Half a week later Izuku found himself very pleased with the results of his little gas experiment. Over the past few days he had managed the curve Uraraka's desire to exercise. The problem was he needed to let her go. He could have technically moved her a few days ago but even airing on the side of caution she was more than ready enough to go. He wasn't sure quite why he was so hesitant and that line of thought wasn't getting him anywhere instead he turned his attention to his newest venture as he dumped the white powder lightly into Uraraka food. It was for lack of a better word the opposite of an appetite suppressant making it harder for someone to feel full until they were essentially physically bloated. He wasn't exactly sure why he decided to make it other than some passing curiosity. He grabbed his helmet and headed to the cell. He opened the door finding her staring dully up at the ceiling only for her expression to lighten up the moment he walked in.

"Oh sorry for disturbing you this late at night or well early in the morning." He lied.

"I brought you either a very late dinner or a very early breakfast."

"Oh, thank you if you don't mind me asking why so late?" Uraraka question.

"Picked up a raid on my way home I was there for collateral control. In the end there wasn't a lot I could do however the heroes they sent in brought the building down on themselves and the villains. They were digging them out of the rubble when I left. I had nothing to offer an aid as my scans showed none of the survivors were in critical condition so I left it to the heroes." Izuku lied there had been a huge fight but he hadn't stuck around for it the heroes had everything well in hand and he was bored out of his mind. So why sit there when he was not needed when he could get some actual work done and check in on something he found generally entertaining. With a slightly raised dose of the aphrodisiac along with a longer lasting duration, he was sure to be entertained. He set his bag on the floor taking her bags. Three days later Izuku watched Uraraka as he cleaned the latest of his stab wounds. He'd been trying to figure out how to push her a bit further he knew he should just cut his losses and let her go but every time he went to do so he found some reason to procrastinate. He winced when his hand slipped causing him to bump into the table and knock over his small collection of porn. He went to clean it up but stopped thinking for a second before slipping one into the bag of books and once he finished stitching himself up entered her room. He'd be lying if he said the look of concern in her eyes wasn't heartwarming.

"What happened are you OK?" Uraraka asked worriedly.

"I'm fine, fight when a little rougher than it usually does, and I don't have access to healing quirks, so I got to do it the old fashion way. Nothing too nasty though, I'll be back in the field come morning though I didn't get a chance to do laundry proper so you're going to have to do without for a little bit. So as things stand I'm going to be a little busy for the next few days so you're going to have to stay just a little longer." This got a surprised look from her for half a second. As from her perspective, the days had been blurring together in a mix of depression and sexual haze. So she had lost track of how long she had been there it took her a moment to shake it off turning her attention back to Zero and the tantalizing offer of food he had brought her.

"Anyways since I'm going to be busy from now on I'll be leaving you larger meals as you'll probably only see me once a day from now on." He said as he set down the bags and instead of giving her a full set of clothes like he had been so far he gave her an oversized shirt that she could easily use like a dress if only barely. Before leaving her to her own devices and watch her as usual. He had to admit her reaction to finding the porno mag he had left her had been absolutely adorable. Though he was a bit more surprised when she started flipping through in the end, he just chopped it up to simple curiosity.

This defined they're routine for the next few months Izuku would slowly but surely introduce more and more porn into Uraraka's routine while slowly lessening her clothing and casually using some new idea or experiment on her. However, from Uraraka's perspective, it had been a lot longer than a few months without any way to mark the passing of time other than Zero's visits and his vague recounts of days. The passing of a few months felt closer to years of drowning in boredom, lust, and hunger. She had at first found the inclusion of porn shocking but as she read more of it she found she enjoyed it to the point she was even starting to question her own sexuality a little. Though she guesses that was more due to the fact that the stuff she had been reading was meant more for horny guys. Not that she thought any guy would find her attractive anymore. She had put on a fair bit of weight it wasn't anything absurd, but it was definitely noticeable but if she was right that didn't matter. She couldn't help but swallow nervously, she knew what she was about to do wasn't exactly right, but she was so damn desperate, and he had only given her oversized shirts for the past few days, so she hoped she was right. Uraraka was so lost in her worrying thoughts she almost missed the loud buzz that signified the door opening. Izuku walked into the cell bag in hand finding in his opinion at the very least the cutely chubby and bright smile of Uraraka waiting for him in a stained shirt which was odd considering the fact she should still have a few clean outfits left well shirts left.

