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'Need to move quickly!' Thought Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage and Yellow Flash, as he used his Hiraishin to teleport the Kyūbi no Yōko away from the village before immediately teleporting again to the safe house he left his wife, Kushina Uzumaki, and their newborn son Naruto.

In between his teleportation, Minato took a moment to think how what was supposed to be one of the greatest days in his and Kushina's lives could go so horribly wrong. With it having started just after Naruto was born and he was about to strengthen Kushina's seal keeping the Kyūbi at bay. Only to then hear Biwako Sarutobi, one of the mid-wives, scream getting their attention. Seeing the Masked Man who caused all this had killed Biwako and the Anbu guards, while now holding Naruto hostage.

Luckily, Minato was able to get Naruto to safety, but in doing so left Kushina to be taken by the Masked Man and have the Kyūbi extracted, while placing it under his control with his Sharingan. Leading the Yondaime to quickly teleport to her, grabbing her before teleporting her to Naruto before then going off to confront the Masked Man and the Kyūbi. Managing to teleport a Tailed Beast Bomb away before it could destroy the village, only to then be grabbed by the Masked Man.

Minato willing to admit it was an incredibly difficult battle, not only with his mind being focused on stopping the Kyūbi, protecting the village, and making sure his family was safe. But also due to the Masked Man's ability to turn intangible and avoid his attacks. As well as his flippant attitude to the destruction being unleashed and being vague on what his goals were. Only leading Minato to believe he was really Madara Uchiha, given his power and having the Sharingan which was strong enough to control the Kyūbi.

Thankfully, after several failed attacks, he was finally able to get a good feel for how his intangibility worked, managing to strike him with his Rasengan while marking him with a Hiraishin Marker and a Contract Seal. Allowing Minato to severe his connection with the Kyūbi, leading the Masked Man to escape while swearing to return one day for the Bijū.

With one problem dealt with, Minato turned his attention to the Kyūbi, summoning Gamabunta to help keep the fox busy and its attention on him. Before taking the chance to teleport the Kyūbi as far away as he could from the village, which was the safe house he left Naruto and Kushina in.

'I can't stop now; I need to put up a barrier!' Minato thought while panting, since he's already used up a lot of Chakra against the Masked Man and then teleporting the Kyūbi here.

Something Kushina noticed, seeing how tired her husband was getting before she started gathering what strength and Chakra she still had.

"Minato, I can…I can still do this." Said Kushina before grunting as she released her Adamantine Sealing Chains from her back, having them dig into the ground before shooting up into the air.

The Kyūbi roaring in anger as the chains that kept it bound before were doing so again, with Kushina tightening the chains around the fox while having the rest form a barrier around them. The Uzumaki woman panting in exhaustion, not sure how long she'd be able to keep her chains out.

"Kushina!" Minato said in worry, knowing she shouldn't be using her remaining strength, before the two heard Naruto start to cry making Kushina look at her son tiredly.

"Did I wake you? S-sorry, Naruto." Said Kushina while smiling weakly at her son, before turning to Minato.

"Minato…seal the Kyūbi back into me, I can take it down with me…so at least its return will be…delayed. At least…I can do one last good thing in the end…and make sure Naruto grows up safely." Kushina said, wanting to take the Kyūbi down with her when she dies, much to Minato's shock.

"Kushina…I can't do that; I could never be able to replace you in Naruto's life. And the Kyūbi can't be brought down, it needs to be sealed away again, Konoha needs a Jinchūriki to preserve the balance of power." Said Minato, not wanting Naruto to grow up never knowing his mother, while also having a duty to Konoha to make sure it had a Jinchūriki.

"I don't care about the balance of power or if Konoha has a Jinchūriki! I care about Naruto, our son, growing up with a normal life! Being able to make friends, go…go to the Academy, become Ninja…find someone who'll love him! That's what I care about, making sure he gets the life he deserves, not one where he's alone, hated, and feared for something he have a choice in! And you should care about that more than anything, making sure Naruto has someone to look after and protect him, even if I'm not around to see him grow up!" Kushina said, refusing to let her son become a Jinchūriki, knowing the kind of life he'd live, having had to experience herself when she first arrived in Konoha and was only seen as an outsider.

"Now please, just let me do this one thing for him, help me make sure Naruto can have the life we want him to have, not one forced onto him." Pleaded Kushina, with the Yondaime looking at her in shock before he looked down at Naruto with tears falling from his eyes at everything that's happening.

"Kushina…I couldn't have become who I am now without you. I wouldn't be the Yondaime Hokage or Naruto's Tou-san if it wasn't for you. You helped me become the man I am today." Minato said, making Kushina smile sadly.

