Chapter 2: Team 7

"As you all have probably guessed, I've gathered you all hear to discuss the team placements for this year's crop of genin." Minato addresses the room. He has gathered all the available jounin to discuss the team placements for this year. Obvious to everyone present, they were anticipating what team Naruto, Satsuki, and Tayuya will be placed on.

"So, in order, Team 1... Team 7 will be Uchiha Naruto, Uchiha Satsuki, and Namikaze Tayuya." The entire room of jounin collectively gasp and all protest.

"Hokage-sama, that's way too unfair!"

"Those three together are way too overpowered!"

"That's too unbalanced for the rest of the genin teams!"

"SILENCE!" Minato demands, unleashing his killing intent and silencing the room. The gathering of jounin are reminded why he is feared throughout the Elemental Nations as the most powerful kage in the lands, as just a wave of his killing intent is enough to freeze them in their tracks.

Sakumo approaches and speaks up. "If I may, Minato. What made you choose to put the three strongest graduates on a team together? It's tradition to make sure each team is balanced in terms of power and specialization."

Minato nods. "That's exactly the reason I placed them on a team together. Naruto-kun is the one who brought this to my attention. He himself can fight against me on equal footing and Satsuki and Tayuya are easily jounin level. The three of them are so far ahead of their fellow genin it would be unfair to put them on a team that could not keep up with them. In his own words, it would likely result in that team being carried by them or losing the motivation to better themselves. By putting the three of them together, it is actually as balanced as a team could get for them." The jounin nod in understanding, agreeing that the three of them are freakishly powerful for their ages.

Just then, a masked jounin with silver gravity-defying hair speaks up. "Sensei, who will their jounin instructor be?"

Minato sighs. "I was actually about to get to that, Kakashi. Due to the skills that they exhibited, I'm making them the first ever full team composed of tokubetsu genins. They won't have a jounin instructor and they will be able to take on high ranking missions. In fact, I have the perfect mission picked out for them their first day out the academy."

The jounin want to protest but know that it won't do any good. The Hokage is dead-set on his decision and trying to change his mind is like trying to yank a tooth from the kyuubi. They all decide to accept Minato's judgment. That is, until one man steps forward.

"Minato, if I may. Why don't you let me lead them for a few missions first, just to be safe? I respect your judgment, of course but you can never be too safe." the room turns to see a tall, slender man with long black hair and slitted eyes.

Minato sighs. "I would, Orochimaru, but I think this is the best way to gauge Naruto's true abilities. Originally, I planned to ask you or Jiraya-sensei to lead them but I don't think it's needed. I expect Naruto to one day take the hat so I think he needs all the experience he can get." Orochimaru nods in understanding.

"Just one more question, Minato. You mentioned that you already have a mission picked out. What is the mission, if we may know?" he asks.

"A bandit camp extermination that also involves 3 A-rank missing nin and a few B-rank." The jounin don't even know what to say anymore. It's like Minato has the utmost confidence in the three of them... or he wants to get rid of them.

"Are you sure this is wise, Minato? An S-rank mission with this level of danger on their first outing?" Orochimaru asks, genuinely wondering why Minato would make such a gamble on three fresh genin, regardless of their level of power.

Minato nods. "I am, Orochimaru. Don't forget, one of these genin is my daughter. But it just goes to show how confident I am in their abilities. I wouldn't make this decision halfheartedly." The jounin nod in agreement.

Minato continues on with his team placements. "Team 8 will be Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, and Hyuuga Hinata. Jounin sensei, Yuhi Kurenai." The beautiful black haired woman is happy that she got an ideal team for herself. "Team 9 is still in circulation. Team 10 will be Yamanaka Ino, Akimichi Choji, and Nara Shikamaru. Jounin sensei, Sarutobi Asuma." The chain smoking son of the legendary third Hokage nods. "Any questions?" Everyone raises their hands. Minato sighs. "Any questions not regarding team 7?" Everyone puts their hands down. "Dismissed."


