Ch.1 neglected, banished, and betrayed.

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"I'm gonna be hokage."- normal speech

"I'll swallow your soul!"- demon/summon speech

'he's pretty good.'- normal thoughts

'foolish mortal.'- demon/summon thoughts

"MARBLE PHANTASM"- technique

1st person

I failed,I failed and I was being punished and it was for something I didn't was a simple rescue mission, accept it, complete it, and be recognized for once, but no I failed and was getting banished for treason. Even after saving numerous country's from evil lords, facing a demon of the mist and fighting a tailed beast, I am labeled a traitor for failing.

Oh right you don't know what is going on or who I am well to introduce myself I am Naruto uzumaki namikaze the 12 year old son of the fourth hokage, Minato namikaze and kushina uzumaki and twin brother to Mito. I'm going to presume that you know what the hidden villages are,what ninja are and other things.

I know what you're thinking, because I was born as a kage's son I must have it easy but you'd be wrong. Simply put, I didn't have a good childhood, hell, the day I found out why was the most painful day in my life and I remember like it was yesterday.


It was late in the morning and throughout the village many were starting to wake and among those is a young child with blonde hair, blue eyes, whiskers and wearing a black shirt and simple shorts who is no more than 5, This was Naruto. Naruto, who just re-entered the waking world, was simply hungry and wanted to eat so he went to ask his mother for food.

Entering the kitchen he saw a woman with red hair and blue eyes wearing a green dress, his mother, Kushina,a man who looks identical to Naruto minus the whiskers, wearing a blue shirt and pants his father, Minato, and a girl that's of Naruto's age and has her mother's hair with a blue dress,his sister, three of them were all eating breakfast all happy like a family not acknowledging the blonde boy.

"Hi mom can I get something to eat?" he asked innocently, probably hoping that they remembered him still. "No Naruto you've already ate and you'll get fat." His mother told him, annoyance in her voice. "But mom I haven't eat ye-" he was cut off by his father, Minato."Naruto listen to your mom she already gave you breakfast." He spoke not knowing of his son's neglect. "But dad."The boy spoke yet still could not finish as his sister spoke."Hey dad, can I have seconds please?" she asked knowing what her brother was going through.

'Sis I just asked for that.' The boy thought not clinging to the thought of them remembering him anymore."Sure," His dad started happily."You can always ask us for anything Mito." Her mother finished jovial, going back to neglecting the boy who, woefully, gave up on getting his parents praise and left the house, going to the place he is always their for him, ichiraku ramen.

While he was walking he encounters a group of people caught sight of him and, due to outside reason, had an idea, forming a boy, noticing the mob, decided to flee but they quickly noticed and took chase. Try as the child might, they caught him after a few minutes.'This is fine,' the boy thought, very used beatings like this by now,'don't talk and they won't do anything to kill me.'

Well the boy was used to mobs, drunken men, among other things, they never tried that hard to kill him, why, a few reasons, to savor the pain, to avoid the possible wrath of his family, and to not rid of the rest of the village of it's stressball, all that changed they decided to put an end to the "demon" they called him.

One of the few ninja of the group decided to use one jutsu, flying the hand sighs like lightning they call out,"Fire style fireball jutsu!" In the attempt to reduce him to ash. The the blaze hits and,to the boy, nothing more painful has hit him in his life and, while the fire was around him, the namless chunin embedded five kunai and throwing stars at him as quick as a flash with the pain forcing him unconscious as the mob around him cheered.

The boy awoke in what was essentially, a sewer, dirty water near him and a path.'Did someone help me?' He thought questionly as he followed the path leading to giant red cage. "Come closer." a voice sounded from the cage demonic in nature and he wanted to flee but he found himself approaching, why even he didn't know.


A claw of orange fur came faster than any normal man could only thing that stopped the island shattering blow was the cage and even then, it missed by a few hairs and decpite that he didn't flinch. "You have guts container, either that or you want to die, either way I'm impressed." The boy didn't speak but only listened to the beast. "So, container, what's your name?" The beast questioned expecting an answer.

"You first." It was a simple one yet Naruto's response surprised the beast, the reason he was yet to know but, after coming out of it's shock, asked in response, "Why do you ask container?" Another question, this time out of curiosity."Isn't it common for someone to introduce yourself?" The beast, after hearing this child stared at the boy not noticing anything mad, or even holding back his laughter, just curiosity. After starring at him for what felt like an hour, the beast chuckled, then laughed "AH HAHAHAHA you've surprised me container I would let you look to see what I am but because you've interested me, I'll tell you so, rejoice boy, I am the great kyuubi!"

Naruto's face went through numerous emotions, from scared, confused, and weirdly enough, content, and after calming down asked him,"I thought you were dead and so did the entire village, so why are you here?" The kyuubi, after hearing this, laughed again presuming that was a joke, yet seeing the boy's face, made him stop. "Thats what they think happened to me? ignorant fools, did they at least tell you about your condition?" The kyuubi asked again, at least a bit worried about his container."No, what condition?" The boy ask quietly. The kyuubi, now with confirmation sighed and told him about both bijuu and jinchuriki and yet the boy still confused asked,"But my sister should have your body how are talking to me?"

