In a world where all men are not born as equals. Those born without power are torn down stepped on and treated as less then human. In this world a boy named Izuku Midoriya dreamed of becoming a hero and in another world, he would not only become one but the greatest hero ever. However, this is not that story or that world. In this his dream was crushed by his hero All might. He was then injured when he tried to help his bully Katsuki Bakugo who died in the same incident. This left Izuku bitter and determined to improve himself. He trained his physical ability and built gadgets to help compensate for his weaknesses before applying for U.A. Even with all this he failed the entrance exam. However, he was expecting this and had also applied to the support department to help him develop even more gadgets for his own use in the attempt to get moved into the hero cores. This however never happened. Izuku instead graduated from U.A. as a support engineer. One year later Izuku founded his own support item company and a few months after that a new vigilante going by the alias Zero made his debut. To the surprise of the public at large he was surprisingly effective at not only taking down powerful villains that the pros struggled against and keeping property damage down. To top it all off the pros weren't even able to touch him as he seemed to know everything about them and had some form of countermeasures against them. He had even managed to stop All might in his tracks. Do to this he was on the hero's most wanted list though his worst crime was assaulting a hero. Though at this point he was so famous that if he ever was arrested there would be riots in the streets. Especially from the quirkless. As he was the only representative of people like them in the field of heroism. Even if he was not recognized by the hero federation. Hell, even many villains seemed to respect him especially members of the villein group the followers of stain. As he was an ideal example of what they would call a true worthy hero. As if All might is the symbol of peace and Lemillion the symbol of hope. Zero was the symbol of human will an ingenuity.

Zero's costume was a heavy suit of power armor. This armor was the perfect fusion of the flight and power of an iron man suit and strength amplification and maneuverability of mjolnir power armor and to top it all off it was kitted out with enough random gadgets that it would make batman jealous. The suit was black with green trim. With the heavy duty armor plates and Polymerized lithium niobocene artificial muscle giving it an appearance that was a cross between All might and the hulk buster. The helmets two main characteristics was its almost crazed and creepy toothed smile covering the bottom of the face plate. Wear the top was covered in a display screen the gave It large animated emotive eyes that defaulted to two zeroes whenever not in use.

Zero groaned wanting a smoke, but he couldn't do so with his armor on he had considered trying to make something to fix that little issue but heed yet to find a good way to do that without compromising some needed system. The day up to this point had been a complete waste of time nothing had happened and on top of all that it was starting to rain. The rain was not really a problem for his armor. it was however an annoying nuisance. Zero started to turn around to head for what passed for his home. However, as he did so the wall of a building exploded as three heroes were knocked out followed by a villein with several large bags of stollen goods. 'Well at least this wouldn't be a complete waste of time.' Zero thought as he landed Infront of the villeins his suit shorting out all the nearby cameras he didn't need to do this, but it was an old habit from back before he got his free pass. His suit then brought up the villeins file. Apparently, he had a shock absorption power. That let him absorb the force of physical attacks and throw them back at his opponents. Thankfully, he had just the thing for this.

"Oh, if it isn't the infamous Zero. I'm so glad to finally meat you I'm a big fan of yours. As a vigilante myself I've got to say some of the shit you handle is insane and to do it all quirkless. Ma-a-an You must have balls of steel to do this without any powers!" The so called vigilante said as he walked out of the hole in the wall.

"So, you're a vigilante huh? You're going to have to sell me on that one. Because no offence I've met many villains who claimed to be like me or to be some form of vigilante or something along the lines of. So, forgive me if I don't take you at your word." Zero said simply as he quickly scanned the heroes. The quick scan wasn't to accurate but it was enough to be sure they were alive and weren't currently in any danger. His suit brought up the heroes names and the results of the scan on his display. Chargebolt Engeniume and Uravity huh all from the same U.A. graduating class as him.

"Yeah, I have ran into a few of them myself. Well, I will put it simply then. I more or less try to keep to myself. Unless some asshole abuses their powers or does something stupid. The asshole that started this wasn't a big threat or anything. He just was a perverted thief that wouldn't take no for an answer. I beat him up but someone called the heroes on me for my troubles and well things escalated from their and well you know the rest." He said with a shrug Zero's suit informed him he was more or less telling the truth.

