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Chapter 1

A young blonde boy was walking down the various shop filled street with a mildly annoyed look. The boy was around twelve and stood at 4'10, something not seen in boys his age. He had sky blue eyes and a beautiful face that looked like it was carved by the angels themselves… that's what everyone told him anyway. His blonde hair was styled somewhat short but was spikey. The boy was outfitted in a while silk shirt, royal blue pants and simple blue sandals. Suddenly stopping, he looked towards the sky and noted how late it was getting. "Guess I should get back home soon. Don't want Mom to have every kunoichi turn the entire village upside down looking for me…again." He said with a resigned sigh.

Picking up the pace a little, he kept his gaze at the sky, enjoying the majestic blue sky with the sun making the color brighter to him. While he was walking, the boy wasn't ignorant to the stares directed his way. Some were filled with adoration, respect, some with anger, malice and many other different emotions he was still too young to completely understand. Still didn't make the small shiver down his spine any less chilling. Like usual, the young blonde ignored it as he finally spotted his house in the distance.

Well, calling it a house wouldn't be correct. It was a giant mansion that just screamed 'royalty lives here'. A large two story building with a wide backyard for relaxation and training. Anyone with eyes could see that it was built with the most expensive materials and designed with the most expensive and talented architects. The crazy thing about it, to him, was it only house his family.

A few more minutes walking, he reaches the two guard kunoichi that stood at attention at his large doors. The guards quickly bowed to the child before quickly opening the door before he was even a few feet from the doors. "Welcome home Naruto-sama!" The two greeted at the exact same time.

The now named Naruto just muttered a thank you before stepping through the threshold and pausing. He contemplated either going to his room or kitchen, where he would most likely meet a couple of his sisters. In the end, his stomach made the decision for him. Chuckling sheepishly to himself, the boy made his way to the kitchen for some food. "Really hope they won't go crazy." The twelve-year-old whispered to himself, even though he knew whoever was in the kitchen would.

As soon as he took another step, he announced himself as softly as he could. "Hey, I'm home. Sorry I took so long getting back. Was just walking through the market section of Tsuki Alley and bought some model toys to- Ah!" Naruto was interrupted by two blurs knocking the air out of him and familiar weight too.

"Hey Naruko, Mito. Guess you girls missed me." Naruto said as he saw his eleven-year-old sisters clinging to him like monkeys. They were identical twins with the exception of Mito having straight red hair while Naruko styled her hair in pigtails. Both had round faces, blue eyes, and whisker marks on the sides of their cheeks.

The red-headed twin rubbed her whiskered cheek into her brothers chest. "Naru-nii. I missed you so much~!" She said with an excited grin. Naruto was sure he heard his little sister inhale into his chest. While it wasn't anything new, it still creped the hell out of him.

Naruko then adjusted herself so she was hugging his right arm. "You took soooo long to get home, Onii-sama." She said sleepily, her eyes lidded. "Just for that, you gotta give me a kiss to cheer me up." Naruko didn't give him enough time to protest and rushed his lips. She didn't get lips…just not the ones she wanted. She was confused as Naruto's lips should be bigger than hers. Opening her blue orbs, she was greeted to the sight of her twin she was kissing. "GROSS!" She immediately pushed off her sister and pretended to throw up.

Mito did the same before they both realized their beloved older brother was no longer between them. "Onii-sama/Naru-nii!"

Naruto let out a relived sigh as he escaped his clingy twin sisters. The boy then made his way to the fridge. "Bet they went to my room.' He thought to himself as he pulled out a bottle of water. Not a second later, her felt a pair of slender arms wrap themselves around his neck. "That you Saeko?" The answer was a kiss to the cheek.

"Got it in one. I missed you during the week long mission." Saeko said with a happy smile as she held her little brother. She had straight and shiny blood red hair with a triangular fringe at the front of her face, barely reaching the ridge of her nose. She had beautiful violet eyes that shone a little brighter whenever she looked at him. For a fifteen-year-old she was pretty tall and had a nice D-cup bust that was pressed against the back of his head. One of Saeko's most defining physical features was her shiny pink lips.