"What happened to you Uh do I need to get a bath ready?" He asked curiously.

"Yeah, I accidentally spilled some sauce on myself and my remaining clothes." Uraraka said blushing darkly.

"Alright then Gather them together and I'll wash them as soon as I can. Though I have to warn you I still haven't got around to fixing the washing machine." He sighed, reusing the excuse he had given for her current outfits.

"Alright." Uraraka said quickly tossing her remaining shirts onto the bed before removing the one she was wearing in front of him and wrapping it up in the sheets. Before tossing them to him shocking Izuku to find the naked girl in front of him. That was until his instincts honed from years of heroing kicked in. setting off several alarms this was the type of thing someone usually did to distract him so they could pull some sort of stunt or attack. He stepped back ready for a fight for half a second only to realize it wasn't coming.

"Is-is there something wrong?" Uraraka asked unable to look at him her face a bright cherry red it took every ounce of her willpower not to cover herself.

"I um no." Izuku said, just barely able to keep the stutter out of his voice Izuku wasn't exactly sure what was going on but he really needed to get out of there to figure it out. So he quickly gathered up the bundle of clothes and her trash and left. Izuku plopped down into his chair removing his helmet with a Sigh his face a bright red. He looked at the cameras and watched as the naked Uraraka was freaking out in her bed. He tried to figure out what was going on and after about an hour of thinking he still wasn't sure but he had a few ideas to test. After all, he still had to give her a bath so with that, he went to test his first theory. He brought her the usual tub and buckets of water but instead of leaving he just stood there watching. He felt like a total creep but to his surprise, she didn't say anything. Over the next few days, he tried several new things each bolder than the last. First, he stopped giving her clothes then he started giving her nothing but porn and smut to entertain herself. Then he gave her outfits hero costumes maid outfits Bunny girls anything that was his fancy. Then he became blunter and actually started getting her toys the first few were simple vibrators but as time progressed, they became more elaborate and more entertaining some he could even remotely control. Lastly, he stopped hiding the fact he was drugging her and just gave her the pills he still didn't understand it. It seemed like every day that passed every new or strange thing he did to her she seemed to become more and more enamored with him. Finally, about four months into her imprisonment he broke down and decided to ask her.

"Alright, I have to ask what is the point of all this? I figured you would have been disgusted or complained when I started doing this to you. Yet you have complied with every Wim and demand you haven't even asked me about letting you go I want to know why?" Izuku asked bluntly.

"Well, I'm not really sure myself, at first, I wanted to get out of here and then I don't know I just all these negative thoughts came into my head. I started wondering why you wanted me here and what you saw in me. So, I tried to be that, I mean you could let me go anytime but yet you kept me here for some reason. So, I thought I'd make myself more likable." Ochako said blushing darkly though too Izuku's surprise tears started to form at the corner of her eyes.

"All right but that still doesn't explain the why?" He sighed only getting a shrug out of Uraka.

"They don't really have a why sorry." Ochako said unable to look him in the eye.

"Then if I offered to let you go, what would you say then?" He said getting a shocked look from Ochako, she seemed to consider it for barely a second before shaking her head no. This made her hair, which was just starting to reach shoulder length shake out.

"And what would you do to stay?" He asked expecting an actual answer from her. What he wasn't expecting was for her to plop back onto her bed, lean back and spread her legs for him. He blushed under his mask unsure how to react Ochako continued with her response.

"I do anything you want me to." She said using two fingers to spread her pussy before slipping them into it to finger herself. Izuku stood there and watched he was shocked, to say the least, he had never really interacted much with girls other than his mother. So, to have one so openly offer themselves to him he was beyond baffled. So, he just sat there and watched tell after a handful of minutes Ochako let out a loud moan squirting onto the floor. She had never cam so fast or orgasmed so hard in her entire life. Knowing someone was watching her was apparently a huge turn on for her.

"Di-did did you enjoy it? Want? Want me to continue or do something else."

"No! um no that'll be enough for now I'll, I'll be back later." Izuku said rushing out doing his best not to run trying to force himself to calm down he needed to think.

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