Hi... Um,.. Well, sorry im bad at this, but I can't help it... Anyways, this is just a short one shot about.. Well, you know who. Sorry I've been taking long in writing stories, I've been watching haikyuu.

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Let's say I skipped time and they're at their 20's sooo Robin's now Nightwing, and the man I will mention is my oc and my current profile.

No one's POV

The tower was more quiet than usual. Well, it would make sense, because Cyborg and Beast Boy went to the movies, and Starfire to buy groceries, or whatever interesting she finds in the mall. Now Raven was alone in the tower.

Raven was peacefuly reading a book, while having tea. She flipped the page and read the next chapter while sighing contently.

Never been this quiet in weeks


I stand corrected

"Hi," Raven says as she slammed the book close and stood up. She turned o see Beast Boy and Cyborg back from the movies, then glared.

"Hey, Raven!" Cyborg greeted walking past the counter to the sofa. "Im in my room if you need me," with that she walked away, leaving the two boys, who just shrugged and started to play video games.

Nightwing walked in and started making coffee, starring at them.

"Hello friends!"

Everyone almost jumped up in surprise in the sudden shock of Starfire barging in. Nightwing, well, spilled the coffee on himself, and quickly removed his shirt, leaving Starfire slightly blushing.

"I apologize. Please, where in friend Raven?"

"In her room," Cyborg says, still shocked.

"Thank you, friend" then Starfire rushed to Raven's room. The boys starred at the place where Starfire was, then looked at Nightwing. "Dude, you been working out?" Cyborg asked jokingly at the shirtless Nightwing. "Dammit, Cy. Shut up,"

Starfire opens Ravens room, just as Raven was about to yell, thinking it was beast boy, the alarm rang.

"The Hive 5," Nightwing said as the girls rushed to the room. "Where's your shirt?" Raven asks leaving him embarrassed. "Get dressed," she continues, smirking.

"He spilled coffee on himself. You should have seen it!" Beast boy wheezes.

"Not the topic, the Hive's attacking," Nightwing says.

"Get dressed, man. Let's go," Cyborg says running out.

During the fight...

Starfire shot starbolts at Seemore, who was struggling to dodge it any longer. One more shot near his feet made him trip, then get tied up. Raven levitate the nearby bench at threw it at the dark person, who kept teleporting out of the way.

Dammit, Rae, slow down.

Raven smirked then threw a bench at him, hitting him this time.

Where's the fun in that? She replied.

Kyd Wykkyd was now buried in benches. Billy multiplied into twenty, ten dealing with Beast boy and the other ten, dealt with Raven. Raven shotat the clones, who kept making fun of her every time she missed. She was starting to lose she temper, then everything went black.

In Titans tower...

Raven slowly opened her eyes, she looked around, her temmates rushed to her.

"Wh- what happened..?"

"You went all cray cray," Beast Boy was first to say, then got whacked by Cyborg.

"You,.. Lost control, then-"

"Remember what happened with Dr Light? That's what happened," Beast boy cuts Cyborg off again.

Just after he finished, Raven blinked, then her two purple eyes, turned into four red ones. Then she blinked again, and was back to normal. "Oh no..," she trailed off. Her team looked at her in worry. "What is it, friend?"

Before Starfire finished, Raven's eyes turned red again, then she floated into the air. A black aura came out of her, then it formed into a bird, a raven. The bird let out a loud screech, enough to make the titans fall on their knees and cover their ears. Then the bird became a black aura again and whistpered; "the mirror," and disappeared.

"Mirror?" Nightwing asked in confusion ad fear as he stood up. "Mirror!" Cyborg and Beast boy said at the same time. Cyborg rushed to Raven's room and came back in time to see a green flame appear on the wall of the medical room. The flame began taking the form of a circle, and opened. After the portal opened, a shadowy figure appeared and stepped out. The sillouette of the figure looked around and closed the portal.

The man was a tall guy, about 6'5 in height. He wore a grey hoodie and black pants with his hands stuffed on his pocket. His glowing green eyes showing in the shadows of his hoodie. The titans starred at him cautiously and curiously.

"Greetings, Teen Titans," his voice was a little deep and raspy, "About time we actually met. Raven talks about you alot,"

"You know Raven?" Beast boy was again first to ask.

"Look at the mirror,"

The titans looked at the mirror that Cyborg brought. The mirror started showing pictures, the first picture showed Raven, but with a red cloak. The second picture showed that red Raven turning into Trigon, and the next picture showed the scene earlier, when a black raven screeched loudly. And the last picture showing the man in front of them, with Raven and three others, but they were all young in the picture.

The titans looked up to see the man already beside Raven with soft eyes. His hood was down, showing the rest of his face, his eyes had stopped glowing and his face was pale and his hair was darker than night. He placed his hand on Raven's forehead, as he did so, his eyes glowed green then flickered to black, white and red. He gasped sharply and quickly drew back his hand while stepping back.

"Its chaos in there," he says as he held his head in pain.