The kyuubi, realizing what he was talking about laughed and said "Kit they may think she's the hero but you are the one who should've took the credit as you have the most important part, my soul." Naruto now having his questions answered and, feeling like he found something else that cared for him, thanked him and finally introduced himself "Thanks mr. kyuubi, oh right sorry I didn't introduce myself my name's Naruto do you have one or no?" The kyuubi's response was"Naruto you may have interested me but you will never know my name."

*flashback end*

Meeting Kurama was the only silver lining to that meeting him I vowed to become hokage so that my parents won't ignore I didn't realize was how badly they hated me.

That lord with village destroying superweapons? His teammate, Sasuke Uchiha did it. The demon of the mist Zabuza? Oh, his sensei Kakashi killed him easily.

The one tails jinchuriki, Garra? The great hero holding Kurama's old corpse, Mito.

I'm going to pretend you mostly know what and who I'm talking about and, hey I said painful, not worst as that might be today.

Anyway, It was a simple rescue mission, save my friend, Sasuke, who wanted to go to Orochimaru to get stronger,go home and get noticed by dad for he and I wound up fighting at the valley of the end and sent me to the hospital.

After waking up,I discovered weird lines over everything, walls, bed, people, everything. Shortly after that, Sakura, a member of my team entered and tried to kill me for not being able to get Sasuke back, only for Kakashi to stop her and told me to meet at dad's office and after getting my clothes, this is where I am now.

"Crist, You were talking for days on end Its about time you finish."Kurama spoke with annoyance in it's voice. 'Sorry.' I apologeticly think, hoping to calm him down."…Forgiven, also pay attention." he simply replies more or less used to this by now.

"…And that is why we are gathered here today, the punishment of Naruto namikaze, for failing to rescue Sasuke Uchiha." The man who said that was my father, in the usual kage haori jacket and ninja headband , and while I'm in a shitty orange jumpsuit with head because he didn't notice I needed new clothes, "focus." 'sorry.'

After that anouncment various civilian elders began shouting all sorts of ideas, non of them good.

"Kill him,""Burn him alive!" "torture him, then kill him," "Cut him into seventeen piece's!"

"Wow, really, only that last one sounds unique and that was a common body disposable method, I think you're going to have to think outside the box you old bastards." I snark, still trying to ignore the lines. "I'd quite yourself, boy, they could make those threat's a reality." An old man remarks, and the old man has a simple kimono on, with a black armsling slash robe over it with his head nearly completely bandaged up. Danzō shimura, someone who with every instinct to stay away from him, but with the lines over him, trace them, weirdly enough.

"Thank you Danzō, and I have made a decision." He speaks, authority and power in his voice."I, Minato namikaze, 5th Hokage of the hidden leaf, sentence my son, Naruto namikaze, to be banished from the leaf, he has a single day to leave the village, and three days to leave the country, or he is to be given a life sentence to hozuki castle. This meeting is now over, dismissed." He anounced with certainty in his voice.

Various reactions to the news happened. For the elders, they were mad at first but calmed shortly thereafter, Minato, had quite anger with his demon son, but Naruto, he felt untold amount of sadness and fury. After all he'd done with a single failed mission, this was his thanks. His focus shifted towards Danzō, who noticed my expression, and… smiled, he's smiling at me, 'he has something to do with this' he thought 'I can tell'.After that they almost all of them left leaving only Minato.

'Ok first off, get my shit, second off, get different clothes, finally get ichiraku ramen and leave meanwhile you go look into the lines I keep seeing, tell me how to turn them off before I go crazy.' Naruto Thinks, trying to get calm himself after hearing the news. "Ok fine, god you're bossy." The nine tails complies, yet getting my shit, failing to get different clothes,and getting one last bowl of ichiraku ramen, I head towards the gate, unaware of the anbu and traitors following behind.

While walking through the woods after leaving the leaf, Naruto was having thoughts on where to go now.'I would just go to land of snow or spring as their calling it now, but then I would need a boat, I'd live in land of waves but then they might be a free target for one of the great hidden villages, garra's place is stupidly hard to get to with being in a dessert, and these stupid lines are driving me nuts.'Naruto thinks, The lines starting to infuriate him after seeing them for four hours.

"Kit, I found info on the eyes."Kurama informs him done with his research. "Fucking finally tell me how to turn them off."He yells not even caring that he shouted to the heavens."Naruto," 'Ugh what is it.' ", what's your last name?" '…you've waited till now to ask?'The boy asked, thinking why he didn't listen from on his conversations with his family.

"Namikaze and uzumaki now, of all times are you asking this?" He questions "Simply put, I thought they were worthless but that, that fucking explains so much." The nine tails replied."What do you mean, everyone knows my dad sealed you into me, don't they?" The boy asks trying to figure out what he means. "…They didn't even tell you about your own bloodline, did they?" He rhetorically asks, knowing of his neglect, and sigh's, of course they don't tell him.

