Welcome to yet another Fanfic of Danny Phantom. I have worked really hard along side my pal, Bronwyn, to bring you this amazing story! We have spent hours on this book, hours revising, and hours coming up with a beautiful plot for the world to enjoy. So, on behalf of TeamPhanHunters, we hope you enjoy our most prized piece of work.

Danny Fenton walked down the street with his hands gently pressed into the pockets of his NASA hoodie. All he could think about was going back home and going to bed. It was currently seven PM.

"Mommy look! It's Phantom!"

Danny turned around at the sound of a child's voice. Clearly the sunglasses disguise didn't work. Danny smiled at the little girl tugging on her mother's pants, in a desperate attempt to snatch her mother's attention. Danny was currently running on two hours of sleep, but that never stopped him from greeting his fans. He can thank moving into his new house and ghosts for that.

Danny smiled and waved. The little girl with brown hair in pink bows nervously waved back.

"Hello," The half ghost greated.

The child, not expecting the sudden response, smiled even wider.


"What's your name?" Danny knelt down on one leg. By that time the mom was paying attention to their conversation and hung up the phone.

"I'm Emily!" She jumped in excitement.

"Nice to meet you. Is this your mom?" Danny asked even though he already knew the answer.

"Yeah, she's my mommy."

Danny stood up and held out his hand. The mother looked at him in surprise before shaking it. She was surprised when she felt his ice cold hands.

"Have a good day, Emily," The halfa smiled.

"You too, Phantom."

"You can call me Danny." He reached up and removed his sunglasses revealing two tired, icy blue eyes. The mother sighed at seeing his exhausted state.

"Well then Danny, I bet you are very busy. We'll let you be on your way. It's great meeting you."

"Wait mommy!" The little girl pulled her mother's hand. Then she looked up at Danny with puppy dog eyes. "Can I have your autograph? Pleeeaaaase?"

"Yeah, of course." Danny gently grabbed the piece of paper Ellie somehow got ahold of, he also grabbed a pen from his pocket. He then proceeded to scribble his DP symbol on it and then at the bottom he wrote his name, Danny Phantom. "Here you go."

Emily jumped happily.

"Thanks Danny!"

The mother looked at Phantom and gave him a grateful smile. "Okay baby, we need to get going. Grandma's coming over."

"Aww okay. Bye Danny."

The halfa waved goodbye to Emily and her mom as they walked away. He looked around and then put back on his sunglasses in an attempt to avoid unnecessary paparazzi. Danny couldn't believe it has been seven years since Phantom Planet happened and his identity had been revealed. It had also been four months since he had been accepted to Yale University and taken four months to move into their new student house. He had yet to start college. Not to mention almost an entire day without sleep and food.

His house came into view around the next corner. Danny swung the keys to his house around his fingers as he walked up the porch to their front door. Phantom walked in and immediately caught the scent of freshly cooked food.

That only meant…

"Hey Danny!"

"Sup bro!"

"Hey little brother!"

"Hey guys!" Danny smiled at his best friend, Tucker Folley, his oldest sister, Jazz Fenton, and lastly his girlfriend, Sam Manson. Jazz and were currently in the kitchen covered in flour. The group has changed a lot over the years. Tucker had dreadlocks now. Sam grew out her hair where it just passed her shoulder blades. And Jazz, she didn't change much. She still wore her hair on her ponytail, but wore glasses. There were also boxes of unpacked things still scattered around their new house.

"I just left for three hours, and it already looks like someone died in here." Danny placed his keys on the hook by the door, and removed his shoes.

"You have no idea," Tucker looked up from his computer.

"Whatcha guys making?" The halfa walked over to the girls..

"They were supposed to be cookies…" Jazz started.

"They would have turned out fine if we never tried your stupid recipe you insisted on making. Hey Danny, welcome home." Sam leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Danielle is asleep by the way."

"Wow what a surprise." Danny smiled sarcastically as he picked up a cookie. He grimmanced when he took a bite. It was burnt, and did not taste like a cookie should.

"See Danny, they taste horrible." Sam growled as she grabbed the bag of chocolate chips and glared at them as if they were the reason for the burnt cookies.

"They taste fine!" Danny lied as he as placed a kiss on Sam's cheek. Sam frowned and placed her free hand on her hip. Danny sighed in defeat. "Alright they taste like something Tucker would make."


"See I told you!" Sam smiled as she pointed an accusing finger at Jazz.

"Alright, alright. I'll admit it, these cookies weren't the best." She held up her hands in surrender. Danny looked down at the counter and then spotted a folded up piece of paper. He grabbed it and unfolded it. Danny laughed.

"Jazz! No wonder why these cookies are so bad! It's mom's recipe."

"I think Jazz is trying to poison us," Tucker exclaimed in the background. Sam and Danny stifled another laugh.

"Am not! Give me it." Jazz snatched the piece of paper from his hands. "Dang, it is."

"I rest my case!" Tucker yelled.

Sam smiled and shook her head then went to the fridge.

"Danny, when's the last time you ate something?" He shrugged in response. He knew it's been a while, but if Sam found out, he would die fully this time. "Seriously Danny? You need to eat something. There's left over pasta. Eat it now or I will make you." She held up a bag of noodles and a jar of sauce.

"No arguing there." Tucker finally got off the computer and joined the rest of Team Phantom in the kitchen. Danny rolled his eyes and grabbed the food from Sam.

"Do my eyes betray me, or is Tucker Folley really off electronics?!" Jazz gasped in fake surprise.

"For your information Jazz, I was looking for upgrades and something else like drones to go on patrol instead of Danny. Better and way more reliable weapons and computers with a much faster software. And an additional upgraded medical bay! It's going to be great."