"What do you mean, 'chaos'?" Nightwing asked suspiciously. "We uh,.. May know," Cyborg says, holding his shoulder. "You see, this mirror in the portal into Raven's mind.. We may have been there before," Beast Boy explains to Nightwing. "Yeah, that Trigon we saw earlier, was one of her emotions losing control," Cyborg continued. "Wait, Trigon?" the man asked sounding calm, but was freaking out on the inside.

"Yeah, uhh..,"

"Oh, sorry, my name is Silas," the man replied. "If you saw Trigon in her mind,.. Then I have to help her,"

"How exactly do you plan on doing that?" Beast boy asks. "the mirror won't work since her powers oppose mine...I'll be right back," Silas says before turning into a shadow and disappearing. The titans looked at each other with shocked faces after he disappeared.

He came back minutes later with another man who looked like a boy from the picture in the mirror earlier. "This is Elliot,..," Silas says motioning to the man beside him. The said Elliot was about 6'0 feet in height and looked almost like Silas but had red eyes and bluish grey skin. He wore a red polo shirt and black jeans.

"He looks the familiar.." Starfire whispers to Beast boy. "Star, he's this guy" beast boy says pointing to a boy in the picture. Elliot looked at the girl in the bed and his eyes widened in shock and fear. He rushed to Raven and kneeled beside her with his jaw hanging slightly.

Since when have you two been a couple? Silas thought to him. No answer.

Since when? Silas asked again. No answer.

Fine be quiet all you like, Silas thought to him.

Elliot stood up and motioned for Silas to stand beside him. "We'll be back," Silas said to Nightwing, "We'll help her, don't worry," with that, Silas stood beside Elliot. Elliot reached his hands toward Raven's forehead and touched it, Silas did the same on the other side of Raven. The titans had no choice but to trust them on this, so they just stood back and watched.

Meanwhile in nevermore..

"You came.. " happy said weakly. "What the hell happened here...," Silas trailed off. "Forget what the heck happened here, doofus! Wheres Raven?" Elliot asked panicked. Just then, a red blast hit the ground, causing the boys to jump and fall on their face.

"Elliot!" a female voice yelled. Raven rushed towards Elliot, shielding the three of them. Raven helped Elliot up and checked for injuries. "Im fine, thanks for asking," Silas deadpanned. "SK!" Raven rushed to Silas and hugged him. "Good to see you too, Rach. Now what the heck happened here?"

"Rage,.. took over," Raven replied, removing the shield and attacked. "Can't you just think her gone or something?" Silas asked while pulling a tree and throwing it at the red demon.

"I tried, but didn't work this time," Raven explained while blasting at Rage, "Rage stopped me before I could even do anything!"

"Merge?" Elliot asked, throwing another tree at Rage. "Worth a shot,"

"We'll distract red guy over here, can you like, merge with them?" Silas asked.

"I'll try,"

Just then, the other emotions had recovered. "Merge with them, Rach! We'll cover you!" Elliot yelled as the lifted a boulder and threw it at Rage, making the boulder split in two as it hit Rage's face.

Before Rage could strike back, Raven and the other emotions had merged. White Raven blasted at Rage with everything she's got, absorbing her back. Raven separated with her emotions who faded away.

"Thanks for your help," Raven says as she walks towards them. She saw Silas wincing in pain, but healed as he waved his hand on it. She helped Elliot on his feet and healed his wounds. Elliot was about to thank her but she had pulled the collar of his shirt and yanked him down toward her and kissed him. He kissed back, wrapping his arms around her small waist. They pulled back and stared at each other's eyes.

"I wish I could bring a phone to take a picture of you two," Silas silently said leaving the two blushing hard. They had forgotten he was there in the first place. "We batter go,.." Silas says as Elliot nods and dissappears.

Elliot gasped sharply as he removed his hand. Silas' eyes stopped glowing and his eyes returned to how they were before. Raven sat up the bed as soon as Elliot removed his hands. The Titans rushed to Raven as Silas and Elliot disappeared.


Raven sat silently on her bed, enjoying the silence. The team had given her space after the incident. She flipped the page of the book then stopped. She sensed someone in her room. She furrowed her eyebrows trying to identify who it was. She turned around to see Elliot face to face with her. His face a centimeter away from hers, he grinned mischievously as he saw her blush bright red.

He leaned forward and kissed her. Her arms slowly wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer to her. Elliot leaned her head backward and held on her waist.

"You guys seem to have fun alot," a voice said.

The two pulled away quickly and looked at the intruder. They both gave him a death glare.

"Im jealous actually," Silas says with a smile forming on his face, crossing his arms. Their glares at him intensified.

Heard of knocking, you moron? Elliot asked annoyed.

"What's the point of knocking when you can teleport?"

Listen here you-

"Next time I walk in, you two are probably gonna be screwing each other," Silas smirked while crossing his arms. The two blushed furiously at the topic he brought up.

The two were now pretty pissed at Silas at this point that they gave him the most terrifying death glare. Silas' eyes widened in realization that he went too far.

"Oh shi- Kay, bye!"

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