"Kit, both parts of your bloodline involve some of the most powerful and forgotten abilities and Justus, hell, if Orochimaru found out about their existence and what they did before the Chunin exam's he'd try to take your body instead of the Uchiha brat!" Kurama exclaims, actually proud of the boy he called container.'Wait, are they more powerful than the sharringan?' He quizzically asks Kurama, knowing how big that might be,and to keep quiet, just in case. "Kit the one you activated recently could destroy all of nature at it's weakest, just being able to see those lines would make you a sannin level threat, and that's not the only thing it activated!" He tells him, in some attempt to cheer him up, which works. 'Ok cool still want to stop seeing them though.'"Oh simple you… why the hell am I sensing anbu members?"

"Don't know, won't be good though, Kurama?" he asked aloud not caring about the enemy hearing the question. "Right, 7 are closest 3 more are on their way, and no, you can't even use one tail's worth of chakra right now due to you not being used to it, also don't talk to me out loud." He answered quickly, doing this is like a daily routine. 'It's fine, I can see what my new bloodline can do.' he thinks as he stopped in his tracks.

After that, the anbu members struck first. Throwing a storm of kunai and shurikins, Naruto, quick as a flash, pulled his own kunai out deflecting and dodging the coming storm. During the rain of metal death a few anbu began to prepare explosive tags, with one in particular planning to backstab him from the trees, and in a single breath, Their trap was set in motion, only for the forgotten namikaze, to dodge the trap, and get the anbu from the trees killed by the raging inferno.'One.' Naruto thinks, ready to begin counting down till they died.

Not even a second after trap failed, the young boy put his hands in a finger cross position and with a shout, he yelled "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!' With a ferocious yell , 200 perfect copies of Naruto suddenly appeared surrounding the area. "Bait them out at least, kill them at most!" The boy ordered, commanding them like soldiers to an general, after which they charged like vultures to a fresh corpse. Quicker than sound, the clones proceed to flush out the anbu and with large amounts of smoke, only activated on death, shortly thereafter they charged at their foes with killing being their only goal, some crying out, "RASENGAN!", slamming the chakra orb into the anbu with the power to level a castle, and killing them instantly, and after the short skirmish, only three anbu outside their reinforcements remained, their allies dying due to the technique.

One anbu decided to fight him hand-to-hand, rushed at him with blinding speeds, to at least buy some time for the reinforcements to arrive. Naruto, going insane due to the lines decides to figure out what they do at least, took the kunai in his hands and, reacting to the anbu, trace's the line closest to his masked enemy's heart.


Time froze for the boy, who was trying to process what he had done, and what the lines did, and had not the anbu had gone through training to rid themselves of their emotions, they would have had the same reaction. Instead one threw a blade at the boy, who barely dodge it due to gaining his senses, the blade hitting his shadow, and the other preparing a naruto get his senses, he saw the upper torso of the anbu lying separate from his body, tries to get up but can't, trying to find out why.I

It's not the anbu,though if the fight was over he wouldn't be the only one behind it,

he tries to look around but can't outside of what he already sees, crying out "OH GREAT, TRAP ME IN A JUTSU AS WELL THEN."Finally noticing the other anbu weaving hand sigh's,"…I need to stop tempting fate."he says apathetically, as th anbu shouts out, "EARTH STYLE:CLAY CHAIN JUTSU!" as chains of earth bind him and force him to kneel at the ground.

"Kit, we have a problem."The nine tails speakes, figuring out what the reinforcements are. 'I know Kurama, once I figure out why I can't move I finish it.' His container tells him, still trying to free himself from the chains that bind him before the sealed beast continues to warn him. "No, another problem." 'Why the hell are you so concerned about my first kill's?' "No, another nother problem!" 'What are you-'

RASENGAN. His thoughts are cut of by a mountain annihilating orb,one from an old teacher. '…Oh.' Those were his last thoughts before getting sent flying near the edge of a cliff. Upon looking around, he saw the two anbu from earlier, along with three familiar faces. The three people who put their faith in him, his teachers, Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Tsunade, all with hate in their eye. "Why?" That was the only question he could muster, nothing threatening, nothing apologetic, just a sad why."We don't need to answer a demon like you."Those words that were spoken by his sensei cut worse than the sharpest blades, as they began a barrage of attacks fired down at him, Kunai, shurikins, jutsu, taijutsu, even some strange blades he never saw before. Upon the barrages end naruto was littered with wounds of all sorts of shapes and sizes, before tsunade threw him of the cliff."Mission accomplished,the leaf would be proud!" Jiraiya said proudly, though as most of the group left to tell the leaf of the "good news", they unknowingly kick-started it's death clock.

"Well this sucks."

These words were spoken by a man, who was carrying the boy elsewhere. The man was in his 70's, wearing a black cloak over his clothes, a black dress shirt from an the 12th century with robe-like pants and white gloves to complete the name, Kischur Zelrech wasn't happy with his current source of entertainment was dying, and while he could find a different universe with someone else fuck around with, he really felt something familiar to this one, something powerful. And thus he wound up saving him, also planning on getting him teacher's in a sense, asking help from an old friend, and getting a place to train him. All so he can get his vengeance should he want one. (Also to more easily cure his boredom.) Simply put, The dead apostle ancestor of the second magic was making preparations.

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