This year's graduating genin have all gathered for their team placements. Naruto can be found sitting in between Tayuya and Satsuki chatting. Tayuya and Satsuki have both changed and grown more beautiful to Naruto. Tayuya's long red hair now reaches her lower back while also partially covering her face and hiding her left eye. She has an athletic build and D-cup breasts. At 16 years old, Tayuya is considered one of the most beautiful kunoichi in Konoha. She wears a light red sleeveless battle kimono with a black short sleeve form fitting undershirt. She also wears black combat tights and black tactical sandals. She is also a kenjutsu master and wields her own sword, Benizakura, that was commissioned for her by her mother, Kushina, as a gift for mastering her style. She is considered to be the "Second Red Death", a name that you never call her to her face or risk losing your head. One thing that makes her even more beautiful to Naruto is that she wants to be known for her own accomplishments and not live in her parents' shadows.

Similarly, her best friend/rival Satsuki has also grown even more beautiful. Her once short spiky black hair has grown long, reaching down to her mid back. She keeps it in a ponytail but still keeps short bangs that cover her forehead with two long bangs framing her face. She has an elegant, cool air about her and in Naruto's opinion, he could never tell you who he finds more beautiful, her or Tayuya.

Satsuki sports a similar build to Tayuya, strong and athletic but not sacrificing in beauty and femininity. Both have long, slender legs with round hips and slim waists. Naruto also always admires their perfectly shaped round butts and often finds himself fantasizing about them. Naruto knows he's in love with both of them. The only person more important to him than they are is his mother, who he admits is also one of the most beautiful women he knows.

Satsuki sports a black sleeveless battle kimono with black mesh armor underneath. She also has black combat tights and black tactical sandals. On her back, she wears her ninjato, Karasu. Another Kenjutsu master, Satsuki and Tayuya also engage in heated kenjutsu spars, although she has never beaten Tayuya. A formidable swordswoman, though Tayuya and Kushina are the only kenjutsu practitioners in Konoha that can defeat her. Naruto and Satsuki have grown extremely close, inseparable even, over the years. Her beautiful long black hair has become Naruto's inspiration for his nickname for her, Kurohana.

Naruto also changed a bit. In two years, Naruto looks more mature and masculine, his features sharper and more defined and his muscles more developed. He's become the heartthrob of his class and the object of desire for many kunoichi and civilian women in the village. He wears what he usually wore except for the change of a black trench coat instead of his grey jacket.

As he was talking with Tayuya and Satsuki, a boy approaches them. "Yo, Naruto." he says.

Naruto looks up and greets him. "What's up Kiba?" he asks. Inuzuka Kiba is the son of Inuzuka Tsume, whom Naruto is close to due to Mikoto's friendship with her. Kiba is a boy of averge height, about 5'6", spiky untamed hair though not as wild as his mother's, and signature fang marks beneath his eyes which is synonymous with the Inuzuka clan.

"Just wondering who you think your sensei will be." he says.

"Hmm. Probably one of the Hokage's students. Either Kakashi or Obito likely since Rin-nee mostly works in the hospital with Tsunade-baachan and Shizune-neechan when she isn't on missions with Obito."

Kiba cracks a perverted grin. "Tsunade-sama, huh? Man, she's hot even if she's knocking on 50."

Naruto chuckles. "Be careful what you say, Kiba. Jiraya might get beat up by Tsunade-baachan regularly but he'll kick your ass if he finds out you're having fantasies about his wife like that. Not to mention what Baa-chan might do. She might neuter you."

Kiba visibly shivers. "Dammit, Naruto. Why did you have to put that image in my head?" Naruto, Satsuki, and Tayuya laugh.

"Serves you right, dog breath! It's what you get for looking at my godmother like that!" Tayuya laughs. Kiba pouts before sitting down as the trio continue to tease him.

As the group continued to socialize, Iruka opens the door to the classroom. Everyone quiets down, awaiting the team placements. Iruka clears his throat before speaking.

"First off, I'd like to congratulate you all for becoming genin. And there's something you all need to understand. The world of shinobi is nothing glamorous. It is full of death, pain, and suffering. You will see friends die and your death may also come swiftly. Shinobi like the Sandaime Hokage are rare as we almost never manage to reach old age. And even he died protecting the village, sealing the mighty Kyuubi no Youko inside Tayuya. Prepare to make sacrifices, steel your hearts, and soldier on. You all are no longer children. The moment you put on your hitai-ate was the moment you chose to walk the path of carnage. I am proud of you all, for I no longer see you as my students. From now on, we are comrades. May the Will of Fire guide you all."

