"There's five of us now... Mum, dad, Mikey, and..." She hesitated slightly, her gaze bouncing around before landing back onto him, "the baby..."

His entire expression changed, the sadness he was trying and failing to hide unleashed, pain blooming across his face so strong she worried he somehow was hurt by the news physically. "You're not...?"

She stared into his eyes, knowing she had a mere moment left to make a decision. Could he be able to live with the knowledge? Would she if she lied? This was goodbye, they would never see each other again after this... With that thought in mind, she answered. "...No, it's mum."

It was an innocent lie, she later told herself after Pete helped lift her from the sand. It was better this way. He would find a new companion and not worry about her and his child in another world that he would never get to see. An innocent lie for the greater good. That's all it was... It was better this way... Because he didn't truly love her the way she did him, because that night they shared together three months ago was an accident he had said; he had said he wouldn't touch her like that again. But just before he had gone, just before her world crashed around her for the second time, he was going to say it. She knew he was going to say it back... Maybe she should have told him then, maybe he would have found a way to come get her...

But it was too late now. She was already in Pete's jeep heading to their home, the Doctor - and her home - far out of her reach. Fresh tears started to fall down her already stained face, a gut-wrenching sob breaking out of her once again. She felt her mum's arms wrap around her, pulling her into a loving hug. It was a comfort, in a way, to know that while she would be a single parent, she wouldn't be alone. Her family had already assured her of that when she had found out about the baby. She should take comfort in that... She gets her family and a part of the Doctor at the same time. That's more than what she had originally thought she'd get... She should consider herself lucky to be given this much at least.

Though a part of her knew that she would never be satisfied. Not unless she got her Doctor back.

A/N: I'm just watching Doctor Who for the first time and I was really attached to the TenRose ship… I just watched Doomsday. I'm not okay. I heard that Rose does make an appearance in S4 though? So this is all AU most likely. It's just the way that Rose hesitated and then smiled when she said that it was her mom that was pregnant gave off lying vibes to me…

And while this is a drabble, and I swore as a writer I would never post something under a 1000 words, I am planning on writing a second chapter to fix all of this up and make myself feel better about the word count. Don't know when it'll be posted since I'm also working on seven other Doctor Who stories, but it'll be soon!