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Chapter 4

"Wow! This place is amazing! I can't believe you live here!" Naruto was in awe of the sights before him as he stepped out of his new teachers' house, forgetting the weight of the basket filled with rocks on his back for a second. All around him was wilderness. Large trees that touched the sky, large animals he spotted some ways away, and smoke from, what he guessed, a volcano. It was like this place came from a book and he loved it!

The reason for the basket was because Rayleigh said he needed some strength training, which he agreed upon. Since Naruto didn't really have to do anything strenuous, he needed some basic strength training before getting to the advanced stuff. Once that was finished, Rayleigh would begin to train him in combat.

Rayleigh smiled a little at the boy following him. "That's right. The island we're on is called Rusukaina. This place is filled with wildlife of the purest kind and an excellent place for us to train without any interruptions from the outside world. No one really knows about this island and those who do don't travel here because they can't handle it." He explained to his young student who paid close attention. "I've even heard this was once a kingdom but the people were wiped out. Now, this place is ruled by some of the wildest animals known to man."

"Wow." Again, Naruto was in amazement of the island he was standing on. Shaking it off, with a grunt of exertion, he somehow managed to catch up to Rayleigh. "So, Master. Where are we going?" He asked since they have been walking for an hour or so.

"I'm going to show you what I'll be teaching you. While an explanation would be fine, I feel like actually seeing this is better." He explained, still looking ahead. They didn't say anything else with the only thing being heard was the wild life and the growing breath of Naruto.

Lifting up a large leaf in the way, the two were now in a wide-open space, giving the young teen a better outlook of the place. It took his breath away. "Naruto-kun." The Uzumaki turned to his glasses wearing teacher. "What I'm about to teach you is a power that has been around far before chakra was introduced to the world. It's name is Haki." He smirked at the look he was given. "Oh, come now Naruto-kun. I know you're smart enough to question how people survived the world before chakra became the most used energy."

Blue eyes widened in shock at hearing he was going to learn something so old it predated chakra. It was as he said too, Naruto had always wondered what humans used to survive before chakra was introduced by the Sage of Six Paths. "What exactly is it? And why doesn't everyone at least know about the energy? Where did you learn it?" He brought up the many questions that's constantly been on his mind.

Rayleigh kept his calm smile. "For the second question, it's because chakra was seen as the most sacred gift from the Sage of Six Paths and once everyone learned to harness the energy, almost everyone in the elemental nations forgot about it." He didn't even give the large thumping sounds from behind a glance as he continued. "Listen well, Naruto-kun because I'll explain your first question." Said his mentor with a calm voice. "Haki is a latent power that everybody has." He began his lecture.

Naruto didn't know what to pay attention to, Rayleigh's lecture or the giant tarantula that was coming closer and closer.

"Presence, fighting spirit, intimidation... it's no different from the senses that normal humans have." He continued, uncaring of the creature approaching. "However, most of them don't realize their power or don't know how to bring them out, until the very end." The old man had seen it multiple times.

The look in his eyes made Naruto stop. All panic were gone as she felt a calm feeling washed over her body. He continued to stare until the next sentence struck his mind and heart.

"Having no doubt. That's what makes you strong."

And with that, Rayleigh closed his eyes as the tarantula came down like a meteor. The pre-teen tried to shout for him to move, but his words died in his throat when he saw his mentor casually side stepped the incoming attack.

Completely avoiding it.

Gaping like a fish. Naruto could do nothing but watch as the arachnids leg crashed to the ground, shattering the earth. A gust of wind, followed by a small shockwave blew past him, making his blonde hair sway from the powerful force.

"There are two prominent types of Haki." Rayleigh began. Catching the boys attention. "The one I used just now was the power to feel other's presence more strongly." Opened eyes stared at the young Uzumaki. "It is called Observation Haki."

Astonishment filled Naruto's face as he gawked. So there was a power like that... and it wasn't even chakra.

"If you enhance this power, you can tell where your invisible enemy is, how many there are, what their next move will be or even how strong they are."

The tarantula screeched. Shooting up to its feet. It glared down at the two humans with eyes burning in anger.

Rayleigh paid no mind and continued his lecture.

"Next is Armament Haki. This power is the same as wearing invisible armor, and if the armor is hard enough it can be used as the offensive power. You can even use it on any weapon." Glancing back, Rayleigh just smiled before raising his hand, with his palm open. Instead of his hand turning black, the second the giant spiders leg came down, a giant force launched the monster away to the side.

"Amazing." This power was truly spectacular to Naruto. It was even cooler than chakra to him. He had always been amazed by the power every female could use and was a little jealous that he couldn't preform all the feats his family could.

"Observation Haki, Armament Haki... those are the two types of Haki that anyone can learn." He was knocked from his thoughts at the calm voice. Seeing that the teenager was paying close attention. The old pirate continued with a small smirk. "However, there are a few rare and special people who can use another kind of Haki."

Naruto didn't even get to ask when the tarantula brainlessly used the same attack once more.

"Watch closely." Instructed Rayleigh loud and clear as he narrowed his eyes.

Suddenly, Naruto felt a massive intimidation aura engulfed the whole area. Sweat poured down his forehead as his blood stopped. It was so hard for Naruto to stand, hell, even breathing took a lot of energy to do. 'What…is this?' He thought in a daze.

Blinking several times after the sudden intense pressure vanished as quickly as it came. The blonde's eyes widened in disbelief at the sight before him. The tarantula... it fell to the ground. Unconscious.

