, you brat. I just demand perfection. Kurama spoke to Natsumi from inside the seal.

You do realize this proves my point. Natsumi thought back.

"You okay Natsumi? You spaced out for a moment." Sakura asked with a hint of worry.

"It's okay, no worries. It was just the oversized fur ball talking to me. Seems this conversation piqued his interest." Natsumi reassured her teammate.

"O-oh. Can he hear us?" Sakura stuttered nervously.

"He can, but again he mostly just sleeps. So we are either annoying him today or he just woke up from a nap. My money is on the latter." Natsumi shrugged, not caring what the actual reason was.

If you must know, it is both. Your pacing and worry woke me up and that is pissing me off. Kurama grumbled.

"Does he have a name?" Sasuke oddly interjected into the conversation.

"He does. But he made me swear not to say it in front of any other human." Natsumi sighed out.

Most humans do not deserve to grace their lips with the glory that is my name. Kurama stated with conviction.

Tone down the rhetoric there big guy. I am the only one that can hear you anyway. And this is something we have beaten to death already. Natsumi eye-rolled. "Anyway, any other questions?" She asked.

Sakura and Sasuke just shook their heads indicating they had none. The trio once more fell into silence. After about thirty minutes, a knock was heard. Getting up from her bed, Natsumi opened the door, revealing a ninja wearing standard-issue Chunin clothing and a Leaf Village hitai-ate, facial structure and body type told Natsumi this was a male, just one she had never interacted with personally. "Hello, can I help you?" Natsumi asked the man in front of her.

"I am to escort Team 7 to the indoor arena. Is your team ready to go?" The nameless Chunin informed and questioned. Natsumi looked over her shoulder, to confirm with her team. Receiving affirmatives from her teammates, she merely nodded to the Chunin, who then motioned for them to follow.

The walk had only taken five minutes, the group had walked by many doors and turned down a few hallways. All in all, nothing of major importance had happened. Now Team 7 was standing in front of the entrance of the indoor arena, massive wooden doors as tall as the ceiling and wide enough to be considered the wall.

Someone was compensating for something when they designed this doorway. Natsumi thought as their Chunin guide opened the door.

Team 7 took note that they were not the first ones there, the rest of the teams that passed were already in the room. The room consisted of a stone statue in the shape of two hands in a Ram hand seal that was as wide as the room, opposite the entrance on a small platform, and two elevated viewing platforms running the length of the room each across from each other.

Hum….Teams 8, 9, and 10 from Leaf along with Kabuto's team, the Sand team with the crazed redhead, the Sound team is here. Natsumi listed off in her head as her team fell in line.

"Hey! Where's Naruto? And who is this red-haired chick?" Kiba Inuzuka, clad in his usual attire of gray pants, and a gray hooded fur-lined coat, snarled out. His fang-like canines on display, his vertical slit eyes in glare, and his usual red fang-like markings on his cheeks seeming to sharpen with his perceived outrage.

"Silence mutt! I am certain the Hokage will answer the question. If he has the balls, that is." Natsumi confronted and challenged both Kiba and the Hokage respectively, the venom in her tone as she addressed the Hokage was not lost on anyone present. All this as she and her team went to stand in line.

"Enough!" The Hokage, who was standing in front of the statue, surrounded on both sides by the Jonin senseis of the passing teams and the proctors of the previous exams, yelled out, grabbing the Genins' attention. After a moment of silence, he began to explain. "While the full story will have to be explained later. The short of it is this, the kunoichi that is now on Team 7, is the true identity of Naruto Uzumaki."

While Teams 9 and 10 and the Leaf senseis already knew this. The remaining people present had interesting reactions. Kiba was floored. Hinata Hyūga, the pale-eyed, black-haired, always wore a baggy cream-colored sweatshirt and navy blue pants, her hitai-ate around her neck, was currently experiencing an existential crisis. Naruto is a girl? But….But… Needless to say, she was currently trying to come to grips with not only Kami's twisted sense of humor but her own sexual identity at that moment, if the blush that was forming on her face was anything to go by.