The blonde smiled a little before managing to get out of her hold. "Please stop doing that." He pleaded before grabbing a pan and some vegetables. Just as he was about to reach the stove to make himself some food, Saeko quickly snatched it out of his hands and began to do his work. Naruto frowned. "Saeko, please stop. I can make my own food."

Like he expected, Saeko didn't stop. "Nonsense. You just go and build some of your new toys and wait. I'll have your food done in a little bit." She gave him a beautiful smile as she gently shooed him away.

Naruto's eyes twitched a little in annoyance as the blonde couldn't even remember the last time he made his own food. And whenever he tried to, one of his sisters was quick to do what Saeko just did.

He just decided to go to his room on the second floor. Opening the door, which held several locks to keep his clingy sisters away, before looking around the spacious room, that had a large bed right below the window in the center of the room, a large bookcase on the left side of the room that was filled with fairy tail books, magazines and simple learning books too; then a large closet that held the finest of clothing. Not seeing Naruko or Mito anywhere, he placed a couple of those models this kind old lady gave them before not sending them another glance and went to his bed. Glancing at the door, making sure the locks were secure, he reached under his bed and pulled out a book that looked like it had seen better days. But you could still see the title: 'The King's Adventures' With a smile, Naruto leaned against his bed and opened his favorite book.

Even while he read it, the blonde thought about the world he knew and why he was kept such a close eye on. The era he was born in is ruled by females. The reason for that is simple: only females could wield the energy that allows a person to accomplish incredible fears like spitting fire, constructing walls of earth, shoot out winds as powerful as hurricanes, and bring down lightning. That power is called chakra and only women were capable of molding the chakra. Sure, men have chakra, but only enough to keep them alive and they were unable to raise them, no matter how hard they tried.

Many speculated the reason for this was because the first person to ever possess chakra was a woman. The high priestess of six paths. The amount of legends around the mysterious mother of chakra were staggering. How she had godly control over chakra and the incredible feats she preformed in her lifetime counted as miracles. It was told that she was the one to teach and founder of the way people use chakra today. And those teachings went down from generations from generations and in that time, men were unable to mold any of their chakra.

Even with this female ruled world, men still had their rights to freedom and free speech but were completely pushed to the side of military roles and the higher rank positions like the daimyo. Now, most men are either workers, husbands, merchants, business owners or council members. That didn't mean they complained though. They got to stay home safe while the females went off to fight. Sure, some men tried to make a name for themselves, but they couldn't measure up to the standards.

Another thing to take note of was the formations of clans who only consisted of females. The need for the clan's formations was because some females gained special genetic mutations called bloodlines which could only be passed on from mother to daughter. In the beginning there was a big risk for the clans dying out since they couldn't expand their numbers properly. Reason for this was because when a male had sex with a woman, there is a fifty percent chance of the child being born a male who wouldn't have the genetic mutation and fifty percent chance of them being girls that have it. To make sure the line kept going, the medical branch of kunoichi managed to create a special jutsu that allows females to temporarily gain male genitalia, making it possible for two women to have children together, which freaked/grossed Naruto out, with ninety-nine percent chance of them being female.

Back to the present, society hasn't really changed that much but there were some anomalies. That being when two women give birth to a boy instead of a girl. Medical tests showed that these rare children don't have anything out of the ordinary wrong with them. They were simply males who were unable to mold chakra like the rest. Though, when that does happen, they were given to the orphanage. Naruto was the rare case in where the family kept him. Despite being a male, his entire family loved him dearly… a bit too much as far as he was concerned.

There was one thing that set Naruto out from the other boys. His undying need for adventure and love for anything fighting. When he was younger, he usually snuck out of the house to explore the village and do crazy things that he found cool. One time, when he was five, he was climbing a tree near one of the surrounding trees, he accidently fell off the tree. Naruto broke his arm and that was the end of his adventures by himself as his family made sure someone was watching him at all times so something like that never happened again. Hell, even if he got the smallest of scratches, he went to the hospital. That didn't stop his adventurous nature as he was able to get the book he was currently reading by some kind old man. It depicted a male going on a grand adventure out into the world, being free from any female telling him what to do while the most intense fights ever. Having life changing experiences, and battles that always ensnared his attention. Naruto wanted to have that kind of freedom and action in his life so much.

