A New Mutant Chapter 1 – Accident at the Docks

This is my second story for fanfiction. I wrote it ages ago and thought I'd give it an update and refresher of errors and a little more substance. Let me know what you all think!

"Hey Reggie!" Rogue almost shouted with a big smile across her face as she walked up to her near identical gothic friend's locker.

"Hey Rogue! I heard you've got a big crush on someone." Reggie responded in a singsong voice. Her friend was almost identical to Rogue with the same slender features, a small nose and pale skin. She had long brunette hair that went halfway down her back, naturally wavy. Just like Rogue, Reggie had a thick section of her hair dyed by her face but it was bright red instead of white. Reggie's clothing was a little more risqué. She wore Mary Jane heels, a dark black and red mini skirt and a matching black corset top with red satin lace. She had a red and black choker necklace and the jewelry to match.

"Who would Ah be interested in?" Rogue retorted crossing her arms across her chest her smile fading.

"Oh I don't know…" She told Rogue giggling quietly while still rummaging around in her locker for the next class' book. "Maximoff maybe?" She looked Rogue directly in the eye raising an inquisitive eyebrow before breaking back off into her quiet giggling.

"Maximoff? That's not funny. Who did ya hear that from?" Rogue asked her walking towards her locker as Reggie followed almost connected at the hip with her friend.

"It's a rumor going around that you two have been spotted outside of school. Come on, hurry. We don't want to be late for our first hour." Reggie was pulling on Rogue's arm as she barely got her locker slammed shut. They hustled through the crowded hallway to Ms. Andrews' Algebra II math class Reggie in the lead pushing her way through.

At lunch Rogue and Reggie sat together at the farthest corner table in the cafeteria. The noise level was so loud Reggie almost had to yell across the table for Rogue to hear her. "What are you doing this weekend?"

"Nothin, lak always. What about you?" Rogue asked her back.

"I'm not doing anything either. Oh hey! I almost forgot that they're having a big sale at that new age gothic store. We should totally go check it out." Reggie yelled over the roaring lunch crowd in a very peppy tone.

"I don't know… We'll see. I'll let you know." Rogue replied pushing the food around on her plate.

"Want to come to the docks tonight? Jack told me him and the gang are going at midnight. I told him I would come. He said I could bring you if you'd like…" Reggie was speaking in her sing song voice again giving Rogue an inquisitive and pleading look.

"Sorry Ah…Ah made a promise to Logan that Ah'd help him with somethin'." She answered.

"Oh, well okay. I'll have to come by and meet this infamous Logan you're always talking about." Reggie teased. "I'll see you later. I have to get something from my locker before the next hour." Reggie told her leaving Rogue to think.

After school the two girls met up at Reggie's locker before going their separate ways.

"Are you sure you don't want to come to the docks tonight? It's going to be really fun." Reggie pressured.

"Reggie, Ah have a really bad feeling, lak somethin' bad is goin' happen. Ah don' think ya should go to the docks either. From what ya've told meh, Jack seems like a really sketchy and unstable guy and Ah haven't even met the man." Rogue said lowering her voice a little above a whisper.

"You're crazy. Nothing's going to happen, just watch you see. You're gonna miss out on fun times." Reggie said poking Rogue lightly in the shoulder.

"Ah gotta go. You just be careful. Ah'll see ya in the morning." Rogue left and walked back to the mansion her head filled with bad feelings about Reggie's friend Jack. She was thinking really hard about Reggie going to the docks tonight. She just had this bad feeling something was going to happen to her friend or someone else.

"Reggie! You actually came. I thought you would chicken out." Jack chortled swinging his arm out holding a bottle of golden rum. The bottle was almost full and he sloshed liquor onto the boardwalk in his drunken enthusiasm of seeing the spunky goth girl's arrival.

"I never go back on my word. I'm just a little late that's all." Reggie retorted taking a step closer to him.

"Someone's looking might fine and sexy this evening." Jack stepped up real close and ran his fingers through her soft, wavy hair. "You smell just as yummy too." Jack a hunger in her eyes that always made her a little on edge. "Search her." He demanded. A guy began to walk up to her to give her a good pat down but Jack changed his mind. "Wait! I will do it." Jack stepped back up close and personal with Reggie, almost pressing his body up against hers. "Mind holding onto this for me?" Jack asked rhetorically, handing her his bottle of rum to hold onto.