Shino Aburame merely adjusted his large sunglasses that covered his eyes completely. The only things visible on him, that weren't covered by an article of clothing were his dark brown hair in a pseudo-Afro, his hitai-ate on his forehead, and the rim of his nose which if you looked close enough was enough to tell you he had a naturally fair complexion, the rest of his face was covered by the upturned collar of his grayish-green jacket that covered just past his hips revealing the legs of his dark brown pants.

The Sand team was indifferent to the revelation. The Sound team was either glaring at Natsumi with contempt or just didn't care. Kabuto and his teammates had perhaps the most interesting reaction, in Natsumi's opinion, when she glanced over at them. They don't seem particularly surprised to see this, and that look it is almost as if they are receiving visual confirmation of something they were told. Natsumi thought as she took in the sight of the trio of the purple-clad ninja.

The only differences were that Kabuto had his ashen gray hair uncovered and you could clearly see his white undershirt underneath the purple vest he wore and also the white cloth waistband he had above his purple pants. Also, his eyes under his glasses were analyzing her.

The other two, who Natsumi did not know the names of, were mostly identical except the taller of the two had on black sunglasses, and both were dressed pretty much the same as Kabuto, except for the masks over their mouths and the bandannas that covered their heads. Kabuto is up to something, I wonder what game he is up to? She thought to herself.

As this was all going on the Third Hokage could only think back to the meeting he had in his office only two days prior.

* Flashback: Hokage's Office, 2 days earlier *

Hiruzen Sarutobi was looking out the windows of his office to the Village below, his back to the lone semicircular desk. The office was circular, devoid of furniture except for the desk, the floor, walls, and ceiling were wood. The windows faced the Village and were direct across from the single door that served as entrance and exit. His face was grim, his posture was stiff, and his mind was racing a mile a minute thinking of what had just been reported to him. Orochimaru, you have returned. "Is that all you have to report, Tokubetsu Jonin Anko Mitarashi?" His tone is professional at this moment.

"Sir, yes Sir," Anko replied, she was kneeling but her head was straight up, her pupil-less brown eyes peering at her leader. Her violet hair is done in a short spikey fanned-out ponytail. She is dressed in her usual form-fitting metal mesh bodysuit that goes from her neck to thighs, over that is her iconic tan trench coat and dark orange mini skirt with a dark blue belt and wears a tan shin guard ninja shoe combination.

"These are grim times indeed," Hiruzen said as he made his way to his desk to sit down, but before he could, his office door opened and he noted that it was Iruka that came in.

"What is the meaning of this Iruka?" He inquires. "As you can see I was receiving a report from Anko here."

"Forgive the intrusion Sir, but a serious matter has developed," Iruka stated his tone while calm, Hiruzen noticed the look of fear in his eyes.

"If you are referring to Orochimaru, I already told him," Anko interjected.

"What? No, something else, something far worse than the rogue Sanin." Iruka stated.

"What could be worse than my old student coming back, and targeting Sasuke Uchiha?" The old Hokage asked.

"Natsumi Uzumaki has been freed from her seal." Iruka solemnly stated.

The news was a shock to all present. The ANBU hidden in the office for the Hokage's safety was stunned but did not leave their posts. Hiruzen was thinking. Well, shit, I knew The Shikigami would be coming for me eventually but I thought I had more time. As for Anko, she just had the biggest smile on her face that no one had seen in ages, it was as if she had won a lifetime supply of dango. So, Natsumi is out of her cell. I should probably say hi to my sister in all but blood. Oh, this is going to be so much fun. She thought as vivid thoughts of people in pain and suffering flowed into her mind. I can already hear the screams, so much fun.

"I see." Hiruzen finally said. "Did she say anything to you?"