So, he just decided to get the big question out of the way. "Did you use your quirk on the hero's or the asshole?"

"No, well I absorbed the hits, but I didn't fire them back." He said casually as his suit gave him another green light the vigilante was telling the truth.

"And the bags where did they come from?" That was the one thing that confused him if he was telling the truth where the hell did the bag of lute come from.

"They came out of the ass hole when I knocked him out, I think it has something to do with his quirk. Anyways there's a bunch more bags in there. I was going to leave the stuff and villein for the hero's when they wake up. And because you are probably checking what I'm saying I was going to take the cash he dropped. As it's not exactly a lucrative job being a vigilante at least not for most of us." He said sounding a little bitter about that last part but still getting yet another green light and after a short pause.

"Fine get out of here before more hero's show up. Oh, and try and keep out of the hero's way or at least sight tell things have a chance to calm down and leave half the loot behind the bar for the owner. I'll handle the cleanup from here." Zero said turning away from him to more thoroughly inspect the hero's condition. finding them more or less ok Chargebolt had a broken arm and Uravity had a sprained ankle and bruised ribs and a concussion. Lastly Engeniume who was in better shape than the others as he was just knocked out. His armor on the other hand wasn't so lucky. The armor was shattered but it had done its job well enough for how light weight it was. Zero was about to leave when Uravity started to cough up small amounts of blood.

"Shit!" He wasn't sure if his scan had missed something, or her condition had somehow worsened, but he needed to help her. Thankfully his hideout was closer than any hospital. Zero carefully picked her up and flew off. Normally he wouldn't risk taking anyone to his base. However, when she was still in U.A. she had been nice to him and was one of the few who thought, he could actually get transferred into the hero course with his gadgets. Sadly, that had never happened. Izuku shook his head this wasn't the time to be reminiscing Uravity needed help. Izuku thought as he spotted his hideouts landing pad. The landing pad in Izuku's hide out was nothing more than a small hydraulic lift in a hole in the roof of a warehouse. Once inside Izuku wasted no time getting her to a med pod. This was another of his inventions. While the pod began to scan her. As Izuku started to remove his armor hooking his helmet up to the computer to run a diagnostic.

"Loose wire most likely." Izuku sighed to himself as the pod sent him the results of her scan one of her lungs had collapsed. This meant the pod would have to operate and it would need to operate now to save her life. He didn't have enough time to save her costume as he activated the pod shredding her costume as it went to work. This would be one extremely awkward conversation when she woke up but on the flip side, he was finally going to get to use his non armored helmet. He thought fishing out the prototype. It still needed a little work but thankfully he had a few hours before she would wake up.

Half a day later Ochaco groaned sitting up in bed. She was in a small windowless room with only one door a single overhead light a metal prison style toilet and a bed bolted to the floor. "Wh wh what where am I?" She groaned sitting up groggily blushing when she realized all she was wearing was a massively oversized all might t-shirt that was only just large enough to cover her lower half.

"Oh, this cannot be good." She groaned getting out of bed as quickly as she could trying not to reopen the stitches on her chest. The same stitches she was desperately trying not to freak out over. She only made it halfway across the room before noticing another addition to her wardrobe her ankle was cuffed to the bed the chain only long enough to reach the metal toilet in the corner of the room.

"Oh crap crap crap this is bad this is really bad." She said trying to free herself but as she did, she heard a click and buzz as the door opened as a man in t-shirt jeans and a biker helmet walked in. The visor was replaced with a display screen showing two zero on the display and in his right hand was a plastic bag.

"Who are you and what do you want from me" Uraraka said moving away from the door.

"I don't want anything from you Ochaco Uraraka. Well, I'd like you to answer a few questions for me, but I won't force you to answer them. As for who I am I'm Zero also no need to worry I'm not going to hurt you as I just saved your life." Izuku said his voice modulated setting the bag just in range of Uraraka reach.

"You expect me to believe that you're the real zero and that you saved my life." Uraraka said as Izuku put a hand on the side of his helmet and only said. "Come in."

With another click and buzz Zero's armor walked in before opening up showing that no one was inside before closing and walking out Uraraka just watched jaw dropped

"Ok so your zero so why am I here?" She said her voice shaky.

