Warning lemon


And so as the sun was rising to be a good morning, what greeted this morning was not a rooster but a boy screaming.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH STRATEGIC RETREAT!" The boy in question was currently running for his life while being chased by a ball attached to a chain no matter where the boy ran the ball followed like it was locked onto him. No matter how far or how fast the boy ran the ball would follow.

" AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" The boy kept screaming the entire time, until he tripped on a hole and the ball wrapped around him, restraining him in chains.

"No escape.. From.. training." a woman's voice said. The woman in question is fairly tall and beautiful young woman with a slender frame yet remarkably curvaceous figure with big breasts and an enormous butt with long waist length raven hair tied in a ponytail she's wearing a pink kimono that shows off that enormous butt and long purple stockings that enhances her sexy legs. The woman is also carrying a katana on her back.

"But why? can't you let me go just once." the boy whines the woman looks at him with cold eyes

"No." and proceeds to drag him away. The boy whined the whole time. After a while of her dragging him she set him on a tree. The boy gave a defeated sigh

"So what kind of weapon training are we out here for Shigure?" Shigure gives her katana a draw as she slashes the boy. The boy screams as he gets slashed only for the chains to fall apart after she was done cutting.

"No weapons... training... something else." She throws him a pair of swimming trunks.

"We're doing... swimming training... I know... how afraid you are... of weapons.. Kenichi." Kenichi is dumbfounded by this. swimming training there's a catch to this there has to be. Kenichi thought.

"Ok but you already taught me how to swim so why do i need more training?"

"You... know basics... teaching you advanced swimming." Kenichi looks confused

"Why do I need to learn the advanced stuff?"

"Because... Underwater movement... Slow.. makes fighting... Less effective." well if it's just swimming it might not be bad. Kenichi thought. He looks over to see Shigure getting undressed. Kenichi's face turned bright red.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Kenichi yells in a panic. Shigure looks at him nonchalantly.

"Undressing... for swimming. You should... get changed.. Too.. grab your.. Trunks... as you like." hmm Shigure went out of her way to grab trunks because she knew I prefer them. Maybe this training might not be bad. Kenichi thought. He began to undress as well, however, his eyes wandered and caught a full view of Shigure and her loincloth. He saw it wedged up her ass. Kenichi gulped as his face was red. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD! Shigure looks back at Kenichi.

"Follow me." She turns back not noticing his red face and walks through the trees. Kenichi follows her until they arrive at a massive lake. The lake was nestled snugly between the forest.

"Oh wow, this place is amazing," Kenichi says in awe.

"Yes... very pretty... No one here... good for... Training." Shigure then goes up on one of the rocks and dives in.

" get in.. the water." Kenichi nodded and walked in till the water was up to his waist,

"Wow soooo cold." he says while shivering.

"Don't worry... Will warm up... from... swimming." Kenichi starts going further in the lake now reaching a point where his feet no longer touch the bottom.

"So what is the training exactly?" Kenichi caught sight of Shigure swimming through the water like a bullet. Nothing was slowing her down. She then slows down and gets up close to Kenichi.

"You.. need... To.. get more... accustomed to the water."

"So do I just swim around or what?" Then he noticed her eyes glowing white.

"Get.. under... the.. water... Now." Kenichi nods his head profusely

"Yes, mam." and he dives under the water. He then sees Shigure make hand motions trying to tell him to copy her. So he did and the two of them spent several minutes swimming underwater. You know what this isn't so bad, she's better than the other masters. Just then a humongous fish came out of nowhere from the deep and has its sights set on Kenichi, and started chasing him Kenichi in a panic started swimming fast to get away from the fish but to no avail. Someone save me. Just as the fish was about to clamp its jaws on Kenichi its mouth was tied shut with bandages. Kenichi looked to see it was Shigure who did it. The fish was trapped her eyes glowed white as she spun the fish around and around until she sent it flying back down below. Wow, I would have been dead. He then looked down to see her tits in full view and what sight they were. Kenichi's nose exploded with blood as he choked on the water drowning. Shigure watching him drowning quickly grabbed him and swam up to the surface. She sat him down on the ground. Shigure was looking down at Kenichi while he was coughing up water with a slightly worried look.