"Please don't be sad, because I'm happy. Today is Naruto's birthday…and he's the greatest gift you ever gave me. If I imagined what our future would be, the three of us…as a family, I can't see anything but a happy life. My only regret…is I won't be able to see Naruto grow up, I just wish I could have seen that." Kushina said, smiling at her son, knowing he would have been amazing growing up, imagining everything he would do.

Minato looked between his wife and son, torn on what he was supposed to do, before his eyes widened as he realized what he needed to do. The Yondaime setting Naruto down in front of Kushina before standing up.

"Kushina, you don't need to bring the Kyūbi down with you. As the Hokage, it's my duty to ensure Konoha is protected and safe, but that doesn't mean Naruto has to be left alone either. I'll use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal and Eight Trigrams Seal to seal half of the Kyūbi back into you and the other half into Naruto." Said Minato, making Kushina's eyes widened in shock.

"But that seal, anyone who uses it forfeits their life!" Said Kushina, with Minato nodding since he's aware of what will happen.

"I know, but like I said, I wouldn't be able to replace you and this way Naruto will grow up with someone who loves him unconditionally, as well as someone who will be able to help learn to harness the Kyūbi's power. And more than that, the Masked Man, whether he's really Madara Uchiha or not, he's a threat to the entire world. One that I believe Naruto will be the one to stop him." Minato said, believing Naruto is the Child of Prophecy that Jiraiya told them about, and the Masked Man is the threat he'll have to face.

"You can't expect Naruto to become a Jinchūriki or face someone like that! He's just a baby!" Shouted Kushina, not wanting him to have that kind of burden placed on him when he's not even a day old.

"And he'll have you there helping him every step of the way. That's what Kaa-sans do, they're the ones who love, protect, and care for their children. While a Tou-sans role is to give their lives for them, to ensure they live no matter the cost! Have faith Kushina, he's our son after all!" Said Minato, making the redhead look at him in surprise before went through handseals, clapping his hands together at the end.

"Dead Demon Consuming Seal!" Minato said with the spectral form of the Shinigami forming behind him while grabbing hold of Minato's soul and pulling it out of his body, with Kushina only able to look at him with wide eyes.

Minato grunted as the Shinigami's hand reached through him before racing towards the Kyūbi and grabbing hold of the fox, ripping out its Yang-half before placing it within Kushina.

"Eight Trigrams Seal, Seal!" Said Minato clapping his hands together, while Kushina gasped as she felt some of her strength start returning, but still felt weak from everything.

Glancing at the Kyūbi and seeing it had also shrunk down to half its original size, Kushina quickly tightened her chains around it, stopping the fox from trying anything.

"Okay, now for the other half in Naruto." Minato said tiredly before summoning the Sealing Alter and placing Naruto on it, grunting when the Shinigami reached through him again to grab the Yin-half of the Kyūbi.

"Eight Trigrams Seal, Seal!" Said Minato placing the Yin-half within Naruto, panting as the sealing was now complete and the Shinigami would now collect its payment.

'You…stupid, flaky bastard. I guess you finally won an argument for once.' Kushina thought sadly as she could nothing but watch as the Shinigami devoured her husband's soul, with Minato collapsing to the ground dead.

Turning to where Naruto was laid, Kushina smiled weakly before she tried moving over to her son, only to grunt in pain as she felt her strength start leaving her.

'N-no…j-just let me…lo-look at…him…' Kushina thought, at least wanting to look at her son, only for to fall over as unconsciousness took her, with her chains fading away.

With the barrier down, the Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and several Anbu checked on them. Having arrived after seeing where Minato teleported the Kyūbi to, only to see that Minato was already dead much to their sadness.

"Sandaime-sama, she's still alive!" Said the Anbu while checking on Kushina, seeing she's still alive much to Hiruzen's relief before he went to check on Naruto, seeing he was alright as well.

"Good, collect Minato's body to be given a proper burial and get these two to the hospital." Hiruzen said after picking Naruto up, with the Anbu nodding as they grabbed Minato's body and picked Kushina up before returning to Konoha.

*Timeskip-Three Weeks*

'Wh-where…where am I?' Thought Kushina as her eyes slowly opened, only to be met with bright lights and an entirely white room, with the Uzumaki lifting her head slightly to see she's lying in a bed.

'Am I…in a hospital?' Kushina thought, starting to recognize where she was before she heard the door opening, getting her attention as she saw two women enter the room.

The first is a fair-skinned woman with long, straight black hair with bangs hanging on either side of her face to roughly frame her cheeks and black eyes. She wore a simple dark purple blouse with a red-plum skirt and a blue Ninja sandals.

