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She climbed...

Carefully hopping over the old fallen tree, that looked like it had been there for quite some time. Her, now quite dirty, satin shoes swiftly found their way over the dusty path that led her deeper into the forest.

Oh, how much she needed this after everything that had happened. How greatly she loved this feeling...

Of being lost.

Of being alone.

Of freedom.

The easiness that came with it was relieving, pure sensation washing through her. Her body shuddering on the cold breeze that stroked the ivory skin of her face. Unconsciously, she tightened the woollen blouse tighter around her figure, seeking warmth.

This was an old ritual of hers that she knew so well, and enjoyed so much. She taught her daughter how to admire the world this way too. Judy had given it the ideal use when she felt overwhelmed or not quite in the mood for sharing emotions. It was certainly the trait that she got from her mother.

The gentle breeze blew against Lorraine's face, her hazelnut hair flew softly as she stood in the middle of the forest. Unconsciously she continued to move forward, her feet deftly finding their way around. Eyes fixated on the long branches at the very top of the highest pines in the forest; admiring the breathtaking view. The orange popsicle colors of the sunset were shinning through the branches, illuminating the wet leafs around, giving them the silvery glow.

It's magnificent,

She thought to herself, slowly closing her eyes in comfort, inhaling the fresh air.

"You know?" The softest voice broke the silence around her, stopping her in her tracks and unwillingly brought her back to reality, "I think you might be getting faster and faster each day. Seems like running through the woods became a new hobby of yours." He exhaled heavily, shaking his head at the memory of her almost falling off of a cliff, "Or perhaps I'm getting quite old." Ed chuckled dryly, moving up to stand close by her side, catching his breath.

Puzzled, she turned her head to look behind her. The soft voice, of course, belonged to her sweet husband that was slowly climbing the pathway towards her. She didn't expect him to follow her here. Actually, he never did before. He knew this was her way of venting. Her little piece of heaven. Just her thoughts and nature. The short ritual where she collected herself and regained her sanity.

How long was she even here anyway? It wasn't that long, was it?

A mischievous smile drawn on her beautiful face, "You know, that's definitely not true."

"Except for that fact that it definitely is." Ed smiled as well, tenderly he drew her close to him, his arms embraced her delicate figure.

He enjoyed her closeness for a moment, breathing the sweet perfume of her hair. That particular perfume, the one that turned his world upside down since the very first time they met, and still had that powerful effect after decades.

"I-I..." Lorraine murmured, turning her head to look at her husband. "I didn't hear you," she paused, getting lost in his eyes, "nor sensed you, for that matter." She furrowed to herself, gently biting the inside of her cheek as she thought about it.

"I was calling you," Ed smiled, "telling you to slow down a bit so I could follow." He gently kissed the temple of her eye while his hands rambled around her waist. "You know, my heart is not as strong as it used to be."

One of his hands slowly travelled up Lorraine's body, stopping at her collarbone. His fingers carefully reached the shiny medallion that hung around her neck, smiling sadly at it as the emotions overwhelmed him.

Dear God, how much I love this woman, he thought while his fingered still caressed the locket. Ed couldn't resist his emotions so he planted another soft kiss behind her ear, her tender perfume filling his nostrils once again. Her fresh mix of rose and carnation was subtly sublime. He was in pure bliss.

Lorraine's eyes wandered around the forest, "...strange." She said thoughtfully, her voice just above a whisper. If Ed wasn't as close to her as he was, he wouldn't have heard it.

Lorraine let her mind linger around the thought just for a split second before she decided that there's no point in finding a logical answer to her question. She pulled herself back to reality, enjoying her husband's caresses, relaxing her muscles in his embrace.

"Look how beautiful it is out here." Her sapphire eyes gazed at the sky that painted warm colours on puffy clouds above.

"Yes, indeed it is." Ed was still absorbed with her. His lips were desperately trying to find the back of her neck. He enjoyed every second of it.