"You.. ok?" Kenichi, after coughing up the water, looks at her.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"What made... You... distracted.'' Kenichi stared at the two big reasons why the wrapping on her tits is off, exposing her tits in full view. It's those amazing tits that are the problem but I can't say that. Shigure looks down at where Kenichi is staring and notices the tent in his trunks. Hmmmmm so that's it.

"I think I know what has made you so distracted." she leans down in front of Kenichi and pulls down his trunks enough to release Kenichi's hard dick OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD his dick which is now out and in the open Shigure gave it a few pokes as it twitches Kenichi still has a dumbfounded face that's now beat red.

"Do you even know what you're doing?" she gives his dick a few more pokes causing him to wince.

"yes... your meat sword... Goes into... my sheath. And that procreates... Life." well at least she understands the basics.

"However... There are... other ways... To make... it go... down." she then grabs his dick firmly in her hand and starts slowly jerking it up and down

"Where the hell did you learn this?" Kenichi exclaims in a panicked voice.

"From... some of... Kensie's... Magazines."

"The hell you read them." she nods her head.

"Wanted... to see... Why... he loved... Them... so I... Read... them." She keeps stroking his dick at a decent pace.

"Didn't find... them that interesting... did note... the various... ways to please.. a ... meat sword." oh my god I'm in heaven right now.

"Must.. admit... your meat sword... rivals... A Lot of... the ones... in the... magazine." Kenichi's face beamed with confidence. Wow, that's definitely something I've always wanted to hear from a woman. Then Shigure took his dick in her mouth and started clumsily working her tongue around it. Despite this being a very clumsy and inexperienced blowjob Kenichi was having the time of his life. OH MY GOD, THIS IS AMAZING. I'M SO CLOSE TO CUMMING.

"Shigure, I'm close too..." Before he could finish his dick explodes in her mouth, taking her by surprise, as she starts swallowing it all down. Kenichi's dick was released from her mouth, surprisingly still hard. Why are you still hard after that? Then again I haven't been able to masturbate at all since living with the masters. No way in hell I would risk that.

"Your.. still... hard..."

"I guess I am." Shigure got up and took off her loincloth showing of her glistening pussy

"Then.. we... take the... direct... action." Kenichi's face was cherry red

"AAAAAHHHHH." she straddles Kenichi positioning his dick inline with her pussy

"Wait, are you sure about this?" she gives him a nod

"Yes... I'm sure." she starts lowering herself on Kenichi's dick until it's all the way in.

Wow this feeling is amazing it feels so tight yet, wet and hot. I'm sorry Miu looks like I'm not losing my virginity to you. Shigure then begins to start moving up and down his dick at a slow pace. But even at a slow pace, he was hit with pleasure. as he starts to moan. And soon after Kenichi noticed Shigure was moaning too as her face was that of pleasure, she went faster. Kenichi didn't realize he came again this time inside her but she keeps going, not slowing down.

"MY dick feels like it's melting." Kenichi's eyes focused on Shigure's tits bouncing around as she rides him. He reaches out his hands and starts grabbing them. He starts playing and pulling on them, as Shigure's moans got louder.

"Something... coming." she says between moans as she goes as fast as possible. Her pussy then tightens on Kenichi's dick as she convulses hard all the while Kenichi is cumming inside her pussy again. Shigure slumps on him, her body limp as she's breathing hard. Kenichi, also breathing hard, puts his arms around her and holds her for a few minutes until she's able to regain herself. She weakly gets up off of Kenichi and as his dick gets pulled out of her pussy his cum starts leaking out.

"Want.. to... Do.. this again?" Kenichi is shocked by what she said

"Yes of course." she nods



hey I'm alive just wanted to let you all know that none of these stories are dead its just between work, writing an actual book and making youtube vids has my time swamped also this is my first lemon so let me know what you think