And the second also had pale, fair skin, long, dark-purple hair slightly past her waist and side bangs framing her face down to her shoulders, and pupiless pale white eyes with a lilac tint. While wearing a long-sleeved, purple kimono, blue Ninja sandals, and was heavily pregnant.

"M-Mikoto, H-Hitomi?" Kushina said, recognizing them as her friends, Mikoto Uchiha and Hitomi Hyūga, the two immediately looking at her only to be surprised to see her awake before quickly going over to her side.

"Kushina, you're awake!" Mikoto said, relieved to see their friend was finally awake.

"Are you alright? Do you need anything?" Questioned Hitomi, wondering if she needed anything, with Kushina slowly pushing herself up.

"I-I'm fine, just tired and sore all over. But I'm glad to see you both are alright, and I'll be even better once I have…Naruto? Naruto?!" Said Kushina before looking around the room for her son, only to become worried and frantic when she didn't see him anywhere, and was about to get up to go find him only for her friends to restrain her, so she didn't accidently hurt herself.

"Easy Kushina, just relax alright. Naruto is fine, he's just in the nursery, we've even checked on him as well." Hitomi assured, with Mikoto nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, you don't have to worry, he's perfectly safe right now. Now please stay here, we need to tell the nurses and doctors that you're awake so they can inform the Hokage." Mikoto said, with the redhead calming down slightly at hearing Naruto was safe and in the nursery before nodding.

"O-okay." Kushina replied while sitting back to show them she wouldn't try to do anything, with both women soon leaving to inform the nurses and doctors she's awake so they can tell the Hokage.

Once the two left the room, Kushina took a moment to collect herself, taking in everything that had happened…she wasn't even sure how long she'd been unconscious.

'I'm a Jinchūriki again, Naruto's a Jinchūriki now, Minato's dead and trapped in the Shinigami's stomach, and all of it because of that mask-wearing son of a bitch!' Kushina thought, angered and saddened at everything that happened because of that person.

The only solace she had is that she's still alive and will get the chance to raise Naruto and see him grow up, along with being able to prepare him. As while Kushina didn't like it, Minato was right and the Masked Man likely would come back to try and take the Kyūbi again.

Kushina was pulled from her thoughts when Mikoto and Hitomi came back into the room.

"The Hokage should be here soon to check on you." Mikoto stated, the redhead nodding in response before looking at her friends.

"How…long have I been here? And what's happened after the attack?" Kushina asked, the two sighing and sat down beside her bed.

"It's been three weeks since the attack, and it's honestly a miracle you're still alive, let alone still able to use Chakra. Mostly, everyone's been grieving and mourning those that died, while others have begun rebuilding the village from the damage done to it." Hitomi answered, given they hadn't expected Kushina to still be alive after the Kyūbi attacked, knowing what happens to Jinchūriki that have their Bijū extracted.

Not to say they weren't relieved and happy to know their friend was still alive.

"Yeah, a miracle. But what about you, are you alright Hitomi? You and the baby?" Kushina asked while looking at her friend before glancing down at her pregnant stomach, with the Hyūga woman rubbing a hand over her stomach with a soft smile.

"I'm fine, and so is little Hinata, the doctors say that she should be due this December. And thank you for the concern Kushina." Said Hitomi, smiling at her friend, much to Kushina's relief as she was glad to know her friend and her soon-to-be born daughter were alright.

"That's good. What about you Mikoto?" Said Kushina while turning to the Uchiha, who let out a tired sigh.

"I'm fine and so are Fugaku, Itachi, and Satsuki. But…everything else isn't. During the reconstruction, the Uchiha Compound was to be moved to the outskirts of the village away from the center of it, while it's been kept secret what really happened, and the fact no one knows what happened to make the Kyūbi attack. And given that it's known the Sharingan can control it, along with the fact we were kept away from the battle by Danzō's orders…it didn't do us any favors." Mikoto said since the villagers had started becoming suspicious and blaming them for causing the attack, not helped by Danzō ordering them to not go anywhere near the battle, believing they'd control the fox with their Sharingan.

With Kushina frowning at hearing this, not liking that her friend and her clan were being blamed for the attack, as while the Masked Man may have been an Uchiha, she didn't blame the clan for his actions.

'I'm making sure they know who's really responsible and that they had nothing to do with the attack.' Kushina thought, swearing to help clear her friends clans name of any blame or suspicions, not wanting them to be held responsible the actions of a single rogue member.

The trios attention then went to the door when it opened and Hiruzen walked in, once again wearing the Hokage robes and hat.

