Tom Paris entered his quarters, tired. All the lights were off. Tom knew that his daughter and wife were sleeping. He hated that he missed dinner with them. It was something that Tom and B'Elanna tried to do when they were on a ship together. They have been lucky that they had been able to work on the same ships since they got back in the Alpha Quadrant. Tom wasn't happy in his work anymore.

He made his way to the smaller of the two bedrooms and looked in at his daughter, who had one leg out of her blanket. She almost three and making the ship her playground. She had a stuff animal under her arm. Tom couldn't make it out. He left her room and went to the bathroom to change out of his clothes before going to the bedroom he shared with his wife. He saw her lump on her side of the bed.

God. He loved that woman and couldn't live without her. She had changed him. Tom wanted to be with her and their daughter more. He wanted to settle down with them especially when they were trying to have another baby. He wanted to find a house where Miral could have a place to run and play. He didn't know what he would do if he left Starfleet.

Tom sighed as he got in bed, and he felt B'Elanna curled into him. He placed an arm around her. "I'm sorry you had to work a double," B'Elanna mumbled.

"I'm done," Tom sighed.

B'Elanna sat up. "With what?" Tom could hear the anger in her voice. "Because today I found out I am pregnant again."

Tom sat up and grabbed B'Elanna in a hug. He kissed her. "I love it," He let out a little laugh before letting go of his wife. He leaned back against headboard. B'Elanna looked at him. "I'm done with Starfleet. I want a home where Miral and this new baby," He placed a hand on her still flat stomach. "Can run around and play. I'm done with flying in space. I want this but I don't know what I want to do, and I want to make sure that I can take care of our family."

B'Elanna took his hand that was on her stomach and kissed it. "You know that I will support you in whatever you decided to do. I think I might help you with making your decision. As you know I have been taking classes for my degree," Tom nodded. When they got back for B'Elanna to keep her lieutenant potion in Starfleet she had to go back to school. B'Elanna loved what she did and started to take classes. She was almost done with her bachelor's degree. "Well, I was planning on going to start working on my master's degree and for me to do that I will have to be closer to Starfleet Academy. I was also talking to my advisor, and she said that I could teach at the Academy after I get my master's. I was thinking about doing that because we are growing our family."

Tom smiled. "I could talk to someone at the Academy about maybe being a flight inductor and we could find somewhere in the bay area to grow our family," He reached over and kissed to B'Elanna. "Tomorrow we can talk to the captain and finish this mission." B'Elanna smiled and pulled Tom closer.

"I think right now we need to celebrate," They moved down on the bed before B'Elanna pressed her lips to his.

Ten months later…

Tom stood in the kitchen of new house that he and B'Elanna got. It was just outside the city. Tom felt happy. Tom asked for a coffee form the replicator and took a sip. B'Elanna and his new son, Xavier was only a couple of months old. He was busy keeping B'Elanna and him up during the night. Coffee had become Tom's best friend after his son was born. B'Elanna hated him because she could have decafé. Then there was their daughter who was three and needed them. Miral didn't like her new brother at first, but she came around.

Tom made his way upstairs to Miral's room and looked in on her. She was asleep. She thrown her blanket off. Tom decided not to go in her room to because all her toys were scattered around the room, and he didn't want to wake her. He backed out of the room and closed her door part way.

Tom made his way to the double doors to the master bedroom. He opened the door to see that B'Elanna was up with Xavier, who was feeding. B'Elanna looked up at him with an evil eye. She mouthed. 'I hate you.' She eyed his coffee. Tom smiled and made his way to the bed. He leaned down and kissed her.

"I love you, too." He took a seat on the bed. B'Elanna rolled her eyes. Xavier finished eating, B'Elanna raised him, and burped him. She handed their son to Tom. Tom took their son to the basinet at the end of the bed. Tom watched their son for a moment before getting back in bed. "We should get some sleep," Tom settled on the bed.

Tom heard B'Elanna settle next to him. "We made a good choice ten months ago," B'Elanna mumbled as she laid her head on his shoulder.

"Yes, we did," Tom wrapped his arm around the love of his life.