"She did, Sir. She said: "Karma comes to collect her debt." Iruka conveyed the message.

"You two may leave, I will see both of you at the end of the second stage of the Chunin Exam." Hiruzen sighed as he dismissed his subordinates, he didn't even acknowledge their departure, his mind was focused on the mounting sense of dread that one gets when you realize your past has caught up with you. Looking up at the wall that held the pictures of the previous Hokages, Hiruzen could only think one thing. I royally fucked up this time, of all the mistakes I have made in my tenure, perhaps what had happened to Natsumi ranks in the top three, if not my greatest mistake. Well Lords First, Second and Fourth, it seems my time has come.

* Tower Interior Arena, Present-day *

Coming out of his thoughts, Hiruzen cleared his throat before speaking. "Now to get back on track, I will now explain the true purpose of the Chunin Exams." He paused for a few moments as the collection of young ninja before him were trying to figure it out for themselves, going by the grumbles and mumbles he was hearing. "The true purpose of these exams is so that allied nations may test their military might and bring honor to their villages. Or in a more simplistic explanation, these exams are a substitution for war between allied nations."

Hiruzen let this stew in the young minds for a few more moments before continuing. "I will now turn over the explanation to the proctors." A man stepped forward. Every Genin noted the man had brown hair under a bandanna like hitai-ate, with dark-colored eyes, they also noted the dark markings under his eyes as if he were sick or just sleep-deprived. He wore a standard flak jacket and other standard shinobi apparel.

"Hello, everyone…. I am Hayate Gekko….I am the proctor for the Third Stage…. But before that, there are still too many of you, we need to cut that down to size so we will be holding…. Preliminary matches." The man introduced himself, with noticeable coughing fits throughout his speech.

"Preliminaries? Why does it matter that there are more of us?" Kiba growled out.

"Because…. A lot of very important people will be coming to the Finals…. And if there are too many competitors it will be too long for their tastes." Hayate answered bluntly before he continued to explain. "Now, the Preliminaries will work as such…. They will be one on one matches, the winner advances to the Finals…. You can win by surrender, incapacitation, or by killing your opponent….Any questions?"

"How will match-ups be determined?" Natsumi spoke up.

"By random draw…. And the results will be displayed on this." Hayate answered and pointed to a large screen that appeared from an opening in the wall just above the tips of the statue's fingers. "Before we begin, does anyone wish to drop out now?"

"I wish to," Kabuto spoke up.

Hum… That seems a bit weird, he and his team seem fine to me, why would he quit? Natsumi thought to herself.

I would be careful, Kit. Something just does not seem right about that human. Kurama spoke up.

"Alright, Kabuto Yakushi," Hayate said as he noted down the name of the person that quit, then motioned for Kabuto to leave. "Anyone else?"

When no other person spoke, Hayate looked and nodded to the Hokage, before saying. "With that out of the way…. Let's get the first match underway." After saying that, everyone looked up to the screen to see what names would be chosen, the names rotated/changed quickly one above and one below with a VS in between.

After a few seconds, a beeping sound was heard. "First match of the Preliminaries…. Natsumi Uzumaki VS Yoroi Akadō" Hayate spoke out. "All but the participants, please…. Move to the viewing platforms above." The visiting ninja headed to the left side platform, from the entrance, while the Leaf ninja headed for the right side platform.

As he left to move from the arena, Sasuke whispered. "You better not lose Dobe."

"Don't worry Teme, I got this in the bag," Natsumi smirked. "Worry about your match."

"Good luck, Natsumi," Sakura said before leaving.

After a few minutes, the last three on the arena floor were Hayate, Natsumi, and the sunglasses-wearing Yoroi from Kabuto's team.

"You should quit now." Yoroi taunted.

"What's the matter? Afraid to lose to me?" Natsumi shot back.

"Just giving you a fair warning," Yoroi replied, his arrogance on display.