Iruka pauses for a moment to let his words sink in. He then holds up his clipboard and begins to read the team placements. "Team 1... Team 7 will be Uchiha Naruto, Uchiha Satsuki, and Namikaze Tayuya. You will not have a jounin sensei but Naruto will be your team leader." The class is shocked and begins to chatter amongst themselves. Kiba speaks up.

"Sensei! I know Naruto, Satsuki, and Tayuya are strong but why are they given special privileges? That doesn't seem fair to the rest of us!"

Iruka sighs. "I knew this would happen. The reason they are a special team is because the Hokage saw fit to give them each the rank of Tokubetsu genin."

The genin are confused about what that means. "What is that rank, sensei?" Ino asks.

Iruka answers. "Tokubetsu genin is a rank usually given during times of war to genin who show promise. An example of a shinobi who was given the rank and is still living is the legendary war veteran Hatake Sakumo. The rank allows genin fresh out of the academy to take on high ranking missions usually reserved for jounin and ANBU. This is the first time a team comprised of all Tokubetsu genin has ever been formed. It serves to show how much faith the Hokage has placed in you three. We expect great things from you all." Naruto, Satsuki, and Tayuya all nod.

Iruka continues. "Since the three of you do not have a jounin sensei, the Hokage wants you to report to him as soon as I am finished with team placements." Iruka continues with the team placements. "Team 8 will be Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, and Hyuuga Hinata. Jounin sensei will be Yuhi Kurenai. Team 9 is still in circulation. Team 10 will be Yamanaka Ino, Akimichi Choji, and Nara Shikamaru. Jounin sensei will be Sarutobi Asuma. Any questions?" The entire class, minus Team 7, raises their hands. Iruka sighs. "Any questions not regarding Team 7?" The entire class puts their hands down. "Good luck, genin. I'm proud to have been your instructor." Iruka walks out of the classroom.

After Iruka leaves, Naruto looks at Tayuya who nods and then to Satsuki who nods. The three shunshin out of the room and appear in front of Minato's desk, who waves off the impending attack from his ANBU guards.

"I was expecting you three. Let's skip the formalities and pleasantries." He grabs a scroll on his desk and tosses it to Naruto who opens it and reads it. "Your first mission is near the border of Hi no Kuni and Takigakure. It's a bandit extermination mission."

Naruto narrows his eyes. "If it's an S-rank bandit extermination mission, that must mean some missing nin are involved." Minato nods.

"Correct. From what we've gathered, there are 3 A-rank missing nin and several B-rank missing nin. This is a high risk mission. I recommend the use of stealth. You may leave when you are ready. But before you leave, Naruto I have something else I want to say to you. The other two may leave."

Tayuya and Satsuki look at Naruto. "Let's meet at the gate in an hour." They nod and shunshin away to prepare for the mission.

Minato and Naruto have a stare down before Minato decides to speak. "I'm trusting you on this, Naruto. Don't let me down." Naruto nods. Minato sighs. "Good luck, Naruto. You may go." Naruto shunshins to the Uchiha compound.

Entering, he finds Mikoto sipping tea in one of the sitting rooms while Satsuki prepares, sealing things into the storage seal on her arm. He approaches Mikoto. and sits across from her. "Okaa-sama." Mikoto looks at Naruto.

"I hear your first mission is an S-rank. Are you prepared?" she asks. Naruto nods.

"Hai, Okaa-sama. Both Satsuki and I have already had our first kills. We both handled it well. Tayuya said her mother had already made sure she had her first kills as well. I will protect both of them with my life." Mikoto goes to hug Naruto who hugs her back.

"I love you, sochi. Just make sure you come back safe too." Naruto smiles.

"I love you too, kaa-chan. I promise we'll all come back safe."

Naruto goes to prepare to leave and Team 7 meets at the agreed upon hour.