"H-How?" Was the only thing that escaped his mouth.

"That was the power to intimidate your enemy, Conqueror's Haki. Only one in a million possess this ability." Rayleigh stated, somewhat dramatically. "However, unlike the other two. You can't control the Conqueror's Haki, but you can't train yourself to use it."

Naruto frowned in confusion. "Why?" He asked.

The old man smiled. He was a good student. "That's because it's the owner's spirit itself. You can enhance it only by developing yourself."

The blonde looked down at his hands. "Developing myself." He muttered to himself.

With a flick of his coat, Rayleigh looked at him fondly. "I'm going to teach you the basis of Observation Haki and Armament Haki, most people would lean towards one type as their preference dictates. They find which one they prefer and strengthen that one." He said, looking at her with a knowing expression. "But for you? I think you can learn all three."

Naruto felt pride flow through him that his master believed he was one of those one in a million people to learn the rarest of Haki. Though, a question came to his mind. "Master. You still haven't answered me. Where did you learn Haki? Hell, where are you even from? I feel like people would know about you if you're this strong yet I've never heard of you."

Rayleigh chuckled at his perceptive student. "Good questions Naruto-kun. Like I said, people used this power before chakra was around. And even still, people use it. It's mainly used to the West of the Elemental Nations. The world is bigger than you think Naruto-kun. And I have a feeling you always knew that." He explained to Naruto.

It was true. Naruto thought there was more to this world than the Elemental Nations. It brought a smile to his face to know he was right. "And you come from the west, right?" The blonde got a nod. "Why are you here though?"

"I thought it was about time to just settle down somewhere. What better place than part of the world where no one knows I used to be a pirate? In fact, the book I made was based off my life." The elder smiled a little at the shine in Naruto's eyes at the fact he read about his new masters' life. "Yes. I've lived a rather eventful life." He answered his unasked questions.

"When will be be starting master? I can't wait to learn more." Naruto said eagerly.

"When I feel like you've gotten enough strength to handle it. In face, when you get strong enough, I'll give you something else that will help you in the journey you'll be taking." Rayleigh said after thinking on the last part. He knew Naruto would best be suited for the powers he was going to give him.

"Thank you, Master." Naruto thanked before groaning a little as he was ordered to get down and give him fifty push-ups for the start before giving him a couple laps around the large clearing. All with the stone backpack.

Rayleigh was sitting by the fire across from his student with an amused expression as he watched the preteen tear into the meal served. Taking one large bit from some meat, Naruto finally noticed his teachers gaze. Embarrassed, he swallowed and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Sorry bout that. Hunger is the enemy." When he said that a sad look came over as he remembered the person who always said that. "It's something one of my sisters said whenever she was about to eat."

The elder man just chuckled. "It's fine my boy. If you're hungry, eat your fill. In fact, I believe eating all you can is helpful. You never know when you'll get the next meal in the wild." He knew from experience.

Smiling in thanks, he went back to eating without restraint. Just like his older blonde sister.

It was the middle of the night and Naruto could be seen a little ways away from the hut sitting on a rock, looking at the bright stars shining above. As he looked at them, a sad smile graced his lips. Star gazing was a pastime he and his mother Kushina did often. "Wonder how they're all doing right now?" Naruto mused.

Back in the leaf village, said red-headed mother was on the roof of her house, looking at the stars. It used to bring such joy in her heart to look at the clear sky under the night but now it didn't hold the same appeal. "I miss you so much, Naru-chan." She whispered, tears falling down her lovely face as she looked over to the now empty space her darling little boy used to occupy.

Like her spear using daughter, she understood that Naruto was a free spirit but, she just didn't want her precious little boy to be harmed by anything. She was happy for these past eleven years and now that happiness is gone. "I hope you come back soon. It's not the same without you." Kushina said aloud.

Rayleigh stood in the middle of the same clearing he first showed Naruto the wonders of Haki. His calm gaze following his student as he continued to do push-ups with a rock twice his size tied around his back. 'It's hard to believe it's only been three months and he's improved this much.' The elder mused to himself as his student was now running along the perimeter of the clearing.

At first, Naruto kind of complained about the exercises he had to do, it was expected to the old man. For a young adult who hasn't worked out a day in his life, it would seem impossible. But, after that one complaint he never moaned about it again. In fact, he dived into even with even more determination. 'Guess what they said about Uzumaki's was right. They are one tough bunch.' Rayleigh had heard stories of the Uzumaki clan even in the West. They were known as powerful warriors who had such vitality that they could live for over one hundred years, making them even more dangerous.

"All right Naruto-kun. Take a break." The elder told his student after a couple more hours of strength training.

"Just a bit more." Naruto said between grunts as he managed to do five more push-ups before being finished. Rolling the boulder off his back, he sat down for a second, catching his breath. Once his heart-rate evened out, he turned to his master. "Is something wrong, Master? Usually you push me harder." Not that he complained. The blonde liked being pushed. He felt like he was growing stronger at a steady pace.

Rayleigh just shook his head. "Nothing is wrong. Just thought you could use a little break, seeing as I'll be teaching you how to fight today." Naruto's eyes lit up at that.

"Finally!" Too excited to finally learn how to fight, Naruto cheered with a big smile. It got Rayleigh to chuckle at his students' enthusiasm. Then again, the elder was also excited to teach the blonde. It had been some time since he even taught someone. "What's first?" He was brought out of his amusement by the question. Naruto didn't truly like the smile on Rayleigh's face but he wasn't gonna back out now.


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