While he wants to live a grand life of adventure, it doesn't mean he hates his current life. He loves his family with all his heart and soul, but it annoyed the hell out of him that, after breaking his arm, basically all his rights to do anything himself was ripped away from him.

His food, cloths, wellbeing and everything in between were taken care of him. Sure, that sounded like the life for everyone…but he wasn't like everyone. When he tried to run to the store to buy some toys, a nearby kunoichi was there to pick him up and carry everything for him. When he tries to lift anything heavy, another kunoichi comes by. It was only through a lot of persuasion that he managed to get the right to go to the bathroom by himself and take baths, even though they managed to sneak into the baths with him.

Naruto had stopped counting the many adventure stories that were taken from him after he was five. It was only through him being sneaky that he managed to get this book and keep it for the past three years. They always said he didn't need to do anything like that. To them, Naruto's only purpose in life was for them to pamper. Everything was to be taken care for him and all he's gotta do is stand there and look pretty. These past seven years have been torture to him as they kept him locked in his house, forced to make this life his own.

It wasn't all bad though. He did have the friend in the from of the Uchiha heiress Satsuki. His mother Kushina and Mikoto had been best friends since childhood so it was kind of natural for the two to get close. Satsuki did not treat him like a doll either so he was thankful for that.

So, now Naruto must hide his adventure books to make sure he didn't go crazy with this life as a caged bird. Reading through a couple chapters, he was interrupted when a knock at the door. "Damn." The boy silently cursed before quickly hiding the book under his bed behind some other clutter that covered it. Another knock was heard. "Coming." Getting up, making sure he was presentable, he opened the door. "Hey Artoria." He greeted with a small smile.

Before him stood another one of his beautiful older sister, Saeko's twin actually. She had the same shade of blonde hair as his own and styled it in a bun. She also had stunning emerald eyes that shone a little as she looked at Naruto. She wore a combat dress that was primarily blue with some gold accents at the end. Artoria gave him her own small smile when she saw her beloved little brother. "Dinner is ready. Let's go to the kitchen." She gently grabs her brothers hand and guided him to the spacious kitchen where his whole family waiting for him. Artoria sat next to Naruto's right. He then took a look around at his other sisters.

On his left was Saeko who saw him looking at her and gave him a quick smile and wink. She was one of his four sisters with her and Artoria being fraternal twins and being five years older than him. Both had become jounin and gained a lot of fame for their distinctive fighting style. Saeko was the 'Brutal Swordswoman' for her ferocious yet effective kenjutsu skills with the katana that placed her as an A-rank threat in the bingo books.

Artoria was called 'The Spear Goddess" It wasn't a normal occurrence for a shinobi to use as spear as a primary weapon but Artoria made it look easy as she is able to cut down her enemies with such elegance it looked like she was dancing. Combined that with her skillful use of Wind Style and you get one hell of a warrior. This made her an A-rank threat.

Next to Artoria sat the oldest sister with her being five years older than himself. Her name was Moka. She had a rather mature and beautiful body for a seventeen-year-old that made anyone lust for her. The most eye catching feature of the oldest was her deep red eyes that matched her equally red hair that draped down her form. She wore the standard anbu uniform, seeing as she had been promoted not too long ago; even becoming the commander. In the bingo books her nickname is 'The Bloody Fist' with an S-rank threat. Her fists and kicks were so powerful that it wouldn't be long before she surpassed Tsunade herself in strength.

Now, sitting across from Naruto were his two mothers. First one was Minako (the farther), a beautiful woman with shoulder blade length spiky blond hair with jaw-length bangs framing either side of her face. Beautiful, sky blue eyes with pink lips, beautiful body with big d-cup breasts. She is the Hokage of the village in the leafs and the only kunoichi to achieve the SS-rank in bingo books since Mara Uchiha and Hirya Senju. In the bingo books she is named the legendary "Yellow Flash", the fastest Kunoichi alive.