"You are here because if I had taken you to a hospital, you would have died on the way. My only options where bring you hear to my home or leave you to die. So, I'd think you'd be a little more grateful for my choice. I am taking a big risk bringing you hear after all." Izuku said simply.

"I um yes but why am I in hear specifically?" She asked as her voice continued to waver in what Izuku now realized was fear. Fear of him he wasn't sure how to feel about this.

"Because I can't move you just yet. In a few days or so I will give you something to knock you out for a bit and take you to a hospital where you can finish your recovery. As for why you're in one of my let's call it a guest rooms. I kind of need to keep my stuff secret and these cells is the only room with a bed besides mine. So, this is all I have to offer at the moment." Izuku said simply.

"As it seems like I don't have much of a choice in the matter. It will have to do but could you get me some real clothes this is really embarrassing?" she asked wrapping a sheet around herself.

"I'll see what I can do but you will be limited on options as I can't offer you much at the moment." Izuku said slightly annoyed that he was going to have to go clothes shopping. He hated going outside as Izuku. No, he hated being Izuku in general. Well, it was ok when he visited his mother but most of the time, he just preferred to think of himself as his vigilante persona Zero.

"So, what's in the bag then?" She asked looking at it.

"Food and I'd eat all of it I don't have a set schedule so your next meal might not be for a while." Izuku warned before walking out the door.

loudly Uraraka groaned sitting back on the bed partly because the wound on her chest was starting to hurt her. She decided to finally look under her shirt to inspect the wound. Finding a small stitched up scar on her left breast covered in some kind of rubbery substances. She recognized it as zeros quick fix. One of zero's invention it was a quick drying adhesive spray that could be used for everything from closing wounds to patching holes to even restraining villains. the stuff was basically a better form of duct tape. She ran a finger over it before sighing in annoyance. She then looked at the bag zero left behind. Inside the bag she found two take out trays of food one from a burger and fry place and the other from an Asian place. Lastly was a small envelope of pills written on the envelope was. 'Take with alarm for pain and to lower the chances of infection.' As she was about to wonder what take with alarm meant. A buzzer in the room went off that only stopped when she took the pills. This wasn't exactly easy as she didn't have anything to drink, she sighed and started to eat her food.

Meanwhile Izuku now in street clothes was outside his warehouse smoking a cigarette. Then thinking of the girl currently in his so called guest room he pulled out his phone to check on her seeing her eating her food he watched tell he finished is cigarette. He flicked the bud into the street putting the phone away in his pocket and hopped onto his motorcycle before heading into town. It took him thirty minutes by bike to reach the same destination that would have taken him a two minute flight. He groaned in annoyance as he parked his bike. He hated doing things the normal way, but he knew there would be a panic if zero showed up. So, he just walked in and started to head for the woman's clothing section but then realized he didn't know her size. He sighed and changed direction heading for the sweatpants and workout clothes. However, about halfway their Izuku got a text from his mother checking in on him this made him stop and smile. As the two had a small back and forth through text but as the two finished he decided to pull up the video feed to see what she how Uraraka was doing. She was laying in the bed staring at the sealing probably board out of her mind. He'd have to Grab some books or something. As all he had was technical manuals and science and engineering books. Well, he also had a few comics and manga he used for inspiration and a small collection of hentai. He may be a shut in workaholic but he had needs to. That thought had him looking down at the video feed and thinking of those needs paused for a moment in consideration. He could leave her in the skimpy t shirts or dress her however he wanted, and he had to admit it was tempting to do so but he was planning to let her go. So it probably be bad if she told people he forced her to wear skimpy clothing. He sighed and decided to go with his original plan he quickly grabbed enough clothes to last her two weeks. So, if the worst case happened, he'd still only have to do her laundry once. His next stop was the bookstore where he had an attendant get him the first books in the most popular series. He sighed in annoyance he had spent more in one day then he'd earn with a small commission. He guessed it couldn't be helped he had chosen to help the girl, and this was the price he had to pay for that choice. He should have risked the flight to the hospital, but she had been a friend once well sort of she was nice to him at least. He sighed again. 'What the hell had he gotten himself into.' He thought getting back onto his motorcycle. As Izuku put his helmet back on, he knew two things for sure this at least wouldn't be boring, and he needed a damn cigarette.