Greetings everyone, today I bring you another commission! This one is courtesy of Bakaiju/Bakajuan who wanted a steamy short story about his Lobotomy Corp OT3.

I hope he enjoys it and so do you!

The First Trumpet blared across the whole facility, a signal for all the humans that hell was starting to break loose if the screams and sounds of fighting didn't give it away. Nothing to be too worried about, unless the Second or Third Trumpet, this one was more like a warning to the employees to get serious. It didn't concern the abnormality resting inside his chamber.

The man, if he could be called that, was a tall humanoid, black flames composing his whole body except for his glowing blue eyes. A dark grey military uniform covered his body and a blue cloak with golden trim was wrapped around his shoulders, it had the same color palette as the large musket on his hands.

The plaque outside his containment chambers read; Der Freisch├╝tz.

The abnormality took a break from cleaning his weapon to gaze at the door, someone was trying to enter, probably an employee tasked to work on him or maybe even ask for the creature's help if whatever was breaking havoc was being too much for them to handle. His fiery eyes widened slightly when two women stepped inside. Two women that he knew very well.

"In the name of love and justice, here come two magical girls!"

The woman who exclaimed such a strange sentence did a cute pose and winked at him. She had large, yellow stylized eyes, long hair with a pastel blue color, and purple gradient coloration at the end, with two strands curling downward. She wore white tights, with pink accents, a pink, pleated skirt, a pink shirt with white sleeves, and a large pink ribbon on her chest to match. Two wing-like pieces sprouted from her shoulders and a pink and black heart clip in her hair. Besides her floated a pink staff with a star adorned with wings at the end, the bottom tipped with a pale blue heart with a pink star in the center. The star at the end has a heart-shaped hole in the center of it.

She was the Queen of Hatred, another abnormality like himself, and his romantic partner. The marksman refused to use the word girlfriend; it sounded childish.

"Bet you weren't expecting us, boyfriend~" The woman with the unsuitable name clearly didn't share his opinion, brightly smiling as she spoke.

The wispy man sighed. "You two shouldn't be here, could be trouble for all of us." Frei hoped they didn't get the wrong impression, he was happy for their visit but it was reckless.

"We understand the risks, but we simply couldn't wait to see you again." A soft, soothing voice caught his attention, the second woman was smiling and holding Queen's hand.

The pale-skinned woman emanated an air of grace around her, even when the left side of her face was covered by a dark substance from which, sharp, black horns sprouted, she was beautiful. The other side was intact, with the only mark being a black mark of a tear on her cheeks. A white tiara formed by three spade symbols crowned her head, a beautiful mane of blue hair with stars shining in it flowed down her back, turning black at the end. The long dress the abnormality bore had the same pattern except for the chest area which was gray with a black spade symbol at the center. Lastly, her forearms and hands were also pitch-black.

She was known as the Knight of Despair, her other romantic partner.

What could Frei say? He has game. But he couldn't take all the credit, since they were in a polyamorous relationship, meaning that they love each other as much as he loves them, and they love him.

"I see..." His calm and collected demeanor made it rather difficult for anyone to discern how he was feeling, but he had no doubt the magical girls could tell how happy he was at the moment. "Who escaped?"

"Alriune." Said the pink girl, pointing her staff at the camera while drawing circles in the air with it.

Frei nodded, that one was a tricky one to suppress, not because it possessed overwhelming strength, but its teleporting ability made it hard to corner. "Then we should have plenty of time to... what are you doing?"

"Giving us some privacy." The pink magical girl tapped her staff on the ground and magic circles appeared, obstructing any surveillance the staff may be subjecting them to. When she turned around her eyes were hungry, mischievous...

The soft touch of a hug enveloped Frei's left arm. "When I said we couldn't wait to see you, I wasn't joking..." Des' blush tinted her pale cheek with red, but the embarrassment didn't stop the woman from pushing her squishy bosom a tad more. A similar feeling assaulted his right arm, courtesy of the cheeky Queen.

Trapped as he was, it was hard to deny that the situation was quite exciting. "I feel the same, but this is risky." Still, the marksman played hard to get, he had a reputation to maintain.

"Guess we'll have to put some effort into changing your mind~"

Queen gave her magical partner a wink and she nodded, two soft hands caressed his chest, slender fingers slightly tickling him over his uniform. Then they went down, past his stomach and between his legs and the soft grunt that came from him made the girls smile. They enjoy the feeling of it, its weight, and how it grew in response to their touch. Frei knew exactly what the two were up to when they went to their knees in front of him, and yet, that only made him more excited. The belt couldn't withstand the assault of those hungry hands and his pants fell to reveal their treasure.

The marksman rifle was dark and wispy like the rest of him but the weight and hardness of it confirmed how corporeal truly was. "Thanks for the meal~" Queen was the first to move with her soft lips pressing against the tip in a loving kiss, then she kept pressing forward until the whole head was trapped inside her mouth. The soft way she suckled on it like candy made his whole body shudder in pleasure and the way her big innocent eyes looked up to him with hunger enhanced it even more.

Des was a bit shyer about these things but she wasn't going to lose against her lover. A black tongue peeked from her mouth and she began to lick the shaft with diligence and care. How lucky can an Abnormality be to have two beauties sucking his dick? Kisses and licks tease his member for a while before the girls changed places, the blue-haired woman wrapped her mouth around him this time but an impish gleam crossed Queen's eyes. As Des was too distracted with moving her tongue in circles, Queen put a hand behind the woman's head and gently pushed.