Next to her set Naruto's other mother, Kushina. (birth mother). For a woman who gave birth to seven children she is quite beautiful. She has a slender, but very feminine build, fair skin, violet eyes, fiery red hair with strands that framed both sides of her face and a black clip that parts her hair to the left, keeping it out of her eyes. She is a powerful kunoichi and is S-rank in bingo books; name "The Red Death" and "The Greatest Swordswoman". Her skills in sealing and her clan's bloodline are top notch. But she truly shined in her work with the blade. Another known fact was that she used to be a jinchuriki.

While she is still a in the kunoichi ranks, she rarely takes on any missions as she prefers to be more at home now and take care of her children.

Finally Naruto takes a glance at his younger by one year twin sisters Naruko and Mito. If wasn't for their different hair styles and personalities, Naruto wouldn't be able to tell them apart. While Naruko is more of an eccentric girl that is on sugar rush most of the time. She's always bouncing all over the house and often likes to prank people. Mito, on the other hand, is more cool headed, preferring to think things over more before rushing into something (the only exception for that is Naruto). The things that they are most known for is their extreme affection for Naruto and that they are both hosts for different parts of Kyuubi.

They became the bijuu's hosts when one dark night eleven years ago, a masked woman released Kyuubi from Kushina who was weakened from giving birth to Mito and Naruko. Thanks Minako's quick tactical thinking, she managed to defeat the masked woman who upon her defeat still managed to escape. Then Minako went on to battle the mighty bijuu, but the it was too powerful for her so she instead decided to seal into her newborn twin daughters, but before she could perform the sealing, the previous Hokage, Hiriza, knocked out Minako and performed the sealing herself. Hiriza had split the Kyuubi into Yin and Yang chakra. She sealed the Yin into Naruko while Yang was sealed into Mito.

When Minako woke up, she was in the hospital with her wife and all of her children were safe and sound.

The next day she announced Naruko and Mito being the new hosts of the Kyuubi and made sure to remind her people that her daughters are jailers of the Kyuubi and not the other way around.

Most of people believed her and both of the girls were treated like heroes, but there were some male civilians who didn't believe that and during the twin's birthday, tried to organize a "fox hunt", but before the group could march out, they were spotted by a patrolling chunin who called in some more kunoichi to deal with the haters.

The "fox hunting" group was brutally executed to show other hidden haters of what will await them if they tried hurting the twin Jinchuriki. Needless to say, since then, no one even dared to look at the twins girls the wrong way. As years went by, people have adapted and grown to like the twin girls.

After finishing looking over his sisters, Naruto heard his birth mother Kushina say something to him.

"Yeah mom, what is it?" Asked Naruto politely.

Kushina smiled at him and answered. "You should eat your food honey, before it gets cold."

Looking around the table Naruto sees that everyone else is already eating so without a second thought he began eating as well. When he finishes, he picks up his plate and is about to go wash it but is stopped when his big sister Moka stands up takes his plates away from him. "Don't worry little brother, I'll wash the plates, you go on and play." She says while giving him a small smile.

Naruto of course wants to protest but instead just sighs mentally and instead gives her a quick "Thanks". He then proceeds to leave the kitchen. He knows that once his sister says she's gonna do something for him, you can't talk her out of it. He goes back to his room and sits on his bed.

He hates it.

He hates really it how every single action was done for him. His mothers and sisters often think he'll break from slightest sight of violence. He hates it. In their eyes he looks a glass doll that needs constant protection and has to be always taken care or it will break.

After sitting on his bed for a while, he hears Minako saying that she's going to her room to take a nap. He stands up and heads for her room as he remembers how he needs to talk with her about something.

He reaches his parents room; he instantly blushes when he sees his mother wearing only lingerie and stockings.

Naruto starts quickly saying "For kami's sake mom, put on some clothes! I need to talk to you and I can't do it with you looking like that!" He closes his eyes as he hears his mother giggling.

Minako walks over to her son and hugs him, much to his displeasure. "Aww well aren't cute blushing like that. So, what do you want to talk about my son?"