Naruto looks at Tayuya and Satsuki. "Ready to go?"

"Of course, Naruto-kun." Satsuki answers.

"You know it, sweetcheeks. Let's get a move on!" Tayuya responds. Naruto nods and Team 7 takes to the trees in the direction of Takigakure.


It took Team 7 a total of 4 days to reach the location of the bandit camp. It was midday when they arrived so they took the rest of the day to spy on the outlaws and found that the information gathered was accurate. They took note of where the normal bandits resided and where the missing nin are. As Minato said, there are a total of 3 A-rank missing nin, 2 from Kumogakure and 1 from Takigakure. There are also 4 B-rank missing nin, 2 from Sunagakure, 1 from Kumo and 1 from Konoha. There are between 50 and 70 normal bandits gathered throughout the camp.

As the sun was setting, Naruto met with Satsuki and Tayuya. "Ok. So I have a plan. Tayuya, I want you to focus on taking out the bandits. We're going in quiet, do not alert the enemy of our presence. Satsuki, you and I are going to use our Kamui to assassinate the missing nin. In and out, we kill the missing nin first and assist Tayuya if she hasn't finished up the bandits. Questions?" Tayuya and Satsuki shake their heads. Naruto then uses ANBU hand signs to communicate. "Use hand signs from here on out. Again, we move silently. Move out." he signs.

Naruto and Satsuki activate their Mangekyo and use Kamui to enter into their pocket dimensions. Tayuya takes out the lookouts before moving on to the sleeping bandits. She moves into the camp after she disposes of the bodies of the lookouts and begins systematically entering into tents, her Benizakura claiming the heads of the bandits silently. Naruto appears inside of the tent of the A-rank missing nin from Kumo and wields his Kama. He silently beheads them both, collects the heads, and silently casts Amaterasu to dispose of their bodies. He seals the heads inside a seal on his arm to collect the bounties for later. He enters back into his Kamui and follows the same process with the Taki A-rank missing nin.

Satsuki appears inside the tent where the Suna missing nin are and unsheathes Karasu. She beheads them both and collects their heads and then burns their bodies with her Amaterasu. She does the same for the missing nin from Kumo and Konoha. By the end of the first hour of their operation, Team 7 completely annihilated the inhabitants of the bandit camp.

After finishing off the rest of the bandits, Tayuya met up with Naruto and Satsuki. "Want to spread out and see what we can find?" Naruto asks. The two girls nod and the trio head out to plunder the camp. Satsuki finds the gang's stash of money and she sealed it all into a scroll to share with the team. Tayuya found a lot of scrolls and weapons spread out around the bandit settlement and she sealed them into a scroll to divide among the team. But Naruto didn't find anything he wanted to keep.

After burning all the remaining bodies, Team 7 heads back to Konoha to report the success of their first mission.


"So, you're telling me that you eliminated everyone within the settlement without them even knowing?" Minato is speechless. Naruto and his team surpassed his expectations infinitely. He expected them to encounter at least some resistance but he underestimated the power and skill of his surrogate niece and nephew and his own daughter.

Sighing, Minato decides to end the debriefing. "Well, good work, Team 7. You'll be paid for an S-rank mission as well as a bonus for flawless completion. You'll also get paid for the bounties on the missing nin as well. How would you all like to divide these bounties though?"

Naruto speaks up. "Divide it evenly among the three of us."

Minato smiles. The bounties of the 3 A-rank missing nin heavily outweighs the bounties of the B-ranks. Even still, he's willing to selflessly divide the money evenly between the three of them. "Sounds good, Team 7. Now, since you just completed a high rank mission, you all have the week off."

Naruto looks at Tayuya and Satsuki. He knew what they each wanted. "Umm, Hokage-sama... We'd like to request another mission."

Minato looks at Naruto wide-eyed. "But... are you three sure?" They all nod. Minato sighs. 'These kids are never short of surprises.' "Ok, well let's see what we have. 'Free Captured Samurai', 'Hunt Down Missing Nin', 'Assassinate a Tycoon', 'Plant False Documents', 'Escort a Diplomat'. All S-rank. Which do you want?"

