Greetings dear readers, today I bring you something special. See, my friend Aravas had a rough time because of personal matters so I thought of giving him something to cheer him up.

This little story is something we created while messing around together on Discord, I decided to take the skeleton and write this in hopes that he likes it.

You should also check his fics if you like RWBY, his love for the show is much greater than mine and so are his writing skills.

With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy this.

Blake wasn't much of a social butterfly, she could socialize and have idle chat without trouble, the Faunus girl simply favored her alone time. A good book and hot tea were her favorite companions to spend a quiet day with, but since she came to Beacon said days have been sparse. All thanks to Blake's new team.

The three girls that shared a room with the catgirl were... colorful, both in a literal and figurative sense.

Ruby was the youngest and that reflected in her view of the world. The leader of team RWBY was always happy and bubbly, truly believing that hunters and huntresses were these shining paragons of justice and honor. It was endearing but also inspiring, in a way.

Yang was very different from her little sister both in mind and body, not like Blake took much notice of the latter, really. The blonde brawler was a textbook example of a tomboy; strong, athletic, an adrenaline junkie, and not conventionally feminine besides her obsession with her golden mane. If Blake had to point something negative about Yang, it would be her love for atrocious puns.

Lastly, there was Weiss. Heiress of the Schnee's dust company, accomplished singer, and a bit of a spoiled, pompous brat. Those last thoughts were Blake's opinion on the white-clad warrior, at first. After several missions together, and a couple of heated arguments, the two girls began to respect each other, and an unlikely friendship blossomed.

Yes, even if Blake would never say it out loud, or at least not without an ironic tone to it, these three girls were her friends.

Classes ended and the colorful quartet of girls was spending their free time in their shared room, each one of them busy with a different activity.

Crescent Rose was currently disassembled into several pieces onto Ruby's bed, the young leader loved weapons as much as cookies, and the hybrid of a scythe and a high-caliber rifle was like her child. Hence why she was whispering sweet words to every piece while cleaning them.

Yang opted to use the afternoon to relax a bit instead of going to the gym and punching the sandbag until it cursed its existence, brush on her hand, the brawler combed her golden locks over and over again. Blake wasn't paying too much attention but she believed that Yang already combed her hair more than a hundred times since she started. Maybe it was special training for her biceps.

Weiss was spending the time much more wisely than her companions, that's what she would say if asked, at least. Dr. Oobleck assigned to his whole class a report detailing the old war between the nations of Remnant and its ramifications, the hyperactive man gave them a week to complete it and give it to him. Weiss was determined to finish before anyone, and so, was frantically writing while several reference books occupied her cluttered desk.

It was a miracle that the three girls chose relatively quiet activities which let Blake pour all of her attention into the book she was reading, a story about a young man born with less than others but rising to the top thanks to lots of effort and even more luck, an inspiring tale although a tad unrealistic. She was entranced in the current scene, the protagonist and his rival were about to clash in a fight of epic proportions with their lives, their futures, and the fate of the world itself on the line. They locked eyes, words weren't necessary between them, and-


The infernal ringing of her scroll kicked Blake out of the book like a mule, her golden eyes moving to gaze at the name displayed on the screen before looking away with annoyance. The cat Faunus didn't bother picking up and instead let the scroll make a ruckus for almost a minute before it fell silent. Her eyes went back to the tex and located the exact point where she was interrupted so rudely, she made an effort to get in the epic mood and continue the-


Oh, for Oum's sake...

"Will you answer that infernal thing before it turns us insane?" Weiss' patience was the first to run dry, Blake's eyes lifted from the book to see the heiress slamming her hands onto the desk and looking at Blake with annoyance.

"I agree with Weisscream... I think that's a first." Yang took a break from her extensive hair-care session to shudder at the foreign experience of being on the same wavelength as Weiss. "You have been getting lots of calls lately, why not turn it off for a while if you don't wanna pick up?"

"It's... complicated." She looked away from the two girls just to meet eyes with Ruby who decided that whatever Blake's secret was, it was more interesting than assembling her weapon. Surrounded by her team, the Faunus took a long breath and waited for the scroll to be silent again before giving the nosy girls an answer. "It's my mom."