Naruto breaks the physical contact and sighs, before he quickly composes himself. "I wanted to ask if I could go to the new war museum that just recently opened. I also saw a poster of a tour group that is looking for people who want to join them on their excursion trip around the fire country. So I wanted to ask If could go with them as well."

Minako sighs as she led Naruto to her bed. "Honey, listen to me, stop trying to associate yourself to with such dangerous things. Konoha war museum is not for children like you. It's a scary place and if you're not careful, you could hurt yourself there and no touring trips with strangers. They could be bad people for all you know. Do you have any idea how dangerous the world is outside the city's walls? There are bandits and some scary kunoichi who would not hesitate to hurt you. If something were happen to you, all off the family would be very sad. Mama wants to see her baby boy playing with his toys instead and when he grows up to marry someone." She explains, hoping that her son would get over his rebellious phase soon.

Naruto trembles in anger. "..But..." He whispers but Minako cuts him off.

"I know it may sound unfair but you need to trust your mommy on this. She has been all over the world and has seen many bad things happen out there. So just listen to what you are said and be a good boy." She says.

Naruto looks down, his eyes being shadowed by his hair bangs. "Then can I at least go to the library to pick up some books?"

"As long as you stay away from the adult, academy and kunoichi sections of the library. You know how mommy doesn't like when you try filling your head with bad and unneeded stuff. Do you understand that sweetie?" Minako asks while hugging Naruto and placing her head on top of his.

Naruto begins to tremble even more but after few moments stops and says in a low and dejected voice. "I understand."

Minako than lets go of Naruto and kisses him on the head. "Now that's a good boy now run along as mommy wants to rest a little." She ushered him out, happy that he get it.

Naruto leaves parents room and walks back to his own room. He kept his head down the entire time. Once he entered his room, he went straight for his bed and lay down. The locks on the door, which are meant to keep his sisters from sneaking in at night, completely forgotten.

'Why?' He thinks, fists clenched. 'Why? Why don't they let me do anything? My family, no, every single female in the village thinks that I'm some fragile thing. Always fussing all about tiniest little problems about me. Everywhere I go, it's always the same. The males, for some reason, alienate me leaving me no other choice but to talk to the females. My family doesn't even allow me to enter a regular school for civilians, for kami's sake.' The only male Uzumaki ranted, very frustrated with the sheltered life he's living.

Few minutes pass, Naruto gets up and walk over his to desk and takes a seat and looked out the window. 'Is me trying to learn something really that big of an issue? Is me trying to experience something new really that bad of thing?'

He is stopped for contemplating any more on this when he hears someone entering his room. He turns around and sees that it's his big sister, Moka. He is about to ask what she wants but is stopped when he sees her moving towards him and becomes really surprised when she hugs him all of a sudden and places his head into her generous bosom. Naruto starts blushing madly. "W…w…wh…wha…what are you…"

He is cut off from continuing his sentence when he feels his sister applying a little more pressure to the hug and it starts to hurt a little.

"I heard what you and mom where talking about." The way she said those words without any trace of emotion froze Naruto in place.

"I really hope you will grow out of your rebellious stage soon my dear little brother." She continued. "You know how your big sister gets upset when she hears you saying such things."

Naruto breaks out into cold sweat.

"So I think I'm just going to pretend that I didn't hear anything that was said back there and you are never going to speak of those things ever again, right?" She says those words while running her hand through his hair.

Naruto, still frozen stiff and sweating says a silent "yes".

"Good, also, the circus is arriving tomorrow so the whole family is going. You're going as well, right?"

She continues speaking when she hears another silent yes. "That's good. Now, take bath and after it go to bed, you need to rest for tomorrow."

After again hearing another yes, she let's go of him and kisses him on the forehead. "What a good little brother we have."

When she finishes saying those final words, she turns around and leaves his room with quite footsteps befitting for an Anbu, closing the door behind her.

When she left, Naruto released a breath he didn't even know he was holding in. He sits back again behind his table and starts thinking. 'This can't go on. I don't want to grow up becoming a retarded puppy that does everything he is said.'

Naruto than looks through the window at the setting sun. 'I need leave soon, before it's too late.'

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