Naruto walks up and takes the scrolls for 'Hunt Down Missing Nin' and 'Plant False Documents'. "See you in a bit, Oji." Naruto says before leaving with Satsuki and Tayuya. Minato smiles. He notices the large stacks of paperwork and shrugs. Summoning 3 shadow clones, they get to work as he kicks back and continues reading his precious orange book.


Since the two missions involved a lot of traveling, it took a little over 3 weeks for Team 7 to complete the two missions they accepted. Minato was, again, blown away by Team 7's flawless performance in the missions, as they were completed with perfect execution. Minato was beginning to understand that he should expect no less from the two Uchihas and his daughter.

After deciding that they should cool down for a while, Naruto decided to spend more time with his mother. The two went shopping and dined out a few times. Even though she was one of the three most powerful kunoichi in the village, Mikoto was still a woman and Naruto knew that. Thankfully, he had a lot of money to spare so he decided to pamper her a bit. Naruto and Mikoto have always been close, so he was adamant about spoiling her, much to her dismay. She told Naruto that he shouldn't spend his money on her but Naruto insisted. She eventually gave in and let Naruto take her out.

After spending quality time with his mother, Naruto then decided to do some more training and spent more quality time with Satsuki and Tayuya. After their training session, Naruto decided to ask them a serious question. "Satsuki, Tayuya," both turned their attention to him. "I know I must sound like an ass for this but... would you two mind if I took you each out on a date?" Naruto's request caught them both off guard. They looked at each other and broke out in laughter. Naruto was surprised at their reactions and feared the worst. "Wh... what's so funny?"

Tayuya answers for the two of them. "You, dummy! Did you honestly think we would actually reject you?"

Satsuki recovers from her laughter. "Yeah, Naru-kun. We knew you wouldn't want to choose between the two of us and we wouldn't want you to. Of course we'd love to each have a date with you!" Naruto smiled and ran up to them and hugged them both. But then he remembered something important.

"Umm, this is great and all but... who has first date?" Naruto asks.

Satsuki speaks up. "I'll let Tayuya-chan have the first date. Naruto nods and kisses both girls on the cheek.


The dates with the girls went off without a hitch. Naruto and Tayuya shared an elegant meal at The Golden Leaf, the most high-dollar restaurant in all of Konoha and the most prominent chain restaurant in the Elemental Nations. The date with Satsuki, however, was a private date in a quiet clearing that overlooked a beautiful lake. The meal was delicious yet humble, a home cooked meal with the love and tenderness that Naruto possessed. Naruto treasured each moment of both dates and promised both girls all the love and affection he could give.

After a week and a half of rest, Team 7 decided to go to the Hokage to take another mission. As they entered, they noted that the Hokage seemed to be expecting them. He also had a serious expression on his face.

"What's going on, tou-san?" Tayuya asked.

Minato answers, "I need you all to head to the Land of Waves. Team 8 was sent on an escort mission that was originally a C-rank but they ran into two chunin rank missing nin. That alone increased the difficulty to B-rank but in the message jounin Kurenai sent, she suspects that she'll run into more missing nin along with an unknown number of bandits. The Land of Waves is currently under the control of a shipping tycoon by the name of Gato. He has plunged the citizens there into poverty as well as being guilty of illegal criminal activities such as murder, rape, and human trafficking. Team 7, your mission is to provide support for Team 8 as well as eliminating this Gato and his supporters. This is an A-rank mission and you may likely encounter missing nin. Good luck."

Team 7 nods and head back to their respective homes in preparation. They wasted no time and met up at the gates as soon as they were done packing. As soon as they all gathered, they left for the Land of Waves.


"For a woman, you put up a good fight. Too bad the only thing you're good at is genjutsu." A tall, shirtless man with bandages covering his face wielding an enormous sword shaped like a cleaver says as he looks down at an injured Kurenai. She's clutching her left arm, wincing in pain as she is bleeding from a cut inflicted upon her by the man. His name is Momochi Zabuza, A-rank missing nin from Kirigakure no Sato. He is a former member of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist and is currently employed by Gato to assassinate the man Team 8 was assigned to escort.

