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Divine Flags

November 2nd, 2015.


Artemis was hanging out with her Nymphs when Apollo burst out from the bushes, waving flags everywhere.

"What is it, Brother?" She sighed, biting a strand of her silver hair, which is what she did when she was annoyed. She wore a black leather jacket, a dark blue t-shirt with a moon picture, and camo trousers.

Apollo, who had golden hair, a yellow T-shirt, shirt, orange shorts, and a flannel shirt tied around his waist, dumped the flags in front of her, and set them out.

"Why do you show me a bunch of flags I do not recognise?" Sighed Artemis.

"They're pride flags!"

"Use words I can understand, baby brother."

Apollo sighed "Okay, you remember the seventies and eighties?"

"Yeah. A lot happened then, right? Like Homosexuality being legalised."

"Yeah, and these are flags that sort of represent each bit of lgbtq+"

"What's your point?"

Apollo continued, as he feared Artemis might shoot him out of a ginormous bow (And not for the first time).

"Well, turns out over the past few decades they've been making more and more. I was kinda busy the past six years, so I didn't notice at first, but..." He held up two flags.

"This one-" He shook the one he held in his right hand, which was purple, white, grey, and black "-Is the Asexual Flag. And this one-" He shook the one in his left, which was the same colours except purple was green, and the pattern slightly different "-Is the Aromantic flag."

Artemis was suddenly interested "Please explain."

"Asexual usually means you don't feel sexual attraction to people. Aromantic usually means you don't feel romantic attraction. It's a lot more complex than that, but it's what people usually think of when they hear the names."

Artemis nodded in understanding. Well, vague understanding. "So... you suggest I hang up these flags in my room? The One on Olympus or in my cave?"

"Yeah! Olympus! Do it!"

Artemis rolled her eyes "Fine!" She walked over to her chariot, and got it. As she took off, Apollo jumped on.

"What are you doing, you idiot!?" Snapped Artemis, angrily.

"Telling you more about it!" Grinned Apollo.

And that's just what he did. The whole journey.


As Artemis headed to her room, Hermes came up.

"Arty, you have GOT to swap rooms with me! Apollo's started playing ROCK MUSIC as lullabies! And my room is next to his!"

"No can do, bro."

"You say this when you're room is on the other side of the corridor!"

"I know."

"You're the worst."

"I'm not the Goddess of Thieves."


As Hermes went into a rant, Artemis opened her bedroom door marked 'NO BOYS ALLOWED!'

Her room was full of hunting gear. Bows, mainly."

She looked at her bed. A dead Chimera lay on her bed.

"Right. Forgot to revive you." She muttered, touching it's forehead and teleporting it to a sanctuary run by Pan and Echidna.

She then grabbed four arrows and used them to pin the flags to her walls. They looked pretty good, actually. Come to think of it, from what Apollo said on the journey, she should be proud to be Aromantic/Asexual. She didn't often listen to her brother, but this time he had a point. They didn't have words for these in Ancient times. They just... loved who they loved. Or in some cases, did not Romantically or sexually love at all.

Athena poked her head in "Hey, nice flags sis!" She grinned.

Athena had black hair, wore the same helmet she had always worn, a blue jumper, and tan smiled "Apollo gave them to me."

"Wanna see mine?"

"Wait, YOU have some?"

"I'm the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. I'm good at figuring things out."

Artemis laughed "Apollo's what's known as Bisexual, correct?"


Suddenly, Apollo burst in "Hey, wanna prance around Olympus wearing Pride flags like capes?"

"No." Said The two divine sisters.






How could they say "No?"

They proceeded to grumpily prance around Olympus wearing their pride flags as capes. They were Quickly joined by Zeus with His Pansexual Flag, Poseidon with his Bisexual flag, and many, manymore gods with varying pride flags.

It was a wonderfully chaotic event. Athena and Artemis managed to smiled.


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