"Kushina, I'm glad to see you're awake. How are you feeling, both physically as well mentally and emotionally? Given…everything." Sarutobi said, with the Uzumaki gaining a solemn expression.

"Minato and I knew that one of us may end up outliving the other, given our line of work. But…that still doesn't make it any less painful, knowing it could and did just happen. It's only worse that we finally had a child, only for our family to be fractured on the night our son was born." Kushina replied, saddened and depressed that she was able to get a new family after losing her first one, only for it to be broken before it really begin.

"Kushina, it's alright, you don't have to hide what you're feeling." Said Hitomi, knowing Kushina was just trying to act strong, with Mikoto and Sarutobi nodding in agreement.

"She's right, Kushina. You can let it out, we won't think any less of you." Mikoto added, wanting Kushina to know that they won't care if she's not strong all the time.

"Indeed. After everything that's happened and everything you've lost, I'd say you more than deserve a moment to simply let it out." Sarutobi stated, while Kushina looked at the three before tears began building in her eyes.

"It's not fair!" Kushina screamed as she broke down with tears streaming down her face, letting out all her pent up pain, sadness, and despair.

"I finally was able to get a new family after losing my old one when Uzushiogakure was destroyed, but now I've lost that to! Life just seems to decide to fuck me over again and ruin everything when things start looking good for me! It was supposed to be the best night of mine and Minato's life and it was ruined, all because of that fucking masked bastard! I swear if I ever find him, I'm gonna make him pay, I'll rip apart everything and everyone he cares about before tearing out his fucking heart if he has one!" Yelled Kushina her sadness turning into anger, refusing to forgive the Masked Man for what he took from her and swearing to make him pay if she ever gets the chance.

The three looking at her sadly, seeing the anger, pain, and sadness she was feeling, before Mikoto sat down beside her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"You should know me and my clan know more about hatred and revenge better than anyone, and I won't try to convince you to let it go Kushina. But don't let it cloud your judgement or change who you are, revenge is like a poison, it'll consume you until you don't even recognize who you are. And don't forget, you still have Naruto with you and he needs you more than ever to help guide and protect him." Mikoto said, with Kushina slowly calming down while her friends words registered in her mind, she still had Naruto and she needed to keep him safe.

"Yeah, yeah you're right Mikoto. I don't want Naruto to see me like that or think I don't care about him. Thank you. And sorry you saw me like that." Kushina said while hugging her friend, who returned the gesture.

"It's alright Kushina, you only just woke up. It's been three weeks for us, but for you it only just happened. You haven't had time to mourn and adjust, so you don't have to apologize." Said Hitomi, with Mikoto and Sarutobi nodding in agreement.

"Thank you. And…I'm sorry about Biwako, she could be stubborn and strict, but she was a kind and wise woman. I'm sorry there wasn't something we could have done." Said Kushina to the Sandaime, who nodded with a downcast expression.

"Thank you Kushina, and yes, Biwako was certainly an amazing woman." Sarutobi replied with some pain and sadness shining through at the loss of his wife, before steeling himself knowing they still had business to attend to.

"Anyway, you mentioned something about a Masked Man, who I'm guessing is the one who released the Kyūbi and caused the attack?" Questioned Hiruzen, with Mikoto and Hitomi looking at Kushina, also wanting to know what happened.

"Yes, he just appeared out of nowhere, killing everyone before grabbing me when Minato teleported away with Naruto. He released the Kyūbi and then…he put it under his control with his Sharingan. Minato believed he was Madara Uchiha or at least someone claiming to be him. I can't say for sure, but if his Sharingan was strong enough to control the Kyūbi and then keep Minato busy for a while, then whether he's Madara or not, he's dangerous and powerful." Kushina explained, much to the trios shock, while Mikoto was horrified that an Uchiha was the cause of the Kyūbi Attack.

"I…guess they were right. We did cause this." Mikoto said, looking down and holding her head, seeing the Uchiha were responsible for the Kyūbi Attack.

"No! No, you didn't cause this Mikoto and neither did anyone else in your clan! Whoever this bastard is, he's clearly a rogue member! Anything he does, it's on him and him alone, the rest of your clan has nothing to do with it." Said Kushina, not wanting Mikoto to blame herself and her clan for the Masked Man's actions.

"Kushina's right, Mikoto. Just because he's an Uchiha doesn't mean the entire clan is responsible, and like you said, the rest of the Uchiha were kept away from the battle by Danzō. So, none of you can even be blamed for trying anything." Hitomi added.

