The Marauder had 5 decks. The upper deck, the main deck, the secondary deck, the lower deck and the back deck. The upper deck had the hangar, the small craft launch bay, and the physics labs. The main deck had the bridge, the infirmary, the crew quarters and the living spaces. The secondary deck had the greenhouses, the animal pens and the biological labs. The lower deck had the technical bay, the cargo bay and the containment bay. The back deck had the life support system, the computer core, the ward stone, the reactors chambers, and the FTL drive.

The observation bay was on the main deck, and at the very front of the ship. The room had a bay window taking the entire wall. Said window was made of yet another alchemical material, crystalium, to be as tough as possible. It was used on many other ships components such as external sensors. It was covered by 2 armored panes which opened forward first then to the sides. The illumination of the room was kept low for an untainted view of space, and there were several comfortable seats with retractable trays.

Soon enough, the 29 members of the crew had gathered in the observation bay, and were looking at the entirety of the blue planet in awe. There were a few whispered wows, some whistling.

"She's beautiful" Flora Carrow said.

Flora Carrow and her sister Hestia, were the nieces of the infamous incestuous Carrow twins. Their parents were Voldemort supporters, and were sentenced to 20 years of prison after the war. Amycus and Alecto were killed in battle. The girls, however, had defected to Harry's side during the last year of war, similar to how Sirius Black had ran away from home to live with the Potters. They had remained under his care and leadership after the war because the actions of their parents and relatives had ruined the family. They had become good friends over time, and fully trusted each other.

"Actually, planets don't have genders, so you should say 'it'" replied the scientist Radek Zelenka. "But you're right, the Earth is beautiful."

Radek was one of the 3 muggle scientists on the Marauder, and the head of the science team. He was recruited to work for HexTech, and thanks to his skills, was brough into the secret about magicals. Then Harry brough him into his personal project. The same happened to all the muggles currently on board, a total of 10 people.

"We also call Earth 'Mother Earth' or 'Gaia', so it's a she for me" she replied. Several people nodded at that.

Hearing her, Harry coudln't help but think about the 'we' she was talking about. Magicals were the first to call Earth 'Gaia', borrowing power from the land in the first ritual spells in ancient times. And thinking about the wizarding world reminded him of the war that had ended 2 years prior.

Ever since his 1st year, Harry knew that the magical world wasn't the happy fantasy he had imagined. He realised that there were terrible people, just like in the non-magical world, starting with Malfoy and Snape. Then, he discovered that Voldemort was still around. At the end of his 2nd year, he realised that he would need to train and get stronger, or he would be continuously abused, and likely killed later. So while his secret studies focused on engineering, alchemy and enchanting, he still took the time to train in defense. Combined with his general studies ('knowledge is power' had some truth when it came to magic) and innate talent, it turned him into a powerful wizard.

Harry wasn't happy with how Dumbledore handled things, with all the life threatening situations he experienced each year in the supposedly safest place in Britain. With Malfoy being free while his innocent godfather was a wanted criminal. The events of the 4th and 5th years didn't help, with being slandered, Cedric Diggory being killed, and Sirius being murdered. Harry got fed up seeing the innocent suffer while the guilty went away with minimal damage. He got fed up with Dumbledore secrets, empty reassurances, shallow guidance, and lack of agressivity against a serious threat.

At the end of his 6th year, he had taken his NEWTs exams. He had no intention of wasting his time in the castle for another year. Dumbledore's supposed lessons didn't teach him anything he truly needed to defeat Voldemort. He saw it as another sign of Dumbledore's uselessness in the conflict aside from being a deterrent to Voldemort coming to the castle. With Dumbledore's death, that deterrent was gone. But, so was the one who would keep people from truly fighting the war instead of being constantly on the defensive.

