ch 4: the return part 1

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"normal speak"

'normal thoughts'

"normal demon/summon speak"

'normal demon/summon thoughts'


Three years. Three years have passed since the 'death' of Naruto namikaze uzumaki,but for both the boy himself and of his master's,it was the beginning, of training. They still used the ancient castle, and It is the training grounds for the new dead apostle.

With the sound of clashing steel being heard throughout the castle,it's where his sword training teacher, Artoria Pendragon and Naruto are currently fighting in.

With his training the namikaze is no longer a boy. Wearing a simple tight black sleeveless shirt, with white kimono sleeves tied up with a piece of black fabric tied by a red rope, and with tight pants with sandals connected to him,the man was now completely different than how he started.

With a simple lock of their blades, the dual came to an end."You've gotten much better, I remember when I could beat you just by taking your own sword, now you rival me with invisible air, simply put I'm glad of your progress." The king of knights tells her student.

"Improved, probably, though I would be more convinced if I could rivel you with your sword released." Naruto states while catching his breath, getting a glance at the rest of his teachers entering the room.

"So today is finally the day huh?" Emiya asked simply, wanting to know some last minute clarification.

"Yep, another stupid fool of a student is making contact." Waver answered, who has known, along with the rest of the teachers, that this day was coming.

"Hm, shame, you were close to getting my anti-army magic, hopefully you'll figure it out when you get the fifth magic." Medea told him, with something of pride in her voice.

"I'm more surprised that he managed to learn runes from my kinda shit knowledge on those things." Aoko talked aloud, somewhat surprised that, despite her sibling rivalry, she taught him runes. Shiki just stood, with some form of quiet pride.

"AHAHAHAHA, so one of my new friends is going out to conquer all on his own!" Iskandar shouts out, ecstatic about his new followers adventure.

"I'm going to miss you, everyone." Gray muttered quietly, sad about not being able to see her kohai and her friends anymore.

"NARUTO!" a shout fills the air as Arcueid Brunestud leaps out and catches the namikaze."Don't leave, I won't be able to eat your and Emiya's cooking."

"I thought you said you were fine with me leaving." The banished-nin says, struggling to pry the vampire off him. Merlin somehow keeping quiet and eating popcorn.

"I lied, I can't handle it, I also don't want saber to leave." The true ancestor replies, having somehow been pried off the uzumaki by said saber.

"You don't have to worry about food, you're boyfriend should be here in a few days,a week tops." The grand wizard tells his granddaughter, which seems to calm her down. " Now then, seeing as everyone else is here, we can see him off, but first, I need to give him a disguise,and I know an surprising effective one." Zelrech anounced to everyone, prana flowing through his hand, approaching Naruto.

On the bottom of the mountain, where the castle lied, there were was a couple of people camping there. The first one was in the clothes of a nun, with blue hair as well,and the man was wearing an grey hoodie and white shirt,with simple black pants and glasses.

They are both Shiki Tohno,or Nanaya and Ciel,and they have a goal to reach the castle at the top of the mountain, and in Shiki's case, to get Arcueid out of there.

"Ok,so how long will it take to reach the top?" The Tohno asked, thinking that he's somewhat close, his senpai.

"Oh, we have three days,a week tops." She simply replied, shocking the man.

"Wha-how do you take three days to climb a mountain, let alone a week!?" Shiki replied, absolutely dumfounded by the time to climb the mountain.

"Oh, there is a ton of reasons, falling rocks being a normal thing that happens,some phantasmal species that somehow exist here-" she didn't get to finish as a noise from the top of the mountain came up.


"Are there any Dead apostles around here." Shiki asked quietly, in case there was one around the area.

"Not unless you count that true ancestor, and I would know if anyone from the mages association decided to go after her again." Ciel told Shiki, getting ready to leave,with Shiki wondering how much would he deal with if he finally reunited with her.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" Naruto shouted at Zelrech once he passed through the portal, his whisker marks gone and his blonde hair black.

"I needed to disguise you somehow." The wizard marshall says, being the one dye his hair and remove his marks.

"Bull-" He goes to say before thinking about his new look. His hair, while not uncommon,is still rare enough to be of note and the whiskers he had would have been a dead giveaway."Fine, but two questions, first, can I get my old look back, and two why even bother?"

"If you want them back just use that big fox's mana and you should get it back,but it's like a noble phantasm,so be careful."Zelrech tells the namikaze.

"Ok but why bother?" Naruto asked, looking a bit irritated with the wizard.

"Oh, simply put, you're gonna need it, as this ain't the elemental nations you knew, the leaf essentially became a military superpower, forcing trade between the smaller country's, destroying those who don't trade,with only the other four great villages being capable of surviving the attacks,hell they basically took over the sound village, though Orochimaru and his goons are still there,but as mercenaries." Zelrech says like talking though a lecture.

"Let me guess,my dad had a hand in causing it to become one?" Naruto asked Zelrech,with a simple nod being his response."Great, another question, how am I-?" Naruto began to ask before noticing a small boat, one that looks like it needed only one person to steer it.

"Right, so I guess this is it." He says, getting ready to get on, looking at the people who trained him, people who he is proud to call sensei."Bye guys, if you meet the other three again, let them know that I'm proud of them,and you guys!" he says, waving back before he begins to steer the boat out to sea before realizing, he doesn't know where to go.


"I feel bad that they left early." Merlin said casually.

Here is the context for the three. After year one Naruto would have done better than expected for some of his teachers but fail with Zelrech decided to go get three new teachers,with them being the ones to get him on track and surpass his limits in some situations.

"Right,while I would be fine with this, I've still got some questions about the story about the kid." Waver said,still suspicious about Zelrech.

"…You've waited until now,to ask these questions?"

"Shut the fuck up Zelrech."

"Fine, I guess I could answer your questions somewhat before sending you off." Zelrech told the mentors of the boy, why, simply to curb his was grinning out of anticipation when El-Melloi asked the wizard his question.

"When you told us of his lineage you only told us of the starting ancestors,and we barely even know what his clans are, why is that?"

It was a somewhat normal day in the land of waves,but normal nowadays is rather terrible. Trade is forced onto the people by the leaf. Poverty only rivaled by the time Gato took over became a normal thing, and pressure that,if even one slip up as miniscule as a single senbon was missing or if you were a few seconds late, the man who did that mistake was dead.

Basically,the entire island may as well be doomed.

But then again, It was somehow boring for the guard watching the sea, just watching the Waves rolling back and forth.

However, after a few minutes, the clouds rolled through the sky,as pitch black as the night itself, bringing a terrible storm,as a mist rolled through the ocean,as ship sailed through the harbor,and when the guard tried to see who was sailing it when he saw his eyes, two of the most terrifying orbs he has ever seen.

The guard was petrified,it was like the reaper himself had come for the land of waves at last,and he couldn't even warn them, as one last thought came in his head as he perished from shock of the sight of that, thing.

'Through madness or bloodshed, death has come for us all.'

And there we go, the first chapter in Naruto's return,and couple things before I leave, I know about the three already,and I know introducing them now is a bit clunky, but if this works despite that,I could do some cool scenes so just bare with me, and two, Naruto got to the land of waves by pure luck and a high riding skill.

I know that I'm supposed to do the whole behind the scenes stuff during the bad ending chapters,but I think that this needs to be cleared up as soon as possible.

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