"They're both correct. This Uchiha, whoever he is, is clearly a rogue member that is likely only trying to drive a wedge between the Uchiha Clan and the rest of the village. If we can discover his identity, it would go a long way in proving the rest of your clan innocent. I'll even work with Fugaku to cross reference all the Uchiha that were present in the village during the time of Kushina's pregnancy and those that were missing to help narrow down the list." Sarutobi said, making Mikoto look up at them.

"That'll still be tricky, since me and Hitomi didn't even tell Fugaku or Hiashi that Kushina was the Kyūbi's Jinchūriki. Meaning, whoever they are must have known or somehow found out by taking advantage of an opening in such high-level security, along with the moment when the seal would be at its weakest. That's not even counting if it's just a single rogue Uchiha or an entire sect of Uchiha that are working together." Said Mikoto, knowing that tensions had been rising between the Uchiha Clan and the rest of the village for years now.

"Yes, I…regrettably have my own share of blame for that." Stated Hiruzen, knowing he was to be blamed as well for the rising tension, it wouldn't even surprise him if the Kyūbi Attack and the Uchiha being kept away by Danzō's orders would be what ultimately causes it to spill over.

"I don't think we should also overlook the chance that it may really be Madara. Given how powerful he was, who knows what he had a trick to cheat death against the Shodaime and find a way to extend his lifespan to potentially match, if not surpass, an Uzumaki Clan member's. Either that, or living long enough to sire any descendants that he enforced his will onto." Hitomi said, knowing they couldn't overlook the chance it's really Madara or at least a descendant of his.

With the Hokage having to give a reluctant nod to that, as while none of the scenarios were good in the slightest, they couldn't overlook any possibilities.

"I believe I have my work cut out then, if I'm going to learn more of what happened. And before I go, you're free to go to the nursery Kushina, but you are required to stay here until you're discharged." Said Sarutobi before taking his leave, while Kushina gained an annoyed expression to hear she couldn't leave until she was discharged.

'I really hate hospitals.' Thought Kushina, hating being forced to stay in hospitals, but at least took comfort in knowing she could see her son.

"So, do you want to go see Naruto?" Mikoto asked smiling at Kushina, who nodded eagerly.

"I haven't seen my baby in three weeks, nothing will stop me from holding him." Kushina replied, making both women smile before they helped the redhead into a wheelchair before taking her out of the room to the nursery.

Once they got to the window looking into the nursery, Kushina looked for where her baby was before her eyes immediately locked onto Naruto. Wanting nothing more than to run in and grab him, but restrained herself and looked at the doctor who was monitoring the children.

"Would I be able to hold my son?" Kushina asked, getting the doctors attention before they looked at which one was hers.

"I don't think that'd be a problem." Replied the doctor, much to Kushina's joy as Naruto was soon brought out to her.


The trio soon returned to Kushina's room, with the woman now holding Naruto in her arms while looking him over, wanting to memorize all his features. Seeing he had the same spiky blonde hair as his father, pale skin, the same round face shape as her, and three whisker marks on his cheeks. While his eyes were currently close as he was asleep.

'You're perfect.' Kushina thought while smiling at her son, knowing she'd do everything she could to take care of and protect him.

"He's so cute, especially with those adorable little whiskers." Hitomi cooed at how cute Naruto was.

"I know, he and Satsuki are going to make the cutest couple when they're older." Said Mikoto eagerly, hoping her daughter and Naruto will end up together, while Hitomi froze and slowly turned to the Uchiha with a "sweet" smile.

"I'm sorry, you mean Naruto and Hinata, right. After all, if he's anything like Kushina, then he'll need a gentle girl to help calm him down, and I know Hinata will be perfect for him." Hitomi said, wanting Naruto and Hinata together, with Mikoto looking at her with an equally "sweet" smile.

"I'm sure she'll be a perfect angel. But Naruto would need a girl strong enough to stand beside him, not as a pillar to support him, which Satsuki will be. Besides, as his godmother, Satsuki and I will be seeing a lot of Naruto." Mikoto replied with a smirk on her face.

"I couldn't agree more, but don't forget I'm going to be his loving aunty, so he'll be seeing me and Hinata a lot as well. And Hinata will be just as strong as Satsuki, while also being kind and considerate of what Naruto would want." Stated Hitomi, since the three had agreed that Mikoto would be Naruto's godmother, Kushina would be Hinata's godmother, and Hitomi would be Satsuki's godmother, while they'd be aunt-figures for the other two's children.

"Are you implying my darling Satsuki wouldn't be the same?" Mikoto questioned lowly.

"Oh, of course not. But well…we all know you can be rather…forceful and I'm sure Satsuki will have the same attitude." Hitomi replied with a slight smirk.