Voldemort side, which had gained a massive advantage with Dumbledore's death and the control of the Ministry, started to experience difficulties. Harry Potter wasn't a forgiving pacifist like Dumbledore. Alongside some members of the Order of the Phoenix, and his own allies and comrades, he started to fight back hard. The Dark Lord side started to take more losses. The attacks on muggleborns and half-blood families were more often than not thwarted, and the resistance against them got stronger and more organized. The Death Eaters lost control of Hogwart in January 1998, and were driven out of Hogsmeade as well. The Resistance rallied there under the lead of Harry Potter and Alastor Moody.

It was an affront to Voldemort, to lose control of both Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. They were extremely important to Magical Britain. Its prestigious learning institution, and its sole all-wizarding village. While he was in control of Diagon Alley, it was just a commercial area, one that had been deserted by most inhabitants and business owners since it was no longer safe. If the resistance wanted to deal with Gringot, there was a branch office in Hogsmeade. Thus, on the day of the Vernal Equinox in March, which also happened to be a full moon, Voldemort launched a full assault on Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.

The place however, had been improved with new wards, reinforced defense outposts, and a trained militia. The dark lord side suffered a crushing defeat, with extensive losses. On the other hand, the resistance suffered only moderate losses. Harry Potter put an end to Voldemort during that battle. In 1981, after the dark lord's defeat, many of his followers still continued to act, the Longbottoms attack being the main example of what they could do. Harry Potter didn't want a repeat of that. The resistance hunted down the remnants of the dark lord forces and their supporters during the following 2 months, before declaring the war officially over. It was also a means to make the country secure for the students returning home for the summer.

With the war coming to an end, the prisoners could be dealt with. They were interrogated with veritaserum, and all guilty parties in custody severly punished. Harry received an Order of Merlin 1st class, his closest allies received an Order 2nd class, and the most valorous members of the resistance an Order 3rd class. Furtheremore, he was given the Georges Cross by the Queen, and knighted. It certainly helped in the etablishement of HexTech. Harry had gained a seat on the wizengamot, along with several other peers. He didn't attend often, and used his new aunt Andromeda Tonks-Black as proxy. His only concern was making sure the ministry got better laws and regulations, and worked properly. The Queen awards certainly helped there as well.

He looked at the beautiful blue gem suspended in the dark expanse of space, and appreciated the journey made to reach this point.

"And it's just a small step" he said to himself aloud.

"Quoting Armstrong now?" teased Katie.

"Not really. Just thinking that we came a long way, and yet there is still much to be done... Come on, back to your seats, people. There will be plenty of other occasions to enjoy the view in the future."

The people grumbled, but still left the observation bay. As for where they went, there were several travel cabines on the Marauder. They were so the crew could be securely seated during dangerous flight. The zegrav was not only used to generate artificial gravity, but also to reduce the effects of high g manoeuvres. Only the bridge, the infirmary, the cabines, the greenhouses and the animal pens had these. They were, in essence, inertia negation systems. Harry couldn't make enough zegrav for the whole ship to have it. The rest of the ship systems were robust enough to whistand strong g forces. There were 10 seats per cabine, with a cabine on each deck near the main elevator.

Once everyone was properly seated, the next step of the trip started. Up until then, the Marauder had used flight engines to move. These were made for atmospheric travel, where air pressure and the environment were a concern, and where distances were short. For interplanetary travel, with distances 10 times longer than Earth circumference at minimum (Earth-Moon), they were too slow.

"Ground Control, we're ready for sublight travel to the moon" Lavender said.

"Understood" came the answer.

"Activating the sublight engines" Katie said.

"Engine capacity at 10%" said Wayne. "25%. 60%. 100%. All green, the sublight engines are ready for action."

"Then let's go to the Moon" Harry said.

Katie pushed a lever slightly forward, and a faint tremor was felt through the ship. As she pushed the lever further, the crew started to feel the acceleration. Until they reached 1g of acceleration. Although, for the crew and the animals, they only felt about 0.3g thanks to the inertia negation. Harry opened a private channel to the Ground Control room, activating a privacy ward around his seat.

"Moony, Nym, Luna. The rest of the trip will take hours, and even after that we will be out of contact until after a day. So you should go home for now."