Jack slowly slid his hands over the front of her shoulders, down her chest, and down her stomach. Jack crouched down a dirty smirk on his face, running his hands in between her thighs and down her smooth, bare legs, even though it was obvious there was nothing there. Reggie fought the urge to say anything or slap the man inappropriately touching her curves, knowing what was good for her. Then running his hands up the back of her long legs to her firm butt, and giving her tight cheeks a firm squeeze. Jack's hands met her waist finding a small pistol tucked into the waist of her skirt. He pulled it out and backed away from her giving her an angry glare.

"What the hell is this?" He asked holding it up for her and his friends to see.

"Just in case. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to use it." Reggie told him. She stepped closer to him trying to place her hands on his broad chest but he pushed her away from him, grabbing the liquor bottle back out of her hands.

"I like you girly but I don't trust you with one of these. He stuck it in his black cargo pocket. Let's just do what we came here to do and get it done with." Jack said throwing back another swig of rum. "Oh, how rude of me. Would the lady like a drink?" Jack offered her the bottle and Reggie took it from him taking a tiny sip before handing it back to him.

Jack walked around a few stacks of crates stacked at least 10 or higher. He pulled a silver zippo out of his pocket getting ready to set the metal canisters on fire. His buddy was already pouring gasoline all over the shipment. His buddies were all standing around with bottles drinking and smoking.

"What exactly is in those? Why are we destroying them anyways?" Reggie asked stepping up beside him.

"It's some kind of toxic waste. You ask too many damn questions. It's none of your business but Jesse Ricci double crossed me and deserves it for reasons that are none of your business. If I didn't know any better I would think that you're having second thoughts of who's side you're on." Jack said getting angry.

"I came to party not to destroy property. I am not a pyro." Reggie turned and began to walk away. Jack turned on his heel to go after her.

"Where do you think you're going? Nobody's leaving early" Jack hollered.

"Oh hush with your dramatics Jack. You wouldn't want to wake the neighbors." Reggie retorted sarcastically.

"Oh you want to see me wake the neighbors?" Jack asked. He reached into his pocket and pulled out her baby pistol and began firing shots into the air.

"You're such an idiot! Someone will have heard that for sure. No wonder Jesse kicked you out. This is not what I signed up for. I'm out of here." Reggie turned on heal again but Jack grabbed her by the arm.

"Listen here bitch. No one walks away from me." He pulled her close and shoved her into a stack of toxic waste barrels. Reggie gasped as her back was slammed into the metal barrels the wind being knocked out of her she collapsed to her knees. She cried out knowing the pier ha d probably scraped her knees. The barrels started tumbling down around her, the lids popping off and liquid pouring out onto boardwalk. The canisters were stacked four high and began falling all around her. One fell on top of her knocking her to the ground.

Jack jumped out of the way in a fast hurry as a yellow, green toxic waste splashed everywhere. Sirens began to sound in the distance getting closer. Jack tossed his zippo onto the gasoline which immediately caught fire. He pushed more stacks of barrels over which tumbled like dominos, being stacked 4 high. "Every man for himself." Jack hollered before taking off.

The flames soared into the dark night air as sirens continued to blare. Reggie could hear the low rumble of thunder in the distance with an approaching storm. She was trapped. Still lying on the ground, her back throbbing from being impaled by a heavy metal barrel, Reggie looked around her. She pulled herself up to her knees but had to brace her hands on the ground to keep her balance. She was surrounded by barrels covered in slimy green and yellow waste. Flames were shooting up in every direction. The heat was almost unbearable. She felt like her skin was going to melt off without even touching the fire.

The police had arrived on the scene and she could hear their voices but barely over the crackling of the fire burning the pier. "Look over there!" Someone shouted. They would never find her laying in the middle of these metal barrels. "Help!" Reggie cried out but her voice was lost amongst the sound of the sirens and fire. She began coughing as smoke filtered into her lungs. She looked around her and saw a very small opening. Reggie crawled under the barrel and yelped as the pier disappeared from beneath her. She yelped and tumbled off the pier landing on wet sand below. Pieces of the pier from above were falling down around her still on fire as well as flaming barrels. Toxic waste poured all around her and on her as she sat on the sand. Reggie went to lunge out of the way of a falling barrel

Back at the mansion Rogue was having nightmares about Reggie at one of Jack's infamous parties she'd heard about. She woke in a cold sweat, sitting straight up, and calling out Reggie's name. Rogue looked over at her clock; it was one thirty in the morning. Rogue had been tossing and turning all night. She debated on trying to go back to sleep but decided it was effortless. Slipping out of bed, Rogue slipped on a pair of jeans, boots, and a long sleeved shirt. She slipped out into the hallway making sure her door closing didn't make a sound. She half tip-toed, half ran down the long corridor and running down the stairs to the front door. A large hand firmly clasped her shoulder as she reached for the knob. Rogue gasped before slowly turning around to see who had caught her even though she already knew.