"Well at least Naruto wouldn't have to worry about Satsuki using her eyes to look under his clothes once they're older. Like a certain "All-Seeing Eye" that we all know." Retorted Mikoto with her own smirk, before the two looked at each with narrowed eyes.

Only for them to fall silent and look at Kushina, who was looking at them blankly with her hair slowly floating up into nine tails.

"Both of you shut up, you're disturbing Naruto." Kushina said dangerously, before looking back at her son to see his eyes were open showing their blue color, making her smile at seeing him look around.

With the baby looking around at everything around him, seeing Mikoto and Hitomi smiling at him before his eyes turned to his mother and seeing her smile as well. Cooing, Naruto reached up to his mother, making her smile widen before he grabbed part of her hair and began playing with it.

"You like Kaa-sans hair, don't you?" Kushina said with a smile before laughing as Naruto played with a strand of her hair, only for her smile and gaze to become more emotional.

"Your Tou-san loved my hair too." Stated Kushina while smiling sadly and lovingly at her son, with the trio simply watching him play with the bright red strands.

*Timeskip-Twelve Years*






"Shut up." Naruto groaned as he was lying face down on his bed with the sheets being a mess, while his arms and one of his legs were sticking out, before he lifted his arm up onto his nightstand.

Moving around to find the alarm clock, Naruto soon found it and brought his hand down on top of it, silencing the noise much to his relief as he went back to sleep.

"Naruto! Naruto! I heard your clock, it's time to get up! Hurry up, or you're going to be late!" Kushina called up to her son.

After a few moments, Kushina soon entered Naruto's bedroom, gaining a deadpan expression at seeing he went back to sleep.

'For someone with as much energy as he has, he sleeps more than a Nara.' Thought Kushina, letting out a sigh before going over to try and shake him awake.

"Come on Naruto, you can't sleep all day, you have to get up." Kushina said, putting a hand on his shoulder to shake him awake, the whiskered blonde staying asleep and muttering to himself, before she quickly jumped back to dodge a hand strike.

"That's not going to work anymore." Stated Kushina with a smirk, knowing when he's moving around in his sleep like that, he's either sleep fighting or being touchy-feely in his sleep again.

'And he certainly has a grip when he's like that.' Kushina thought, blushing at remembering some moments that happened when he'd grab her and wouldn't let go.

With it not helping with how lonely it's been since Minato's death, and her refusal to even consider seeing any other guy.

'The only guy in my life is my little Naruto-kun...son! My son, Naruto!' Thought Kushina, shaking her head as she regained her wits before gaining a smirk as she looked at him.

"Well alright, if you want to keep sleeping and miss graduation, as well as your chance to become a Ninja. By all means, it's fine with me." Kushina said with her smirk growing, as like magic, Naruto immediately shot out of bed fully awake.

"I'm up! I'm awake and ready to become Ninja!" Naruto said quickly as he began moving around to get ready, not wanting to miss his chance to become a Ninja, while throwing off his pajamas to go take a shower.

Only to freeze when he heard an "Eep!" the moment he took his underwear off, before looking and realizing that his shocked and blushing mother was still in his room. With Naruto soon blushing in mortification that he just stripped in front of his mother!

"Why're you still in here?! Get out, out, out, out!" Naruto said, shoving Kushina out of his room and quickly slamming the door closed, embarrassed, and mortified that he just did that.

While Kushina stood frozen on the other side of the door, taking a few moments to register what just happened and what she saw.

'…He's actually my big Naruto-kun…son! My big, strong son!' Kushina thought before quickly correcting herself when her mind started going to less innocent thoughts.

'I wonder if Mikoto and Hitomi would be willing to go on an A-Rank Mission together to help me blow off some steam.' Thought Kushina, knowing she needed to do something to relax and take her mind off of her son, before she went back downstairs to finish making breakfast.

Meanwhile, Naruto soon came out of his room, now wearing at least boxers in case his mother was still around, relieved when he didn't see her. Though not willing to take a chance, Naruto immediately rushed into the bathroom, closing the door the behind him. Only to freeze when he heard another "Eep!" right behind him.

Slowly turning around, Naruto saw a girl his age with pale skin, long brown hair, light brown eyes, and wearing absolutely nothing with only a towel covering her naked, wet body. With the girl blushing bright red at seeing Naruto run into the bathroom, with the Uzumaki soon blushing as well in embarrassment.

"Y-Ya-Ya-Yakumo?! S-s-so-so-sorry!" Naruto stuttered in embarrassment at just running in on his adopted sister, Yakumo Kurama, while she was getting out of the shower herself before he quickly ran out leaving the embarrassed brunette behind.