"Boy, you have no clue who you are fucking with," Natsumi said with a vicious smirk.

"First match, combatants ready?…. Begin." Hayate said before jumping back and out of the way.

* Natsumi vs Yoroi *

After Hayate had left, the two combatants for a few seconds glared at each other, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Eventually, Natsumi decided to jump back and perform her signature jutsu. "Shadow Clone Jutsu." She called out, but instead of an army of herself, only two appeared from the smoke.

The Two clones immediately charged at Yoroi. Engaging in a 2 on 1 taijutsu fight, Yoroi surprised everyone by keeping up with the two clones, considering the clones would do the opposite of their sister. When one punched high, the other would sweep low, but Yoroi would effortlessly dodge both strikes and would take pot shots when he could.

I give him credit, he is skilled. Natsumi thought as she observed the battle.

A little too skilled. This is almost Jonin's level of avoidance, he is not a normal Genin. Kurama commented.

Indeed, I wonder what else he is hiding. Natsumi concurred.

Her answer came in the form of a blue chakra aura around Yoroi's right hand. He then preceded to grip the neck of one of the clones.

Odd, why is he risking a lock-up in a 2 on 1 scenario? She questioned perplexedly at the development. Her answer came when the clone spontaneously dispelled, and she received its memories. For a second, she and the remaining clone stood still processing the memories. Natsumi then dispelled the remaining clone before starting to clap and letting out a deranged laugh. "You cheeky dick waffle, bravo, bravo. That's a very clever trick." She commented.

Everyone in the stands was slightly confused as to what was happening. But their confusion abated when Yoroi responded. "So, you figured it out huh."

"Indeed, absorbing my chakra, neat trick. It would work in most cases, but for someone like me, it would barely do anything." Natsumi gloated.

"Let's put it to the test then." Yoroi challenged.

Either he is sure he can handle it or he has no clue what he is dealing with. Hey Kurama, may I have some chakra? I want to see if he burns. Natsumi thought to her partner.

Chances are that he will, but sure, let's roast this pig. Kurama responded, before pushing more chakra out of the seal and into his host's body.

A red aura surrounded Natsumi, her fingernails lengthened and sharpened, her eyes changed from violet to red with slit-like pupils, her whisker birthmarks seemed to get more feral in appearance and her lips appeared to gain a coating of black lipstick, and her canines sharpened as well.

"Ready for round 2, big boy?" Natsumi's voice rumbled with a power that no one present had ever heard from her before.

* Up in the platforms *

At the beginning of the match, no one truly knew what to expect from this match-up.

"So, are we going to talk about this?" Kiba asked.

"About what?" Ino inquired.

"That the blonde idiot we all knew, is a smoking hot redhead," Kiba answered bluntly.

"I-It is quite a shock." Hinata stuttered.

"Indeed, it is very peculiar. Any thoughts on this sensei?" Shino inquired of his sensei.

"I admit, I had heard rumors but nothing concrete." Kurenai Yūhi, sensei of Team 8, a fair-skinned, slim build woman, with wild black hair that reached her upper back and piercing red eyes, stated. She was wearing her usual attire of a red mesh armor blouse, which the right sleeve was visible, over which was a board bandage-like material with a thorn pattern. Her hands had bandages on them reaching her knuckles, and her upper thighs had bandages as well.

"I don't know the whole story. But from what I heard, it's something my old man had a hand in." Asuma Sarutobi, sensei of Team 10, an olive-skinned, short black-haired, brown-eyed man with a spiked beard, stated. He wore standard Jonin uniform but had the sleeves rolled up haft way, and wore a sash with the kanji for fire on it.

"Lord Jiraiya was also involved, or so I have heard." Kakashi Hatake, sensei of Team 7, spoke. His face was mostly covered by a mask that covered his nose, mouth, and neck, his hitai-ate covered his left eye and forehead, his right eye, which was gray almost black, and silver spiky hair was visible, he had fair skin. He wore the standard Jonin uniform, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his hands had fingerless gloves with metal plates above the knuckles.