"Though I want to stay longer, I guess you're right" replied Remus. "We won't have much to do anyway."

"You be careful and stay safe out there ok?" continued Nymphadora.

"Of course."

"Have fun, Harry!" said Luna in her usual dreamy yet cheerful tone that he had grown to love.

"Thanks, Luna. Though, I think Katie is having more fun than me."

She giggled in response, as Harry would have been much happier piloting the Marauder himself. After a quick goodbye, they left for their respective home. Hermione, Terry and Peter had to stay for a busy and long night.

They reached the moon 3 hours later, and the starship entered a decelerating orbit around it. They came to a near stop over the Lunar Equator on its dark side, and landed on the surface. The first Moon landing since 1976, and the first landing of the 21th century. The crew were the only one present to celebrate the event. Though it was a quick celebration. It had been a long day for everyone. After putting most of the systems in sleep mode, the crew retreated to their cabins.

The crew quarters had the captain cabin, the officers cabins, and the crew cabins. There wasn't a lot of differences between each of them. Unlike in a purely non-magical ships, there wasn't any big worry about space. There were 2 people per room for the crew, and they weren't cramped. When entering the room, there was a desk on each side on the corner, then there were the beds with storage place underneath. If they wanted privacy from each other, there were folding screens. At the back of the cabin was the bathroom, with the sink in the middle, the toilets (behind a door) on one side, and the shower (behind a door) on the other side. The officers cabins had the room on one side and the bathroom on the other.

Not everyone had their own room despite the existence of space expansion charms, due to their limits. The initial size of the room limited the maximum amount of expansion applicable. Then, the power of the enchantment mattered as well. When Harry designed the spaceship, he decided that each room would have its own space expansion charm. When an object or room containing a space expansion charm was breached, the enchantment was broken as well, the extra space collapsed and the object/room imploded. If a space expansion enchantment was applied on the whole ship, a breach would destroy the ship. With individual space expansion per room, only the damaged room would be destroyed. The back deck took a large amount of space. Harry didn't want to put the life-support system, the computer core, the reactors and the FTL drive in a space expanded room. A collapse of said room would doom the ship. Also, on an experimental starship, Harry prefered to avoid people being isolated outside of work hours, thus the shared crew rooms.

Of course, Harry treated himself when he designed the captain cabin. It had a sitting area and a small kitchenette, separated from the sleeping section by a folding screen. His bed was larger, and his bathroom had an actual bathtub. The most important feature was behind the door at the back of his cabine, between his bed and desk. It led to his own private observation bay, with adjustable gravity. The reason why noone of the rooms had a direct view on space was for safety during the scheduled test of FTL. Like in the common observation bay, there was an armored pane to shield the room from the harsh elements of space.

Harry was there, observing the dark landscape, when someone entered his cabin. It put a fond smile on his face. He was confused when he heard more than 1 person's footsteps getting closer, and turned around. From the open door of the bay, he saw 2 familiar people moving toward him.

"Wow, Harry. You really got a great room" said Katie. "I'm jealous."

"Hiya, Harry" Padma said in an amused tone.

"Not that I mind, but what are you doing here this late?"

They glanced at each other, and Katie answered first.

"Well, I know how much you like to fly, and how much you wanted to be the first one to fly this baby" she said, gesturing to their surroundings. "So I thought that I could, cheer you up, you know" she finished in a half-embarrassed half-suggestive tone.

"I see. Some cheering would never be unwelcome" he replied as if they were words of great wisdom, before turning his attention to Padma with expectation.

"Come on, Harry! We're on the Moon!" she said, throwing her arms in the air. "We may not be the first humans to get here, but we're the first magicals. Our first night on the Moon, and you think I'm going to spend it alone in my bed? Hell no!" she finished by grabbing his arm and placing it between her breasts.

Katie imitated her with his other arm, and they dragged him toward the bed. Harry and Katie had to admit she had a point. It was a good way to celebrate a first night somewhere special. Then Katie snorted.