"Where do you think you're going at this late hour kid?" Logan asked in a gruff voice.

"Ah uh… Ah have to be somewhere. It's really important. If I don' go someone's gonna get hurt. Ah can' tell ya what it is." She said reaching for the door handle again still looking at Logan with pleading eyes.

"I can't just let you wander off into the night by yourself at 2 in the morning kid." Logan retorted with a stern look on his face. "But I know whether you go back to your room, you will probably just find another way out of this mansion." Logan gave her a little smirk. "I'm going to regret this… just call me if you get in a bind. You have my number. And kid… be careful." Rogue gave him an exasperated look. He was just letting her go. She hurried out the door before he changed his mind. Rogue hopped in one of the mansion's cargo vans and sped off into the night.

Rogue parked a few blocks away from the pier. Her jaw dropped open she saw all the flashing lights of police and fire trucks. Rogue got out of the van and snuck over a hill and down to the beach to get a closer look at the chaos above. Police and firemen scrambled around trying to put out the fire. Lighting and thunder battled in the sky directly over the pier. It was about to start down pouring any minute. Rogue didn't know what to do. Maybe Reggie had gone home and wasn't even here, hopefully. Where did Reggie call home? They had never talked about her house before. Rogue had never been there. All she knew that Reggie was staying with family after her parents had passed away in London, explaining her posh English accent.

Rogue trudged back to the van more worried than before. Maybe…maybe she should have brought Logan to help her find her friend. No, involving others was a bad idea. Now she wished she had met Reggie at the pier. This was all her fault. Rogue returned home and tried to sleep. Eventually the sound steady sound of rain on her bedroom window helped her drift off to sleep.

She woke the next day and got ready early and rushed out the door for school. Rogue arrived before most other students and waited on a park bench pretending to read a book. All the while, she was scanning everyone that came in the doors of the school. No other goth girls with red and brunette hair. She barely made it to class on time but there was no sign of Reggie. After class she asked Ms Andrews if she had heard anything about Reggie calling in sick. The teacher hadn't heard anything about Reggie's absence.

"Hey-Rogue!" Pietro flew by her in the hall like the wind blowing through her hair, running circles around her.

"Ah'm not in the mood Pietro." Rogue said in a monotone voice.

"Aww, did-someone-wake-up on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bed?" Pietro flitted from one side of Rogue to the other, making her almost dizzy from trying to keep up.

"Would ya stand still if ya're tryin' to talk to meh? No Ah did not wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Ah only have one side of mah bed to wake up on anyways. The storm kept meh awake most of the night." Rogue lied.

"Ah, yes… I-do-love-a-good-rainstorm. Don't-you? Later-X-geek." Rogue almost didn't catch what he said he spoke so fast but Pietro sped off before she could answer. He had such a short attention span.

The school day seemed to drag on forever. In between classes Rogue made a pass by Reggie's locker in an attempt to catch the girl. Maybe she had just missed her first couple of classes. No sign of her spunky English friend all day. Worried and depressed Rogue walked to the pier after school. It took her awhile to walk there as it was on the opposite side of town.

One section of the pier was almost gone. A few boards and the big round posts survived but were pitch black from the fire. Rubbish from the building was piled up in the ocean at the end of where the pier was supposed to be from where the supply warehouse use to be. Thank god there was a rain storm last night or the fire may never have gone out. Black metal containers floated in the ocean bay and the water was greasy and oily from whatever was in the containers. Rogue walked up and over the hill where she was last night and wandered underneath the docks. She looked up above at the docks blackened. The stench was horrible. What chemical compound had been in those barrels? Walking across the sand something shiny caught Rogue's eye. Rogue had to get on her hands and knees and reach her hand in the center of a few barrels laying on their side. She reached out and picked up the gleaming object. Standing up she examined it. Brushing off some of the dried sand, it was a bright silver pendant attached to a red ribbon choker with a silver clasp. This belonged to Reggie. She had to have been here last night the poor girl. How did it end up under the docks?

Rogue's momentary gleam of happiness faded when she realized Reggie must have been involved in the chaos that started the blazing fire last night. The hand holding the necklace fell to her side and she looked out at the bay filled the remnants of last night. She stood there for a few minutes listening to the waves rhythmically brushing up onto the sandy shore. Her mind was blank of what to do next. She had no clue where Reggie lived or where she would go for shelter after such an incident. Maybe someone else took her. Rogue's train of thought was broken as her phone started to ring. She reached into her backpack and pulled it out. It was a number she didn't recognize.

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