That was the last thing said before the match started. Everyone was watching events unfold.

"I know I saw this in the forest, but Natsumi fights so much differently than Naruto. She is more strategic." Sakura couldn't help but say out loud.

"Indeed, she is. She is using the Shadow Clone technique, near perfectly." A green spandex and Jonin vest-wearing, bowl cut haired, massive eyebrows, the tanned man stated. This was the sensei of Team 9, Might Guy.

"You say something, Guy?" Kakashi asked.

"Curse your hip ways, Kakashi." Might Guy cried anime tears.

"Not to interrupt, whatever this is, but can someone explain what Natsumi is doing?" Shikamaru lazily asked.

Looking down at the arena, the senseis and students watched in awe and horror as crimson chakra started to form around Natsumi.

"Kakashi, is that what I think it is?" Kurenai growled, not liking the implications.

"If you are accusing me of teaching that to her, then no I did not teach her that," Kakashi responded.

"Sensei, are you referring to The Fox? If so, the Dobe already told Sakura and me about it in the forest," Sasuke stated.

"What Fox?" Choji spoke up.

"Natsumi is what is referred to as a Jinchūrriki, people who have beings of chakra, referred to as Bijū, sealed inside of them. Natsumi's is the Kyūbi." Sakura lectured. I hope I was allowed to say that. She thought after a second.

"Sakura! You were not supposed to reveal that!" Kakashi admonished her for the first time.

"Wait, is that why people would refer to her as 'demon'?" Ino questioned.

"Must be. That would also explain why many parents wouldn't allow their kids around her as well." Shikamaru concluded.

"And she has some control over that power. I almost feel bad for that Yoroi dude." Kiba grimaced the thought of having to face that.

"It was her fate then," Neji stated firmly.

"While true my youthful student, but still, the hate she garnered for an act not her own is most unyouthful." Might Guy stated with his usual verbal tic.

"Guy sensei is right. It is most unyouthful for what has been done to fair Natsumi." the miniature Guy that was Rock Lee said with exuberance.

A distance away from the group of senseis and the Genin participants, the Hokage and the proctors watched the match with varying thoughts.

"This is getting good," Anko said with glee.

Yeah, I am fucked. I should have never listened to Danzo about that seal. I should have never ordered Jiraiya to do it. Maybe I can delay the inevitable if I throw Danzo to Natsumi now. That might save me a few hours, a day if I am lucky. Hiruzen thought of ways to extend his fleeting life.

Across the arena with the visiting teams, the consensus on the girl was varied.

Gaara, the crazed redhead as Natsumi described him, had his green eyes focused on the match, or as much focus one can get with the clear signs of insomnia he was showing, black bags under his eyes marred his fair skin. The gourd of sand he lugged around by the leather strap that went from his left shoulder to right hip was heavy on his back. Apart from that, he wore his usual black t-shirt sleeved bodysuit, with a white sash from right shoulder to left hip, and ninja shoes, with bandages on his legs between shoe tops and bottom of the bodysuit and a tattoo with the kanji for love over his left eye.

This one is fairly impressive, I believe mother would like her blood. He thinks to himself. Though mother has become quiet all of a sudden, I wonder why that is.

Temari, Gaara's sister, her teal eyes glaring daggers. This could be a problem. She thought as she ran a hand through her sandy blonde hair, done up into four consecutive pigtails. Her other hand gripped her giant fan. She was wearing her usual outfit of a single off-the-shoulder purple garment that stopped at her thighs with a red sash at the waist. She wore fishnet at the shoulders and on her right calf and left thigh.

Kankuro, Gaara's brother, in his traditional Bunraku puppeteer's outfit, which consisted mainly of a full-body black baggy suit with a circle that's half red and haft yellow, with a headpiece that gave a cat-like appearance, thought along similar lines as his sister. This is a problem, I might be forced to pull out all the stops just to survive a fight with her. His purple-designed painted face scrunched up with worry.