The other members of Team 8 are occupied by Zabuza's clone. Hinata was guarding the bridge builder, Tazuna, Kiba was injured and unconscious, and Shino was desperately trying to hold off the clone, although the clone wasn't taking the boy seriously.

'Shit! Is this it? Am I really going to die? I failed them, I failed my team, I failed this country. I failed everyone.' Kurenai's thoughts are flooded with doubt and hopelessness. She closes her eyes and prepares herself for her end. Zabuza swings his sword, looking to completely bisect the Genjutsu Mistress in half.

"Clang!" Kurenai hears the sound of metal connecting with metal. She opens her eyes, surprised that she isn't dead. She looks up and sees the space between her and Zabuza is distorted and out of the void she sees an arm wielding a scythe blocking the sword that was meant to take her life. She hears a voice coming from the portal.

"Looks like we made it in time. You ok, Kurenai sensei?" the voice says as it's owner seems to walk out of the void. He is tall, standing almost 6', the void behind him disappears to reveal long flowing spiky hair. He wears a long black trench coat and black ANBU pants and black tactical boots. His hands are covered in black fingerless gloves. Kurenai cannot see his face but the man in front of her is striking in stature and she finds herself blushing.

'Kami... I've never seen a more dashing man...' she thinks to herself.

"And who the hell are you?" Zabuza growls out, angry that the boy stopped him from killing Kurenai.

"Uchiha Naruto. I'm here to kill you and that bastard Gato." He turns his head to look at Kurenai behind him. "Are you ok, Kurenai-sensei?" Kurenai blushes. 'My God, his face is even more handsome than I thought! This is Naruto?! I never knew he was so...'

"...-sensei? Kurenai-sensei? Helloooo? KURENAI!"

"Huh? What? Did you call me?" She's snapped out of her musings by Naruto shouting her name.

Zabuza and Naruto sweatdrop. "You were daydreaming for a good 20 seconds. I asked if you were ok, sensei."

Kurenai blushes again even harder. 'Oh no! I made a fool out of myself in front of this kami of a man!' "I'm fine, Naruto-kun. Can I leave this to you? I need to get this wound treated."

'Naruto-kun?' "Yeah, don't worry, sensei. Just get yourself to safety." he says, giving her a reassuring smile.

'Oh God! I need to get out of here before I need to change my panties!' Kurenai shunshins away with a blush still adorning her face. Naruto turns his attention back to Zabuza.

"Not bad, gaki. You actually managed to stop my attack. I guess I have to kill you before I can get to my actual prey." Naruto narrows his eyes at the man. He quickly delivers a kick to Zabuza's sternum, pushing the man back and causing him to lose his balance. Naruto quickly jumps on the offensive, delivering a series of fast, hard to read attacks causing Zabuza to barely be able to block.

'Shit! What's with this kid's speed?! I can barely keep up with him!' Zabuza thinks to himself. Zabuza tries to attack in between Naruto's swings but quickly finds himself being pushed back. Naruto jumps back and smirks.

Zabuza is angry that Naruto appears to be toying with him. "Arrogant brat! Don't you dare make light of me!" He goes through a series of hand seals. "Suiton: Kirigakure no Jutsu!"

Zabuza summons a cloud of mist to hide himself in. Naruto hears the man chuckling. "What are you gonna do now, gaki? I'm a master of the silent killing technique. Time to meet your end." Zabuza appears behind Naruto and swing his sword to cleave Naruto in half. But instead, his blade bounces off what appears to be a translucent armor. Naruto turns around, his Mangekyo ablaze. Naruto had summoned his Susanoo and swings his sword at Zabuza, who blocks the strike but the impact caused him to go flying backwards, dispelling his mist. Zabuza hits a tree, knocking the wind out of him.

Naruto dispels his Susanoo and lifts his Kama over his shoulder as he walks towards Zabuza. Getting to his feet, Zabuza prepares to continue the battle but suddenly, three senbon fly towards him. Satsuki appears and blocks them before they could hit Zabuza.