After Naruto was able to take a shower and get dressed, thankfully without any more embarrassing moments happening. He and Yakumo went downstairs to see the table already set with Kushina sitting down, the two joining her before they began eating breakfast. All while they avoided looking each other in the eyes, each of them still embarrassed over what happened earlier.

Though Naruto did think about when his mother had brought Yakumo home and adopted her into their family. With it having been after her parents died in a fire at their Clan Compound, with Kushina having taken Yakumo in after learning from the Sandaime about Yakumo.

Having learned that she'd inherited the full power of her clans Kekkei Genkai, which resulted in her developing a split-personality called the Ido. A creature bent on destruction and able to use Yakumo's power itself, being able to create life-like Genjutsu. Which it had used to start the fire that killed her parents.

After hearing this and about Yakumo's dream of becoming a Ninja, which had nearly been taken away by her previous instructor, Kushina had taken Yakumo in and told her everything. The redhead having comforted the crying girl at hearing she killed her own parents, with Kushina assuring her it wasn't her fault. Once Yakumo had calmed down, Kushina offered her the chance to join her family and be trained alongside Naruto, an offer Yakumo accepted with her being adopted into the Uzumaki Family.

Kushina had also placed a better seal on Yakumo, one that sealed the Ido away for good while still letting her have full access to her Kekkei Genkai. As well as another seal that would divert part of Yakumo's Chakra to strengthening and healing her weak body. Giving her the chance to really pursue her dream of becoming a Ninja without worry of falling behind her friends and adoptive brother.

With Yakumo having become much happier since then, not only at getting a chance to achieve her dream, but also a family that loved and cared for her despite knowing what she'd done. The girl being especially happy at having a brother like Naruto to help her, whenever she needed it.

Once they finished eating, Naruto and Yakumo kissed Kushina on the cheek each other.

"Bye Kaa-san! When we get back, we'll be fully grown Ninja!" Naruto said, smiling in excitement at the chance to become a Ninja.

"I'll make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble Kaa-san." Said Yakumo, given Naruto had a habit of pulling pranks, just like Kushina did when she was younger.

"I know you will and good luck you two." Kushina replied, smiling at her children as they headed out.

Though rather than leave the apartment complex they lived in, Naruto and Yakumo stopped on the bottom floor, where they were soon met with Satsuki, Hinata, and her little sister Hanabi. All three of them having moved into the complex with Naruto, Kushina, and Yakumo, along with Mikoto and Hitomi as well. With the Uzumaki Family always being relieved that Satsuki and Mikoto hadn't been killed with the rest of their clan, four years ago. Having been spared as they'd been visiting them when the massacre happened.

While Hitomi, Hinata, and Hanabi had moved in after Hitomi had gotten a divorce from Hiashi and custody of their daughters. Having grown tired of how cold he'd become and the way he was training Hinata, with him then having the sisters fight each other to see who'd become Clan Heiress finally pushed her over the edge to take them away. Though it had been difficult, as even if Hitomi and Hiashi had split, they were still members of the Main Family of the Hyūga Clan, with Hinata and Hanabi being the only children of the Clan Head.

But Hitomi was able to come to a compromise with the Hyūga Clan to let them live outside of the compound. The compromise being that Hinata and Hanabi must continue with their training in the Hyūga Clan Arts and study in their potential responsibilities as the Heiresses of the Hyūga Clan. Should Hiashi remarry and have more children, then the latter portion will be rendered null and void. But would be reactivated should anything happen to Hiashi and any potential family he would have.

They would also be sending a member of the Branch Family to come over and receive routine reports on their status, as well as Hinata's and Hanabi's studies and training. To ensure their safety away from the compound and to make sure that Hitomi's side of the agreement is being honored. While also delivering the required material for the girls' training and studies. With Hitomi being grateful that the Branch member was Natsu Hyūga, as despite her personal bias towards Naruto and Kushina as the Kyūbi Jinchūriki, she was able to put it aside to focus on her duties, along with being cordial and respectful. Plus, it helped that Hitomi knew that Natsu genuinely loved and cared about Hinata and Hanabi from when she previously looked after them both.

Even better that with all the visits she's made, Hitomi's noticed that Natsu's become more genuine in how she treats Naruto, happy to see she was seeing him as more than just a Jinchūriki.

While Kushina and Mikoto had offered their condolences, knowing that unlike Mikoto who'd been arranged to marry Fugaku by their clan to produced more powerful offspring. Hitomi had genuinely loved Hiashi, with the woman assuring them it was alright. Knowing he changed after becoming Clan Head and then when Hizashi died during the Kumo Incident, becoming colder, more distant, and harder than before. With things only going further downhill since then.