"Susan will be disappointed."

"She should have thought about it first. That is, if she really cared about such things in the first place" Padma replied as she started to gently remove his clothes.

Katie helped her, and once done, they pushed him on the bed. Then they took of their own clothes between kissing and caressing him. Katie had shoulder lenght dark brown hairs and brown eyes. Her body was pear shaped, and she remained an athletic girl. She had large B cup breasts, and a round apple butt. Padma had shoulder lenght straight black hairs, as opposed to her sister's mid-back lenght lenght wavy black hairs. However, Harry didn't need the difference in hairstyles to tell them appart. The twins had a beautiful medium golden tan, dark eyes, and a hourglass fit body. They had cone shaped c cup breasts, and heart apple butt.

Harry loved to let his hands roam all over their bodies. And they liked to do the same to him. He may have started Hogwarts as a scrawny little boy, but his condition steadily improved over the years. He took good care of himself, and all the exercise and training he did sculpted his body into a very attractive one. Having inherited the charming features of his father and the captivating eyes of his mother made him one of the most attractive men of his generation. He was skilled, caring, and full of vitality, something the girls appreciated very much.

Harry wasn't one to completly comform to the norms of society. That trait was developped by his time with the Dursleys, who were maniacs about being 'normal', and not helped by the expectations people had about the 'Boy-Who-Lived'. It extended to his relationships. While in school, he got quite friendly with Katie starting in 3rd year, the Patil twins during 4th year, and Susan Bones in 5th year. The way he was treated in 5th year pushed them closer to each other as they supported him. Their physical relationship started the following year as something fun and friendly, and it continued even after leaving Hogwart, for the most part.

At first, it was a good way for them to keep their mood up during the war. After the war, while she had enjoyed the fun, Pavarti decided to seek her own man. The others stayed together, too confortable with each other. They had grown too close to just let it go, unwilling to lose what they had after the tragedies that they had witnessed. Furthermore, the girls were also interested in his dream, and wanted to be part of it. While they were interested in different things, they followed a common goal. They supported each other, and they complemented each others. Thus, their unusual relationship continued.

Padma was surprisingly the most adventurous among them. Harry got most of his firsts with her; first fellation, first anal, first threesome. And she had managed to drag her sister into that first threesome. While it was very embarrassing for Pavarti, she was also an adventurous one, and they did have a good time. Those 2 could achieve a Weasley twins level of teamwork when they wanted to, though they didn't play with each other that way. Noone of the girls did. His first time was with Katie, after a party for a quidditch victory. And she too knew how to be team player. So, on the first night on the Moon, the 3 of them had a really good and pleasurable workout for the following hour before finally going to sleep.

AN1: Katie Bell is surprisingly under-appreciated as a possible pairing for Harry, despite being housemates and teammates. Susan Bones and Daphne Greengrass are more popular despite having been seen much less (or not at all) around Harry. Heck, you would think that Susan Bones would be more popular than blank state Greengrass, having strong common ground with Harry (parents killed during the first war against Voldemort, Amelia Bones possibly wanting to know more about Harry after the events of 4th and 5th year, Susan losing Amelia like Harry lost Sirius).

AN2: There are some magics in Harry Potter that completly destroy the canon universe if some limits aren't placed on them. One of those magics is space expansion. If it was such easy magic, there wouldn't be any reasons for certain places to be cramped (the Burrow, the griffindor dorms etc). Because of that, I don't like the so called 'manor trunks' of some fanfics, or worse, Newt Scamander rumored special trunk basically being a massive natural park. Another is the vanishing spell, which turn the target into "non-being", meaning they basically cease to exist, or turned back into subatomic particles... Do you realise how OP it is? Use it on a conjured object/creature? Fine, they are temporary construct created from nothing. But using it on potions and objects not made from nothing? Can you imagine it used on a living being? You can already vanish bones! You can vanish the balls, the heart, the spine, the brain! Even destroy Voldemort wraith! That's why I added some limitations to some other magics.