The attacker appears and Naruto and Satsuki notice the mask the person is wearing. They are dressed like a Hunter nin. From their appearance, they seem to be the same age as Naruto and Satsuki. "Why did you stop my attack? Are you helping this man?" The hunter asks.

Satsuki smirks. "Cut the crap. You were watching the fight the whole time. You only interfered because Naruto-kun was about to kill your master." She holds up Karasu. "Too bad though. Because I'm not allowing you to interfere." Satsuki lunges at the fake hunter nin. She delivers several quick strikes that the hunter manages to block with senbon. The dueling pair disappear into the forest, leaving Naruto and Zabuza to finish their battle.

Zabuza gets to his feet. "Shit. I gotta finish this up quickly and go help Haku." Naruto smirks. 'Funny. A demon who cares for someone.' Naruto and Zabuza stare each other down. A leaf blows in the wind, making its way between the two. Their eyes never leave the other's. The leaf floats slowly to the ground. It lands and the two launch at each other.

Naruto activates his Sharingan again and quickly gains the upper hand. Each attack he throws is precise and Zabuza quickly notices that small lacerations begin appearing on his arms, legs, and torso. Naruto pushes Zabuza back, he stumbles slightly and Naruto delivers a kick to his abdominal region, launching him backwards. Zabuza struggles to get back to his feet, glaring at Naruto. He stumbles again, and notices how much blood he was losing. 'What the fuck? I could have sworn I had the advantage. I blocked every one of his attacks so how am I losing so much blood?!'

As Zabuza manages to get to his feet, he tries to lift his Kubikiribōchō but his arms are too weak. He looks back at Naruto, who simply is standing in place. Gritting his teeth, Zabuza begins going through hand signs. Naruto doesn't move. When he finishes, Zabuza calls out, "Suiton: Water Dragon Jutsu!" A dragon made out of water forms behind Naruto. As it rises, he doesn't move, his Mangekyo never leaving Zabuza. The attack hits Naruto directly. Zabuza sighs and relaxes. Suddenly, he feels a deep gash on his back. Turning, he sees Naruto.

Zabuza falls to the ground face first. Naruto slowly walks over to him. Zabuza coughs, blood plastering the bandages over his mouth. He wheezes out, "H... how? I never looked into your Sharingan so how... were you able to... cast your genjutsu on me?"

Naruto chuckles. "True. You never did meet eyes with me once my Sharingan was activated. But you know, for certain masters of genjutsu, you never have to meet their eyes. Itachi is one of them. And I'm the other."

Zabuza wheezes out a laugh. "Right... the Kin-slayer. I take it... you're related to him?"

Naruto's expression turns serious. "I'm his brother." Zabuza smirks. Struggling, he lifts his body up and manages to get to his knees. He glares at Naruto who is standing directly opposite of him. Satsuki appears beside Naruto and she tosses the hunter to the ground beside her. Zabuza notices the blood. He narrows his eyes at Satsuki. "You... bitch..." he wheezes out.

"It seems... I failed... at everything. I never... got to free my... homeland... from Yagura... I failed... to kill the old man... I even failed... to protect... Haku." Zabuza struggles to speak. He looks at Satsuki again. "Is... she still alive?" Satsuki nods. He closes his eyes in relief. He then looks at Naruto. "Gaki... Kill me... but please... protect Haku... She's... she's all I have left... And give her... my Kubikiribōchō... she's the only one... I want to wield it."

Naruto nods. "I promise, Zabuza. As long as I live, no harm will come to her. I honestly wish we met on different terms. You aren't the demon I expected you to be." Zabuza chuckles.

"You ain't so bad yourself, kid... now... end it..." Naruto nods again.

Kama in hand, he approaches Zabuza. He twirls it around and says, "May you rest in peace."

A final slash ends the Demon of the Mist. And Naruto catches the head in midair before it hits the ground.

A clean slice, the blood never touching Naruto. The headless, lifeless body of Momochi Zabuza falls. Naruto activates his Mangekyo. "Amaterasu." he says, burning Zabuza's body. He and Satsuki say a silent prayer before taking Haku's unconscious body and heading back to meet up with Team 8 and Tayuya.


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•Mikoto(?)(Still on the fence about this one)

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