"Your mom?" The three girls asked as one. Weird.

Maybe this wasn't a bad thing, the whole situation had been a thorn in her side for too long, and venting about problems with one's friends was normal to do. Blake gathered all her annoyances into a big ball and threw it out.

"You know that I escaped from the White Fang to join Beacon, but before that, I escaped home. I escaped from my parents, they didn't understand that I couldn't simply sit down while Faunus were being treated as lesser people, the mere thought of it burned me from the inside." The girl's tone got a bit stronger. "And somehow my mom managed to get my number! How!? You also see how many times she calls me, can't my mom catch an indirect? She is so annoying..."

This was the part where the girls offered sympathetic nods and words to her, maybe even some stories of their own about their parents' overbearing attention. What she got instead was...

"Cry me a river." Did Yang truly say that? And why was she giving her that dirty look?

"I expected better from you, such disappointment..." Weiss too!?

"G-girls? What's going on? Why are you mad?" Blake clearly did something she shouldn't, but for the life of her, the ninja couldn't put her finger on what it was.

Weiss' eyes squinted. "You truly don't get it, do you?" Blake opened her mouth to talk but was silenced by a sharp flick of the heiress' finger. It wasn't Blake's turn to speak. "Here you are whining about how annoyed you are that your mom is worried about you and trying to get in contact. Meanwhile, my mother is too busy drowning herself with alcohol to even find my number. And when she isn't drunk she is miserable, so apologies if I don't find your woes compelling."

Blake's cat ears went flat against his head, she didn't know about Weiss' mom's situation and now the Faunus felt like an ass. Still, the girl didn't mean for things to turn so dark, Blake just wanted to blow some steam with her friends!

"Yang, back me up here, please." Blake knew her pleading look had no effect on Yang when the girl crossed her arms over her chest and huffed.

"I'm with Weiss again, what a weird day..." She muttered that last part with a worried look in her eyes but quickly went back to being annoyed with Blake. "Maybe you'd prefer if your mom just disappeared one day without saying anything? Just to go back to whatever forest to steal and kill people with a bunch of dirty bandits, makes you feel very loved I tell you..."

Did... did Yang's mom really do such a thing? No wonder she was mad with Blake, Yang would fight a horde of Grimm harmed with only her hairbrush and no aura just for the chance of having a mom like Kali, and here was Blake bad-mouthing her. Despite all that there was a small part of herself that thought the girls were being too emotional about it, maybe it was pride, maybe she was just too stubborn to admit she was in the wrong. Her eyes fell on the girl that didn't speak yet but Blake could only see Ruby's cape as she was assembling back her weapon with impressive mastery.

Was she angry too? Did Ruby have a tragic relationship with her mother like the others? A memory resurged from the corner of her mind, a conversation with Yang about Ruby's super-mom, about how she wasn't here anymore. The guilt became twice as heavy.

The ring of her scroll came back with a vengeance and made three of the four girls jump a bit with surprise, this wasn't the time for it so Blake reached for it intending to hang up.

The sharp blade of Crescent Rose hovered an inch away from Blake's neck.

"R-Ruby? What are you doing!?" Needless to say, Blake was quite shocked that the friendly girl was now threatening a team member with her weapon. Blake's hand clutched the still buzzing scroll.

"Pick it up," Ruby said.

The Faunus slowly blinked, her brain was slow in understanding that simple command for some reason but eventually Blake spoke a single word. A question. "Why?"

"You will regret it if you don't" Was Ruby threatening her? Well, yes, she was but there was something else behind those words. They sounded less a threat and more like advice.

Blake gulped and glanced at the scroll, a shaky finger over the screen.

"And put it on speaker too!" Yang demanded with an obnoxious grin.

"You can't be serious..." Her jaw clenched when the blonde put on Ember Celica. "Ugh, fine!"

She finally pressed the button and everyone held their breath, this wasn't a big deal anyway, Blake and Kali will have a short, boring talk to appeal to the girls, and then she could fix this whole mess on her own.

The voice that came from the scroll sounded uncertain, almost careful. "Blake?"