Hitomi had also been grateful to Kushina for calling in a favor from her cousin Tsunade to have her return to the village and help her when she pregnant with Hanabi. Which proved more taxing on her than when she was pregnant with Hinata, and likely would have died had it not been for Tsunade's help. Which only made her more grateful, given they were aware that Kushina was on rather poor terms with the Sannin.

With how Tsunade left the village with Shizune, not long after Kushina became the Kyūbi's Jinchūriki and Mito's death. Then ignoring Minato's past orders to return to the village to help Kushina with her own pregnancy. It only being due to Tsunade's status as the last living member of the Senju Clan, as well as being descended from the Uzumaki Clan and renowned as the world's greatest Medical-Ninja that kept her from being labelled a Missing-Nin. Since they didn't want her to end up running to another village with her lineage and knowledge.

While Kushina had essentially cut her off from both the Uzumaki Clan and Senju Clan accounts and treasury. Having gotten access to the latter due to Mito marrying Hashirama, with the redhead staying in the village while Tsunade left in the middle of the Second Shinobi World War. With Kushina refusing to let her blow everything their respective clans' owned on gambling and booze.

The Uzumaki had also been able to convince her to come back to help with Hitomi's pregnancy by paying off a portion of her debts, which did get her to return, even if it was rather reluctantly.

But at the time, Kushina didn't really care what Tsunade wanted and likely would have hunted her down and dragged her back if she refused. The woman refusing to let anyone else she cares about die after everyone else she lost.

With things having been rather good for the group over the years, but not everything was perfect. As a few years after the Kyūbi Attack, someone had leaked Naruto and Kushina's status's as the Kyūbi's Jinchūriki. Though Kushina, Mikoto, and Hitomi all knew it was Danzō, and Kushina would have gladly killed the warhawk for exposing her and her son like that. The only thing holding her back was doing so would force her to take Naruto and leave the village, and she wasn't about to do that to her son or her friends.

That didn't mean they didn't prepare just in case, as the apartment complex they all stayed at was actually in the middle of the Senju Compound. With everything from the Uchiha Compound having been moved there as well after the massacre. So, Satsuki and Mikoto didn't have to trek all the way back to get something and risk anything happening to them.

"Satsuki, Hinata, Hanabi!" Naruto said, smiling at the girls as they arrived.

"I'm surprised to see you awake, I would've thought you'd sleep in and miss everything." Said Satsuki with a smirk, as they all knew Naruto would usually sleep in than get up, if it wasn't for Kushina and Yakumo making sure he did get up.

"He almost did, but Kaa-san made sure he remembered today is when we become Ninja." Yakumo replied with a teasing smile at her adoptive brother.

"And he still woke up? I thought he'd only wake up if ramen was mentioned." Said Hinata with a small smile, making the whiskered blonde pout at them ganging up on him.

"There's nothing wrong with sleeping for a few more minutes or waking up to get ramen!" Said Naruto, crossing his arms when the girls merely started giggling at his expression.

"We can talk about his unhealthy obsession later! Come on we gotta go!" Hanabi said, eager to get to the Academy and meet her friends, Moegi, Konoka, and Udon again.

The four nodding at the youngest girls words before the five all left to head to the Academy, Hanabi excited to see her friends again. While Naruto, Yakumo, Satsuki, and Hinata were eager to finally become Ninja, and while they knew most teams had only three Genin, they hoped to all be on the same team.

With the group soon exiting the compound and heading straight towards the Academy.

So, what did you think, good. Yep we see the Kyūbi Attack, with it ending in a different outcome as this time Minato thinks like a father as well as a Hokage, sealing half of the Kyūbi into Kushina saving her life and the other half into Naruto, ensuring he'll have at least one parent around to look after him. Then we get a small timeskip to Kushina waking up and greeted by Mikoto and Hitomi, where she learns everything that's happened along with telling them and the Hokage what happened and about the Masked Man, before she's then allowed to see Naruto. Then we get a much larger timeskip to see Naruto sleeping in on Graduation Day before being woken up by Kushina, along with seeing hints they have a closer bond than would be expected (but not too close, yet), along with seeing Yakumo Kurama as well who's Naruto's adopted sister while learning how she was adopted into the Uzumaki Family. Finally we see them meeting up with Satsuki, Hinata, and Hanabi, where we learn they along with Mikoto and Hitomi (who is alive here) have moved in with the Uzumaki Family and why before they head off to the Academy. So, review if you liked go away if you didn't.

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