Natsu fell out of the train helplessly. "God damned death machine!"

Regulars at the station smiled or laughed at the man's outburst and maneuvered around him as he recovered.

When he managed to get back up, he grabbed his pack and headed to one of his favorite places. Lucy's apartment came into view and he looked up at the window. A man was cradling an infant trying to shoosh him while his mother got ready to feed him.

Natsu smiled happily. It was good that they were happy. Everyone should be.

He continued walking through town. It really was just a habit to go to Lucy's. He hadn't set foot in that apartment in over 5 years, but he did like seeing that the small family was happy and the new baby was cute.

He passed all the familiar sights and sounds and smells he associated with Magnolia and his way home. He grinned serenely at the thought of the happy couple and the baby.

His smile grew as his own house came into view. He really did love it there. He stood on the little hill and looked at it. He was home.

The front door opened seemingly on its own. He watched as a tiny girl with wavey pink hair slowly climbed off the step and on to the ground. She was almost two and a half. She wore a tiny yellow dress with a matching bow holding her hair out of her eyes.

She began running/toddling down the walk way with bare feet to greet him. He couldn't resist her and rushed to hold her.

He remembered the day she was born and holding her for the first time. When he'd told his friends about her, he'd cried on Gray's shoulder. The two rivals hugged like only brothers can as he wept about his baby girl.

"She's so perfect," he'd sobbed.

His heart almost burst when he'd caught up to her not far from the door. He swept her up in his arms and snuggled her close.

"I miss d'you, Daddy!" she beamed at him as she hugged his neck.

"Daddy missed you too, Baby!" he gave her a tight squeeze just loving holding the tiny girl.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw his favorite sight: his wife smiling at him from the doorway.

She was holding their son who was nearly a year old and she was pregnant again. He loved seeing her pregnant, and she loved being pregnant.

She stepped off the porch and into his free arm. He kissed each one of them. "I'm home," he whispered as he rested his head against hers.

"I lush oo, Daddy!"

"DA!" their son squealed gleefully as he patted Natsu's face.

Natsu laughed and grabbed his son's hand and placed a kiss on it. "I love you both so much."

His wife smiled as she walked back inside the house with him helping her climb the step and support their son. She set him on the floor and he was off to get into something. They only had a moment before both of them were up to no good.

He set their daughter down and reached for his wife. He held her close thanking whatever god was responsible for his good fortune.

"I missed you, Lucy."

"Welcome home," she told him with a smile as he slowly kissed her.