The Jonin sensei of the Sand trio, a very tall man, wearing Sand Village standard ninja attire, had a grim look on his face, or at least the right side of his face at least, like the rest of his face and head were covered in a turban/veil combo headdress, with his hitai-ate worn over that. This could be a complication to our plans. He thought to himself.

The Sound trio collectively was thanking whatever gods they believed, that Natsumi had not pulled this out when she fought them. They could tell in this state, she would have killed them all and left nothing behind.

The Jonin sensei of the Sound trio watched with morbid fascination. Natsumi, perhaps I was wrong to go for the Uchiha. You would make an excellent prize. To have such control over the beast's power at such a young age, you will either be a great ally or a horrid enemy. Had anyone else looked at this man, they would have noticed from his body type and facial structure that this was indeed Orochimaru in disguise. While he had the decency to change his hairstyle and color to a degree, and also changed his skin tone to not be pure white, he still was vain enough to not overly change his face that much, at least his outfit made him seem like a Jonin and not his signature outfit which would have stuck out like a sore thumb.

The groups' thoughts were lost when they heard a pained scream come for the arena.

* Natsumi vs Yoroi *

As the groups in the stands were commenting on events, the two combatants had started to fight once more. The power boost from Kurama resulted in Natsumi's speed and strength is increased to the point that she was now landing hits and was pushing Yoroi to his limits.

I have to say, he is good, most people would be being pummeled and be at my mercy at this point, but this guy is dodging a few shots here. Natsumi thought as she connected a punch to Yoroi's face, which forced him back a few feet. He had dodged about 5 kicks and 3 punches so far, however, Natsumi was able to land 10 hits since her power boost.

He is indeed, to cause you to miss a few times is indeed impressive. Kurama commented.

For the next minute or so, it was much the same, Yoroi would dodge one strike only to be hit by another. Admittedly, he did throw out his kicks and punches as well but due to her power boost, Natsumi effortlessly dipped and dodged. Eventually, he either got fed up with the change in momentum in the fight or just lost more stamina than he was letting on, and he activated his chakra absorbing technique.

Oh! here it comes. Let's see if he burns. Natsumi thought with a manic grin on her face, as Yoroi's chakra-covered right hand went to jab her arm.

The effects were immediate. The skin on Yoroi's hand started to crack and blister from an unseen flame, the veins on his arm began to bulge and some even seemed to burst and blood began to spill. The screams of pain would have been deafening to most people that were physically close to him, but Natsumi didn't seem to mind them. He let go of her arm and crumbled to the ground cradling the arm as if it had been physically shattered.

"Burns, doesn't it? That was just a taste, care for more?" Natsumi taunted. Yoroi merely tried to crawl away from her, while openly sobbing. "Pathetic, reduced to tears over something so minor. How about I hack off that arm of yours? Give you something to truly cry about." Natsumi growled out.

"P-please, m-mercy!" Yoroi pleaded with a stutter, it was clear that he had not been told what to expect from her.

"Mercy? You want mercy?" Natsumi inquired.

"Y-yes," Yoroi confirmed from his crumpled position on the ground.

Quicker than Hayate or any of the Jonins could end the match. Natsumi pulled out a kunai, infused some of her chakra into it, and preceded to slice Yoroi's head clean off his body. As the shocked Yoroi's severed head hit the floor, and as blood gushed from the now headless neck, everyone heard Natsumi say. "What the hell gave you the idea, that I would ever give anyone mercy."

The audience was silent for a few minutes, while everyone realized that death was a given in this line of work and there had been deaths so far in this year's exams. No one had ever thought that someone, other than Gaara, would be cold-blooded enough to take a life like that. The collective consensus was this: Don't get on Natsumi's bad side.