A muffled gasp of surprise ran along Frei's rod as the magical girl was forced to go swallow past his tip, her first instinct was to pull back but the hand on her head forbade that. Besides, is not like Des hated it, so she kept sucking and licking until his soft lips kissed the base. The hand had moved away but her head didn't, basking on her lover's soft moans and the way he twitched in her mouth, made her body tingle. It was that arousal that made the usually placid girl bob her head along his length rapidly, eye glazed.

"You two sure are having fun, don't forget about me~"

"But you were the one who-ngh!" The marksman wasn't allowed any clever remarks, not if he wanted the pink girl to stop sprinkling his balls with kisses and licks. And he wanted those badly.

Actually, the combined attack of their tongues and lips was quickly pushing the creature towards a climax much faster than he expected. The girls didn't miss it and quickly moved so their mouths were aligned with his tip, lips pressed on a double kiss. A strong shiver, an instinctual thrust, and Frei's essence was shot in their mouths, every single drop being greedily consumed.

The marksman's knees buckled by a second and he put a hand against the wall for support. It was a bit embarrassing but he let himself get carried away and needed a minute to recover from the strong pleasure.

The smallest of the three giggled, clearly proud of their performance. "Take a break dear, we'll have some fun while you look~"

Queen licked her lips and softly tackled the unexpected knight, who was still savoring her partner's cum. When her eye opened she was treated with the view of Queen's pale, wet pussy. Des couldn't blame her at all, since hers was in the same state but was still mortifying to felt her dress being hitched up to reveal it.

The three of them were working against the clock here so there was no time to waste getting naked. Des drew a sharp breath as the pink girl dived between her legs and had a feast, the blue girl squirmed and bit on her lower lip, enjoying her partner's oral skills very much. Her trance ended when the pair of hips over her head wiggled seductively, Des wasn't a selfish lover and her mouth was quickly repaying the favor. She started slow, with kisses and soft licks but soon enough she grew bolder, grabbing Queen's pale hips before lowering them on her face. The magical girl moaned with delight at the sensation of Des' warm, skillful tongue inside of her honeypot, and in response, her own tongue went deeper.

The girls were locked in a battle to see who could give more pleasure to their lover. When Queen softly nibbled Des' sensitive clit, she responded by sucking it. When Des gave her lover's rump a playful spank, she counter-attacked by prodding at her sweet spot. They were even and if the way their bodies trembled was any indicative, their climax was at hand. So why did Queen's touch suddenly stop? The knight whined, her mind too boggled with the need of release to understand why she was being denied it.

"Have some patience, honey," The magical girl stood up and turned around, she was on the verge of cumming but wanted to do it in a special way. Her body now laid on top of Des', face to face with her as she smiled. "I want to kiss you while we go together."

The knight found the act as touching as it was hot, she arched her back enough so their mounds rubbed together. Their upper lips locked together too, tongues dancing and twirling in a wet, warm dance. The dance transferred to the women's hips humping in tandem like two precise machines. The kiss wasn't broken even when a wave of pleasure crashed against their mind and bodies, the moans filled their mouths and a small puddle of juices was formed between their pale thighs.

Once recovered, Queen laid her head on Des' soft bosom, basking in the afterglow. A small yelp escaped as two wispy hands took her by the hips and lifted her body and left her on all fours. She didn't need to turn her head to know who it was, or what the thing poking her oversensitive pussy was. Queen gulped and opened her mouth to object but the loudest moan of the day came out instead as her eyes rolled up, the sensation of Fre's member inside of her after cumming earlier was maddening, in a good way.

Des had the luck of seeing her lover being fucked from behind doggy style so close. Frei had no mercy to give, only lust, his hands firmly grasped Queen's hips and she was pounded relentlessly, the girl could only moan while declaring her love for them. A spark of envy blossomed in Des' hearth, she wanted him too! Luckily for her, the two were too into it to care about restraint, Queen's tongue lolled out and more of her juices splashed on the ground, in exchange, her insides were painted pure white like the insides of her mind. No one could blame the girl for taking an emergency nap right there, Fre's hands kept her up and the marksman let out a breath before leaving the girl gently on the ground, a dopey smile on her face.

Des reached her arms to him invitingly, dress hitched up and legs spread. She was waiting for him. When Frei went inside he was more gentle than with Queen, his fingers interlaced with hers and an aperture akin to mouth appeared on his face. They kissed while on the missionary position which was simple but intimate, it was less sex and more that they were becoming one. The thrusts were slow but reached deep and the woman's walls squeezed lovingly each time, hands explored their strange but beautiful forms.

It felt like hours had passed since they were entangled like that but all good things had to come to an end, and Des' legs were wrapped around his hips to make sure Frei ended inside of her. The load felt warm in her belly, a sensation so amazing that one could get addicted to it, she certainly was.

The alarm still blared outside the chamber but the trio couldn't care less, too busy laying on the floor, bodies next to each other in a caring hug pile. Sure, Frei said that the longer the girls stayed there the bigger the risk of being found, but it was after sex cuddle time, it was his second favorite time. His first was... you know.

Arms wrapped around the two magical girls, both with satisfied smiles, the marksman thought that maybe being imprisoned here was the best thing that ever happened to him.