"Darling, you're not even looking!" She giggled softly, feeling a trail of soft little kisses on her nape. Still, she didn't move. Her eyes locked on the horizon, twilight getting her full attention once again. The sun was just barely visible and the night started to slowly creep in.

"I am…" He smiled against her neck, his lips gently brushing against her silky skin. "I'm just looking at another beauty… One that is mine." His words were almost a whisper. "One that I deeply, truly love..."

Simple words with such a powerful significance. The love they felt for each other couldn't be measured. It was in the way they talked to each other, the way they stared at each other. It was all there. Their eyes full of admiration, of attraction, of undying feelings for each other. Their eyes twinkled, their lips smiled. They didn't have to say a word about any of it. There was this invisible thread connecting the two of them, this gravitational pull towards each other.

He trusted her with his life, because she indeed was his life. His universe. His forever. And she could break and come together right in his arms, feel fragile and vulnerable in his embrace; let her guard down and be utterly herself. No one else had such strong impact on her.

And the whole thing was rather funny, because no one who interacted with Lorraine Warren would think of the word fragile to describe her. No one.

Fragile, definitely not. Vulnerable, perhaps; unless they were speaking unequivocally about her love for her family, or the amount of compassion she had for others.

Oh, but she was. Lorraine was more infinitely soft and fragile than any would ever know.

And fragility was such an interesting concept. The things that one would conceive as the most fragile, such as glass and ice and porcelain, were ambiguously items and substances that could cause cutting and lethal injury once broken in any way.

Another thing those words had in common other than their shared danger and fragility was that each and every one could accurately describe Lorraine Warren. Once hurt or provoked, the demonologist could wound fatally with a disturbing lack of force or effort on her part. Anyone who dared touch her in any way inevitably came away bloodied, feeling as though they had been cleanly cut from stem to stern.

Lorraine finally turned around to wrap her arms around Ed's neck, she had that beautiful, unique smile still drawn on her face. Her gaze locked on his, on those sincere lovely eyes that always cared for her.

"I love you, Ed."

He timidly smiled, drawing Lorraine even closer to him. Their bodies touched completely, as he tilted his head to brush his lips lightly on hers, and then capture them in a gentle kiss. They loved each other so deeply and they were going to, for the rest eternity.

A sudden change in the breeze called their attention interrupting their moment. Branches and leaves slightly shuddering. The sun was now completely gone and so was its warmth. Awkward silence took over the surroundings, darkness getting heavier with each passing minute. Quietness briefly caught her attention, her acute senses extremely aware. She looked towards the end of the invisible path the shadow had followed. A brief second later...


Lorraine closed her eyes and shook her head, clearing her mind, regaining her composure. Her body quivered from cold, suddenly she realised that a woollen blouse wasn't the most suitable choice for such weather.

"We should go home, you're freezing and it's getting dark." Ed spoke gently, feeling her body tremble in his arms. "I'm going to make us some tea." Smile crept across his face, the sole idea of them spending time together made his heart joyful and eyes sparkle, even after all those years, "And we're gonna eat some cookies" He mumbled against her forehead.

"That sounds perfect." Lorraine smiled tiredly, longing for warmth of their home and his caresses. "We should watch a movie with Judy." She said taking a step forward, offering him her hand. "That would make her happy. And it's the weekend." Lorraine sighed heavily, knowing their daughter missed them dearly.

Ed took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, knowing the exact reason behind her blurry eyes, "Let's have movie night then tonight! With my two most beautiful, favourite girls." He exclaimed happily, swiftly walking down the path hand in hand with his wife. "Sounds wonderful if you ask me!" He said, his soft eyes never leaving Lorraine's face, offering her some much need comfort in the moment. "Judy and I will make some chocolate cookies. We know how much mommy loves them."

Lorraine smiled timidity at him, her heart fluttering.

She utterly belonged to him, and he utterly belonged to her.

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