How much time has been since Blake heard that voice? The same voice that sung her lullabies when she was a child and told her that everything was fine after having a nightmare? The voice of her mother. The girl's eyes became misty but she managed to compose herself and made sure her voice didn't crack. "Hi, mom..."

The group heard a sigh of relief and the voice of the woman across the world sounded lighter too. "Honey you can't imagine how much I missed your voice. If I could be there I would smush you with the biggest hug and then scold you thoroughly!"

Seeing how Blake did as suggested the leader of the group lowered her weapon and took the chance of snickering along with her sister at Blake's expense, even Weiss was covering her smile with a hand.

Blake's cheeks bloomed in a bright pink and her cat ears twitched. "M-mom!"

"Oh no, nothing of that. Can you imagine how worried we were when you suddenly disappeared one night? We thought that something happened to you! That maybe..." Kali choked on her words and the giggle of the others stopped immediately.

The girl's shoulder dropped along with her ears. "I left a note..." She did, a note telling them she would join the White Fang but when she said it out loud Blake felt like a little girl making excuses. The room fell silent for a few seconds, no one daring to make a sound until Kali gave her response but it was clear that wouldn't happen after seconds of silence turned into a full minute, it was all up to Blake. "How... How did you get my number?"

A sniffle came from the scroll. "A friend of your father saw you in Beacon and told us, then we asked for some favors."

"Impressive," Weiss muttered.

"... Blake-"

"I'm sorry!" The apology blurted from the girl like it wanted to be free after months of being locked up in a cell. "I should have told you and dad before leaving but I was afraid you would try to stop me, and I couldn't just do nothing while others suffered!"

Her breath was ragged, her cheeks flushed and her chest felt lighter than has been for months. But would her mother understand her feelings? She was afraid the woman couldn't.

More silence, then, Kali's words adopted a gentle tone. Was she smiling? "You are Ghira's daughter, after all. Honey, we would never be mad at you for wanting to help others, it's one of the reasons why we love you so much but it hurts when you don't believe in us. Please, trust in your parents."

Blake's eyes felt hot but she held her emotions in check. "I will... I promise."

"That's all I ask, well, and that you call us from time to time."

That was... reasonable, but Blake should have agreed to it sooner, if she did then maybe Ruby wouldn't have felt the imperious need to do it herself. "Don't worry, Miss Blake's mom! We'll make sure she does!"

"Oh? And who is that adorable sounding girl?" That tone on her mother's voice... It was a curious tone, a dangerous tone.

"She's-" Too slow, the scroll wasn't in her hand anymore.

"I'm Ruby Rose, leader of team RWBY and one of Blake's friends!"

"My Blakey is in a team? And she has friends? What wonderful news!" How rude! She had friends before! "Is there anyone else listening? It would be a delight to get to know more of Blake's friends!"

"Yang Xiao Long here, Blake is fur-tunate to have such a cool mom." Blake couldn't decide what hurt more, the pun or the fact her mother laughed.

"I'm Weiss, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." At least someone had manners, and Blake didn't miss how Weiss didn't use her family name. She was thankful for it, the last thing Blake needed was her mom asking she ended up befriending a Schnee.

The scroll returned to the hands of her owner after a bit more chit-chat between Kali and RWY, Blake won't forget the embarrassment they put her through, they will pay soon enough.

"It has been wonderful getting to talk to you and getting to know your friends, they are very nice."

"... They have their moments." This wasn't one of them in her opinion.

"I should be leaving now, I have things to do around town. Your dad will be calling you later and you better answer it, missy!"

Great, she was already exhausted after talking with just her mom so the conversation with her dad only added to that. "I will..."

"And Blake?"


"I love you."

That did it, that broke the dam. Blake tried to keep the tears at bay by blinking but the hot tears rolled down her cheeks all the same. Her voice cracked but she didn't care anymore. "I... I love you too, mom."

When the call ended, Blake pulled her knees up to her chest before hiding her face behind them. Guilt and happiness swirled in her mind and the tears kept falling.

She was happy that her family still loved her after all. That happiness grew when she felt the rest of the team wrapping her arms around her in a group hug.