"It would be nice," Danny smiled.


"Well we can talk about all this later. I'm going to bed after I clean this all up," Jazz gestured to the messy counter.

"And you should too, mister." Sam walked towards Jazz and helped her clean up the mess.

"It's not my fault Techness decided to break into the computer store at 1 AM."

"Damn, he is still going at it?!" Tucker looked up surprised.

"It's got better I guess. These past few days I have just been wild," Danny shrugged. He took a mouthful of his spaghetti.

"Tell me about it. Also remind me again why we have half of this junk anyways?" Tucker said, gesturing to the unpacked boxes.

"It's not junk! It's valuable things from our house, for your information." Jazz crossed her arms.

Danny's thoughts wandered back to Tucker's idea. It would be nice to upgrade their headquarters for Team Phantom. He ended up liking the idea when Tucker mentioned it weeks ago. He had only mentioned it to Danny back then, and the half ghost wasn't even sure if the plan would be followed through.

After a bit more chatting and cracking jokes, the residents all made their way to their own designated bedrooms. Exhausted, Danny had no desire to fend off any ghosts during the short trip to his bed. They all lived in a student house not too far from Yale University. Each of them had their own rooms which allowed them to personalise it to their liking. It was very nice to say the least. It was especially nice not to have anyone else around.

"Night Danny," Jazz yawned as she opened the door to her bedroom.

"See ya tomorrow Jazz," Danny smiled at his oldest sister, and continued on his way down the dark hallway.

Phantom passed Tucker and Sam's/Danielle's room. He waved a goodnight to Tucker who had already plugged himself into his electronics, lying in his bed.

"See you in the morning, bro," Tucker said.

"You go to bed or I'm going to put all your things in the wall," Danny grinned, referring to his intangibility.

Tucker faked-gasped, "You wouldn't!" Which earned another smile from Danny.

Lastly, he made it to his girlfriend's room. He gave a slight knock. The goth opened the door and smiled. Her hair was in a messy bun and she was wearing one of Danny's shirts with sweats.

"Go to bed Danny. You need it."

"Just stopped by to say goodnight is all," he said, draping his arms around her shoulders.

"I love you," she stood on her toes to reach eye level with the halfa.

"I love you more." He kissed her.

"Alright enough." She pulled away. "I don't want to see you until morning." Danny removed his hands so he could put them up in defense.

"Alright, alright. I'm going."

Sam smiled. "Goodnight."

And off Phantom went. The half ghost entered his room. It was just as messy as when he was back in high school. His bed was in the middle of the room with a desk off to the right side. It was cluttered with papers and cool new gadgets Tucker had come up with. He just wished he had time to clean everything up. But Danny had learned over the years to be careful what he wished for.

The halfa still loved Space. He was fascinated by the planets and the stars. He had posters of NASA and many other space stations. Danny chuckled to himself. He remembered how much he wanted to become an astronaut. But that dream seemed so far away now, especially ever since he had gone into Space to stop the Disasteroid.

Danny got ready for bed. He showered which felt great after ghost fights. He was thankful for no more curfew. The halfa then brushed his teeth and put on his pajamas. Maybe tonight he could get a decent eight hours of sleep. Danny climbed into bed and allowed his thoughts to take over. It wasn't hard to fall asleep, especially considering how tired he was.

Danny was just about to fall asleep when his Ghost Sense went off.

"Great Fenton you just had to Jinx yourself," Danny muttered.


The halfa didn't even budge from his comfy position. "I HAVE POWER OVER ALL THINGS SQUARE AND- are you ignoring me?"

"Dude, I'm trying to go to sleep. Can we reschedule your butt kicking for another day? Preferably never."


Danny opened his eyes and searched for the thermos on his night stand. Once he spotted it he grasped the container and opened the lid.

"AND I REFUSE TO GET IN YOUR CYLINDRICAL CONFINEMENT! AHHH!" The box ghost screamed as he was sucked inside.

"And you should really stop saying that," Danny answered. The Box Ghost vanished into the the Fenton Thermos. "After all these years you'd guess he'd start to think outside of the box." Danny grinned at his pun, "I really need to get some sleep."

Not so far from Earth, still in the same galaxy, Vlad continued to float around in space. Plasmius had lost all knowledge of time as it had been very long since he had any human contact. Then again, can you blame someone for creating an imaginary friend just to talk to? Because that's what Vlad had done.

"I would have won you see? But then Danny Phantom and his friends had to destroy my satellite. He ruined everything. He turned the whole town against me!" Vlad took a calming breath and continued, "I'd thought I'd go into Space you see, to stop the Desasteroid myself. It would make me look like the hero." The only reason Vlad was able to breathe in Space was because of his ghost form. He discovered that years ago. "I believe we have caught up," Vlad finished.

His imaginary creation of Maddie Fenton sat down, legs crossed, before him. Vlad had created this figure of Maddie so that she would be able to empathise with him. "Oh Sweetkins. So what is your plan now?"

"My plan?" Vlad cried. "But that's what you're here for. Oh Maddie dear. My love. What must I do? If I go back, I will be called a fool."

"You have to take back your land," Maddie chided.

"Is your image not more important?" another voice called. Vlad turned to see the human form of himself floating next to them.

"What? That wasn't your cue to jump in," Vlad reprimanded.

"But you know it's true," human Vlad said.

"What does your heart tell you, Vlad dear?" illusion Maddie asked.

Vlad was conflicted. Illusion Maddie was right and so was human Vlad. What should he do? He began pulling at his hair. Luckily no one else was there to see him go crazy like this.

The longer he stayed here, Danny Phantom only grew stronger.